Will & Jada Smith – public duo, private split

The sham that was Will and Jada Smith’s marriage in finally unveiled as she admits they have lived separately since 2016 despite his heroic defence of her at the 2022 Oscars when he slapped presenter Chris Rock for making fun of her.

  Never believe a Hollywood smile when cameras are around.

  He was born 25 September 1969 9.47 pm New York, started out as a rapper before switching to movies which have festooned with awards and earned nearly $10 billion over the years.  His entertaining 5th house Libra Sun is conjunct Uranus giving him an original, quirky, inventive streak and a need for space. He has a Moon Neptune conjunction in Scorpio making him idealistic but unrealistic about women. It sits on one leg of a tricky yod sextile a super-confident Jupiter Pluto inconjunct Saturn in self-reliant Aries – he’s a curious jumble of arrogance and low self-esteem, pushy at times and dreamily uncertain at others.

  Jada was born 18 September 1971 12.38 pm New York and has a controlling and influential Sun Pluto in Virgo conjunct her Midheaven with Moon Mercury in Virgo in the late 9th house. She also has an Air Grand Trine of Uranus trine Saturn in Gemini in her 7th trine a stubborn Mars in Aquarius and North Node, formed into a Kite by Neptune Jupiter in Sagittarius on her Ascendant. She’ll be critical with so much Virgo and emotionally detached with so much Air. 

   Neither are easy personalities and she has Saturn on her Descendant so relationships were always going to require considerable effort from her.

  Both have Venus in Libra which will help  and her Venus is conjunct his Sun. But her Saturn squares his Mars which will be fractious and her Sun Pluto is conjunct his Uranus and Sun – so a push pull, over-control and then reject pattern.  Her Virgo Moon is conjunct his Jupiter.

  Their relationship chart has the composite Sun sandwiched between possessive Pluto on one side and needs-space Uranus on the other so it was never going to be easy to find a secure middle ground. There is also a composite Mars Neptune conjunction which is not good news since it points to an ego-conflict and not mutual support. One succeeds in career projects and the other feels diminished. Worse the Mars opposes Saturn which suggest one partner has to suppress their identity for the relationship to prosper.

 The wedding chart, 31 December 1997, has a downbeat Sun square Saturn; a tough-going Pluto trine Saturn, sextile Venus, Uranus, Mars – not an indication of seamless happiness ahead.  

   Not that it should matter what goes on behind closed doors but such is the price of fame to feed the public’s appetite for gossip. And to give astrologers a chance to dissect the celestial strands that bind together or tear apart.

12 thoughts on “Will & Jada Smith – public duo, private split

  1. Apparently Jada could’ve beaten Anne Heche to the punch with how she was contemplating suicide some years ago.
    I’ve said my piece on these two.

    • Relying in the Sun sign alone isn’t really helpful. Libras are fighters, as are all sun signs, if their chart as a whole has that tendency. I mean, do you think they are no Libras at all in the armed forces? And Justice is something we all hope we do fight for. What we are really missing by being so reductive, is that these are two people who had difficult childhoods, and lack the Emotional Literacy to have to easily relate to themselves and others. In other words they both honestly lack the skills to deal with their own baggage, and that colour blindness to their own emotions, means they never learned how to read the emotions of other people properly. As long as they’re in a space where they’re in control, they play up to a carefully curated image, but surpressed emotions leak out where there is a weakness or vulnerability. For both, public success over-compensates for the emotional difficulties. Defending that image – Will by acting out at the Oscars, and Jada by distancing herself emotionally from the fallout from her own behaviour – has eroded their marriage to a shell, and damaged their brands. But neither can stand the idea of being seen as failures, but the sad irony is that they are more afraid of it than anyone else. Everyone else can see it, but won’t see it until they are ready too. As James Baldwin said:
      “All over Harlem, Negro boys and girls are growing into stunted maturity, trying desperately to find a place to stand; and the wonder is not that so many are ruined but that so many survive.” FD Signifier describes this damage of Patriarchy, and the emotiinal immaturity it creates as the basis of the intergenerational trauma.
      Ruination can come quickly in Hollywood, because you are paid very well to be something you are not. And it doesn’t care as long as you make box office. Both Will and Jada need help to acquire greater emotional literacy so they can build identities based on self-love, self-respect, and self-regard. Until they have that, Will will never have the freedom he seeks, nor will Jada have any real control over her own life, and both will be unhappy. With the Solar Eclipse in Libra, its an opportunity for them both to do the work needed. Let’s hope they take it.

      You might find Christopher Renstrom’s podcast in the Libra Solar Eclipse really worth a listen: https://youtu.be/37kbNPwNkC8?si=H8QYzjFonhdAxac0.
      Hope it helps.

  2. In era of social media n Instagram, anyone’s smile or tears or rage online isn’t to b trusted 🙂

    They always seemed a karmic pair where none can leave yet not stay together

  3. Will has his south node in people pleasing, relationship dependent, Libra.
    Interesting that this is all coming out during the Libra solar eclipse.
    Maybe now they’ll both finally move on.

    • And if they had split in 2016, the Oscars incident wouldn’t have happened and his career wouldnt have tanked.
      The current eclipse on his saturn will be ultimately freeing.

  4. I went heavy on reading Holllywood gossip blogs 10 years ago, when I was basically bedridden before and after having a baby, and Smiths being in a sham marriage was rumored even then. And I think that it’s good for Jada to come clear on part of it now, but it also makes Will punching Chris Rock at the Oscars even weirder than it was.

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