Bernard Hill – a talent given wings

English actor Bernard Hill, best known for movies like the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Titanic, Clint Eastwood’s True Crime and tv dramas like Boys from the Blackstuff and Wolf Hall, has died.

 He was born December 17 1944 in Manchester, a few weeks after Michael Douglas, Anne Robinson and Angela Rippon. His father, a miner who was in the Royal Navy during WW11, had a diseased lung removed. During his convalescence the family lived with his grandmother in her two-bedroomed flat and he shared a bed with his parents. He trained as a quantity surveyor and then a teacher but met director Mike Leigh who persuaded him to persevere with his acting ambitions.

 He had an enthusiastic Sun Sagittarius in an expansive, easy-going square to Jupiter in Virgo; with a hard-working Capricorn Moon. But what gave his chart weight and influence was an Air Grand Trine (= knowledgeable, thoughtful, quick-witted, communicative) of Uranus in Gemini trine Neptune trine Venus in Aquarius, formed into two talented Kites by a seductively persuasive Venus opposition Pluto and a risk-taking Uranus opposition Mars. He also had the creative Saturn Neptune square of the time tied into his Mercury in Capricorn with Neptune as the focal point planet heading him into movies. 

  With Pluto and Mars as leading planets plus an emphasized Neptune  he was all set to go.

 His actors’ 15th Harmonic was his strongest with creativity, an ability to communicate, charm and enormous determination all marked.

4 thoughts on “Bernard Hill – a talent given wings

    • Oh goodness Nicola and Delia – i wasn’t fishing to be called stunning but you have made me look back at what I’ve thought of as a really mousey life. Nice to reflect.

  1. Intriguing. what a difference a few details make. I was born 12 days later, a female, and grew up in Aotearoa New Zealand from the age of 9 months and my life didn’t exactly fly. Spent years trying to unravel religion ( succeeded for my own well being) and was a capable but unorthodox mental health occupational therapist. Neptune and its square to Saturn gave me music and quite a bit of hard work. So for a matter of 12 days I could perhaps have been quite stunning!

    • I suspect you’re far more “stunning” and better all-around than you give yourself credit for!

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