USA & Trump – power corrupts

Trump having found how much he can amuse himself aggravating mayors, governors and Democrats and at the same time give himself a law-and-order platform for his flagging re-election campaign is threatening to send in federal troops to several additional cities.

His Term chart, 20 January 2017 12 noon, does have one final blast of the might-makes-right, rules-don’t-apply-here T Square with tr Pluto square Jupiter from late this August to late November – so if anything there’ll be more to come.

His relationship charts with the USA and both Republican Party charts are all under immense strain and undermined at the moment and on for several months ahead into 2021. And his cheer-leading consigliere Attorney General William Barr is on a fast downward slide from late August (see previous post June 20 2020).  But if past experience is anything to go by, the more cornered Trump gets, the more he lashes out.

The USA chart has tr Pluto trine its Neptune late this August to late November which will induce an obsessive, tormented and confused atmosphere. Since the USA Neptune is tied into Mars in square, it’ll ratchet up arguments – and the December Sagittarius Eclipse in opposition to the USA Mars is likely to ramp up the combative mood even more.

I wish I could say the divisive rancour will subside after the election but the USA Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto, which spawned McCarthyism and Watergate when triggered, will be under pressure for the next three years.  2021/22 looks just as beset by hostile and bitter debate and on through the Pluto Return in 2022/23.

See post October 29 2018 – USA Civil War comparisons.

The Department of Homeland Security is the over-arching body dragooned in by the president to do his bidding. It was set up on 25 November 2002 on the back of 9/11 when the unyielding Saturn opposition Pluto was still in place.

It has a chilly, unsentimental and harsh Air Grand Trine of Saturn trine Mars trine Uranus. The DHS Mars is exactly conjunct the Trump Term’s Midheaven but really he’s not personally a great fit with the organization. The DHS Uranus opposes his Mars, the DHS Mars squares his Saturn and the DHS Saturn sits on top of his Sun opposition Moon.

The DHS does look cornered and frustrated from March 2021 onwards for two years with tr Pluto square the Mars pushing it (against heavy resistance) onto a different track.

Roll on the June 2021 Solar Eclipse in Gemini which is in a Saros Series bringing sudden flashes of insight, a creative surge, prophetic dreams and should leave everyone feeling enriched – if not financially then in other ways. And the December 2021 Solar Eclipse should be joyful and happy, with good news and long-lasting benefits.  Not before time. They won’t entirely solve the USA’s or anyone else’s problem for that matter but at least there might be more cheer around.

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  1. “The DHS Mars is exactly conjunct the Trump Term’s Midheaven but really he’s not personally a great fit with the organization. The DHS Uranus opposes his Mars, the DHS Mars squares his Saturn and the DHS Saturn sits on top of his Sun opposition Moon.”

    Thank you Marjorie. What a hornet’s nest! I’m curious to see what might emerge when Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn and aspect the DHS Mars and Trump’s Saturn. Followed swiftly by transiting Mars square Saturn at 26 degrees – the DHS Mars in Libra, ascendant in Capricorn, and Ist Term MC in Capricorn. BML in Aries is conjunct Mars later in August opposite Trump’s Venus. That could well symbolise angry women, and doubtless there’s something there about money as well. Mars and BML will transit Trump’s natal 8th of sex, death, and other people’s money, then pass along into the 9th where possibly the law might get involved in some way. I won’t hold my breath though.

  2. Biden’s birthday is November 20, 1942 (11/20/42)

    This November is 11/20 the same numbers as Biden’s birth month / day
    It seems highly unlikely he loses during “his” month but who knows.

    The Dec 21 conjunction is where something pivotal could play out… perhaps an assassination or death of someone(s) very high up on the food chain.

  3. I really don’t believe Trump will win re-election in 2020. It may be a very close race between him and Biden and the results will drag on beyond that date but if you look at the numerology (its a nine day which indicates an ending) and astrology for November 3rd 2020, DT (as Solaiai said his 12th house Sun is inconjunct his 7th house plus his Pluto is in the 9th house) which usually indicates failure and disgrace.

    Also in October prior to the election, there will be many secrets about DT’s finances and deal while president as well as secret coming out about him from the NYDA Courtney Vance (his astrological chart indicates this as well). I also there is a chance Ghislaine Maxwell (if she is not murdered first) will name Trump, among others, as a client of Jeffrey Epstein.

