William Barr – a religious zealot as well as dishonest

“The worst form of injustice is pretended justice.” Plato.

William Barr, Trump’s Attorney General, written off by Nancy Pelosi as “rogue”, a proven liar and obfuscator over the Mueller Report and the FBI and now implicated in the Ukraine dirty dealings leading to impeachment, appears to be a fundamentalist Christian as well. Words fail me.

Prominent liberal Catholics warned he poses a threat to the separation of church and state and democracy, after he delivered a fire and brimstone speech recently to a Catholic University on religious freedom in which he insisted that “the traditional Judeo-Christian moral system” of the USA was under siege by “militant secularists” who were responsible for every sort of “social pathology”, including drug abuse, rising suicide rates and illegitimacy. He did not address the fact that many of the policies of the Trump administration are strongly opposed by the Vatican. One commentator said: “At least it helps me understand why Barr has been so willing to put his own reputation on the line to defend Trump so fiercely in every battle. Trump is Barr’s imperfect vessel in serving a much higher cause: the gospel.”

Barr has denied being a member of the ultra-conservative Opus Dei, though he has served on the board of its affiliate the Catholic Information Service, along with Leonard Leo, the man most responsible for putting Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the supreme court.

Salon remarked in outrage: “Bill Barr may be the most unvetted attorney general in history, which is strange since he had served as AG under George H.W. Bush and was well known in DC circles. How could he have been confirmed as the nation’s top law enforcement official when nobody knew that he was a far-right religious extremist on a mission to use the law and the executive power to enforce a moral code?”

Born 23 May 1950 in New York. He is a Sun Gemini in an expansive square to Jupiter in Pisces with Jupiter in a see-saw opposition to Saturn; with a stubborn Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn and Mars in Virgo and square Pluto (Moon) in Leo – not a man who easily changes his mind. His Venus in Aries opposes Neptune in trine/sextile to Pluto. It’s a chart that needs a birth time to anchor it since otherwise it’s all over the place.

His ‘seeking soul’ though can-be-unstable 7th Harmonic is strong and ruthless. His self-defeating 10H is also strong. Worryingly so is his leaving-a-legacy 17H which points to his influence extending long beyond his term, presumably through judges he has appointed.

He looks paralyzed and nervy 30 January to late February with tr Neptune square his Sun/Uranus midpoint; and worse from late February to late March with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint, which repeats October 2020 to late January 2021. Ebertin describes it as “waning powers, self-torment, a grievous loss.”  Tr Pluto is also opposing his Uranus/Pluto midpoint from late February on and off till late 2021 which will be unstable and erratic; plus a dashed-hopes tr Neptune conjunct his Jupiter/Node picking up from late April. He also has a car-crash Solar Arc Mars opposition his Sun sometimes over coming months.

His Attorney General Term chart also has similar with tr Neptune square the Jupiter at 19 degrees Sagittarius from late March, on and off into early 2021 which tends to deflate ‘false happiness’ and puncture over confidence.

His synastry with Trump is good and bad with his Sun in Trump’s 10th furthering his ambitions and his Jupiter in Trump’s 7th for morale-boosting support. But Barr’s Mars in Virgo clashes with Trump’s Sun and Moon, so not all sweetness and light.

Their relationship chart is very locked together, for good or ill, with a composite Saturn Pluto tying together Sun, Mercury Venus to Neptune – certainly as a pair they have stratospheric ambitions with Neptune Pluto and won’t budge easy. Though again the composite Sun squares Mars which can be competitive/argumentative. The downhill slide between them starts late this February, running off and on into 2021 with tr Neptune dissolving confidence between them.

George Bernard Shaw (maybe) once remarked the UK and USA are divided by a common language. But there is also a grand canyon of a gulf between the attitudes on religion and politics. The UK may be a shambolic mess but Mad Hatterly weird scenarios such as above would be blown straight out of the water. Trump as ‘an imperfect vessel’ would have to be the understatement of the last two thousand years. How can people twist their brains round to this extent?

