Uranus, Saturn, Pluto – stirring up tough times ++ Eclipses

Drawing parallels between 2020 and the Great Depression of the 1930s seemed far-fetched last year, although both Uranus moving through Taurus and the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn did point to the strong possibility of calamities, going by past experience.

Below is a precis of previous posts.

Uranus moved into Taurus from May 2018 staying for 7 years, the first time since 1934 to 1941. Outcomes last time were good and bad – with major advances in technology, aviation, radio, and film. On a previous occasion, in the late 17th Century, street lighting was introduced in London; there was widespread exploration across the globe and major advances in astronomy, as well as the development of sewage systems and toilets. Trade was also a key issue with expansion and disagreements, leading to the Bengal famine during the 18th century Uranus in Taurus as the Brit East India Company took revenues back home; and to the Boston Tea Party which preceded the breakaway of the American colonies. There was another famine during the mid 19th Century Uranus in Taurus in Ireland when a million starved to death and a million emigrated, with the British overlords continuing to send foodstuffs to the UK.

The most similar to this one would be the 1767 Uranus in Taurus with Pluto in Capricorn about to oppose Saturn in Cancer, with Neptune in Virgo. Apart from the horrors of the Bengal famine, James Watts’ steam-engine inventions drove the Industrial Revolution into being; and the first mechanical spinning frame for fabric weaving also appeared.

The most recent 1935 to 1941 Uranus in Taurus came on the back of the Great Depression, with widespread poverty and unemployment leading to authoritarian regimes emerging in several countries, most notably Germany with Hitler rising to power from 1933; and Stalin’s Great Purge of 1936-38 with 600,000 being executed in Russia by the state.

In 1935 Uranus was just over the square to Pluto in Cancer, so not dissimilar to now – and it ended with a Saturn Uranus conjunction trine Neptune in Virgo in 1941. Territorial greed is clearly also one of its manifestations; as well as inhumane methods in the pursuit of power.

From Hugh: “For me  the big similarity looks to be the comparison to the Uranus transit of Taurus between 1515 and 1523 which also occurred when Pluto and Saturn were in Capricorn and formed a Conjunction in January 1518. That occurred at the start of the Reformation and had huge global significance not just for the UK but also for the entire planet.”

For more on Uranus in Taurus see previous post May 13 2018, especially with regard to English and UK history, courtesy of Hugh’s insightful conclusions.

Saturn, bringer of woes and hardship or of rewards for hard work moves into its own sign Capricorn December 2017 to stay until December 2020. The 1959/1961 Saturn in Capricorn was generally prosperous in the US, UK and Europe, although the US was running a major deficit for the first time. During that phase there was a Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn.

The more worrying similarities crop up with the 1930/32 Saturn in Capricorn which occurred just after the Wall Street Crash and through the Great Depression. At that point Saturn moved in square to Uranus in Aries, which is usually a time of economic instability, then opposed Pluto, bringing great hardship to some and Jupiter in Cancer, which would bring a harvest for the lucky few. In this next phase Saturn will conjunct Pluto in early 2020, which usually brings its share of deprivation, though mercifully Saturn misses the economically unstable square to Uranus which has moved into Taurus by then – that won’t turn up till 2021. In 2020 expansive Jupiter moves into Capricorn for a year which will make it a watered down version of the early 1930’s Saturn in Capricorn; with a hint of the 1960s one which was more upbeat.

The only Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction over the past 300 years, as we have in 2020, was in 1819/20. Wiki :‘The Panic of 1819 was the first major peacetime financial crisis in the United States followed by a general collapse of the American economy persisting through 1821. The Panic announced the transition of the nation from its colonial commercial status with Europe toward a dynamic economy, increasingly characterized by the financial and industrial imperatives of laissez-faire capitalism. Though driven by global market adjustments in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, the severity of the downturn was compounded by excessive speculation in public lands, fuelled by the unrestrained issue of paper money from banks and business concerns.’

What that indicates is financial collapse followed by a resurgence.

