Impeachment – blind justice on trial

Justice John Roberts was sworn in at 2.11 pm today to preside over Trump’s impeachment by the Republican-majority Senate. There isn’t a high expectation that he will be impeached but the process could be damaging.

John Roberts has always been keen to uphold his justice position as being non-partisan and will not be relishing the prospect of having to dive into the political swamp. Born 27 January 1955 his Aquarius Sun opposes Trump’s Pluto; his Pluto is conjunct Trump’s Mars with his obsessively conscientious Saturn in square and his Mars opposes Trump’s Neptune; with his Neptune square Trump’s Saturn Venus – so very far from being a comfortable twosome. Trump’s stubbornness will meet its match in John Roberts.

Their relationship chart has an evasive, undermining composite Sun opposition Neptune tied into a Half Grand Sextile to a power-struggling Mars and Pluto; with a gritty, irritable composite Mars square Saturn. The composite Mars is being undermined by tr Neptune in square from January 30th to late February – so it won’t be a happy joint venture.

The swearing-in time  is the start of the Senate trial  and it provides a slightly directionless and very blocked (and underhand) chart – with Neptune in the 10th and the Sun, Saturn, Pluto in the 8th. Pluto etc in the 8th suggests a great deal of dirty power-playing out of sight. And Neptune was what bedevilled the Mueller Investigation, turning it into a damp squib.

Trump is flaring up and flying off the handle at the moment with a bad-tempered tr Uranus square his Mercury/Mars midpoint and tr Pluto opposition his explosive Mars/Uranus midpoint. The trial proper will start next week right on cue for him to pick up tr Pluto moving to opposes his Saturn and Mars/Node midpoint – which will be massively discouraging and frustrating – and that repeats July to mid August and late November to mid December. It only gets worse from late February as tr Pluto opposes his Sun/Mars midpoint and Mercury/Pluto until early July, which will put him under considerable mental strain – and that repeats late December 2020 till late January 2021, and again on and off till late 2021.  That may not all be political since his physical and mental functioning appears to be worsening.


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  1. I’m mildly grabbing snatches of news …the usual GOP denials, shouting matches, and armwaving. For all of that, there’s an obvious overlay of desperation in the Trump camp. Tho I’m no expert with astrology, Solaia and others (incl Marjorie) help connect the astro-dots.

  2. McConnell Aug 9 post

    ‘ ……… His relationship with Trump, which has been relatively calm to date will hit a chilly and stormy patch from February 2020 onwards with tr Saturn square the composite Sun, then Venus and tr Uranus square the composite Pluto from May turning their connection upside down. ….’

    I wonder if this is because he will change his stance?

    • I doubt it. McConnell is from deeply MAGA Kentucky and his unfavorable standing is already second highest in Senate. Also, his wife is Trump’s Transport Secretary. He is clinging to Trump for his dear life.

      My guess: (At least) Four Republican Senators “defect” and vote for allowing witnesses to Senate Trial. Lisa Murkowaki has been open to the possibility, and I just checked Mitt Romney, January 24th New Moon is on his MC, he won’t keep quiet for much longer… also suspect Romney has enough pull to bring three-four other classic Conservatives over. Trump, being Trump, blames McConnell. It will get brutal.

      • Kentucky is not that “deeply MAGA”. They elected a Democrat Governor in November 2019, albeit with a margin of just 0.37% over the Republican candidate.
        Because statewide offices, such as Governor and Senator, are not susceptible to gerrymandering, that may likely get McConnell worried. He is also due for re-election in 2020.

        • MAGAs would be Trump supporters, specifically, and his net approval rate in Kentucky state is still +14 according to Morning Consult. It makes it one of the only 8 states where Trump’s net approval is over +10. On the other hand, McConnell has a 50 per cent disapproval rating. And since he is up to re-election in 2020, he needs those mostly rural MAGA people to show up and vote for Trump, first. If Trump isn’t on Republican ticket, many of the people who are not particularly fond of McConnell or “wired” by Pence, might just stay home and hand the victory to his Democratic Opponent due to especially suburban areas turning increasingly blue everywhere. I hear this is the reason why otherwise majority Republican State has often elected a Democratic Governor – rural voters simply has to make more effort to get to the polls, and when the stakes aren’t high enough for them, they won’t.

