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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    On a slightly non-European angle, India has had some interesting regional polls recently, which has strengthened the grip on power of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He is due for re-election in 2019. He is of a fairly nationalist bent, in a similar image to Erdogan of Turkey and Putin of Russia. He has appointed a fairly nationalist hindu priest as Chief Minister (equivalent to First Minister) of India’s most populist state, that has a sizable Muslim minority.

    I remember observing in one of my earlier posts (http://star4cast.com/eclipses-delay-effect-and-troubled-eclipses-ahead-for-usa/) that the Saros cycle of the solar eclipse this August affects India-Pakistan relationships. But can I request you to look at developments within India? How are the charts for India and the current Prime Minister looking over the next two years, especially leading into the 2019 elections?

  2. Excuse Marjorie.
    Due to Prince Bill’s” skiing weekend” does his astrology chart indicate separation & divorce?
    Thanks Jaimie.

    • One weekend away being foot-loose and fancy-free (and he hasn’t even got a royal mistress) and there is talk of divorce?? The requirements for marriage are getting so onerous that at this rate, we might as well as not get married.

      • “The requirements for marriage are getting so onerous that at this rate, we might as well as not get married.”

        Starting with asking the government permission – with a marriage permit. Then, taking a mandatory pre-marital blood test.

        Onerous indeed, and intrusive. Likely illegal on a Constitutional rights challenge – but you can’t fight City Hall. Or, can one? That loss of badly-needed revenue for government budgets and salaries.

        • “Then, taking a mandatory pre-marital blood test”
          That must be an American thing. It would be unthinkable in Europe.

          The irony is that in the UK, we don’t have a written constitution and yet behave responsibly, while in the US, because there is a written constitution, there is always somebody pushing the known and specified limits.

  3. The two charts for Scotland are interesting Scotland was always considered a Cancerian country with its tribalism and clans so character wise the 1005 chart seems to fit with a Cancer ascendant. It does seem the Union will break up eventually which is so sad. What will life be without the Union Jack?

  4. Rather surprising news that George Osborne has been appointed Editor of the London Evening Standard. Thought he might have been looking to make a political comeback. Wondered if you had any thoughts?

  5. Trouble is the conspiracy nutjobs do actually believe him and their knee-jerk assumption is that any denials of his flights of malicious and self-serving fantasy are lies. He’s destroying truth and reality.

  6. Reading an online opinion/commentary about Trump’s rollback on the wiretapping charge…amounts to “pretty soon, most people will completely ignore Trump. Too bad, as one tweet might actually be worthy.” The news briefing duel reminded me of an SNL skit, complete with slithering snakes crawling out from Spicer’s podium, squirming toward the Press.

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