Brit Monarchy buckles up for a bumpy ride


The present British Monarchy are in the line of Hanoverians which started when George 1 became King on 1 August 1714 JC. The name was changed to the House of Windsor to de-Germanise it during World War 1 on 17 July 1917.

If anything, the earlier chart works better though both have similarities.

The Hanoverian chart has a Leo Sun widely square Neptune in Taurus, Mars in late Cancer square Jupiter in Aries; and a stellium of Pluto, Saturn, Moon, Uranus, Mercury, Venus in Virgo. When the Abdication of 1936 occurred (and run up) tr Pluto in Cancer was zigzagging over the conjunction to the Mars; with tr Uranus in Taurus also criss-crossing the conjunction to the Neptune. The tr Saturn in Pisces opposition Neptune in Virgo was also twanging off the Uranus in Virgo. So clearly visible as a crisis and nervous meltdown.

Charles’ divorce from Diana in 1996 occurred with a panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Hanoverian Mars with tr Mars Venus conjunct the Mars; and at Diana’s death a year later tr Saturn was exactly in a depressing conjunction to the Jupiter.

Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953 saw tr Pluto just over the conjunction to the Leo Sun; with tr Jupiter square the Pluto. At Victoria’s Coronation in 1838 tr Pluto was conjunct the Jupiter.

The House of Windsor chart has the Sun at 24 degrees Cancer with Saturn Neptune Venus in Leo; Pluto (Moon) and Mercury also in Cancer; and Mars Jupiter in Gemini. At the 1953 Coronation Mars and Jupiter were in exactly the same degree of Gemini; at the 1996 divorce of Charles and Diana tr Neptune was on the debilitating opposition to the Sun with other near or near enough hard aspects. A downbeat time.

Both charts have hard tr Saturn Pluto aspects at the moment. Tr Saturn will be backwards and forwards opposition the Mars in Cancer in the Hanoverian chart and the Sun in the Windsor chart at the moment till the end of this month; and tr Pluto opposes those two planets on and off till late 2021. So there will be considerable challenges and pressure for change.

The last time tr Pluto in Capricorn opposed the Hanoverian chart Mars in 1773/1774 when George 111 was on the throne and the American Revolutionary War started which led to the breakaway of the US colonies. Nothing similar nowadays but still a time of great strain.

Both charts are nerve-stretched this year with tr Uranus hitting on their respective Neptunes; and both indicate 2021 as an undermining year with tr Neptune hard aspects to Venus on one chart and Mars on the other. The House of Windsor chart looks especially poleaxed in 2022 with Solar Arc Mars square Pluto in 2022; and Solar Arc Neptune Saturn square Venus in 2023/24. The Hanoverian chart has 2025 as the stumbling-block year with Solar Arc Saturn square Jupiter and Solar Arc Uranus mercury conjunct Mars.

One way and another it won’t be a comfortable ride ahead – though the Hanoverians have been around for three hundred years so there have been peaks and troughs before.

Diana had Saturn in late Capricorn in aspect to those sensitive Cancer planets on both charts; Andrew has his questionable Venus Mars in Capricorn also in aspect. Prince William, Kate and Meghan with their last decan Pluto also connect in a marginally uncomfortable way.

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  1. Hello
    Please forgive my ignorance, and I have tried to look this up myself, but can’t find it anywhere. How did the royals become royal in the very first place? Did someone do something extra great & then it all began i.e. this person is a decendant of x? Or were they just appointed one day from someone having an epiphany from God or something (back when the world was more religious).
    Thankyou Suzanne

    • It began in the 5th century after the Romans left Britain. Anglo-Saxon warrior kings battled with each other to maintain control over parts of England (similar thing was happening all over Europe). By AD1066 England was under the aegis of one king, Harold, who Duke William of Normandy killed and defeated at the Battle of Hastings, he then became William I of England, British royalty goes back, with diversions and hiccups to him.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Can I request you to add the chart of the accession of Edward VII (22 January 1901), the first monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha?

    The conventional interpretation is that Queen Victoria was the last monarch of the House of Hanover, while Edward VII was the first monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which was renamed as the House of Windsor.

    Apologies for being pedantic.

  3. RMM reminds me of a school friend I had back in the day in high school. she always played the victim card and was the biggest user out.

