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  1. I didn’t see the film. But I remember at the time that there were rumours that the system being introduced was known to be extremely flawed. Which means that that they deliberately scapegoats all these people. It is absolutely shameful!

  2. FAA has ordered the grounding of some Boeing jets following an Alaska aeroplane mid-air incident. What is going on with this once glorious company?

    Wiki says: “Boeing was founded by William Boeing in Seattle, Washington, on July 15, 1916.”

    • It remains focused on thin profits, artificially-inflated stock prices, and protecting mgr status. B totally lost it on the 787 program…I worked 3 yrs on the program, then quit in 2010. Returned as a contractor in 2022, only to quit after 3 months after being threatened by a new 26-yr old “manager”.

      Old-school culture enforced by constant harassment and bullying, threats of intimidation, and loss of employment. Lack of accountability and very little attention to “quality” of a delivered airplane.

      The rally cries are “Never mind the mistakes, we’ll fix it at refurb!” and “Don’t like your job? There’s the front door!”

      It wants to hire ten thousand new engineers…yet cannot keep airplanes in the sky.

    • Tr Neptune is exactly opposition the Boeing Mars at the moment for an undermining panic with a devastating and confused year to come into 2025 plus a grind to a halt couple of Solar Arcs in 2025/26 and later.

      • Wow, wow, wow, Larry and Marjorie, so there is no end in sight. By now we all know that it takes years to fix something, and that if people know what they are doing and all goes to plan. I am startled that this descent into loss of reputation and lowness of quality was allowed to happen in the first place.

  3. Could you have a look at Paula Vennells chart, in charge of the Post Office scandal? I found a source that said she was born 21st February 1959. Possibly in Denton, Lancashire. I don’t have a time but possibly her Leo moon is in an early degree, with Pluto opposing. Sun/mercury/venus in Pisces. Saturn in Capricorn- pillar of the establishment.
    There’s several petitions to recall her CBE. Her reputation has been shredded, a karmic justice for the suffering she imposed upon sub post office masters.

    • Yes, me too. The TV drama with Toby Jones as the heroic Alan Bates (unfortunately cannot find his dob) has played a key role in portraying the true horror and suffering that this appalling scandal caused to so many innocent postmasters and postmistresses and their families. An angry public who viewed the recent TV dramatisation are sickened. Mr. Bates was given an OBE, and it is a measure of his integrity that he has refused to accept it so long as Vennells is allowed to keep her CBE.

      • The sheer lack of sensitivity to award a gong to Ms Vennels despite the lack of competence in the direction of the Post Office during her tenure leaves distaste in its wake. I doubt those innocent people will ever be properly compensated financially, their lives have been ruined but at least the truth is slowly coming through.
        It has required enormous courage and integrity on the part of the wronged postmasters/mistresses but also the skilled forensic accountants, lawyers and MPs who took up their cause.

        • Hi everyone – you can see the birth chart for the heinous Ms Vennels, plus others involved, on here – posts dated 24 April 2021, and October 6th, 2020. Of the sanctimonious Ms Vennels Marjorie writes:

          “Born 21 February 1959, she has a Pisces Sun opposition Pluto square Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Mars in Gemini – that’s Boris on steroids. Sun Pluto = controlling, not good at backing down and admitting mistakes. Mars Pluto = uber-determined, ruthless. Mars Jupiter = opportunistic. Jupiter Pluto = pushily confident. All in Mutable signs – scattergun, a whirlwind in a storm.”

          So good that drama was made and watched by so many. More than twenty years of lies and evasions on the part of the Post Office…..heartbreaking damage, and utterly enraging at the same time. Many people involved with this scandal should be very ashamed indeed. Post Office is still using Horizon as well…..

          • Thanks Jane – I had forgotten quite how horrific her chart was.

            Sign – Why does it take a TV drama to put a boot up proceedings?

          • Thanks Jane, yes not only does she has a Yod on Mars in Gemini with Neptune sextile Saturn making up the legs, but a Mutable Grand Cross involving Sun opposition Pluto and Mars opposition Jupiter – that’s a hell of a chaotic mix when in Mutable signs. But also hard-edged, cruel and stubborn – Mars/Pluto and Mars quincunx Saturn – and deceptive and slippery with that Gemini Mars quincunx Neptune in Scorpio, underhand and prone to lying. There’s a possible Yod formation on the Leo Moon too with the Pisces Sun and Capricorn Saturn making up the legs.

