Harry and Meghan – exit stage left ++ Andrew

The Royal foot has come down hard saying to Harry and Meghan, there is no halfway house. If you want out to earn from commercial activities, then you need to go – minus royal titles, no Royal duties, splitting Harry away from his military connections.

He looks panicked, uncertain and undermined as well as confused with tr Neptune square his Mars till late this month, then square his Solar Arc Saturn in February – with a conflicted tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Moon midpoint, on and off all year, putting a strain on his marriage and his mental state bringing inner turmoil. Tr Saturn will also make a blocked square to his Pluto in March, June and December. His Progressed Moon stays in his 8th till mid 2021 which is also a discouraging time of searching for new values and swinging from extreme to extreme. Tr Neptune then returns to oppose his Virgo Sun in 2021/22 which will be debilitating. Plus he has tr Saturn moving downwards through his 1st quadrant for a decade to come which is usually a less visible time but one in which unresolved psychological issues surface to be resolved – that especially in 2021/22.

Even Meghan looks shaken by the turn of events, not quite what she’d planned going by the statement of intent she and Harry had issued. Tr Neptune has been chipping away at her confidence and power since mid-December in opposition to her Sun/Pluto midpoint; and she looks grumpy and bad-tempered from exactly now ahead till late February and repeating on and off all year from tr Pluto opposition her Mercury/Mars midpoint. Late February and March, as well as October to January 2021 sees tr Neptune opposing her Mars/Uranus midpoint which Ebertin describes as: “cunning and deceitfulness, overtaxing strength.’ Her Progressed Moon is exactly now moving through her 8th house to stay till late 2021 which will be stressful financially as well as emotionally. She will have some luck where business finances are concerned in 2021 but thereafter for two years tr Saturn through her 8th will bring shortages and less generous support.

But she’s in a much more ambitious phase than Harry and aiming upwards for the next decade plus.

Their relationship chart has that awkward family-problem composite Moon square Saturn Pluto which is getting the tr Saturn separation-with-difficulty transits this year and tr Pluto bringing considerable pressure on their domestic and emotional life from late this March through till 2024.

It does rather beg the question of why the odious Prince Andrew has been left for so many years raking in personal money from his exotic connections while glad-handing round the world at taxpayer expense. Which may have given Meghan the idea she could do the same. Though with luck this kerfuffle will speed along his complete forced retirement from any such opportunities ahead.

++ Though not quite yet as he appears at the Queen’s side at church this morning. She really has a total blind spot about him. The first week of February might take the shine off her good feelings about him; with late March onwards into April bringing a worsening sense of uncertainty. The  major blow up between them comes late May onwards.  Prince William isn’t a fan and he’s putting more clear water between himself and his renegade uncle from late March onwards. Prince Charles is equally not a supporter and his relationship with his brother moves into uncharted territory after a huge upheaval from late March onwards. That is when tr Pluto starts to square Andrew’s Midheaven, on and off till late 2021, which is often a fall from grace – further!

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  1. Prince Andrew had an association with Epstein as did his wife. Also, POTUS Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Richardson Governor of New Mexico, Mitchell Ambassador to Ireland from US, Donald Trump and many in Hollywood and countless other celebrities had an association with him, and some of them, not all, visited his special island with underage girls. Many of Epstein’s records have disappeared. Black book, flight records, paperwork from the creepy island are gone. Maxwell is out of the news and missing. Prince Harry/MM and Prince Andrew scandal are two separate circumstances and I surmise that they are conflated in this headline because of the difference in the Queens response to the two men, except for one thing. She clearly loves both her son and grandson. Andrew may have a trial and then isn’t it true, innocent until proven guilty? Not defending, just clarifying. Harry pushed the issue with his going public with pursuing a new path and desire to leave the royal fold. Did she really have a choice? She clearly loves him very much , always has, and is generous with MM. We shall see how things unfold for Prince Andrew. It is all about timing, i suggest. The royal family does a lot of good in the world. The Queen promised the British people when she became Queen, or shortly before her father died, that she would devote herself to the job, and to have the monarchy survive is exactly that. People do not blink when Hillary Clinton visited MM a few weeks ago, which was possibly one step on the path, a precursor to the road to riches. It is all so polluted.

