Shimon Peres – died without achieving his goal



Shimon Peres, one of Israel’s leading statesmen and Nobel Prize winner in 1994 for his efforts to negotiate peace in the Middle East, has died. There’s a dispute about his birthdate, partly because it is transcribed from the Hebrew calendar, but says his mother confirmed 16 August 1923 with a sunrise birth time from his father of 5.51 am Visnevo, Poland.

This gives him four planets in Leo – Sun, Mars, Neptune, Venus, falling in Israel’s 10th and 11th house, beside the Israel Moon Pluto Saturn Mars in Leo, so a key figure in their history. His Libra Moon was conjunct the Israel Neptune, so an almost telepathic connection. He had a healing Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Scorpio trine Uranus trine Pluto, with Uranus opposition Mercury – so talented as a spokesman and a reformer. He always described himself as an optimist which with a strong Jupiter makes sense; though he also had a tough streak with his Pluto square Moon Saturn.

Born in Poland, his family moved to Israel when he was 10. Although never a soldier, he rose up the political ranks, becoming eventually Prime Minister twice and the 9th President of Israel.

His Harmonics are strong, with a the creative-get-it-together 5H marked; as was his determined 8H; leaving a legacy for history 17H; and the two Master numbers – the obsessive dream 11H and super-star 22H.

His relationship with Israel wasn’t always easy with a suspicious/doubtful composite Saturn Neptune in the relationship chart; but there was a persuasive Pluto Mercury Venus conjunction. And more importantly a Yod of Uranus sextile Sun inconjunct the composite Jupiter which suggests that together they could effect progress in social development. He was always keen on a two state solution.

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