My own tuppence worth is also a sense that Pluto grinding its way towards the end of its sixteen year stay in Capricorn may be tidying up loose ends – dismantling shaky governmental and financial structures that managed to stay afloat after the 2008 crash.

Cleaning out the Augean Stables with a final whammy to ensure a fresh start, for the phoenix to arise out of the ashes sometime ahead.

The other relevant factor are the Eclipses this year.  From February 6 2020 post.

The Solar Eclipses this year are in spine-straightening Saros Series. The late December 2019 at four degrees Capricorn heralded a sense of traumatic transformation and significant endings running in effect for several months across the beginning of this year.

The 21st June 2020 Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Cancer is associated with difficulties, restrictions, inhibitions, separations and illusions. Bernadette Brady remarks in The Eagle and the Lark that this eclipse brings blocks and ’the individual is prone to misjudging his or her strength and is best advised to wait before taking any real action.’ It was around previously in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930 and 1912.

The 14th December 2020 Sagittarius Solar Eclipse casting its shadow over the following months is strongly emotional about relationships or money. There is a sense of fatedness and individuals feel they are caught up in situations or relationships beyond their control. This will bring acute frustrations and the advice is to avoid rash actions. It was around before in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930, 1912.

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  1. Very well researched article. The Sagittarius eclipses will be across the ASC of the USA chart and Pluto will be returning to its natal position in the 2nd house of the USA chart. It opposed its natal position from Cancer during the Great Depression. Total economic collapse. I’ve had my eyes on this for decades and now it’s here.

  2. Marjorie – I and many others will benefit from your practical and encouraging words … thanks! Despite the fact that I am fond of astrology from https://horo.io/, I constantly remind myself that the planets continue their cycles, and that we all, I hope, will develop thanks to this experience. Stay fit.

  3. The deconstruction phase of Pluto in Capricorn is finally happening for real this time. The prevailing, neo-liberal ‘the free market will fix everything’ ideology is crumbling before our very eyes. Mortgage repayment ‘holidays’, bridging loans are on the table. Universal basic income is now a becoming a very real possibility. Even in the UK, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson has come out in favour of UBI (cherished by John McDonnell), albeit temporarily. The coronavirus emergency measures announced by Rishi Sunak this week were 27 times larger than those in the Budget. According to one Tory MP, ‘I am ready for Rishi Sunak to become Jeremy Corbyn for three months’. This feels like the start of massive societal and political upheaval, after many despairing false starts.

  4. Another Uranus in Taurus pointer – though whether it effects any change ahead may be questionable.
    “The disruption of pristine forests driven by logging, mining, road building through remote places, rapid urbanisation and population growth is bringing people into closer contact with animal species they may never have been near before
    “We invade tropical forests and other wild landscapes, which harbour so many species of animals and plants – and within those creatures, so many unknown viruses. We cut the trees; we kill the animals or cage them and send them to markets. We disrupt ecosystems, and we shake viruses loose from their natural hosts. When that happens, they need a new host. Often, we are it.
    ”Research suggests that outbreaks of animal-borne and other infectious diseases such as Ebola, Sars, bird flu and now Covid-19 are on the rise. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that three-quarters of new or emerging diseases that infect humans originate in animals.

    It could also suggest a modern day parallel to a ruthless trade imperative causing mayhem as it did in the Bengal famine and in Ireland.

  5. Non astrologer here. So let me address the elephant in the room(Trump). That last paragraph is concerning. Given that the GOP is planning to engage in unprecedented cheating coupled with a likely depressed voter turnout in November as a result of Corona, and a *may be a relatively good man but not too bright Biden* is heading for the Nomination, that last paragraph seems ominous for any change in the executive branch of government. Democrats historically lose when Biden types take on a GOP incumbent. Yes a Recession looms and this would normally be death for a typical incumbent, but these are abnormal political times and this Moron in Chief seems to have the resilience of a damn sewer rat.
    Can I get some layman speak regarding Buttigieg and Biden over the inauguration period specifically; who’s fairly happy and who’s miserable? Marjorie, Solaia and any solid astrologer willing to opine.