    I also think the Democrats will win both the Senate and House (look at the RNC astrology charts for the upcoming election), Rudy Giuliani will be disbarred for his secret deals with the Ukraine, Pence will throw DT under the bus (which DT did when he put Pence in charge of the Corona Virus/Covid 19 team) Mitch McConnell will lose his seat in the House to his opponent who is even more extreme right then he is 🙁 and William Barr will be in big trouble for his illicit dealings as well as lose favor with Trump for taking the spotlight away from DT and undermining him.

    • It sounds like a lost script for The Game of Theones, doesn’t it? The disturbing thing about it all is it’s not entertainment, it is real-life that can end up affecting everyone else. Sigh.

        • Interesting that Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, is behind Project Lincoln that is publicly trolling Trump and assassinating his character in a run of ads that are going viral. And this trolling is actually from Republicans! And they are pushing for a Biden win.

          One ad is very illuminating. It questions Trump’s “I wish her well” reaction to alleged paedophile procurer to the elite, Ghislaine Maxwell, whom Trump’s ex-aide, Anthony Scaramucci, says is code for, “Please don’t talk about me,” and shows how he generally treats women.

          Taken from The Independent this article reports:
          ‘It shows Mr Trump berating a number of female journalists – with the ad saying at one point, “This is how Donald Trump speaks to accomplished women” – before flashing to a recent White House press briefing in which the president spoke about his relationship with Ms Maxwell over the years. “I just wish her well, frankly,” Mr Trump is heard saying in the briefing.

          A woman narrating the advertisement then says: “Just what does Maxwell have on Donald Trump? Why does he demean other women but treat the head of an alleged sex slave ring with respect? Does Donald Trump want Maxwell to keep quiet? America needs to know.” I think the WORLD needs to know and if there is hard-core evidence of his depraved predilections you can bet your last dime his rabid base will STILL not believe it. It looks like Marjorie’s looking at his aspects with Maxwell as “he looks the most rattled /nervous about Ghislaine,” is playing out before our very eyes.

          • And the Ghislaine/Trump shudders weren’t what I expected to find since I assumed he’d parted company from Epstein long time since. But Trump’s relationship chart with Maxwell has been stressed since earlier this year and worsening in 2021/22/23.
            His posthumous relationship chart with Epstein was very jolted from earlier this month – so could be straws in the wind of more to come.

          • He may have parted years back but didnt Virginia Roberts, who spoke out about being sex trafficked to Prince Andrew through Ghislaine, say that Epstein and Maxwell recorded EVERYTHING that went on at Epstein’s houses? She said something like if she has anything on her clients the number one thing would be video footage. Also, you want to read the comments attacking this woman for talking about Prince Andrew and Ghislaine. She is totally slut-shamed and victim shamed – or are Trump’s sick fan base getting nervous? They say at 17 she knew her own mind and kept going back and that would not make her a victim but a willing participant. But here’s the interesting part.

            From the wiki page it states: She lived on the streets at age 13 before getting abused by a 65-year-old sex trafficker, Ron Eppinger, in Miami. Giuffre lived with Eppinger for approximately 6 months. … Her father worked as a maintenance manager at the Mar-a-Lago property owned by Donald Trump, and also helped Giuffre obtain a job there (I think at age 14.)

            Virginia had been sexually abused by a family member at age 7 and ran away from home at 13 and ended up in the clutches of a sex trafficker. Predators can often see these kinds of victims from a mile off and she would have already been ‘primed and psychologically groomed’ through Rob Eppinger and that earlier family member to accept the behaviour from such predators as normal. So, in this case, I don’t think it’s that easy to dismiss her as someone who knew what she was doing and is in it for the money and fame. She understands today very well what all the hallmarks are for sex trafficking victims to predators is all about and she is throwing her weight behind a cause to help others.

