Jenna Coleman & Tom Hughes – lacking the spark of Rufus




Jenna Coleman, star of the television ‘Victoria’ has allegedly moved in with Tom Hughes, who plays her husband, the well-meaning but hapless, Prince Albert.

They were both born in 1986 only two weeks apart, she on 27 April and he on 18 April. She’s an early Sun Taurus trine Mars Neptune and opposition Pluto, with a Sagittarius Moon perhaps conjunct Uranus or Saturn; with Venus in Gemini. Certainly determined, stubborn, emotionally changeable.

He’s a Sun Aries opposition Pluto with a Leo Moon perhaps square Pluto, and Venus in later Taurus. Both have a showbizzy Mars Neptune conjunction, and both have Pluto trine Jupiter in Pisces.

There’s some cross-over between their Fire planets – her Moon and his Sun and Moon; and his Venus and her Sun – though there are no conjunctions. And really apart from strong Pluto ties there’s not much indicating a great love affair.

Their composite chart has a composite Sun opposition Pluto, so it will feel meant – for a while. But the composite Venus is unaspected and not well integrated; and the composite Moon may be square Mars Neptune. It could amble on for a while but really doesn’t give off any great chemistry.

Rufus Sewell with his earthy Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo will chime better with her Taurus Sun; and his seductive Scorpio Sun is conjunct her Pluto and opposition her Sun. It wouldn’t be a runner for anything committed since their relationship chart has a composite Sun opposition Saturn square Uranus. But there is a composite Yod of Uranus sextile Mars inconjunct Jupiter, which does give their relationship enthusiasm and an aura of hope.


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