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Jeopardy is rising for Trump’s hash-and-crash personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who once had hopes unbelievably of becoming Secretary of State. He’s now entangled in the attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden over unfounded allegations of corruption involving his son which are driving the impeachment process. And two Soviet-born US citizens, both associates of Giuliani, were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of campaign finance violations, while trying to leave the US on one-way tickets, with Giuliani also under federal investigation. Trump advisers have long been pressing the president to distance himself from Giuliani and he now appears to be wavering on whether to let him go or not.

Giuliani, 28 May 1944 2.31pm New York, a wayward Sun Uranus in Gemini with a ruthless, do-or-die-determined Mars Pluto in Leo was never that great a fit with Trump since G’s Saturn in Gemini sits on top of Trump’s Sun and opposition his Moon; and G’s Mars Pluto plus Moon Jupiter in Leo give him as expansive an ego as Trump’s.

Their relationship chart has been sagging at points through this year with tr Neptune square the composite Sun and opposition Jupiter. And those come back to exact from mid this November to mid December and again throughout 2020 over the election. And there will be a huge upset between them from mid 2020 as tr Uranus squares the composite Pluto.

Giuliani’s personal chart is mixed ahead – with a major hiccup late December and through January 2020; with career losses from late January 2020 onwards; and a disastrous calamity late March into early April; with hitches, glitches and major bumps along the way from tr Uranus square his Mars Pluto from this November till spring 2020 plus some Neptunian sinkers. But he does have his Solar Arc Sun conjunct Jupiter, exact in 11 months’ time which will bring him a lift as will his Solar Arc Jupiter square his Mars in late 2020.

In addition to Trump and other political turmoil, he’s also involved in a messy divorce and has obviously a complicated business life – so it’s impossible to disentangle what influences will affect which part of his life. He lives, like Trump, amidst constant drama and also like his master has a strong self-destructive 10th Harmonic.

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11 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani – a pea from the Trump pod

    • Boy is this wrong!! I can’t be bothered to go into my epistles as I’ve done in the past. Suffice to say, be happy Romney is not interested in the Presidency at this time. He has other immediate ambitions!

  1. Captain America(Mitt Romney). Iron Man(Sacaramucci). Black Widow(Nancy Pelosi). Nick Fury(Adam Schiff). Thanos(Trump). Might as well laugh it up now. 2020 gonna be rough and tumble.

  2. This whole affair makes me think about Axel Oxenstierna’s famous words to his son, “Do you not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?”

    I knew there was something seriously shady to Giuliani’s frequent visits to Ukraine the moment I learned about them 2 years ago, and kept a side eye on them. But I wouldn’t have imagined they ultimately boiled down to him seeking to fabricate dirt on ex-VP’s son and getting caught due to two minor league Florida hustlers who’d namedrop and record their movements in social media.

  3. What is interesting is both he and Trump seem to get a mood boost in Sept. 2020, which I suspect means Trump wasn’t convicted by the Senate; no surprise there!

    • Impeachment vote will wrap sooner, I think. I heard Republican strategy was to have all done by March-April, because they don’t want Democrats to find new evidence, and because 22 out of 34 Senatorial Seats up to re-election are held by Republicans. Being forced to defend clearly corrupt President will not be a good look maybe 40-60 days before elections.

      And now, it seems Democrats might have just all the evidence they need, too, thanks to Giuliani et co. being incredibly careless and career State Department and IC personel frustrated.

        • I would, too, if Turkish forces weren’t currently bombing The US troops in Syria, Syrian Militia wasn’t running around executing Kurdish civilians and ISIS fighters weren’t liberated from prisons just because these extremely priviledged white nonentities were too freaking afraid of being voted out and having to really work, for instance, as a board members of a Fortune 500 Company, to stand up to this madness.

          I remember 2016, and how my relatively affluent, Liberal Right, pro-NATO, pro-EU, pro-free trade, but also pro-human rights (including gay rights, in fact, quite a few are gay themselves) friends told me I was freaking out when I told them Trump was a malign narcissist who was going destroy much of America. They were so confident people like “Jim” (and yes, I actually know someone who is on 1st name bases with Mattis) and Tillerson would completely reign Trump with their Military and Corporate discipline. And I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, because I’ve worked under a malign narcissist (luckily not one with nuclear codes and definitely much more intelligent and less impulsive one than Trump) and know this is not how it goes. The best one can expect with these people is them loving one of your ideas and presenting it as theirs. But mostly, even or especially when you are one of those “adults in the room”, successful in your own right, with some moral compass, you are constantly gaslighted and overstepped to the point that you feel completely drained and quit. And, if you are one of the brave souls willing to become whistleblowers when company policies and even national laws are breached in a way that might hurt the company, expect obstructionism, and, in best case, hush money, not justice. Ultimately, something may be done when everything blows on one’s face.

          I really, truly hope we are at this point with Republican party, and especially Murdoch family (I don’t think Rupert is much “there” anymore). Realistically, though, this will happen after 2020 Elections, if Democrats keep on playing this smart (and they have since 2017, no matter what pundits still recovering from Hillary say).

          • Well as Marjorie said recently, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel(paraphrasing). Trump was never gonna “go gently into that good night”. He was always gonna fight(dirty), hence, it would get worse before better. Especially given he knows he’s in legal jeopardy if he loses. But as the good ol’ saying goes; Karma is a bitch!
            As to the Murdochs, they’re already pivoting towards Buttigieg(a son donated to the campaign). As is the majority of the billionaire class to ward off Warren.

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