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The first public hearings in the Trump impeachment process in Congress started today at 10.06am. It’s a long process that may end up in front of the Republican-controlled Senate who are likely to vote in favour of the president. But public testimony from diplomats and others indicating that Trump improperly used his office to leverage the Ukraine president for the purpose of digging dirt on a political rival will be damaging and have a knock-on effect for the 2020 election.

The impeachment chart isn’t too inspiring with Mercury retrograde; and over hopeful and muddled 3rd house Neptune square Jupiter; and the restrictive Saturn Pluto in a frustrating square to Mars.

The lead Republican rottweiler is congressman Jim Jordan, described as ‘less a wrestler and more a bare-knuckle fighter’ who will impugn witnesses and the process itself and will lash out at the president’s enemies. He is so unswervingly loyal that he recently told CNN he had never heard Trump lie. A political commentator said: “The success or failure of these hearings depends on how they play on television and almost more than any other member, Jordan understands that.”

Surprise surprise he was born 17 February 1964, within days of Sarah Palin, shock jock Glenn Beck and former mobster John Gotti Jnr. He has that fearsome, intemperate, inordinately stubborn Sun, Mars, Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius square Neptune.

He’s an odd match with Trump since his unpleasant collection of Aquarius planets oppose Trump’s Mars Ascendant and square Trump’s Midheaven. I suppose it could be seen as Jordan acting as attack dog to defend Trump but it’s highly unstable combination and could go entirely the other way at one point with all that destructive anger pointing in Trump’s direction. Their relationship chart has an illusory, delusional composite Sun opposition Neptune in a can-be-fanatical square to Uranus; with a power-struggling Mars square Pluto. That is also highly unstable.

There’s a distinct enthusiasm-sag coming from November 20 to December 1st this year both on the relationship chart and on Jordan’s personal chart – though his real distancing from Trump won’t come until February 2020 and beyond for the rest of the year with tr Saturn wading in hard aspect round their composite Sun Neptune square Uranus T Square.

Jordan is certainly running on high octane fuel at the moment with his Solar Arc Jupiter in a super (over?) confident square to his Pluto. He’ll have a few setbacks and jolts over the next few weeks into early 2020 as well as some successes late December and through January. Where he starts to sag is February next year when he steps onto a Neptunian banana skin off and on till the election and after. Plus his Solar Arc Sun and Mars are getting the tr Pluto hard aspect right through till 2021 which will put the brakes on his exuberance more than somewhat.

Jordan’s back-up is Kevin McCarthy, Republican congressman from California who is Minority Speaker, 26 January 1965. He’s another Sun Aquarius with a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter in indulgent Taurus opposition Neptune; and Uranus Pluto plus Mars in Virgo. Aquarius has a misplaced reputation as a tolerant humanitarian – many Aquarians are hard-right ideologues.

His astrology ahead runs along similar lines to Jordan – setbacks and uncertainties, in his case in from November 20 to December 1st but also extending into mid December; then more success and confidence late December to late January. Late January to late February everything comes apart at the seams and he’s on a Neptunian slide thereafter.

His relationship with Trump looks half relieved and half separated over the New Year and sags throughout 2020.


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  1. One of the things about Aquarius is that people and situations have a tendency to flip from one mode to another. I dare say we’ll all be seeing a lot of that when Jupiter and Saturn, and later Pluto, move into Aquarius.

  2. …Super confident square….”:His chart is linked to the US stock market(or he is linked to wst).
    Mc carthy represents the financial presence of tech companies even though he is a nominal Republican.

  3. That Aquarius Stellium square Scorpio Neptune is quite something. See nothing, hear nothing, which Jordan already applied when he was an assistant wrestling coach at University of Ohio and alledgedly knew of sexual abuse the team doctor inflicted upon his team members.

    Also, the fact he used to be a wrestler. I come from a “wrestling region”, although not from the heartland of it, where boys (and, last two decades or so) as young as 3-4 years old are put on the mat. The level of obvious brain damage from it I’ve seen is heartbreaking. Some of it is very “Jim Jordanish”, many guys who were not troubled teens have very poor rage and impulse control later in life. Also, reduced life expectancy. This region generally speaking has healthiest inhabitants in the country, but while most guys there make it well into their 80’s, certain set doesn’t reach 70. Obviously, safety measures have been taken lately, but the sport isn’t a riskless one, and Jordan was active in the 1970’s and the 1980’s, when you could add steroid abuse to health risks (and yes, they are still used, but I can’t even tell how open this was as late as the early 1990’s).

  4. The hearing didn’t actually start until 10:06 am. That puts the ascendant at 1 degree Capricorn, making Saturn the chart ruler in the first. It has a near exact trine to mercury in the 11th (house of congress). This means the opening statement by Tayor and Kent were especially good (which I thought). Also, Sun in the 11th was applying to a trine with Saturn. Sun rules the 8th of transformation. So the way I read it is that the hearing will be transformative (hopefully).


    • Our leading daily went one step further from US media interviewing Trump supporters at diner by sending a reporter to Delawere County, Pennsylvania, which has been ruled by Republicans since Civil War. The found a family to watch this with – mother and grandmothet retired, father real estate agent, adult son police officer, so at home 11 am. Not surprisingly women didn’t like Trump, and were more open to Indictment. The only complaint they had was Kent’s bowtie. They also liked Buttigieg.

      This was obviously just one family, but I think the biggest challenge to Trump in 2020 will be that he’ll face a “normal” contender. Someone whose smile isn’t a smirk and who has a dog.

      This is obviously just

    • Thanks for the time. I’m wary about that 3rd house Neptune – smears and confusion. Will see. The general public don;t follow the minutiae of these hearings and most won;t change their views unless there’s a really juicy soundbyte.

  5. So it appears Trump will demand/ordain a quick victory from the rottweiler…and then punish the poor dog for failure to kill-on-demand. Along with Trump’s absolute refusal to stay out-of-the-kitchen.

    Does anyone know who the backup rottweiler might be?

      • My money is on Matt Gaetz.

        Even if McCarthy is surpricingly popular at his district in California, he may be just a tad too smooth to appeal to those antiestablishment “Heartland” voters Republicans obviously target at hearings. We know he is in good terms with Paul Ryan, and was overheard telling him he thinks Russians own Trump, so some might question his sincerity. And there’s already another California Republican, Devin Nunes, possibly getting burned by this. Since California Republicans are getting scarse, they probably do not want to expose him.

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