            I know it’s just correlations but really? What are the odds? She has direct connections to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. And now she has connection to the Mar-a-lago resort in which her father directly worked for Donald Trump who just so happens to have had direct connections with Ghislaine and Epstein himself. Trump says he used to meet Ghislaine in Palm beach, Florida a lot in the past. Mar-a-lago is situated in Palm Beach. Plus, Virginia mentioned in one interview that Ghislaine had raped her repeatedly at age 14. At the time when she worked at Trump’s estate in Mar-a-lago? So, her connections go further back with Ghislaine than the Prince Andrew incidents at 17. It places Ghislaine and Virginia together in Palm Beach, Florida in 1997-1998 while she worked at Trump’s property in Mar-a-lago. I believe he was still friends with Epstein and Maxwell at this time. Also, I dare say Epstein and Maxwell knew sex trafficker, Rob Eppinger. Predators of sex rings often find each other and help build their ‘business’ together to bring in further victims.

            This night be absolutely nothing, but I’m afraid if I was a police detective, i’d want this deeply unpleasant information thoroughly investigated to see if it had further connections to a bigger child sex trafficking ring. A sex trafficking ring that just so happens to place Ghislaine Maxwell at the scene with possible connections to Mar-a-lago that just so happens to be owned by Donald Trump who at the time just so happened to be good friends with Maxwell and Epstein, a man whom Trump remarked as ” a man who likes his girls young.” I’d be very interested indeed.

          • Have you seen the synastry between Trump and Virginia Giuffre, Jo? It’s astonishing how fated it looks. VG’s North Node is 22 degrees of Gemini, right on top of Trump’s Sun. Her Moon is 26 of Leo, conjunct Trump’s Mars. Trump’s Pluto in Leo is conjunct Giuffre’s ascendant. Her Mars in Cancer is conjunct Trump’s Venus.

            Unsurprisingly, given her abusive childhood, Giuffre has a bleak Saturn/Pluto in Libra conjunction on her IC – which incidentally is currently being squared by the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. That Saturn/Pluto of hers squares Trump’s Cancerian Mars. Within a degree.

            Trump’s BML in Sag is opposition Giuffre’s Chiron in Gemini, whereas Giuffre’s BML is trine Trump’s Chiron. Giuffre Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Sag is conjunct Trump’s BML.

            But it’s the nodal axes that stand out for me. They both have the nodal axis at 21/22 degrees of Gemini conjunct Trump’s Sun. There’s something so uncanny about that, given that the nodes are traditionally connected with fate.

          • I also note that the Solar eclipse of 14th December this year takes place at 23 of Sag, so conjunct both Trump and Giuffre’s South Node.

          • Very interesting. Do you think Virginia is holding the knowledge and Maxwell the evidence that is going to blow this thing wide open? Do those combined fated aspects of Virginia’s hint at undoing Trump or could it be she is the one in danger from him? One good thing that seems to have come out of Virginia’s life is she has been married nearly 20 years with 3 children and managed to stay married all this time. For a sex abuse victim, especially one who was involved in being trafficked in a ring by predators, that is quite an achievement because sex and intimacy and building deep and meaningful relationships (trust) can often be a very complicated thing for these victims, unfortunately, that can go on for life.

          • Yes, given her difficult astrology, she has achieved much in creating a loving family unit. She has Mars in Cancer (not easy) in the 12th, which in turn squares her Saturn/Pluto conjunction on her IC. The charts of victims often have similar aspects to the charts of perpetrators – thus in her case a challenging combination of Mars/Saturn/Pluto, a combination often seen in stressful aspect, in the astrology of criminals.

            Regarding Trump’s involvement, I can’t remember which press conference it was, but Trump was asked a question about what went on at the island and replied, “That island was really a cesspool, there’s no question about it, just ask Prince Andrew — he’ll tell you about it”.

            So you see, I think that statement looks exactly like deflection to me, which is typically Trump – that’s what he does. Invariably, anything Trump accuses others of, he is usually guilty of himself. But we can only wait and see how events unfold.

          • * That Saturn/Pluto of hers squares Trump’s Cancerian Mars. Within a degree.

            This should read “Saturn/Pluto of hers squares Trump’s Cancerian Venus”.

          • And the Ghislaine/Trump relationship chart in addition to having a hugely stressed composite Saturn opposition Neptune Mars square Uranus which tr Pluto is hammering away at this year and on for the next three, has a very ‘fated’ composite Yod of Pluto sextile Mars Neptune inconjunct Sun. This usually ties the two individuals together in some kind of inescapable way with their bond leading to extreme changes of direction. We wait and watch.