  4. There are other points of view Marjorie but that was mine. Do you really want me to spout yours?

    I’m not too keen on a family that covers up for paedophiles, spends taxpayers money like water when people are starving in the UK and owns billions of acres of land that they’re not entitled to: And the rest hence my comment about either being ignorant of the facts or barking mad.

    As to the drop in tourists (without the Royal Family) that doesn’t seem to have prevented countries like France who no longer have a Royal Family (and have to fork out millions for them) attracting the same numbers as the UK. They visit to see the buildings, with an interest in history, not the very ordinary and dysfunctional people connected to them.

    I understand that you are far from keen on Scotland becoming independent but why you would class that as a “knee jerk political attitude” when over 50% of Scots think the same way is beyond me. In fact much of what you point out astrologically could pertain to the breakup of the United Kingdom, something that would rock the Constitutional boat and the Royal family way beyond that of Harry and Meghan becoming “independent.”

    A newcomer to Scotland, from the US, said recently that he couldn’t believe how much time is given to the Royal Family in the news, documentaries and so on. Said it was not far off being akin to the situation in North Korea with the subjects being brainwashed. Other foreigners in the company agreed with him. The same applies to this site. So much going on in the UK and the world in fact but the focus on here is hashing over this Royal Family whilst we’re living in a country and on a planet that’s ready to implode.

    • Then all I can suggest Shirley is you go elsewhere rather than putting yourself through the bother of reading posts you aren’t interested in.
      It makes me think of the liberally woke BBC some years back declining to cover the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations on the grounds that it was irrelevant – and when it came to the day Buck House was awash right up the Mall with well wishers. The Royals may be imperfect vessels but they do represent something that many in the country cherish for all their flaws.

      • Personally I detest the a Royal Family and would see them all fired tomorrow but accept others love them. Like anchovies, sodomy and Marmite….there’s room for all shades of opinion I reckon.

  5. My interest in this story is shifting to British Tabloid Press and the mutual interest relationship they have with, because there seem to be some kind of a “leak war” going on. While it’s been told the younger generation, not only Harry and Meghan, but William and Kate as well have “departed” with staff and in some cases clearly for leaking, it seems not as much has been done by the older generation. I think there have been suggestions over the years Charles, Anne, Andrew and, to some extent, Edward (although I suspect this is orchestrated by his much more capable wife) have been using press, through their staff, to tell their mother how they REALLY feel. This seems extremely manipulative and passive-aggressive, and something a person married to the family “too soon” or their families could not understand. I’m thinking about Diana, Meghan and Meghan’s family in particular.

    Also, on personal note stemming from here, every time I think I could symphatize with Prince Charles, he pulls some kind of passive-aggressive stunt, such as speaking to his “boys” through press. I think it’s his Scorpio Mercury (can be defensive) opposite cusp Taurus Moon. I heard he went to therapy in the early 1980’s, but somehow feel much of it was to justify his own emotional evasiveness rather than learning how to communicate effectively. I also feel many of the “issues” we saw in the 1980’s and now see between Harry and William rise from this. Also feel like William is starting to have the same, manipulative streak. Especially if the reports are true, and he really told his friends how he has “always had Harry under his wing”. I sinceirly find find this a strange thing from a grown man to say about his grown brother, who seems capable of taking care of himself in many ways, and has been deployed in Afganistan.

    If my feelings about Charles and William are right, any of the two sitting on Throne after the emotionally direct (Leo Moon trine Aries Mercury) Queen will be to say interesting, the least. My worry is that The Nation(s) will get gaslighted the way it seems people near Charles and now William frequently have been. This

    • I’m not sure I would see William’s alleged remark about Harry being ‘under his wing’ as odd. As a younger sibling I can attest to how far through life the older/younger childhood attitudes persist.
      And the Queen is anything but emotionally direct. She ducks out onto the moors to walk the dogs or go for a ride when family dramas blow up. Some of the Diana kerfuffle could have been managed better had she been more upfront and hands on. Which all goes back to her dreadful battleaxe of a mother – who imbued a sense of duty above all else into her workaholic, OCD daughter. Mind you, going back several monarchs Victoria was a horror of a different order when it came to parenting.

