Vladimir Putin – Catherine the Great wannabe

Vladimir Putin was sworn in on May 7 around 12 noon for his fifth term, looking unassailable having overcome his dip of last year. He is now set to hold power in Russia until at least 2030, which would make him the longest-serving Russian leader since Catherine the Great in the 18th century. The US, UK and most EU states, except France, refused to send ambassadors because of the invasion of Ukraine and the rigged election in March in which he won with 87 per cent of the vote.

 His swearing in chart is not as brutal as the 4th term chart which had a Mars Pluto conjunction square Uranus though there are diluted hints from an 8th house subversive Mars sextile Pluto. As last term and the term before, Lady Luck is on his side with Jupiter in the 10th conjunct Uranus and Sun. If the timing is around 12 noon or just after there are hints of financial disappointments and problems with Neptune and Mars in the 8th house of international and business finances.

   Looking for (faint) hopes of him exiting stage left, his initial Presidency chart, 31 December 1999 which sagged badly last year with heavy Neptunian influences, looks jarred and jangled this August, perhaps because of global unrest. That is when tr Uranus squares the Mars – and that continues into 2025. But it is 2026 which looks de-stabilising with SA Uranus square the Pluto and blocked in 2027 with SA Pluto conjunct the Sun.   This coincides, if his 7 October 1952 birth date is accurate, with signs of disruption  between himself and both the Russia 1991 and 1917 charts with 2026/27 looking particularly high stress.

Although at first sight not similar, there are astro-connections between Catherine the Great and Putin with both having a North Node in Aquarius (= wedded to a cause) and a ruthless Mars, Pluto, Saturn tie. Catherine reigned as empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796, having come to power after overthrowing her husband, Peter III.

  Catherine, 2 May 1729 2.30am Stettin, Germany was a Sun Mars in Taurus sextile Saturn inconjunct Pluto so despite her reputation as an enlightened promoter of culture and the arts she had a power-hungry streak. Under her long reign, Russia experienced a renaissance of culture and sciences and the recognition of Russia as one of the great powers of Europe. It makes sense why Putin might wish to emulate her though he is falling short on culture and international respect.

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  1. More’s the pity that he leaves her best legacy to rot in the Hermitage where exquisite paintings from the golden age are rapidly deteriorating due to neglect of building maintenance (leaky roof and inadequate climate control) and appropriate conservation. The Netherlands had been trying to help but that all came to an end with his imperial ambitions in 2022. One wonders what will become of Russia’s treasures. Can they be saved before it’s too late or will we only be able to enjoy them on the internet as ‘lost’ in the future?

  2. Do I understand correctly that he was sworn right before the New Moon in Taurus? Is this still considered a new moon or a balsamic moon?

  3. He seems incredibly hollow. Just wanting to appear to be someone impressive – all the photos of him riding barechested on horseback, doing judo – and this stuff of emulating Catherine the Great. For the 1952 chart that fits the Sun-Saturn Libra conjunction as well Neptune being close by and his stellium in the 12th. But also Pluto in Leo in 10th.

    • Putin is born under notorious fixed star algorab (6-7 October), known for “craftiness, greediness, ingenuity, patience, revengefulness, passion, selfishness, lying, aggressiveness, and material instincts, and sometimes causes its natives to become agitators.”
      I think some of these natives have BPD. 7 October (Putins birthday) is of course the same day as the Hamas terroist attack on Israel.

  4. I’m waiting for the Neptune-Saturn conjunction 2025-2026 in Aries. In 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed and the USSR collapsed.

  5. A side-note that previous iterations of the Saros cycle that repeats in 2025 has flagged up the deaths of two tsars (Alexander II and Nicholas II) and Stalin. More details in Marjorie’s post on Alexei Navalny on 16th February and in the comments of that post.

    Will we be seeing an encore next year?

    • The comparisons between Putin and Catherine II the Great are closer than most realise.

      Catherine II the Great was the czar/tsar under whom the territories of what are now Ukraine were conquered by Russia and created into the Novorussiya Governorate. It was through these territories that the famous Potemkin villages were created when Catherine toured through these new Russian territories.

      Marjorie, can you recast their charts relocated to Crimea and Ukraine and see if anything jumps out?

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