  6. It’s an ill wind ………….. the 14th Century Black Death killed more than one-third of the global population. But one outcome was to empower workers, as a scarcity of labour meant wages increased. It contributed to the end of serfdom in countries such as England, as peasants’ bargaining power increased.
    One other side effect was it prompted those still alive to enjoy life to the fullest. A Florentine chronicler wrote: “Men gave themselves over to the most disordered and sordid behaviour… As they wallowed in idleness, their dissolution led them into the sin of gluttony, into banquets, taverns, delicate foods and gambling. They rushed headlong into lust.”
    The Great Plague of London in 1665 which killed a quarter of the population had calamitous instant results for trade. But the Great Fire in 1666 which followed led to a growth spurt with massive rebuilding much like the post-war recovery of Germany as the economy rose rapidly from the ashes.
    Not all plagues had good outcomes. The Roman Empire’s western sector collapsed after a series of plagues and Europe fell into the Dark Ages in the 5th century.
    On the economic front there is a possibility of “a deflationary depression with a wave of defaults that breaks the capitalist system as we know it.”
    And if Italy’s economy collapses which isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility and Germany refuses to bail them out – the break-up of the EU. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/03/17/moment-monetary-shock-awe-finally-fails-has-arrived-do-do-next/

    A black swan indeed.

    • Wasn’t one of your EU posts about its future hinting at losing considerable power within the next decade? I’m convinced the EU WILL collapse in the coming few years or dwarfed to such a degree it becomes invisible. I absolutely do believe we are in a period where the decks are being completely cleared and problems exposed for new growth later on and we are being forced by external events to correct our course or face destruction. We’ve rested on our laurels for too long but the governments and corporations that make this lifestyle too easy to follow are the ones who will take the full brunt of these huge energies of change that are coming in.

      • I think that it will just show how illusionary the whole idea of EU having some power beyond a set of trade rules was. I have to cordinate certain things between 8-9 countries right now, about half in The EU, and everybody seems to be making decisions on their own. Today, I told a someone in a big EU country that our Government has adapted a “Norwegian approach” to the crisis, because that’s the closest analogy.

        And it’s telling, with so much Saturn/Neptune interaction, isn’t it?

        • Yes, I agree, the EU will shrink or fragment and have to be reinvented or return to the old Common Market, or even older trade deals between countries – like the Hanseatic League. All we can hear now is the sound of borders being slammed shut. Countries can still co-operate in numerous beneficial ways I hope, but right now the federal model is looking increasingly unsuitable for our times. Maybe Saturn in Aquarius with Jupiter will spark some creative thinking about new ways to work together. And now Brexit looks rather irrelevant doesn’t it? Negotiations will have to be suspended, and who knows what will happen next.

  7. Thank you Marjorie for this, a fabulous read!
    And plaudits to whoever asked the question of you.
    All the best,

  8. In about a week, Saturn moves into cool, scientific Aquarius. It would not surprise me if this brings with it an announcement of a significant advance in the production of a vaccine or treatment for Covid 19. In any event, it will be the first break from the destruction of the line up of planets in Capricorn.

    • If that happens, watch all the conspiracy theorists kick off, so sure the virus was man-made just to bring in the mandatory global vaccine that will ultimately kill most of us off, that they’ve been warning and boring us all silly since forever! I’m already having this rammed into my attention by annoying anti-vaxxers on social media. Think I might be ready for another internet switch off for a long while. The world is utterly demented right now, or rather current events has exposed this fear that has always been there?

  9. Of the images that struck me quite profoundly during this crisis are the ones published by NASA of satellite images of China showing a dramatic decrease in China’s pollution levels since the outbreak. The ‘before coronavirus’ pictures did not look dissimilar to those images of a diseased lung you see in anatomical textbooks. The ‘after’ photo, clear of dark shadows of pollution. Like others have said, a revolution in the way we live and behave is occurring, almost as if the Earth itself has said “enough!”. Pluto, in its final decan of Capricorn is doing a deep clean.