            The Jupiter in Sagittarius is strong, but squared by that Pisces Sun/Mercury and Virgoan Pluto, I wonder if that’s where the religion comes in? Vennells is an ordained CofE priest. Of course the Church is an ideal cover for this kind of individual. And of course there’s nothing so self-righteous as an afflicted Mars opposition Jupiter spurred on by Pluto which tends to crop up in the charts of narcissistic death-wish cult leaders such as Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite. Ironic that it was the PO’s victims who lost everything, their marriages, family, friends and community standing, some of whom tragically took their own lives.

            Vennells was hit by the October 28th eclipse last year at 5 Taurus, it opposed her Neptune in Scorpio, possibly squared her Leo Moon too.

        • Absolutely- literally everyone is talking about this, is sickened by it and furious. A huge debt of gratitude to the amazing Kay Linell who volunteered as the postmasters forensic accountant. An true and rare hero.

  4. It’s sad that David Soul has died. He was very handsome and a talented actor and singer. Lots of people in the online community have fond memories of him, as do I. Is it in his chart to be likeable?

  5. I suppose someone has to ask about the most likely outcome from the SCOTUS acceptance of Trump’s future on the ballot.

    “Supreme Court agrees to decide whether Trump can be barred from office”

  6. Why do I get a feeling that Sunak might make a surprise call for summer election soon after the spring budget.

    Today’s statement regarding election timing seems all smoke and mirror to take the headline away from Starmer’s speech.

    • What I wonder is another thing altogether: whether Rishi will ultimately end up in the USA with the family. I even figured it out when that might happen looking at a Uranus transit, I believe, but would have to see his chart again to see if I remember correctly.

      There’s another thing I wonder about him and his life, but I hestitate to bring it up.

      • That’s my hunch too. Sunak might want to move on quickly, as all polls are predicting a Labour win no matter when the elections are held. Having achieved the ambition of the top job there is nothing for him to prolong the headache it brings. Plus his own party is raring for a change in leadership. Basically, there is nothing left for Sunak here in UK unless he wants to spend rest of his life as an MP or restricted in terms of work due to his Ex-PM status.
        In April Sunak has both Uranus and Jupiter conjunct his Sun. Interesting to see how it would pan out.

        • Good comment, Ann. So I wonder if there will be a revolution, sudden change, surprise (Uranus) about his identity (Sun). Jupiter (expansion, bigness) might just blow it all up and make it even bigger than it would be just with Uranus, and Uranus changes aren’t themselves subtle and unnoticed, I think.

        • I don’t thin he was ever non-domiciled, even when Chancellor.

          His wife, who was born abroad and who therefore had a domicile at birth outside the UK, maintained her non-domiciled status, while her husband was Chancellor.

          Domicile is a complex legal status and factors in where you were born, where your parents are, where you plan to live in retirement, etc. And it is possible that Ms Murty (Sunak’s wife) just decided to retain her domicile of birth, which was outside the UK.

          Sunak was born in the UK and his parents lived in the UK, so I would be very surprised if he could become a non-dom. The UK would have been is domicile of birth.

    • Then again Ann, you had a feeling when Boris Johnson resigned the leadership in July 2022 that he would do something underhand and not resign once it all calmed down over August

      • I Think I am reading too much Twitter

        But on separate note, although Sunak ‘s career is defined essentially a banker, he has never stayed very long in any of his previous ‘jobs’. He has been good at moving on to greener pastures quickly.
        Anything in Astrology that might have an explanation?

        • Well, he might be a Taurus, but he’s a Taurus that’s ruled by a very out-of-bounds (decclination 27N) Venus at 29 Gemini, so not your average Taurus

  7. As for the General Election: pick a Thursday any Thursday. Except for the six week summer break, Christmas with Boxing Day being on a Thursday. Has to be a piece of cake for Marjorie to decide which day Sunak will choose. With our luck it will be in January in the middle of a blizzard! And if you think I am kidding, he has the choice up to the Last Thursday in January 2025.

    • Mars enters the shadow zone this year on 7th October (17 Cancer) and stations Rx on 7th December at 6 Leo. Liz Truss became PM just as Mars went into the shadow zone in 2022 and the wheels came off as it slowed to a station (25 Gem), so he has that station in his term chart – Mars Rx replacement leader

    • This may actually be an exercise for somebody other than Marjorie.

      Draw the charts for the UK, Sunak and Starmer for all the Thursdays this year. Then see which one has the most movements across all three. That will likely be the election date.

