Zoe Ball & Fatboy Slim – another Sun Saturn relationship chart



Zoe Ball, TV and radio presenter, and DJ, music producer Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) have split after 18 years and two children – with a longish history of drug problems, rehab and the odd affair.

He was born 31 July 1963 in Bromley, and is a Sun Leo sextile Mars in Libra, with a Sagittarius Moon probably square Uranus Pluto in Virgo; with Jupiter in Aries and Venus in Cancer.

She was born 23 Nov 1970 and is a vague, creative Sun Neptune in Sagittarius with probably a late Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto, and Venus Jupiter in Scorpio; with a singleton Saturn in Taurus in one hemisphere of her chart.

His Moon and her Sun chime though her Neptune will make her evasive. His Neptune is conjunct her Venus so the reverse will happen there. Her Pluto (Moon) is conjunct his Mars, so not entirely in harmony. Their Fire and Water planets mix relatively happily though it’s a combustible combination, more so for her.

Their relationship chart has a passionate composite Venus Pluto Uranus so it would sizzle initially though Uranus in the mix would make it erratic and unpredictable. And there’s also a composite Saturn opposition Sun and Mars which would put blocks and irritability, as well as unkind treatment in the way of bliss. The composite Sun does trine Jupiter which would help to smooth round rough patches and Saturn can give longevity if not much warmth. But they’ve been having problems from years, really since the late 2000s with the tr Saturn opposition tr Uranus hitting on the composite Venus Pluto; and then the tr Pluto square tr Uranus wending its way across the composite Saturn, Sun and more recently Mars in this decade.

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