Xavier Dupont – fated to remain a mystery

The tragic tale of the murdered Dupont de Ligonnes family took another twist with news that the father on the run since killing his wife and four children in 2011 had been arrested in Scotland. That turned out to be a case of mistaken identity after early media stories brewed up a fanciful drama of plastic surgery and false passports. Although there have been sightings in the past eight years it is thought that father Xavier could have killed himself after dispatching and burying his family.

Xavier Dupont was born 9 January 1961 11.15 am Versailles, France into an aristocratic family and considered himself part of a Roman Catholic elite. Around the time of the murders, he sounds as if his narcissism had slid into semi-psychosis; although he had made preparations for some months before, buying a gun, quick lime and tools for the burial – and had serious financial problems.

He was/is a Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury in Capricorn so status-conscious, socially ambitious, materialistic. Even more significantly he had a Water Grand Trine of Mars in Cancer trine Venus in Pisces trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by Venus opposition Pluto North Node – making controlling Pluto the driving planet. Water Grand Trine individuals can live in their own bubble and become divorced from reality.

Around the time of the killings his Solar Arc Jupiter was exactly in opposition to his Pluto which would exaggerate his already overwheening sense of superiority and push him to step across the boundaries of the law. His Solar Arc Mars was also conjunct his Uranus in the run up which would have been explosive, impulsive and uncompromising. His Mars had also been under assault from tr Pluto in opposition with tr Uranus about to move to the square.

His wife, Agnes, born 9 Nov 1962, was a stalwart Sun Neptune Venus in Scorpio square a flamboyant Mars in Leo with a pushy Jupiter in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto.

Son 1, 7 July 1990, was a Sun Jupiter in Cancer trine Pluto, opposition Saturn, Neptune (Moon Uranus) in Capricorn with Jupiter opposition Saturn square Mars in Aries.

Son 2, 28 Sept 1992, was a Libra Sun square Mars with Mars opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and Jupiter sextile Pluto with a Scorpio Moon.

Son 3, 29 May 1997, was a Gemini Sun opposition Pluto sextile/trine Uranus. With Mars square Venus and trine Neptune. A Pisces Moon.

Daughter, 2 Aug 1994, was a Leo Sun square Jupiter with Mars (Moon) square Venus in Virgo and square Saturn in Pisces; and Venus trine Neptune Uranus, sextile Pluto.

All of them had emphasised/stressed Mars so it was an angry family and emotionally intense since most had Venus in aspect to outer planets.

All in all a strange and unsettling story since if he had intended to kill himself after the event it isn’t clear why he went to all the trouble of burying their bodies so methodically. Nor indeed does his trenchant Roman Catholicism fit with his actions.

His self-destructive 10th Harmonic is exceptionally strong and ruthless with a Mars opposition Neptune square Pluto; and his can-be-unbalanced 7H linked a pushily confident Jupiter to Pluto to a fanatical Neptune Uranus.


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