  3. You wrote with his Neptune square Trump’s Saturn Venus – so very far from being a comfortable twosome.”
    I think actually Justice Robert’s Jupiter/ Neptune is conjunct Trumps Saturn /Venus.
    Tr Saturn Sun Pluto are in opposition to these joined conjunctions!
    The Moon is conjunct Trumps Jupiter.
    The Sabian for the swear in chart moon in Libra is rather apt.
    Thanks for all the work you do

  4. I’ve been reading on Melania’s whereabouts during this episode of “The Oval Office is Flat”. She’s basicaly gone off the grid, keeping to herself. If the Don wants the attention, let him have it. Both barrels.

    • It must be grim being married to that man, whatever one thinks of Melania. I notice Melania has a gathering of personal planets in Taurus which will be transited by Uranus from this year onwards. Possibly her bid for freedom? Plus she has Venus only two degrees from Algol (I think Trump’s MC is conjunct Algol also). Melania’s Venus therefore conjuncts Trump’s MC which in turn conjuncts Algol.

  5. Two other key people in this drama will be Moscow Mitch McConnell (underhanded) and Adam Schiff. Any chance you could write on them also?

    • There’s a post on Schiff from March 29th 2019. I like to go look at these “older posts”, because they frequently prove right on this site (sometimes in surprising ways). Marjorie did promise continuing “visibility” and a “big” 2020 for Schiff. Little bit less around the election and after, but California 27th Schiff is a Congressman for has been up to +30 Democratic District in most elections on this Century (Arnie as Governor was an exception). So, if Schiff looks down in 2021, I just think he might want to take some time off after this hulabaloo. Or, he might seek to replace Kamala Harris as the Junior Senator of The US, and fail. If Biden will be the Democratic Nominee and win, Harris is almost guaranteed to be part of his Admin, Biden is on record saying SHE can pick the position she wants, and Marjorie has her with the best transits there around Inauguration 2021, after “not easy” early 2020, so I think AG. But, Feinstein will certainly retire in 2024, and this could go better for Schiff.

      My search on site for Mitch McConnell didn’t bring any results. My non-Astrological view is that turtles live long and float, so he should be OKish. However, losing, or even making Senate evenly divided with a Democratic VP would be a disaster. Colorado and North Carolina are likely pickups, Alabama a loss for Dems. I’m also fully expecting Collins and McSally to lose their seats (polls and misogyny are factors here, MAGAs won’t vote for women posing as ones, even women), but it will be tight this time around. But 2022 looks like a possible bloodbath for Republicans in Senate, with Marco Rubio up for re-eletion in Florida, other Republican seat in North Carolina, Republican seat in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin possibly bringing Democrats up to 54 seats against 46. Add to that that Puerto Rico and Washington DC Statehoods would become a question with Democrats ruling all three legislative branches.

  6. Wow – PELOSI: “Does anybody think that the rogue attorney general is going to appoint a special prosecutor? No, because he’s implicated in all of this. This is an example of all of the president’s henchmen, and I hope that [GOP] senators do not become part of the president’s henchmen.”
    She’s obviously got William Barr in her sights and he’s not looking too chirpy ahead. Will cover him when I’ve time. See post Oct 1 2019. March April is his sinkhole moment and on.

    • As mentioned before, usually it’s the stupidest thing to bring down mobster. AG Barr was sitting on material provided by Parnas, indicating a conspiracy to at least track an US Ambassador for three months. Yovanovitch was called back home due to an unspecified security threat I think in May. Parnas’ devices were seized by DOJ in October, so DOJ had all the means to start an investigation on Robert F. Hyde. They didn’t, FBI visited his home and offices TODAY. If it wasn’t apparent Barr is obstructing justice before, it’s now. So, it might be that a wannabe politician hanging at bars of Trump Florida properties in hope of getting a photo opp with Trump Admin bigshots or even The Man himself will bring down Attorney General of The USA. If anyone but Coen Brothers made a movie with a similar plot twist, it would be deemed badly scripted.

    • Also, second part of Rachel Maddow’s Parnas interview is on tonight. Maddow (and her team) has sometimes been ridiculed in The US for her Trump-Russia obsession, but her message has been constant on tracking cover ups. Not only here, also with what’s happening at her network with covering sexual harassment. She had Ronan Farrow in her show, which is not only gutsy, but astute.

  7. The main question here is will at least four Republican Senators “defect” the vote and allow witnesses in Senate Trial. I’m not holding my breath, but I’ve been following two “minor” characters who are already facing criminal charges for their involvement these days, and their actions somehow indicate they don’t think Trump, or any of his inner circle survive.

    First, Lev Parnas. He was born in February 6th 1972, so a 16 degree Sun Acquarius, and it seems early Scorpio Moon. Notably, 29 degree Sadgittarius Jupiter – so had his Jupiter return a couple of weeks ago trining Aries Mars. He has been co-operative unlike his (former?) friend Igor Fruman, and has now managed to publish communication from his devices previously held by DOJ and also had an interview with Rachel Maddow, where he came across coherent and believeable. His remaining lawyer has done amazing job here getting his story together.

