Vladimir Putin – heading into risky times


Vladimir Putin celebrated his 67 birthday with a macho photoshoot of him hiking in the Siberian mountains. His Solar Return for the year ahead (without a verified birth time) isn’t too remarkable – with a tough Sun trine Saturn Pluto and an over-hopeful Jupiter square Neptune. On his personal chart, he’s still wading through the tail end of the confusing and tough-going tr Pluto square his Neptune and Mercury this year and next, with the added discouragement of tr Saturn adding its tuppence worth of pressure across this New Year.

He does have one explosive and disruptive Solar Arc in 2020 of Solar Arc Uranus square his Mars which suggests significant trouble of a violent nature. But it’s the following year when he’ll face his greatest ands riskiest challenges. His Solar Return for October 2020 and the year thereafter has a completely blocked, enraged, cornered and ruthless with Saturn Pluto square Mars. And his personal chart has an accident/assassination prone Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Mars.

His 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05 am also indicates – after a disappointment or two with falling popularity mid this November to mid December; and some setbacks through 2020 with tr Saturn conjunct Pluto and Mars and square Uranus – that 2021 is the major horror year for him with tr Pluto conjunct the Term Mars for two years of dangerous and teeth-gritting blockages, followed by tr Pluto in a destabilising square to Uranus in 2022/23 – so his glorious reign is not likely to end well or peacefully.


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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    I am starting a new job with the dreaded saturn Pluto conjunction square mars on the start date. But when I accepted the offer this aspect was not in effect. Will this start date have a negative effect on the job?

    • Hi Maggie

      I wouldn’t be too scared about Saturn conjunct Pluto.

      I have it in my natal chart. Square my Venus.
      All it’s done is give me great strength and the power and ability to make success out of difficult circumstances.
      Don’t believe all the negative hype and before anything: look at your individual chart, how it all works together and how the transits are working for you and your chart and don’t just focus on this one aspect in isolation.
      Saturn conjunct Pluto 2020 is reproducing the same set of circumstances that were there at my birth and for me they were nothing but positive and empowering, even though it might start with difficulty and obstacles. For me Saturn Pluto was a blessing and is turning out this way once more.



  2. I’ve seen several alarming reports today that say Trump is surreptitiously withdrawing America out of the Open Skies Treaty which allows the most powerful nations on earth to monitor Russian military movements. Perhaps it’s Trump’s birthday present to Vlad?

    • Hi Thanks. Is interesting. It’s why the Term charts are so important – and accurate – since at least we know the data is sound. Leaders’ birth charts are often questionable unless in USA/UK/EU

    • As mad as it sounds, the story isn’t totally implausable. Putin has hidden both her daughters from his first marriage, as well as their mother. He is rumored to have fathered at least one child by an ex-gymnast since. His attention to privacy goes beyond of what you’d expect even from an ex-KGB officer. Stalin years also broke families in Soviet Union that’s really hard to conceive. Children of purged people have truly remarkable stories on how they were given new identities. I recently joined a couple of genelogical sites and keep on getting matches with fully Russian or Russified surname lists in places like Taškent. These are most likely descendent of some distant cousins of my grandparents who went to Soviet Union in the 1930’s and were never heard of again.

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