21 thoughts on “William Barr – a religious zealot as well as dishonest

  1. The US may be in more danger from Barr, Pompeo, DeVos and other dominionists than from the Russians. Religion in the US is sheer insanity with preachers telling their flocks that god wants them to have bigger airplanes etc. They get a tax exemption yet provide nothing substantial for congregants. Only bigger arenas, more TV, more political and weird claims and giving us people like Kanye.
    Goddess help us all.

    • To understand the current iteration of the political leaders of the American Christian Taliban, you might want to read THE FAMILY by Jeff Sharlet or catch it on Netflix. Factual and mind-blowing.

  2. I think you might consider looking at players in relation to the russian mafia. Simion Mogilivitch owns Putin and all globally connected crime networks. Trump administration is infested with Putin mafia traitors. Maybe check what Lev Parnas is releasing?

    • “I believe Barr has certain political beliefs, such as strong executive power and strong beliefs in a pro-America type of nationalism; then he fits religion into the narrative when necessary. May be same with Pompeo. Those who consider Trump as the the “imperfect vessel” are strongly trying to rationalize why they support him.”

      In my view, out of these two, Barr is “True Believer” with his Taurus Mercury square Pluto/Moon in Leo (I also think this is likely to be an exact conjunction). There is an interesting, little discussed thing about Leo Moons I’ve observed, and that is they are frequently religious. I live in one of the most secularized countries in The World, and most people I know are agnostic or atheist, even if they may declare “Lutheran”. Leo Moons aren’t. Timo Soini, who founded Finns Party, is a Gemini Sun/Leo Moon who famously converted to Catholism after Lutheran Church of Finland allowed female clercy, and never missed a Prayer Breakfast in Washington in his 4 years as Minister of Foreign Affairs. But I’ve also been surprised to learn that Leo Moons are church goers, in more occasions. My guess is, since Pluto and Mercury are involved, that Barr might have used religious dogma to explain a situation involving mother in his childhood. His father’s disturbing sci-fi that got published in the early 1970’s when Barr was already adult, has been brought to attention in relation to Epstein Case. I think it’s not beyond a reasonable doubt to suspect something sinister went on when Barr was growing up, and he rationalized his, and his mother’s stance to it with Catholic faith.

      Pompeo, on the other hand, has a Cancer Moon opposing ambitious and calculating Mercury/Mars on what is, generally speaking, one of the most ambitious charts I’ve ever glanced. This os frequently reported, too. He even sticks out for this in Washington DC. In his case, I totally see he is using Religion to get ahead. For instance, he converted from Catholism to Evangelicalism when he moved to Kansas and was brought to Koch Brothers sphere of influence.

      • That’s interesting regarding what you say about the Leo moon, because I knew a severe case of this with the mother of a friend. The mother had a fixed Grand Cross involving Leo moon square Saturn in Scorpio (so like Barr’s moon, her’s had a Scorpio flavour to it) opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square Venus in Taurus. She would put on a show of piety, regular churchgoer, etc but had a controlling, defensive, jealous nature and was also dominating and unkind. She made a big show of her Christianity. My friend and her siblings suffered all kinds of problems, eating disorders and drug addiction, partly as a result of their upbringing by this woman.

  3. I think differently from the way you think about the religious vs. public policy. I believe Barr has certain political beliefs, such as strong executive power and strong beliefs in a pro-America type of nationalism; then he fits religion into the narrative when necessary. May be same with Pompeo. Those who consider Trump as the the “imperfect vessel” are strongly trying to rationalize why they support him.
    The US, is founded on the separation of church and state; people like Jefferson were adamantly opposed to a government with any connection to religion. Jefferson felt being author of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom was on par with authoring the Declaration of Independence. The founders feared demagogues and their ability to sway the masses, but unfortunately those types come with democracy, and they always will.

