Yavanovitch impeachment hearings – a slamming indictment


Marie Yovanovitch, the ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine said a “smear campaign” against her by the President and Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer, undermined U.S. national security and emboldened Russia. During impeachment proceedings she said she was “kneecapped” by corrupt interests and abandoned by State Department leaders.

Trump in his usual knee-jerk fit of bile tweeted a smear about her as she was testifying which Adam Schiff promptly labelled witness intimidation. And the Clinton prosecutor, Ken Starr, said he thought Trump’s tweet showed “extraordinarily poor judgment… I think this was quite injurious.” Fox presenter Chris Wallace told viewers: “If you were not moved by the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch, you don’t have a pulse….”

The BBC wrote: Her “testimony was a scathing rebuke of Giuliani and his work on behalf of the president — a top-to-bottom indictment of what she called a “campaign of disinformation” based on claims that originated with “individuals with questionable motives and with reason to believe that their political and financial ambitions would be stymied by our anti-corruption policy in Ukraine.” She implicitly lambasted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, too, asserting that the department “is being hollowed out from within at a competitive and complex time on the world stage.”

And that is quite a slamming indictment, not only of Trump, but also Giuliani and Pompeo.

She was born 11 November 1958 in Montreal and is a resourceful and enduring Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio with her Sun, Venus, Moon being opposition Mars in Taurus square Uranus. She’s formidably strong. Her Mars is conjunct Trump’s midheaven and her Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct Trump’s Sun Moon and opposition his Sun so she will make him feel criticised and discouraged; as well as being seen by him as a rival. And she could be damaging for his reputation given her Mars is conjunct Algol on his Midheaven.

In the fragmenting chaos of Trump’s administration with constantly churning staff, two things are clear. One is that Giuliani’s relationship with Trump is sagging badly from today onwards as tr Neptune squares the composite Sun for the final time and aims in 2020 to oppose the composite Jupiter, which will take the shine off.

More interesting by far is the Pompeo/Trump relationship with Pompeo at risk of having his reputation for the future badly damaged by his complicit silence in the face of diplomatic staff being attacked. Even Republicans are beginning to rumble in discontent at public servants being treated so badly.

Pompeo’s relationship chart with Trump has an aggravated and teeth-gritted Mars opposition Saturn Venus. That has been jostled this year with tr Uranus conjunct the Venus which has a final exact aspect in the last few days of December to early February 2020, which might just be the trigger for a rupture. If not then, certainly towards May/June 2020 when tr Uranus starts to elbow the Mars opposition Saturn; and even before then in March tr Saturn will add its tuppence worth of woe to their interface.

Pompeo’s personal chart is showing up career losses from today till mid December with tr Neptune conjunct his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint with aggravating setbacks mid December. His Secretary of State chart 26 April 2018 2pm indicates the days over this coming New Year as very high stress – though that could also be world events disrupting his holidays.

Trump’s chart has a few discouraging Saturn blips to midpoints and to his financial Jupiter this month but he’s nowhere near as ring-fenced and infuriated as he’s going to be from late January 2020 onwards.


7 thoughts on “Yavanovitch impeachment hearings – a slamming indictment

  1. Majorie , your Hatred for Trump is well known &admitted by U. I am not defending him…Yovanovitsch presented all heresay evidenc &admitted no criminality by Trump. Also admitted Trump gav weapons to Ukraine WITHOUT its President promising to order investigation against Biden. She admitted she knew of Bidens&Burasima but took no action. I hv viewed Live the depositions. Though Ia an avid fan of U for 3 decades &follow U, on this matter ,I must respecfully Disagree

  2. I hope this is the start of the end of Trump and his whole disgraceful, shameful and toxic era. Bring on Elisabeth Warren and the Green New Deal. The world is waiting for the USA to lead us into the age of Aquarius.

  3. The Sun opposes her Mars and then Algol (square Trump’s Mars) in the next few days. Mercury will be turning direct on 20th in Scorpio, crossing over her Scorpio stellium, reaching opposition to Mars/Algol in early December, followed by Mars in Scorpio there at Christmas time – New Year’s Eve. Plenty of intensity, rage, and power. Perhaps something can cut cleanly through some of this mess and , er, “drain the swamp”…..But as long as the financial side of things is looking good, there’ll be a tendency to ignore what matters.

  4. These hearings, if anything, should show American public the urgency of removing not only Trump but his hapless enablers from postions of power, because American Institutions won’t hold 5 more years of Trump. But I’m afraid that unlike people in many other parts of the World, Americans just do not understand why having competent people at DOJ or State Department is so important for their country. They just do not seem to understand the connection between their 401k and having reliable, professional people doing the footwork for trade treaties etc. And people who clearly do, renounce their education to appease them.

    This is especially damaging, when their only direct competition can count on millenial tradition on organizing offials. China is truly horrible in many senses, and yes, much more horrible than The US. But people who rise to positions of power have beaten literally millions of competitors, and can be replaced by equally impressive people if they fail.

    • Seriously doubt it. Americans live for drama, and America is a country of and for individuals. There is little cohesion with the country today, esp after watching the many reruns and episodes of The Apprentice. I doubt that even an invasion would shake up Americans sufficiently to do the right thing and kill the Creature From the Swamp.

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