      • It’s not the feeling between William and Harry I find odd, it’s that it William would go telling these things to his friends. Because for him to supposedly talk about it, it seems like it he thinks it makes him appear in a good light. It implies he knows what’s better for his grown brother than the brother. Now, imagine a parent or even a spouse say a thing like this about someone. “I can’t protect her anymore” would be nothing but a red flag from a mouth of a spouse, if we were not talking about something like rampant drug use or refusing to cover up misdeamors. And here, William would have been talking about Harry’s emotional life. That said, this isn’t the only occasion which makes me think William has picked up more of the undoubtably very damaging psychological models from his family than Harry (and I think that what ever happens with the mess, Harry will be fine, conventional wisdom is that Jupiter is the only planet you’d want in the 12th house, and I tend to think this is true). What ever happened with Rose Hanbury was another one.

        Also, maybe not the best wording on The Queen here. Let’s say that she might not be emotionally direct in expressing her emotions to other people, but she is feeling and dealing with them. Going for those walks is probably her coping mechanism, she deals with what ever is going on and goes on, and it’s done for her. And she isn’t passive-aggressive – I agree somewhat of a miracle given Queenmother’s influence – the way Charles has been all his life. I recently I should add, she also has Neptune square MC and Inconjunct AC. Other people will see all kind o

      • Family patterns…..Queen Victoria’s mother, Princess Victoria, was a Leo born 17th August 1786. She isolated QV as a child, prevented her from meeting many of her relatives, and insisted on sharing a bedroom with her daughter for many years. She was determined to gain influence over her daughter, who she suspected would be the future queen. Its interesting that Queen Victoria’s mother was born with Saturn conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, and that the Moon’s NN was 21 Capricorn square Uranus at 23 Cancer – linking with today’s Saturn Pluto conjunction. I suspect most families have astrological signatures and patterns over generations, mirrored in the psychological patterns they symbolise. It’s just that with most of us, it is hard to find the data to study this.

        • Fascinating, Jane. Both Victoria and Albert had dysfunctional childhoods. Albert himself was born into an unhappy marriage and his parents, Ernst I, Duke of Sade-Colbert and Gotha and Princess Louise eventually divorced. Ernst was a serial philanderer. Interesting also that Albert had the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at the end of Pisces in his 7th house which was at one angle of a mutable grand cross, squaring his Mars in Gemini, Mercury in Virgo and a Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius all in angular houses – extremely stressful I would have thought.

          I have managed to astrologically map my paternal line back to 1826, though I can only do flat charts. There is a Scorpio emphasis carried right through the line with Mars/Mercury occurring repeatedly.

          • And of course, Queen Victoria also had the Saturn/Pluto conjunction since she and Albert were born only 3 months apart.

          • How intriguing VF! Both Albert and Victoria’s background, and your own project. Are you a family of detectives?! Saturn Pluto will of course be in Archie’s birth chart. I am ambivalent about karma on one level, but the idea does translate into psychological patterns through generations, and probably also links with dna inheritance. Astrology is then a helpful tool to use in searching for meaning.

          • Archie Mountbatten-Windsor – poor mite – has Saturn Pluto in the 10th conjunct his Midheaven which suggests a rather austere and disciplinarian mother. Not much time for fun in there. His Saturn Pluto is sextile Neptune, square Venus Mercury in Aries, trine Uranus and inconjunct Mars – so very central to his chart and personality.

          • Thanks Marjorie for the information about Archie. The Saturn-Pluto connections in this family are fascinating. Poor little lad, he will feel the weight of history and secrets in his life as he grows up and seeks a direction it seems. And most likely from both sides of his family. I know we’re all born with generational outer planet configurations, but these aren’t always tethered to the inner planets so firmly. Some ride along on the waves of history, while others take a more active role in channelling the patterns. Or I suppose not everyone gets to fully express the nature of their birth chart on a personal level.

  6. Posted this comment on another thread, but it applies here too:

    Sorry if this seems too immodest for all you Brits, but I just have to toot my own horn for a moment. I told PC that I thought Pluto=global organized crime, and saturn=bringing to the light of reality, in the sign of real structures of society like governments and corporations. And that these conjunctions and transits are triggering exposures and reconnings. Seems that this is breaking all over everyone today. Lev Parnas exposes a load of this, breaking into public today.

    Get ready for a real ride. Not just the US, the UK will be affected, and not just the antiquated and rather useless royalty. Gossip will be replaced by real reality if you can handle it. Otherwise keep neptuning up your royal’s entrails. Good luck with that.