    • I wonder if being a Taurus Sun he won’t want to hang onto power for as long as he can. They don’t much like to create change if they don’t have to. That said, he does have Aries moon which loves to create change but I’d say tends towards his Libra Pluto.

      I’m not a winter election is a particular good idea from a Tory perspective as many of their voters who are older will be less inclined to vote if it’s windy and rainy. Although that’s probably true of many people who are disillusioned with the political choices.

      Have to say I’m just hoping he doesn’t call it when he has Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on his Sun during April.

  8. BBC News headlines ‘Sunak pencils in election for second half of 2024 ……’

    Is that a good move astrologically Marjorie?

    • Well, since he pencilled it in, he can quickly erase and change the date. Now if he inked the deal, well, that’s another can of tuna, as Larry the #10 Cat would purrrrrrrr.


    • There is no way of pinning down an election date. May might have looked a possibility with tr Uranus square the UK’s 11th house Saturn – and again New Year to mid March 2025.
      Starmer is having an uphill struggle through a minefield with his leadership chart strewn with setbacks, especially April to mid May and in general having a trapped, frustrating year.
      Sunak is on a panicky slide right now but that clears from early February. The Jupiter on his PMship chart gets a lift late January to late February, August and late November through December. His personal chart shows a lucky break/success early August till late September – if he goes then he might have a chance.
      The longer he leaves it the better chance of improved economic news and Starmer tripping into another sink hole – especially if the Middle East blows up in July/August.
      Much water to flow under bridges politically which could change the lie of the land considerably.

      • “Much water to flow under bridges” – yes, and I continue to wonder about this election and our future government.
        What’s intrigued me is the 2nd WW Coalition, 10 May 1940. As Pluto enters Aquarius again this month, it opposes 0 Leo Pluto for that year. This month the tr Nodes in Aries oppose the NN in Libra in 1940. Jupiter is now conjunct the Mercury and Saturn at 6 Taurus in May 1940, Neptune has just finished opposing itself in Virgo too. Uranus, 21 Taurus in May 1940 is making a return, possibly emphasised by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in April. A Solar Eclipse at 18 Libra in October 1939 could also be relevant, since we approach one at 19 Aries this spring.

        The Moon’s Nodes were in early Aries for the National (Coalition) Government election of 27 October 1931. Chiron was 22 Taurus. There was a Solar Eclipse at 17 Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, square Pluto 22 Cancer on 11 October.

        Possibly this could all be relevant to this year’s election.

  9. Hello Marjorie. Great and interesting stuff on here!

    What is the future holding for Netanyahu?

    Haaretz reported this:

    Netanyahu’s approval rating had been dropping throughout 2023, even before the October 7 Hamas attack; however, since the surprise attack, he has shed nearly half of his remaining support.
    The vast majority of Israelis want Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu out of office once the Palestine-Israel conflict is over. A new poll in Israeli media found that only 15% of Israelis continue to support the politician.
    Netanyahu has promised to crush Hamas after the Palestinian organization carried out a surprise attack on October 7, resulting in an estimated 1,139 Israeli deaths and – according to Israeli numbers, around 240 individuals being taken hostage.
    A retaliatory bombing and invading campaign undertaken by the Netanyahu government has to date killed 22,185 Palestinians, with two-thirds of the slain being women and children. The actions have been heavily criticized by human rights organizations, with many accusing Israel of war crimes, including ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide.

    • His own chart looks rattled not surprisingly through this year with peak disruptions around July/August but nothing that looks definitive in terms of an exit politically.

  10. When is the Ukraine thingy going to end Marjorie? This is interesting in the Ukrainian newspapers today:

    According Ukrainska Pravda sources close to Zelenskyy, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, who appeared in the capital almost without warning, brought two simple messages. The first is that Putin is a war criminal, he should be pressured, not negotiated with.

    And the second is that even if Ukraine is ready to sign some agreements on guarantees with Putin, they [the UK and US] are not. Johnson’s position was that the collective West, which back in February had suggested Zelenskyy should surrender and flee, now felt that Putin was not really as powerful as they had previously imagined, and that here was a chance to “press him.”

    The Ukrainian media English-language report went on to emphasize that Three days after Johnson left for Britain, Putin went public and said talks with Ukraine “had turned into a dead end”.

  11. This is nothing save a comment around Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. I heard a stat last night that 70% of the world’s democracies have an election in the next 12 months – seems extraordinary.