          • This is a fascinating, if very dark, series of comments here. Clearly, a labyrinth stretching back many years. But I think the financial side of things is probably what’s worrying Trump, with those challenging aspects to his natal Venus, and his extensive history of devious financial dealings. Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth remains a mystery, and he would appear to have been a very high level money launderer. There is a suggestion in today’s Sunday Times magazine that he “helped” Robert Maxwell to disappear some substantial sums, and that Ghislaine knew him through this connection before Robert Maxwell’s death. I think knowledge of this kind is probably what she has on Trump. This, along with the unfolding Deutsche Bank investigations, would be enough to make anyone pretty jumpy.

    • “Mitch McConnell will lose his seat in the House to his opponent who is even more extreme right then he is”.
      I don’t see any chances of this happening at all.

      For a start, Mitch McConnell is in the Senate, not the House. While he is up for re-election, he is running against a moderate Democrat in a very safe Republican state. The odds of his getting defenestrated from the Senate are very slim.

      If the Republicans lose the Senate (possible, but unlikely), he will not be the Majority Leader. But he will still be a Senator.

      • @ Unmystic Mom,

        Actually, it is very likely Republicans will lose the U.S. Senate this November…and all of the data analysts agree. I don’t have any delusions about Mitch McConnell losing in Kentucky….however, the data analysts have said the Senate map does favor Democrats…and the projection models give Democrats a 56% of winning.

        For example, there are many states where Republicans are having to defend their seats…and it isn’t looking good for them. For example, in Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly (Gabby Giffords husband) is very popular there and he has had a substantial lead in every single poll against Republican incumbent McSally (even Republicans acknowledge she will probably lose to Kelly).

        Then there is Colorado. Colorado is practically in the bag for Democrats – they control virtually all public offices there and Republican incumbent Cory Gardener is trailing Democrat John Hickenlooper big time.

        Maine, Montana, and North Carolina are still tossups…but both states are leaning Democrat. Democrat Cal Cunningham has been out raising Republican incumbent Tillis (who is not very popular there) and the polling has been consistent with Cunningham. In Maine, Democrat Sara Gideon has been polling ahead of Republican Susan Collins…but it’s still a tossup since Collins is still regarded as a “socially liberal” Republican and she does still have support from Independents in her state. In Montana, for Democratic Governor Steve Bullock (who is very popular there) is running against Republican incumbent Steve Daines; he’s also been ahead in the polls against Daines (but the polls have still been close). Bullock could actually win Montana…since the state has more of a “Libertarian” feel to it and Montanans aren’t as politically polarized and people living in other Mountain West states.

        The only state where a Democratic incumbent is endanger of losing is Alabama. Doug Jones, surprisingly, has been keeping the polling close against the Republicans….but he’s still trailing. So, he could lose (and it’s likely he will at the moment).

        So, if you’ve actually been following the data (polling, models, public opinion, and fundraising), then you would see that it Democrats are definitely slated to take back the U.S. Senate.

        I don’t know why you would think otherwise. SMH

  4. Many here have mentioned Trump supporters reacting violently to Biden victory being cause of the upheaval on The US chart, but I’m thinking even bigger here. In very possible case Democrats will take Senate as well (this will almost certainly happen in 2022, with more “purple” states on ballot), Democrats will not hesitate to start with Criminal Justice Reform, and this will not go down well with people profiting out of the current system. I don’t count out law enforcement strikes, riots or even violence by law enforcement towards elected officers.

    This would fulfill the 12th house Mars/Uranus square 10th house Jupiter/Saturn of the Inaugural Chart for 2021. The next Administration seems to carry a strong mandate, but also will face “an enemy within”. Somehow, this does not look like anything that could happen under Trump, who has surrounded himself with opportunistic sycopaths.

  5. Just a curious astrology lurker here from Chicago. Love your articles! A question ? Trump’s natal north node is nearing an exact conjunction to the transiting north node in Gemini. Does this indicate he remains for a 2nd term? Or an about face?

    • North Node conjunct North Node would indicate a time one harvests the fruits of a spiritual growth by potentially finding one’s calling, or even meaning of life. Interestingly, in many cultures, people enter higher education, University or such at the time of their first NN conjunct NN. 37-38 is often a time people make big career decisions, especially in Global Corporate culture. They aren’t, however, necessarily successful. If one is on a “wrong path”, they can be rather distruptive, as well.