    • Yes, I really want to know what Harry and Meghan had on Windsor Finances, since Harry *just walked away* from that crisis meeting with apparently every demand met. It can’t be just Epstein bailing Fergie’s debt.

      I’m fully expecting there to be some Vatican scale shadiness in the books. Could expect lot of it originating with Cornwall/Clarence House staff, since “The Sun” article (yes, I know they are Murdoch’s) suggested they have been main leakers on Harry and Meghan. And sure enough, my following suggested article was from “Mirror” telling how upset Charles was about all this.

    • On a personal note Kat, do you ever wonder if perhaps your understanding of the world might be flawed ? That you may not have got it right and everyone who disagrees with you may not be mad, bad or stupid ?

      • Claire, I have never called you or anyone else here “mad, bad or stupid”.

        Why would you say that?

        I’m Aquarius, I can state my view du jour, and you can state your view du jour. See? we both get to play.

    • Kat, I have bad news for you. Your somewhat starry eyed view of Saturn Pluto is way off the mark – it’s a repressive influence, tilted heavily towards the masculine.
      Also Claire is right. Give it a rest – see my response to Shirley below.

    • Can it Shirley. We are all aware – ad nauseam – of your knee jerk political and social attitudes. If you want a President Macron style republic then I’d be careful what you wish for. The tourist trade would take a serious dip. I am neither ignorant nor barking mad so have the grace to admit there are other points of view.

  7. I’m struggling to understand why the knives are out for Harry and Meghan.

    Another damning reflection on the Royals. Just watched a harrowing BBC documentary about how the establishment helped to cover up serial child abuse by Bishop Peter Ball, who was supported by Archbishop George Carey and Prince Charles. Charles, in a letter to Ball described the allegations as “monstrous” and the young victim as a wicked man. Tragically the victim later killed himself. Charles corresponded with Ball even after Ball’s resignation in 1993 following investigations into sexual abuse allegations, found a house for him and promised to protect him, continuing his correspondence until 2015 when Ball was eventually charged and pleaded guilty, after many other victims had come forward. Ball only served 15 months.

    Savile, Epstein, Ball. Just what the heck is wrong with the Windsors?

  8. ”I know they are supposed to be “apolitical”, but the imminent risk hard Brexit poses to some of the most vulnerable subjects should tricker preparations with their numerous charities.”

    Not only has the Royal Family sagas quashed important national / international news, but as Queen of the Scots (not Scotland) the Queen has totally ignored the Scots in particular the 62% who voted to remain in the EU. The Queen is beholden to the Scottish people who are sovereign not vice versa as in England where Parliament through the crown is sovereign. Many people are extremely angry now and it’s coming across that when the time is right she and her family will be voted ”out”.

  9. David W’s post got me thinking, and Windsors really come out as horribly selfcentered right now, given the Australian fires and The Brexit. I know they are supposed to be “apolitical”, but the imminent risk hard Brexit poses to some of the most vulnerable subjects should tricker preparations with their numerous charities.

    I wonder what has trickered this astrologically, and it must be Neptune opposing the Virgo Stellium of Hannover chart. The last time Neptune was in this aspect to Virgo planets, Queen Victoria mourned for Prince Albert for what, 20 years? She eventually snapped out of it, could it have been around the time Neptune went to Taurus?

  10. Although the Queen is the putative head of state of Australia she hasn’t bothered to send a member of her family out during the bushfire crisis, Australia’s greatest catastrophe in decades. You might think that this would spell the end for the childish charade of royalty in Australia, but in truth the Windsors’ rifts and scandals vie with the bushfires for front page news.

    • I thinks it was back in the 1990’s that Oz began to chafe at the bit to be under Royal servitude. Was it because of how the continent/country came to be? As a penal colony? At least King Trump hasn’t recommended raking leaves out from under the trees…

    • I think also there is a probability that she wouldn’t send anybody out because she wouldn’t want any member getting in the way of the rescue services! I would be hugely surprised if Charles, William or Anne didn’t fly out shortly thereafter to see the chaos and disaster and to meet those who have helped and those who have suffered? However this is a time of transition for the Royal Family come what may and change will happen.

    • Everything about MM and woke Harry is all smoke and mirrors. Why do they ride and seek the media. It’s like a days of our lives soap opera. Most peculiar.

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