  4. William Barr himself is a spectacularly uninteresting person, and I can’t but wonder whether that’s part of why I find him so profoundly evil. I read about Hanna Arendt’s concept of “banality of evil” while studying, and if there’s someone in Trump Admin who comes close to that idea, that’s Taurus Mercury Bill Barr. A bland burocrat, whose deeds and writings (this is a guy who advocated for incarcerating MORE people in The US in the early 1990’s), however, are chilling. A monster, but not an interesting one. Always “acting by orders”, whether by his dad or by Trump (and, given Trump’s defense team in Impeachment Trial includes two prominent lawyers from Epstein’s, who got his first real job from Barr’s dad, I’m also raising an eyebrow…).

    What I’m interested in is what kind of transits he had during Iran-Contra Hearings and as AG for George H.W. Bush. I think his first term as Attorney General coincided mostly with Saturn in Capricorn in the early 1990’s, but that by the end of Bush Senior’s term, Saturn had moved to Aquarius (I also think Saturn in Aquarius majorly contributed to getting Bill Clinton elected. Bush Sr. wasn’t a bad president, despite giving Barr an office, but he definitely wasn’t an “authority” figure for Aquarian times).

  5. Marjorie, thank you for this. My beloved U.S. has certainly been revealed as a lower I.Q., lower-order country, but would remind my friends in the U.K.–what put Trump in office and leveraged these dreadful appointments was an ELECTORAL victory; the popular numbers were certainly not in favor of these clowns. Still, it’s a flawed system, and here we are. The Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves.

  6. I’m personally sick to death of religious looneys of all descriptions polluting the world with their Bronze Age myths and superstitious drivel. An antidote in the form of the late great Christopher Hitchens follows….

    • I enjoyed this. The first time I saw him speak on a YT video was right here; when he completely wiped the floor with the Jewish guy about how disgusting the mutilation of genitals in the name of religion is and how easily it made them make jokes about it, which implied their total insanity.

      I was extremely stunned to find out about 10 years ago that in the USA more than 75% of men are circumcised. It’s almost non-existent here in the UK. The only thing I can think of that makes it persist as much as it does in the States is religion. Well, that and pseudo biblical science mixed up and presented as a FACT.

      It astounds me how religion and politics are so tightly enmeshed with each other. There is so much ugliness attached to religion, more so the Abrahamic religions; genocide, torture, sex abuse, rape, stripping other countries and religions of their sovereignty, imbalances of the genders, ingrained hypocrisy, they are behind a lot of the destabilizing and vindictive conspiracy theories on the net right now, homophobia, etc. And yet wealth-wise, they are wedged to the crack but cannot be bothered to put their dirty, criminal hands in their pockets after the Notre Dame burned to the ground. Just left it to the peasants and church going sheep to fund it, until the elite got a bright idea. Excuse me while I just throw up in a bucket somewhere.

      Most fundamentalists blindly follow it, like a parasite has entered their brain, and they cannot see the world in a rational or compassionate way. I agree with Hitchens, religion is utter evil presented in such a way you don’t think it is and programmed in such a way that you often do diabolical things in its name. I really hope Pluto gets its mighty hands on all organized religions over the coming years and razes them down to the ground and exposes them for what they are; mind control tools and gold digging corporations that do nothing but hold humanity back.

      • “I was extremely stunned to find out about 10 years ago that in the USA more than 75% of men are circumcised. It’s almost non-existent here in the UK. The only thing I can think of that makes it persist as much as it does in the States is religion. Well, that and pseudo biblical science mixed up and presented as a FACT.”

        I believe the reason for the uptake of circumcision in males in the USA was because several scientific studies that found male circumcision protected his female partner against cervical cancer. If you Google it you’ll find plenty of discussion online.

      • “I was extremely stunned to find out about 10 years ago that in the USA more than 75% of men are circumcised. It’s almost non-existent here in the UK. The only thing I can think of that makes it persist as much as it does in the States is religion. Well, that and pseudo biblical science mixed up and presented as a FACT.”