    • Completely agree, virgoflake. Isn’t it amazing though just how quickly Mother Nature can bounce back from such relentless abuse and begin to restore herself back to her natural paradise? Pluto in Capricorn has been absolutely palpable as its gone through industry, government, church and institution, and cleaned the sewage and corruption, throwing it all up in to the air to be addressed.

      I wondered how Uranus in Taurus would manifest, and by god, it certainly fits, doesn’t it? Look at how it is forcing the long-held way we have taken the way we live our life for granted, and is now showing us how it could all change for the better, or else. I personally find it all slightly anxiety-inducing but also very exciting to see how it is working for our best interests at every turn, unless gridlocked for a while by some truly nasty aspects. There is unseen intelligence out there in that universe of ours working on our behalf, whether we like it or not!

      • They showed on tv tonight how clear and clean the water is around Venice, now there aren’t any cruise ships. Quite amazing. It’s as if we are being shown how much we are polluting everything, and how lovely it is without all that filth. Nature is incredible, and perhaps now some people at least will see that. A Taurean revolution courtesy of Uranus? The Earth rebels? Previously, huge volcanic eruptions have shaped the course of history, so why not?

  10. Thanks Marjorie

    I do recall also reading about Neptune in Pisces and mysterious viruses some time around 2018 or maybe a little earlier but can’t recall whether it was on your site, or possibly Ed Tamplin (who has passed now). I’ll see if I can find it again.

    This virus, having declared war, is the catalyst for the worldwide economic hard times that is going to touch everyone. Our small businesses has been hit already with jobs and orders drying up overnight.

    • Hi Probably Ed Tamplin. I can’t get a handle on Neptune in Pisces for this since it moved in in 2012 and there are no direct aspects to other planets. Aah no it is coming back. It was a midpoint aspect – something along the lines of Pluto =Saturn/Neptune except that doesn’t fit for 2018. But it was something like that. And I can’t even remember the illness.

      • and another thank-you to you, Marjorie.
        I cannot resist posting after reading your brief nudge about Neptune in Pisces…
        It just seemed so…. well…. Neptune in Pisces! 🙂

        Where is it? What is it doing exactly??
        It did seem that this Covid-19 virus really exploded with Mercury retro. in Pisces.

        take care everyone,

  11. Thank you Marjorie. It’s been clear for quite a while that the 2007-9 financial crisis brought very little in the way of real change. Now things are under real pressure in every way, and change is inevitable it seems. It will be interesting to see what Mars in Aries triggers with the squares to Saturn and Pluto between August and January 2021. The NYSE Saturn opposition Neptune (!) will be triggered by this. If the USA really suffers financially then I suspect Trump will not be re-elected either. It’s also likely that Germany will no longer be able to act as a stable force for the EU, the fall-out from this will ripple across the whole of Europe.

    I’m also curious about this summer’s Venus retrograde, which some financial astrologers say means the markets reverse direction. Probably temporarily….

    As for the more phoenix like effects, I agree that working at home may become the new normal, at least part time. And certainly for a while, much less travelling on business and probably for pleasure too. That has to happen anyway, as it is becoming destructive to our environment and to many communities and cities – Airbnb, for instance, has triggered many problems. It’s planning to go public I think, but may hold off now.

    I’ve already noticed how quiet the skies are today. Fewer planes, in fact I haven’t heard one for most of this morning. Saturn in Aquarius seems to symbolise a re-think on air travel perhaps.

    I agree that there are too many bully boy rulers around. Temporarily, they may be in the ascendant as countries close borders and bring in laws to limit the movement of people in towns and cities. Otherwise, just hope the more humanitarian side of Aquarius kicks in at some point in the not too distant future.

    • Wouldn’t it be so sad if Venus Rx disrupts Spaffer’s divorce/remarriage plans? On a rather grim note, registrars may be preparing for other business and the legal system may well postpone a lot of non-essential business like this.

