Yods and sods – the mills of justice grind slowly

‘With one bound he was free’

  Boris Johnson has yet another golden opportunity to test his stupefying, confounding and astounding Road-Runner capacity to survive death-defying near misses and stay on his feet. Now there is news that his erstwhile squeeze Jennifer Arcuri has handed over vital documents to an inquiry into whether he abused his position as London mayor to “benefit and reward” her. Could he be undone finally by a Yod or two?

  Arcuri was given access to foreign trade missions led by the future prime minister and sponsorship for her events business, raising questions about conflicts of interest. She is also said to be cooperating fully with a separate investigation that raises the prospect of Johnson facing an investigation for a potential criminal offence of misconduct in public office. The Observer revealed last year that he had allegedly overruled the advice of staff to promote the business interests of Arcuri and win her affections. A previous investigation decided not to open a criminal inquiry but that inquiry did not have access to her handwritten diary entries and was hampered by the deletion of key email and phone records at City Hall that prevented the watchdog from “reviewing relevant evidence”.

  Jennifer Arcuri, 26 February 1985 (companies house), Kentucky, has a passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars conjunction in Aries which sits in Boris’s 7th house so a hot liaison definitely fits; and her Jupiter squares his Moon with her Pluto conjunct his Moon – so there would be intense feelings initially. Her Taurus Moon may conjunct his Jupiter for ditto. But her Saturn in determined Scorpio sitting in Boris’s financial 2nd and opposition his afflicted Mars is a definite no-no. And her Pisces Sun conjunct his Saturn and opposition his Uranus Pluto square Mars makes for a bizarre pairing. Her Neptune is also conjunct his South Node which doesn’t indicate she would persuade him to be a better person. It does slightly suggest she played him.

  What is fascinating is their relationship chart which has two Yods. An exact Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Mars; and a wide-ish Yod of Venus sextile Jupiter inconjunct Uranus. The first Yod was rattled by tr Saturn square tr Uranus last year and just before. But it is the second Yod which is being destabilized this year with tr Pluto square the apex planet Uranus from exactly now, on and off till late 2023; with an additional swampy dip from the middle of this coming May as tr Neptune undercuts enthusiasm as it is conjunct the Jupiter on one leg of the Yod  – and that runs on and off into 2023 as well.

  Carrie also looks less than enamoured with Jen across the May elections and beyond.

  A gift that just keeps on giving.

[ Dominic Cummings, another Martian Yodal link to Boris, has just been quoted as saying in an interview with a New York magazine that removing Boris was ‘like clearing the drains.’ Oops. Ouch.]

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5 thoughts on “Yods and sods – the mills of justice grind slowly

  1. To add to this, I notice that on Johnson’s natal chart he has Solar Arc Uranus near exact (within 2 minutes applying) inconjunct Mars – may be an indication of his current bull at a gate efforts to regain control. Also he has Solar Arc Saturn opposite Moon (exact within 31 minutes applying)

  2. Thank you. Slight off Yods, but definitely Sods! An article in the Sunday Times today eludes to Boris being a weak man with women and Carrie is the “mrsmind” behind Boris. Johnson has never been weaned off his mother in my view. Boris’s father Stanley was quite hard on his mother. Boris saw this and it may have had a profound effect on his development. He is still a little boy playing games. Perhaps Boris is looking for his male prowess through women? Marina his second wife appeared to Mother him. Since he left her and became PM, two women have sought to control him. Very Gemini. With Jenifer their Venus/Jupiter sextile, in their composite chart, along with Moon square Sun is a powerful ongoing connection. The Venus/Jupiter. Uranus Yod will surface from time to time. I can’t help feeling this is a way to keep the communication going as Venus/Jupiter connection in an excellent marriage combination. Neither can completely let go of each other. Benefiting and rewarding Jenifer for a need to have her, fits in with this need for a women to want him and for him to have them love him. Both Carrie and Jenifer are young enough to be his daughters. With all Johnson’s complexes, there is still this needy boy who has never been properly parented and his still looking for women near to his own development age.

    • It’s interesting how this theme also plays out in the utter misogyny displayed in comments on sites like the wretched hate-filled Daily Mail. Reading these, you would almost think that the corruption, lies and crooked government Johnson has committed over the past few years is all Carrie’s fault (or Princess Nut-Nut as they call her). Awful.

      I hope Johnson gets his just desserts sooner rather than later. I’m not interested in the damage he does in his relationships, I am more interested in getting him out of power because of the damage he is doing to the country. Yet still, all he and his wretched Tory cronies worry about is ego and power – even in the face of a police investigation.

  3. From a Shakespearian perspective if Boris’s weakness is women – surely it is bound to be a woman (or her actions) that takes him down?

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