    • Ah but Pluto is STILL in Capricorn… on the anaretic 29th degree no less. And how appropriate that the ‘Jeffrey Epstein list’ is to be imminently released.
      Power and respectability comes crashing down.

        • Yeah, it’s almost textbook. Let’s see how it develops.
          @Marjorie you often refer to posthumous transits…
          Reeva Steenkamp had natal Saturn at 29 degrees Capricorn (now exactly conjunct Pluto). Oscar Pistorius is due to be released from prison tomorrow. This exact alignment gives me a feeling of ‘completion’ in her chart. However heavy that may sound.

  12. This might be a bit ‘niche’, but his planets are interesting with regard to transiting Uranus’ and Pluto aspects I think.
    Luke Littler, 21 January 2007:

    “Luke Littler’s sensational run at the PDC World Darts Championship continued as the 16-year-old beat Rob Cross to storm into the final.
    Littler, playing in his first world tournament, won 6-2 and will face Luke Humphries, who beat Scott Williams 6-0.
    Littler, who has now earned £200,000, is the youngest person to reach the final” BBC News website 3/1/24

    Footage of Luke as a toddler shows him happily playing darts with a magnetic board! His Aquarian stellium begins with 0 Aquarius Sun. Then Mercury 9 Aquarius, Venus 21 Aquarius, Neptune 18 Aquarius, Chiron 9 Aquarius, and possibly Moon in late Aquarius, or into Pisces. Venus and Neptune oppose Saturn, 23 Leo.
    He was born on an exact Jupiter in Sagittarius square Uranus in Pisces.
    I was pleased to see how those transiting Uranus squares have manifested for Luke so far.

  13. Camila Batmanghelidjh, the social campaigner and former director of the children’s charity Kids Company has just died. I’d love to see the chart of this colourful, creative person if you can find her birth data, Marjorie.

  14. I know it is somewhat lower on the list of things to do…did you already touch on 2024 lunar/solar eclipse dates? Thank you!

  15. Happy New Year, Marjorie, and to all who appreciate your work here. Could New Zealand be added to your list of countries for a once over lightly, there being a new right wing government making radical alterations to what has been customary for some time. Many thanks.

  16. Hi Marjorie,

    Happy New Year!

    Would you mind taking another look at Ukraine? I’m asking because there was a Vedic astrologer who mentioned that is now Mars transiting Sagittarius and will remain as such until February. He said this could play out in world events where leaders might “take action” in the upcoming months…and he used Ukraine as an example (meaning Ukrainian forces might feel more emboldened to take action against Russia).

    It appears that’s already happening as Ukraine successfully shelled targets in the Russian city of Belgorod – killing 24 Russian civilians (the deadliest attack on Russian soil so far).

    • Chris, I have said this before and will say it again as kindly as I can manage. The astrology has not shifted from the last post which was the beginning of December.
      Using astrology as a comfort blanket to confirm your hopes and hopping from astrologer to astrologer because you are desperate for an answer that makes you feel better is not productive – not for you nor for astrology. There is always a spectrum of meaning so interpretations can vary but clutching at straws when your anxiety levels peak is not helpful.
      If you feel overwhelmed by the miseries of the world then you need to back off and protect yourself. Many people nowadays have given up watching the news as being better for their state of mind. It is not my place to be handing out medical advice but tackling your high levels of anxiety might bring you more peace of mind than trawling round astrologer after astrologer.

  17. Re your Israel post today it would be worth looking at Erdogan’s chart too as he is pulling off some power moves in the wings.

  18. Michelle aptly named Mone seems on the surface to keep digging when she should stop. Contrarily she may be pointing out the iceberg of corruption under the surface.
    As pointed out in your piece 2021 a rocky road ahead.

  19. I have read here the chart for Edgar but not that of his ancestor King Athelstan, is he not more relevant bearing in mind that he was really the first king of England.

    • Interesting thought, Virginia. I like the Edgar chart, and it really does seem to work. I haven’t ever tested the one for Athelstan, 12th July 927 (JC). It does have Mars 12 Scorpio and Moon 22 Scorpio. Mars is conjunct the Edgar Uranus, Moon opposes Edgar Taurus Sun. Pluto at 21 Gemini connects with the Edgar Saturn in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo. So transits and so on might express themselves a bit differently, but happen around the same time with each chart? Be interesting to know what any tests with history might reveal.

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