Vladimir Putin – hoping to emulate Catherine the Great

Vladimir Putin has put in gear a process that would allow him to remain as President until 2036 which has attracted protests from opposition politicians. It has still to be ratified but with his grip on power it probably will be.

Although his popularity with the electorate is sagging with a stagnant economy; and his promises about making improvements have been badly hit by the double shock of the global coronavirus economic instability and the plummeting oil prices. There’ll be a fair amount of water passing under the bridge before 2024 when the next election is due; with tr Pluto then just into Aquarius, so nothing is certain.

Putin’s birth date is iffy, so his Term chart of 7 May 2018 11.05 am Moscow is more reliable. It indicated a ruthless and unstable administration, prone to disruption and violence with Mars Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus Mercury in Aries.

This year, tr Saturn is conjunct the Term Mars and square Uranus, on and off till late year, which will see rolling setbacks and significant irritations. Tr Pluto then moves onto a frustrating and trapped conjunction to the Mars in 2021/22; with the Solar Arc in an explosive upheaval in square to the Uranus. That’s followed by a forced-change tr Uranus conjunct the Sun in 2022/23. In late 2023/early 2024 the Term Pluto will have moved by Solar Arc to conjunct the Mars, which will be exceptionally blocked and enraging and scary.

Though, as ever, there’s a lucky Jupiter in there opposing the Sun which may produce some undeserved good fortune along the way.

The Russia 8 November 2017 chart suggests a period of turbulence ahead with tr Uranus in a nerve-stretching square to the Russia Neptune picking up this May and running off and on into early 2021. That’s followed by even more major jolts from tr Uranus square Saturn and opposition the Sun in 2021/22 – which suggests that the economically-recessive tr Uranus in Taurus square tr Saturn in Aquarius will have a particularly negative impact on Russia. Then in 2023 tr Uranus squares the Russia Uranus for a forced-rethink of direction; with setbacks in 2024 from Solar Arc Saturn square the Russia Mars.

The modern Russia 8 December 1991 7.45 pm chart points to confusion and disappointment in 2021/22 from Solar Arc Sun conjunct Neptune. [I confess I don’t get this chart – maybe need to look back and see what other of the proliferation of dates around this break up make sense.]

The two Bank of Russia charts, 12 June 1860 and 13 July 1990, both suggest setbacks as tr Saturn moves into Aquarius; with discouragement and forced upheavals; leading into financial disappointment in 2021/22. With some effort at a stimulus but that heads into an even more major brick wall by 2023.

Russia looks in no better shape than anyone else over the next several years – all of which may throw Putin’s plans off track.

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  1. Wow! Saw this old blog post. Looks like you called it correctly thus far, from the perspective of current events of March 2022.

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