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  1. Marjorie,

    Democratic U.S. House Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland just passed away today unexpectedly. This was very sad news. Cummings is considered a Civil Rights icon and he was very well loved by many. Cummings was also a senior member of Congress and one of the Democrats leading the way for calling for Trump’s impeachment.

    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind writing an astrological post concerning Elijah Cummings.

    As always, thank you for your daily posts.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  2. More good news for your mid-morning coffee – “Moody’s forecast: Trump will win election in landslide”


    Does this jive – even remotely – with any astro projections? Thanks!

    • @ larryc,

      Moody’s Election Model was wrong in 2016. The model only measures economic factors – not the candidates. I don’t put much stock into the models anymore.

      Trump is NOT going to win reelection. I don’t care how many rednecks, White trash, and fanatical Evangelicals come out of the woodwork to support him; those lowlifes do not make up the majority of the country’s population and less people are falling for the Russian troll propaganda on social media this time around.

    • Nope not really. It ain’t over till the bowler hatted brigade (heaven helps us) or others of various stripes decide what their reaction is – and Boris doesn’t look remotely chirpy in November.

  3. Hi Marjorie, hope you’re well!
    I see Michael Collins’ Birthday today, born 16 October 1890 at 2.30a.m., near Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland.
    Would you have any commentary given his early death, influence, tactics?
    Thank you if you do.

  4. Any thoughts on Michael Collins?
    He was born 16 October 1890 near Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland.
    His influence, tactics still influence a Century later.
    Thank you if you comment Marjorie.

  5. Oscar Wilde would have been 165 today, born 16 October 1854 in Dublin at 3.00a.m.
    Any thoughts on his Life, the Man and his work?
    And thank you if you do.

  6. Lots of talk about goings on in Brussels at the moment, but what about Belgium and its outlook and indeed
    our Dutch friends who are rebranding the Country as the Netherlands in all advertising etc?
    Belgium has 2 Charts I can find – Independence declared on 4 October 1830 and was officially recognised on 19 April 1839.
    Netherlands has 3 Charts I can find – Independence declared from Habsburg Spain on 26 July 1581, was officially recognised
    on 30 January 1648 and the Kingdom was established on 16 March 1815.
    Thank you if you comment, discuss Marjorie.

  7. Hi Marjorie,
    We (me and my partner) have been following your posts religiously everyday and we would like to ask knowing that the Portuguese elections have just taken place how will the country economy and evolution will be for the next few years?
    The country went through one of its most dramatic phases loosing almost all of its financial services as banks – which are now almost all totally dwindled to nothing – and lost 20% of its young generation to emigration – the country’s population is of 10M.
    IMF predictions place Portugal’s economical growth ahead of its European neighbours for the next year however it’s still very hard to make ends meet for the average Portuguese.
    We are aware that Portugal is not a major player in Europe or even the world however it would make us very happy and proud to hear and read your interpretations of its planetory positing for the years ahead.
    Thanks in advance.

    Celia & Rob

    • Marjorie,
      “Tr Pluto is also moving in sextile to both legs of the Yod until late 2021”. It’s not in sextile to both legs. It’s trine to one and sextile to the other. Also, his birth time given is wrong I think. You have done his analysis before with a different birth time.

  8. Marjorie

    I know you are sick of this but can you give us your thoughts on Opening of Parliament – Queen speach. Does the timing give us any clue going forward with Brexit and BoJo

    • What was it someone said about a toxic and swirling fog around Brexit? Urgh. Not sure the Queen’s Speech adds much to the sum total of knowledge.
      It was always expected to go down to the wire and probably over with the EU, if past precedents are anything to go by. After which something gets cobbled together. It looks aggravated in the extreme for the final days of this month to end of first week in November so it will ratchet up the tension with a frustrating and bad tempered stalemate from Mars square Saturn and then Pluto (October 27 to November 5th); and a toss-it-all-in-the-air Sun opposition Uranus on October 28th – and Mercury going Retrograde on the 31 – looks anything like a clean break.
      The trouble is that none of the options are exactly attractive. No deal could be a disaster; a half-in, half-out deal would be worse than staying in; Remain seems unlikely this far down the line and the EU have hardly covered themselves in glory. And no one, bar zealots, wants a Second Referendum – can you imagine going through all that again and ending up with the same result more likely than not.
      All too much. When was life ever this nerve-stretching and soo boring all at the same time?

  9. Marjorie according to wiki this was the day principal shooting began for Scorsese’s The Irishman, Sept 18 2017. If the preview and reviews are anything to go by it looks like a damn masterpiece. Does anything stand out for you? I suspect it’s the last outing for those great actors and Scorsese.

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