      While I don’t necessarily see NN being of particular significance in a life of such a deeply “unspiritual” character as DJT, I did check his previous cycles. Trump’s first NN return would have been around the time he entered Wharton, partly thanks to SAT score his niece said was achieved by someone else taking the test, partly bought by Fred. Second NN was months after Trump Tower was opened, and yes, was consequental. Third was in 2002. The most consequential thing apparently happening that year was him taking Miss Universe Franchise from CBS to NBC. Although this also was the year Russian Oksana Fedorova, an FBS cadet and a rumored Putin girlfriend (she definitely is his type, brunette with roundish, feminine, facial features) wan Miss Universe. I remember Natasha Bernand, then working for “Business Insider” publishing a story based on Russian sources on Trump visiting “St. Pete” as a part of her victory tour and the kompromat Russians would held on him stemming from this visit rather than earlier visit with Ivana in the late 1980’s. This would make sense, if not for the fact Oksana was dethroned only two months into her reign (with prices including a Trump Tower apartment), and the timeline the article carried did not work.

      Therefore, one could argue NN conjunct NNs have been, generally speaking, apparently successful points at DJT’s life. However, at time, seeds of his future failures have been there already, as well. Trump Tower New York’s initial success made him extend his business too quick, leading to his first bankrupcy.

  6. Trump is not winning the next election, one thing that strike to me was Mercury trine his Venus (good news) during the last election.

    The gag is that the 2020 chart shows Venus/Mercury in a double whammy square.

  7. Whoever wins in Nov, how could there not be a rebellion by the losing side? Those Republicans who reject Trumpism are saying Trump’s re-election would be the end of the US. If that does come to pass through corruption there will likely be a massive uprising and rejection of the election. Either outcome will bring disruption. I’m wondering if the bright spots during the 2021 solar eclipses may relate to a vaccine? I cling to hope that the Great Conjunction Winter Solstice at 0 Aquarius will bring about a decided shift away from the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn toxic patriarchal authoritarian horror shows, not just in the US but all over the planet.

    • Trump losing will play perfectly into his platform of law-and-order. Let’s not forget only he knows how to solve these problems.

      • I don’t think he could even solve a simple crossword puzzle without employing a boatload of assistants (whom he would not pay for their services rendered), however I am certain he gets great advice from his mentor, Vladdy P.

  8. Marjorie, thank you for this important post. As a Canadian watching aghast in the comfort of my living room, I will not set foot in my neighboring country any time soon. And about 85% of my fellow citizens want our border to remain indefinitely closed. Justin Trudeau will survive his current scandal only because of the turbulence next door.

  9. S: I agree. A Biden victory will/would ignite a chaotic and violent response among Trump’s rabid base. Meanwhile, Trump is going to use every dirty trick in the book to secure re-election. It’s going to be one wild ride.

  10. A Biden victory would absolutely continue this current conflict or even heighten it as heavily armed far right extremists and white supremacists, not to mention run of the mill Qanon adherents and “Freedom Party” backers, would themselves take to the streets, probably egged on by the current and then outgoing President.

  11. The mood is very dark here; it feels like Venezuela in its worst days. Reading your analysis, it fearfully sounds as if Trump steals the election in November, because Biden simply wouldn’t exacerbate the horrible energies post-election that you describe. And that Trump finally drops dead or is run out around 2021. I hope I survive to see it. Our cities are sometimes strained by the American tradition of free and open political expression, but no more so than after a rollicking rock festival. How the world and our own countrymen can stand by to see this goon desecrate our unalienable rights boggles the mind. Persistent rumors are that Trumpers, disguised as demonstrators, are ratcheting up violence in the demonstrations to give cover to the president’s third-world strategy. If you are able to find a birthdate for Eric Prince, the dark force behind these unmarked cars hauling peaceful protesters and journalists away, that might be enlightening. Thank you for keeping an eye on this for us, Marjorie.

      • Trump WON’T win. For all of his baleful talk about the “dark forces” of the Far Left seizing
        and destroying the American Way Of Life, the reality is that this is the last throw of the
        dice from a very desperate man.

        His options are rapidly evaporating. COVID-19 and the ruinous decimation of the economy
        put paid to all of his dreams of serving for a second term. The terrible interview with Chris
        Wallace exposed him as a hollow man, with no insight and clarity into the ghastly social
        and political situation engulfing America at the present moment in time.