    Second, Michael Flynn just withdrew his plea deal this week. I remember the post about him from his sentencing a year or so ago. He is a “Super Sadgittarian”, with I think 5 planets in sign. And, from how he has behaved, Jupiter has truly boosted his confidence. Now, that Jupiter has left the sign, he might be somewhat “deflated”.

    So, I see a subtle shift here. I don’t know if it’s enough to really “overthrow” Trump. With characters like him, it’s usually not the most obvious thing to tip the scale, but something that seems almost minor, even almost ridiculous, at first. That said, Parnas has almost certainly implicated Giuliani and AG Barr, and Mike Flynn is tied to Mike Pence. I’m expecting that as Mercury and Sun advance to Acquarius, we’ll see much more madness.

    • “I’m expecting that as Mercury and Sun advance to Acquarius, we’ll see much more madness.”

      I’ll ellaborate. I expect Trump’s last SOTU of his first (and hopefully final) term be 2 hours of him complaining how the toilets don’t flush anymore. People who don’t check their Twitter 20 times and haven’t been exposed to his rallies, will find it amusing, while this probably is one of the signs of his worsening dementia (and I’ve seen people suggest it’s frontotemporal, in which case he could have had this for ages in primary comportimental form, noe advancing).

      • Yes, Solaia, I think you may be right about the frontotemporal lobe dementia. I have very recently experienced someone close being diagnosed with this. She has since died. It appeared to flare up out of nowhere, at first. However, while clearing her home, and reflecting back on my memories, I realised that it had been there for at least seven years. The mix of completely normal everyday behaviour with paranoid delusions is very disconcerting, along with compulsive and impulsive actions, secrecy, and increasing loss of emotional depth or response. It does fit what we have seen with DJT very well. The person is there, seeming familiar, but not there at all in many respects.

        • So sorry to hear about the person, Jane. I personally have been thinking Trump has some sort of vascular based dementia since I think Summer of 2017. This is something I unfortunately have seen progressing. I observed Trump’s incidents have been more evident and frequent since Autumn 2018 (wandering out of stage in Argentina, not knowing how to close an umbrella…), so I gathered there was another episode sometime after Helsinki that deteriorated the situation. I saw frontotemporal dementia mentioned somewhere, but the limited first hand experience I had dealing with the patients was that they were younger than Trump – at one of my jobs, we had a client who went from “retiring early” but still functional from a top executive manager position at a Global corporate and friend of our company board member to practically being banned from our premises in little over a year because of rage issues.

          But when I saw someone bringing frontitemporal dementia up again in relation to Trump’s recent behavior, I was shocked. It occures to me some of the early “behavioral changes” probably could have gone unnoticed because Trump has always been somewhat off socially (there’s that now famous clip of him dancing at Epstein’s mansion in the 1990’s, and, not accounting for situation, he is plain goofy there). But something people who knew him before never seem to mention is his enormous appetite. That seemed to become a thing on campaign rail, and this was also around the time he started to gain visible weight. This is a classic frontotemporal dementia early sign.

          So, if Trump truly has frontotemporal dementia, losing language and becoming sloppy – he was always extravagant, but not sloppy – with physical appearance, would be sign his condition is much more advanced than was thought.

  8. Thanks Marjorie. I think this impeachment procedure may be a waste of time, or even allow Trump to pose as a “victim” of some kind and gain sympathy from his loyal voters…..In the longer term, though, what about Mars in Aries this year? The squares with Saturn and Pluto are in August, October, and December – plus the retrograde phase between September and November. Assuming Trump’s chart is accurate, then Mars will be in his 8th and 9th houses for months on end, making aspects to a number of his natal planets – including his Mercury square Neptune this summer. Possibly this could stir things up, as on the simplest level, Mars would be energising the 8th house of sex, death, and money….and the 9th house of Jupiter, and the law. In 1988, with Mars in Aries – and the last time it went retrograde in this sign – Trump revealed his desire to be president one day. He also moved very much into the spotlight that year, spending money and courting celebrities.

  9. ‘If 2pm is the swearing-in time and is the start of the Senate trial it provides a slightly directionless and very blocked (and underhand) chart’

    Interesting that this is in the astrology because the Reps have already made their position clear, so I see that the astrology appears to be picking up the futility of the process. Confirmation that #astrologymatters. 🙂

    Another drama unfolds.

    Thanks Marjorie

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