      • Yes, I think there will be many more weddings like the one in “Jane Eyre” with just witnesses…..standing at a sensible distance. Nobody can have huge receptions now, which for some may be a total relief. You know how out of hand weddings can get, and how expensive they are. Ditto the hell of the hen weekend horrors. Venus in Gemini may find a witty, stylish way to create weddings for mandatory introverts! Boris will just love it. But a massive worry for those in the hotel and weddings industry which has grown so large in the past decade or so.

        As for the darker registrar preparations, yes it must be very difficult. Also (I do know an undertaker) funerals and so on are going to be a real challenge if the worst case scenarios unfold.

        We have a whole spring and early summer to get through. I wish I had a balcony to sing from, as in Italy. Or do those keep fit classes they had in Spain on their balconies….Will just have to shout from the front door!

  12. Marjorie thank you, that was really interesting. It seems to me that everyone seems to be waiting for a phoenix moment, but I wondered, especially as Saturn is involved, if we are in fact already slowly creeping forward in a positive way? For example, my son and I were discussing home based work recently (he and his wife are both home based), and I argued with him that in time, this might lead to regeneration of the more depressed areas in the UK. Younger families could move to healthier/cheaper parts of the country without problem. Now with this virus in play, there is a situation where home-based is becoming a need if some companies wants to survive (including the banks). If after the virus is done with, companies continue to work this way – and I suspect the financial implications of this will suit them, after all it’s a lot cheaper to set up a person with suitable WiFi and insurance at home, than run huge showy offices, the positive impact on the environment would be enormous. Less, traffic, less trains etc. Could that be why maybe the airlines would seem to be in a decline for years to come? Won’t be necessary anymore to fly executives back and forth so much.
    Then the NHS. Last night I saw the last part of a TV interview where a new initiative was being discussed whereby people (many due to this virus crisis) were now speaking to their doctors via an app, which was freeing up resources in terms of time and money. The interviewee was aiming to develop not only a national pool of medics to work in this way, but also globally so that a patient could find themselves talking to whoever was available worldwide. Your post of 20th Dec 2019 says that the NHS will be facing Uranus square Pluto in 21/22 that you say could signify a revamp and rethink although there was also a swampy time ahead. (That for sure). However something like this, global network for medicine, or similar, I’m not suggesting this is fact, would require some adjusting to. Or maybe finally the medics and governments will get their act together and create a global force to combat any future epidemic. Hopefully some lessons will be learned from the fallout of this pandemic. Hugh said that the last time these particular aspects were in play, the reformation began and had global consequences. I wondered if perhaps we are already seeing hints of more positive outcomes of the virus. Or have I just been in lockdown too long? 

    • I personally do believe there is a great silver lining in all of this. Much of what you said I honestly believe WILL come into play across the board. In the age of technology and artificial intelligence, which will very shortly be filling up many people’s jobs, it’s the ONLY way. This digital age will also give people the freedom to work from wherever the hell they feel like!

      If I have seen anything this week, it has shown two polarities; looking out for ourselves at the expense of others which is driven by fear. Also, many people are rushing to help the more vulnerable in our community. The coronavirus shows there are no divides and we are but one family, albeit globally. All of this ‘us and them’ is cultural and psychological conditioning. This virus has reduced even the haves and have nots to a level playing field to a degree.

    • Trouble with extrapolating from past occurrences is that there are always different additional influences in play. World War 11 was really signatured by Saturn Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus which was a heavyweight collection we don’t have mercifully this time round. Though, heaven knows, we have enough bully boy rulers around at the moment.

      • At the very least, I can say this is very bad for one argument populists. For instance, in Italy, Matteo Salvini a fish out water -literally – he has been shown to be extremely inept to do anything but run his mouth, and it seems that last week leftwing PD (whose chairman was one of the first National figures to catch this) had gained a lot and Lega lost quite a bit. And I think there were bad transits for Salvini starting from this period, too.

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