        Even if by some fluke Trump DID win, both sides of the Senate would be held by the
        Democrats. He would limp into his second term, utterly neutered.

        Even so, I do not envy Biden’s task to rebuild a broken America from scratch.

        Unless Biden commits some unforgivable sin which utterly destroys his political
        momentum, Donald Trump’s chaotic reign as POTUS is drawing to its’ futile close,
        and rightly so.
        His tenure as the most powerful man in the world has been an utter disaster from
        the start.

          • May I I see neptune square to.his moon as his (T) undoing. I had the nep/moon conjunction in 2013 and I ended up in psychiatric care.

          • Never underestimate the destructive power of Neptune. I agree, Neptune/Moon stressful aspects can have a debilitating effect on the body as well as the mind. The moon rules his 11th, so possibly his support dwindles and since Neptune is Lord of his 8th, revelations around taxes and resources.

            But that Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction currently opposing his Venus/Saturn in Cancer in the 11th/5th house polarity looks pretty nasty.

          • I’ll continue: Trumps Solar Return 2020/2021. Works the same set for Washington DC, New York City and Mar-a-Lago. His chart has a 12th house Sun inconjunct 7th house Pluto and 9th house Mars/Neptune/Moon. Washington DC Ascendant is also exactly conjunct to his natal Saturn. These all seem to indicate major challenges to his ego. His clinical psychologist niece has diagnosed him as having NPD now, and NPD people will not respond well to these sort of challenges. So, I’m not counting out the option some former employees, now critics, have brought forth of Trump actually withdrawing of the race, possibly on some bogus excuse, if the polls continue to be as unfavorable as they are now.

            For comparison, Trump’s “victorious” SR in 2016/17 had some issue, but Sun/Venus in the 11th house sextile Uranus conjunct MC on 10th house, both inconjunct to Mars forming a yod. So, unaspected strike of luck leading to change of profession (was it Michael Cohn who said Trump didn’t run to win, but to get publicity to a news channel he hoped to launch?). Also, easy Moon in the 3rd house of Communication trine 10th/11th house Mercury. Remember how those rallies gave him a mood boost? And no matter what he says about “failing NYT” now, their reporting on Hillary Clinton’s mails probably kept some undecided Independents who didn’t feel good about either candidates from ballots.

            So, the very least, this does not seem like a “winning” year for DJT.

          • Larry – my observations are based on historical evidence. Trump is on
            a losing streak and has been since COVID-19 struck, plus the dire
            economic situation which faces him at this current moment in time.

            His dreams are turning to ashes in front of his eyes. Even a very competent
            POTUS would struggle under such dreadful circumstances. DT is totally
            unsuited to such a demanding role. The truly ghastly interview with Chris
            Wallace exposed him as a hollow man. The two books by John Bolton and
            Trump’s niece has badly dented his ego. He hasn’t achieved one political
            victory of note, and the GOP are turning against him.

            Unless Joe Biden makes a unforgivable error of judgement,Trump is doomed
            to failure.

    • Agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve been stuck in “ Red State Hell”, aka Oklahoma, for the past year, and am horrified by the mentality of Trump supporters. As if that isn’t bad enough, now I’m worried about my family, and friends back in the Midwest, as *federal forces* are being deployed to Chicago, and Milwaukee. As of this writing, according to a friend who lives in a downtown Milwaukee, it’s been a totally quiet week. So this story about sending in the feds to quell civil unrest is a lie, and you would think that after almost four years, everyone would recognize this whole charade is Trump’s MO. I was a volunteer attorney for the DAPL protesters at Standing Rock back in 2016-17, which culminated in another violent display of force, and civil rights violations ordered by Trump, and delivered by Eric Prince. At one point those who were arrested were forced to wear hoods over their heads, and detained in dog kennels overnight, without bail. Many others were seriously injured by the rubber bullets, and grenades. According to Google search results, Eric Prince was born on 6 June 1969, in Holland, Michigan, USA, so yet another Gemini in the mix. As for that Neptune transit, let me tell you, it’s no joke. (Right now it’s on my descendant, as well as squaring my sun, and moon…Ouch! ) If it creates half as many problems for Trump, then he’ll be struggling mightily for a while yet.

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