A Beckham family tangle – down the generations

Mother and son as a saga continues down a different track with headlines about Victoria Beckham’s edgy relationship with her newly acquired daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz. Son Brooklyn was evidently a favourite with mum Victoria and there for her when husband David was off on his jaunts, sporting and otherwise. She wasn’t invited to design the wedding dress for the highly publicised Palm Beach extravaganza of an April wedding and according to reports then upstaged the bride at the wedding.  A chill has descended since.

  Both Victoria and Nicola Peltz have prominent Mars Saturn aspects in their charts so will be prickly, defensive and liable to over react. And the Nicola/Victoria relationship chart has a composite resentful and highly aggravated Saturn opposition Pluto square Mars with a needs-space Sun square Uranus all covered over by an insincere veneer of marshmallow from Venus Jupiter. It was never going to be sweetness and light and if anything will worsen through 2023 to 2026 with grievances, spoken and unspoken, mounting.

 Brooklyn, 4 March 1999 7.48pm London, has a First House Libra Moon so will be close to his mother and his Moon opposes affectionate Venus, forming a Half Grand Sextile to Uranus and Pluto. Astrologer Richard Idemon once described Moon Venus as the ‘poisoned apple’ – motherly love mixed in with a hint of sexual attraction.

  Victoria, 17 April 1974, unverified birth time, is an Aries Sun opposition Uranus, sextile a hard-edged Mars Saturn in Gemini which in turn squares Pluto and trines Uranus. That volcanic and aggravated mix sits side by side with a frivolous, superficially sweet Venus Jupiter in Pisces square Neptune.

  What is intriguing though marginally complicated – is that Victoria’s chart with a Mars Saturn conjunction in Gemini square Pluto mirrors her relationship chart with Nicola.  And Brooklyn’s Sun/Moon midpoint, which is his marriage significator, is exactly opposition his mother’s Mars Saturn conjunction. So whatever Victoria’s personality and history problem is, it is irrevocably intertwined with the Brooklyn marriage. A hand grenade handed down a generation.

  Nicola, 9 January 1995, New York, is a highly-strung Capricorn Sun, Uranus Neptune which squares Victoria’s Aries Sun and squares V’s Uranus so they start out at cross-purposes. But what may be most significant is that Nicola’s Saturn in Pisces opposition Mars in Virgo collides with and completely squelches Victoria’s sugary-sweet Jupiter Venus. For all Nicola’s vastly expensive upbringing, her childhood had its destructive and harmful elements as well. She probably sniffed out V’s bull**** and exposed the darker underside of her temperament.  Brooklyn’s relationship chart with his mother has two ‘fated’ Yods tying their destinies together – Sun Mars Pluto, and Pluto Neptune Saturn.

  His relationship chart with Nicola has a composite Saturn opposition Mars, trine Pluto sextile Uranus. And indeed the wedding chart has a Pluto opposition Moon square Sun with Sun sextile a Saturn Mars conjunction – so despite the expensive froth it would be a fraught and gruesome affair.

  Fascinating all these repeating patterns of Mars Saturn Pluto which is not a comforting trio – brutal, ruthless, destructive. Victoria has tr Neptune aiming to undermine her Mars Saturn from 2024 to 2026 which is when Brooklyn’s Sun/Moon midpoint catches the Neptune square as well.

  What a tangled web.   

Having taken a quick look the same pattern repeats in Victoria and David’s relationship chart – a composite Sun Mars inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune, and Sun Mars sextile Saturn inconjunct Neptune. Complication on complication.

5 thoughts on “A Beckham family tangle – down the generations

    • It’s no problem. Another weird thing is david beckham’s relationship with his daughter. He took his 11 year old daughter to a concert of a singer called The Weekend. His songs are a bit raunchy and they were featured in the 50 shades of grey movie to set a sexy mood and to let the audience know what was on the mind of the two main characters.

  1. One important factor is that Nicola’s father is a billionaire which makes her wealthier than David and Victoria so she might feel that she has the upper hand anyway. He is quite elderly as well so soon she is set to inherit vast amounts.

    • I can’t stand these people, but astrologically they’re almost fascinating.

      I’ve seen pics with Vic and her first born for years. I always joked that she hangs off him like he’s her boyfriend. She does the same with the second born. It’s just so suspect. This write up confirms those vibes.

      “Brooklyn’s Sun/Moon midpoint, which is his marriage significator, is exactly opposition his mother’s Mars Saturn conjunction”
      …..How enmeshed is she with that kid?

    • Brooklyn’s chart certainly is being played out with him marrying the heiress -Saturn in the 7th and she’s Capricorn too. His South Node in Aquarius in the 5th is all about play, hanging out, dabbling and detached emotionally. He seems a bit Peter Pan to me. If he followed his Leo North Node that could help but he needs to do some higher learning, deeper thinking not just swim the surface of his Sagittarius markers. Like the rest of us he needs to fail some, win some and stop trying to merge (Libra) mum and wife together.
      It would be nice to believe that Brooklyn had the insight and maturity to keep his mother as his mother and his wife as his wife. But all too often his type ends up confusing the two on an emotional level. And I’m not sure how he spends his time, or Nicola either. The Beckhams senior worked for their wealth. These young ones are still ‘playing’. This marriage is probably the only real challenge they have met.
      Nicola needs nothing from Victoria and that irks the latter, but V has always yearned for what Nicola has by birth – serious wealth, serious social prestige. No doubt V thought this marriage would wrap her in a new more elite bubble. Sigh. It would be sad if she allowed her disappointment to scuttle her son’s life. May V focus on her other children and her husband and career. I hope the newlyweds are given a fair chance yet I’m sure they are both protected by pre and post nuptial agreements.

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