Roy Den Hollander – a Libra with rabid bats in the attic

Roy Den Hollander, the gunman who shot himself after killing the son of Judge Esther Salas and wounding her husband, was a full-blown whacko, consumed with hatred of women. A lawyer and self-described “anti-feminist”, he filled his website with misogynistic rants, ripping everyone he felt had wronged him — from his mother – “May she burn in hell” – to his former Russian wife he deemed a “mob prostitute” who used “black magic, narcotics and feminine duplicity to play him” into bringing her to the US. He fought for men’s rights including a swipe at the military for its ‘discriminatory’ men-only draft; brought a 2007 class-action lawsuit against Manhattan nightclubs for offering “ladies’ nights” and a 2008 suit against Columbia University for offering women’s studies courses.

Born 26 September 1947 (wiki), he was a Sun Libra (favourite lawyers’ sign with the Scales of Justice symbol) with his Sun conjunct a charming Venus and idealistic if vague Neptune. All of which might have added up to a pussycat temperament. Except for a can-be-fanatical, ideologue’s Air Grand Trine of Uranus trine Mercury trine an Aquarius Moon, formed into a Kite by Moon opposition a bleak Saturn Pluto in Leo. That Saturn Pluto opposition Moon squared onto a grandiose and intolerant focal point Jupiter in Scorpio. Not a warm and cuddly mom, for sure. His Mercury squared his Mars for a short0fuse.

Last year he had a terminal cancer diagnosis and as he exited with maximum rage-fuelled damage he did have his Solar Arc Pluto and possibly his Progressed Moon square his excitable Mars in Cancer for an explosion of hatred. And his Solar Arc Mars was also conjunct his Neptune.

A walking timebomb.

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  1. According to press reports, Roy Den Hollander is also suspected of killing rival Men’s Rights Lawyer, Marc Angelucci who was killed on July 11 outside his San Bernadino County, California home. Yesterday, the FBI said in a statement that the agency had uncovered evidence linking Den Hollander to Angelucci’s death.

    Attorney Paul Steinberg, told the New York Post, “Hollander always had a very thinly-under-the-surface kind of a smoldering. Kind of this violence, just below the surface.”

  2. Seems like someone who never got over smarter and more qualified women entering workforce in the 1970’s and “taking his jobs” when Pluto hit his Libra conjunction. This is not an unique story. Many men of his ilk passed their wounds to their Pluto Libra sons, too.

    • That’s a good point about Pluto in Libra in the 70s hitting his Libra planets and eventually squaring Hollander’s toxic Mars. Pluto in Libra certainly coincides with the rise of women of highly skilled professional women. I’m a Sun in Libra and luckily my lawyer father welcomed the emergence of women into his profession, perhaps because he had 2 daughters but also the older women in his family broke barriers by becoming artists in their own right and his older sister going to University and working for British Intelligence as a translator.

  3. Thanks Marjorie. This is tragic for the family.

    The conspirasphere has unsurprisingly gone into meltdown on this one.

    Why is it that individuals with extreme anger issues often have Mars placed in a ‘weaker’ sign? Mars in Cancer can be a real challenge in Cancer – it’s like having Moon/Mars in stressful aspect – as if the Mars energy struggles to find expression in less Mars-friendly signs and/or houses and oozes moodiness and passive-aggression. Both men and women often have brooding rage which is projected onto women in general. This can also occur with a Libran and Pisces Mars, depending on the house placement and aspects.

    I see also that Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn in Hollander’s natal chart opposes that Mars in Cancer of his with 1 degree, thus it also squares his Libran Mercury. An unbalanced or poisoned Libran mind can take some truly horrible forms.

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