        Oh, I have some gay male friends who are vocal in opposing mass circumcision. Their explanation for why this became so popular in the late 19th century after discovery of bacteria that led to better surgical hygiene because it was supposed to surpress male pleasure, and as a result, masturbation. In the early 20th century, circumcision would have been a status symbol not only in The US, but other urbanized, well-to-do for the era countries, where hospital birth became common early on, too. I think it was popular in pre-WWII Germany (which was leading medical research at the time), too. After WWII, attitudes towards sex changed quickly in Europe, but in The US, the kind of fact based sex ed people started getting here by the 1970’s never became a norm. There may be liberal pockets of excellence, but when legislators in certain states seems to think that ectopic pregnancies can be replanted, you really see how deep the ignorance is on reproductive organs.

  7. I know this is a bit off topic…but I thought starting January 12th was supposed to be Donald Trump’s “bad luck” time. I was really hoping something awful would happen to him….but it appears he’s only gotten luckier! Trump got his little trade deal with China, the Republicans are vowing to protect him in the U.S. Senate (McConnell and Graham have both said they will NOT be impartial), and now Trump is over 54% in the betting markets. It’s infuriating….because I hate Donald Trump so much and I’m sick of him getting his way all the time. I’m really beginning to wonder if that SOB is ever going to have to suffer the consequences of his actions.

    I recently discovered that Donald Trump was born under a total lunar eclipse – maybe this is why he’s always been so “lucky”

    I’m not placing my bets that Donald Trump will be removed from office….but I am sincerely hoping the economy crashes, his health deteriorates, and his approval rating sinks to a record low.

    Does anyone see any potential bad aspects for Trump anytime soon? Astrologically, does it appear there will be any chance at all of an economic crash or loss of popularity for Trump? I really need something to look forward to. When Trump is miserable, it makes me happy. I know others would agree.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • chris, america made its bed and now has to sleep with ungodly powers. i’m kind of reminded of the made-for-tv “the burning bed”. but i do not ever see america ever reacting that strongly against it’s “god-chosen few. ”

      this is the scenerio that the ending, no matter how miserable and painful, must be born out to fruition. i was raised in a no-hope parental situation – i’ve learned starkly not to place much faith or hope in other people or authority figures – this one takes the cake. even the styrofoam top layer.

    • Chris, it doesn’t have to be immediate, or visible to us. But there are definitely more than one thing that haven’t gone his way lately, in public. Also, he is looking horrible. Not just tacky, but dishevelled. Also, looks like he has put on easily 20 pounds of weight over the holiday period and has buffed eyes. I’ve had several people who are not habitual Trump Watchers say this (including my father-in-law, who is Trump’s age and a big guy himself).

      He is obviously not in a happy place, and maybe one perceived “treason” away from unravelling completely.

    • I feel exactly like you. The takeover of American government by corrupt “lawmakers” has been building steadily since Saint Reagan and reached its peak with Citizens United. Now dark foreign money seems to be dominant in buying our politicians. IMO, trump is the natural result of at least 50 years of a slow-rolling takeover by plutocrats, kleptocrats, foreign oligarchs, and of course the complicit American “Taliban.” If we think dispensing with one guy will do the trick, we’re deluding ourselves. He’s just the hated psycho representation of what complacent Americans have allowed their government to become. Until Americans wake up, we’re going to be stuck with some form of a trump. Only we can save ourselves. I’ve been banging my head against the wall for decades, hoping for (r)evolution. I actually have more hope now as the US’s dark underbelly is increasingly exposed. But, believe me, I’m totally in sync with your feelings about trump. I’ve limited my exposure to the “news” because my hatred the spiritually corrosive personage of Donald trump was consuming me, body and soul. He just ain’t worth it. I do what I can to combat the corruption and try to root out my inner “ugly American.” Good luck to all of us. I’m with you, bro.

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