Will & Harry – a complementary pair if they can keep it together

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The relationship between Prince William and Harry is much closer and friendlier than between Prince Charles and Andrew, the older brothers.

Harry has a Taurus Moon conjunct Will’s 5th house Venus, so good party mates. Harry is the earthier of the pair with a Virgo Sun and Mercury, a Taurus Moon, Jupiter in Capricorn and a dutiful Saturn conjunct his MC from the 9th. And he will ultimately be the better executive material. Whereas Will only has that Venus in an earth sign, so he’s less practical and more emotional, self-protective and moody with a New Moon in Cancer. Especially since his Moon is square Mars in Libra which is conjunct Saturn – so he’s touchy, irritable and tends to flare up. His Jupiter on his MC will make him popular and respected in his later years, but he does have an overly indulgent streak. Not so much addictive as expecting everything to be handed to him on a plate with Jupiter MC trine his Sun Moon and a 5th house Venus.

There’s a degree of competition with Harry since H’s Pluto is conjunct Will’s Jupiter MC but he will make him better organised since his Saturn is in Will’s 10th; and he boosts Will’s morale with his Jupiter in Will’s 1st.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus; and also a hard-working though can also be competitive Mars MC.

What has to be factored in to Will (and Kate’s) reticence about taking on a more prominent role is Charles’ reaction since he is notoriously defensive and prickly about any competition for attention. And the younger couple will tend to get more, the media and photographers being what they are. Charles’ relationship with Will is less comfortable than Harry’s with his father, presumably because a second son is no threat. Will/Charles have a composite Mars Neptune conjunction which tends to mean only room for one ego. If Will stepped up and became visible, then his father would feel diminished. So to some degree Will is in a no-win situation. There are certainly some rough edges between Harry and his father but there’s also more genuine affection.

Charles/Andrew’s relationship chart has an argumentative, impatient composite Sun Mercury Mars sextile Saturn. And it has worsened in recent years as Charles has got his way in cutting back to Royals to the inner circle and excluding Andrew and his children. Andrew’s Uranus is conjunct Charles’ Pluto and A’s Saturn is square C’s Venus Neptune – so on different wavelengths and chilly.

Being a Royal isn’t easy especially with cross-currents running through the dynastic family. Though having said that, there are compensations aplenty and most people have worse burdens to bear, family and career-wise. I never understood all the sympathy that went towards Princess Margaret – ‘who always had to walk behind,’ as if everyone else had the choice about marching out front. HM Queen is a hard act to follow.

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  1. Prince William came to New Zealand, just before he married. on behalf on the Queen to speak with the Christchurch people after the earthquake and the families of the deceased coal miners on our West Coast. He spent hours with the people of both areas and was modest, kind and above all patient. I have no concerns about William as King after observing that.

  2. It’ll just be a muddle and a short period of uncertainty, as he wrestles with what he really wants and how to cope with a change in the public’s perception of him.

  3. I have Jupiter conjunct MC, and there’s something to be said about Jupiter conjunct MC that has nothing to do with the public perception people have on us (I’m not prominent, in any way, at least for the time being). Jupiter conjunct MC means Jupiter is the highest point of the chart. What it does, as such, is to make the native fundamentally an optimist, no matter how moody or depressive their chart is otherwise. My chart, for instance, has a depressive streak, and I’ve suffered of clinical depression a couple of times in my life. I thank my Jupiter for getting me out of there.

    • Jupiter is enormously helpful in a chart. OK depending on aspects it can lack humility and common-sense but a strong Jupiter provides the positive streak and luck that makes life more bearable when things go wrong.

  4. Before Saturn crosses William’s ASC in late November it will conjunct his natal 12th house Neptune the second week of November.Saturn-Neptune-12th house.It sounds rather omnious
    coming just before Saturn crosses his ASC.Or am I just being alarmist?

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