Zeigler, Mone, Sturgeon – odd couples ++ Moms for Liberty

  In the ‘odd couple’ corner there are few humbugs and hypocrites to match Bridget and Christian Zeigler. “Don’t Say Gay” proponent Bridget started Moms for Liberty, a far-right extremist movement supported by high ranking Republicans, which advocates wholesale banning of books in schools, teaching on race and ethnicity, is anti-LGBT and campaigned against covid mask and vaccine mandates  She has now been accused of being involved in a years-long three-way sexual relationship with a woman who is accusing her husband of rape. Only in America!

 Bridget, born 23 July 1982 is a Sun Leo with a formidably angry, determined and pushily confident Saturn, Mars, Pluto in Libra with Mars Pluto conjunct Jupiter. Her Mars Pluto sextile Neptune form a yod inconjunct Chiron and Algol – and that kinda defines her. What a nightmare.

 Christian, 27 May 1983, is a Sun Mars in Gemini with four planets in Sagittarius including his Moon and a yod of Saturn Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Chiron Algol – another wound that won’t heal. Their relationship chart also has a composite yod with Chiron as apex. Plus an opportunistic Mars square Jupiter and a delusional/deceptive Sun opposition Neptune.

  His Saturn Pluto in Libra is conjunct her Mars Pluto Jupiter which is a mind-bendingly difficult interface.

  Their Chironic connections certainly back up Liz Green’s description of the shadow side of the wounded healer  – rage, envy, vindictive spite, self-pity and resentment.

  Another odd couple – in astro-terms – are House of Lord (for the time being) Baroness Michelle Mone and her financier husband Doug Barrowman in the middle of a squall over personal protective equipment in the pandemic for which his company was awarded contracts worth more than £200m through a so-called “VIP lane”. The company is being investigated by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and being sued by the Department for Health and Social Care. The couple are proclaiming loudly they are being scapegoated. His wiki entry lists a number of previous questionable business kerfuffles.

  She was born 8 October 1971 4.55pm Glasgow, Scotland and has a heavily Air-oriented chart with an 8th house five planet stellium in Libra of Pluto, Uranus, Sun, Mercury and Venus with a Moon Saturn Gemini conjunction opposition Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius plus Mars in Aquarius in her Ascendant.

  Doug Barrowman, 1 March 1965 Glasgow on the other hand is Water/Earth with his Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio, with Mars, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus.

  Opposites attract so they say but it does not always work. Though his Aquarius Moon will help slightly. And there is an affectionate Sun Venus  in their relationship chart which also has two yods – onto Saturn and the other onto Uranus Pluto. Fated to be together through thick and thin. Both are incredibly stubborn. Her Mars in Aquarius won’t budge easy and her five planets including Pluto in the 8th even less so.  His Mars Pluto conjunction likewise is not one for giving way in a fight.  

 Barrowman’s chart is not dissimilar to Peter Murrell’s the husband of Nicola Sturgeon, 8 December 1964 who also has the formidable Uranus, Mars, Pluto in Virgo. I never quite saw what made that coupling work though both have Aquarius Moons and his eternally-optimistic Jupiter in indulgent Taurus sits in her 7th house conjunct her Saturn so he would cheer her up. Though given his Jupiter opposes Neptune Venus in Scorpio he would not always be realistic or straightforward.

 Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction though also an ego-clashing and not always supportive Mars square Neptune. Plus a yod of Mars sextile Mercury inconjunct Chiron.  A wound that ties them together and drives them on not always sensibly. 

  Interesting to reflect on for the future – Chironic relationship yods.

Add On: Moms for Liberty was founded 1 January 2021 with its Pluto in Capricorn opposition the USA Mercury tapping into the fanatical streak in the American psyche. The Moms’ Pluto was also in a ruthless, bulldozing square to Mars in Aries with Mercury in Capricorn also involved –  angry, bullying, ranting and raving. There was also a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aries with its ideological dogma to the fore square Mars Uranus. There is a focal point Neptune in Pisces (can be prone to whacky beliefs) which is square Venus opposition the North Node.  It is running into significant trouble this year which will bring its progress to a halt.

  Aquarius can be tolerant and open-minded or the opposite.

2 thoughts on “Zeigler, Mone, Sturgeon – odd couples ++ Moms for Liberty

  1. Just giving themselves a title like “Moms for liberty” shows how much projection is going on. They’re trying to shut down the libertarians yet somehow they portray themselves as providing liberty?!?

  2. Not at all surprised with the makeup of Moms for Liberty. I posed their nutcase group for review during the summer…nice to see it bubbled back up. Their platform to ban everything from books to bubble gum comics is just too much. Career GOP politicians have used them to whip up the frenzy against what might be “normal growing up pains”.

    Sexual threesome? Only in Amerika.

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