  2. Harry is responding to life from the perspective of a very young boy who lost his mother as a result of media frenzy and poor judgment. I do not believe that he thought his grandmother the monarch and Queen, would respond as she did to his desire for freedom combined with a part time status as royal. Today, they are threatening legal action in Canada as a result of a photograph of a smiling MM with her dogs, baby and protection service. They need the media to succeed. Goes both ways. I have to believe that he may at some point in time return home to England and work with his family once again. It is essential that he make very good decisions at this time and forward as the entire trajectory of his life has shifted and he no longer is HRH with all the respect and protection that his position offered. He is certainly on a high wire and all the world is watching for the foreseeable future.

  3. The best possible outcome from all this is that Harry and Meghan will succeed in their feat of becoming more independent financially without falling to “tacky”. That would give The Court a pretence to “slim” the court in general the way that has been done in Sweden and Denmark. I realize British Commonwealth is large, but the speefd of communications and travel does not require keeping people who may be cousins to the next monarch in the loop if all they do is open some gardening expos. I also think this will also help “raking” obviously annoyed and unprofessional staff, who seem to have nothing better to do than whatsapp each other and then leak the conversations to the press. This would, ultimately, make things easier for those Royals who keep on carrying the duties.

  4. The photos of the Queen smiling today with Prince Andrew at her side makes one wonder what is really in her heart towards Prince Harry – Diana’s son – I think he and Megan are sacrificed to save her favorite in a way – I winder what Jung would say

    • I think this reflects on her terribly. How can she not even be aware how bad this looks after that awful interview Andrew did as well as be aware of his friendship with a pedophile and still prance around in front of the photographers and think all is okay? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she is well aware of her sons predatory inclinations and questionable friendships but couldn’t really give a toss about it. Look at how many known predators and perverts are connected to that family. I honestly don’t think it bothers her one bit. But clearly Harry does and it is being seen as what he had done as a lot worse. That is how demented they all are.

      All I can think of is I hope Harry will become a great success outside the royal family (with or without Meghan) and when the Queen finally pops her clogs in a few short years, the rest of the family get slimmed down and edge ever swiftly to extinction. They are pompous, useless, money drains, and get away with all sorts because of their privilege, so hopefully, good riddance to the lot of ’em.

  5. “Though not quite yet as he appears at the Queen’s side at church this morning. She really has a total blind spot about him. The first week of February might take the shine off her good feelings about him; ”

    Incidently, this is around the time Alan Dershowitz had a tr. Saturn square his Venus, too. I think something big is going to drop on Virginia Giuffre lawsuits around that time.

  6. It’s interesting how both Oprah And The Obamas have denied helping or advising Harry & Meghan. Seems to be some distancing from the association to the drama, maybe wanting to be seen a neutral & protect their own public images?

  7. Do you think that the royal family is hoping that Harry will divorce Meghan and return to the royal fold? Does the astrology show The Queen and Charles concerned for Harry or is it more aggravation?

  8. History repeats itself, another American divorcee latched on to a Royal Prince hoping for great things and found she had miscalculated, now Meghan has done the same.

    • Hmmm, it’s seems to me that “The American Divorcees” got EXACTLY what they wanted. Wallis Simpson was never interested in actually being a Queen, but the lifestyle, Meghan met a person who was 5th in the line of succession, but some prestige beyond your “usual” celeb,sharing her already excisting interest in humanitarian causes .

      It was Edward VIII who came to regret his abdiction, however, I’ve always had a feeling, from available material, that not because he wasn’t enjoying his new life, but because he missed power.

      Only time will tell how Harry will ultimately feel about leaving the court, but I would say better, because I think the only Royal Duties he ever enjoyed were those related to his Military Service.

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