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  1. Hello Marjorie ,

    Could you look at Jenni Murray’s chart ? She has been the well loved presenter of BBC’s Women’s Hour for 33 years . I shall certainly miss her. Thanks

  2. NKorea celebrated the 67th anniversary of the armistice. was watching the fireworks in online photos.

    So, are there hopeful tidings for peace and tranquility with Little Rocket Man?

    How does that regime perceive Biden and a change of “guard” here in the ol’ US of A? Many thanks.

  3. Marjorie,

    It’s just been reported that Olivia de Havilland has just died (which is really depressing because she was one of my favorite Classic Hollywood film actresses). I know you wrote a post about her 104th birthday…..was wondering if you had any further astrological insights now that she’s passed on.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  4. A headline in the media today announces, “Council of Europe ‘alarmed’ at Poland’s plans to leave domestic violence treaty” Could you have a look at Poland again in relation to the EU at this time? Are there any astrological markers in Poland’s national chart that reflect a problematic attitude to Women’s and LGBT rights?

    • They gave some specious excuse about being non-binary nowadays, for heaven’s sake. Sounds like the rabid Libra below. They have horrible Moon aspects on the 1989 Poland chart – a Gemini Moon square Mars and Moon on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune. Women arouse anger and cause stress reactions. Fits. Their strained relationship with the EU will roll on to mid decade, indeed get worse 2023/4/5.

      • Thanks Marjorie. The fact that the Catholic Church is colluding with Duda’s far right government to quash Women’s and Gay rights in the year 2020 is horrifying.

        • Well there’s a surprise. The Vatican can always be guaranteed to be on the wrong side of the argument when it comes to women. Dinosaurs.

          • I was educated at a Catholic convent, so I grew up exposed to the cult and to the ridiculousness of nuns.

            My husband, anti-religious due to the fact that a Priest told his parents they couldn’t have the coffin of his baby sister in the church because she was unbaptised and wouldn’t go to heaven, claims that if they had their way the Catholic Church would be torturing and burning women by the thousands for heresy. That’s an extreme view, but I suspect he’s got a point.

  5. Hi Marjorie, if you get time would you be able to look into the Qanon phenomena? It has more than 3 million followers and growing at an alarming rate via social media and internet websites, affecting political minds at the senate as well as Trump himself, and fast growing into a dangerous religious movement. A number of shootings and deaths have been related to its influence that incites white supremacists and deeply religious followers. The FBI have already defined it as a domestic terror threat in an internal memo in 2018 after a man with bomb-making materials threatened to blow up the Illinois capitol to make people aware of Pizzagate and the New World Order.

    The date I have found, with no time sadly, is their first post on 4chan which was on 28 October 2017. Here’s hoping what you find shows signs of dying out but I won’t hold my breath.

    One extremely in-depth article of its destabilizing history if you need to get the gist of this twisted mindset is from The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/06/qanon-nothing-can-stop-what-is-coming/610567/

  6. Just found out that the actress Mercedes McCambridge was the voice of the demon in the movie the Exorcist.
    From wikipedia:

    “Friedkin originally intended to use Blair’s voice, electronically deepened and roughened, for the demon’s dialogue. Although Friedkin felt this worked fine in some places, he felt scenes with the demon confronting the two priests lacked the dramatic power required and selected legendary radio actress Mercedes McCambridge, an experienced voice actress, to provide the demon’s voice.[21] After filming, Warner Bros. did not include a credit for McCambridge during early screenings of the film, which led to Screen Actors Guild arbitration before she was credited for her performance.”

    And here’s a youtube video about Mercedes McCambridge:

    (She had a son who killed himself and his wife and daughters.)

    She also had alcohol problems.

    What do you see in her chart?

    Thank you!

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