Three Gorges Dam – China’s pride and joy in peril

China already reeling from the pandemic is experiencing historic levels of rain and flooding which are threatening their showpiece Three Gorges Dam, which they regard as a monumental social and economic success. The state-owned dam operator said some peripheral parts of the dam had buckled under the strain of holding back more water than it was designed to take from the Yangtze River in order to protect the mega-city of Wuhan amongst others downstream.

Construction was started 14 December 1994 and it took twenty years to finally complete. It has a Sagittarius Sun and more significantly a grandiose Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the focal point of a Saturn opposition Mars. There’s also an inspired and inventive but also anxiety-producing Uranus Neptune in Capricorn.

There have been rumours of an impending dam collapse through 2019/2020 which would have devastating effects on the lower Yangtze River.

The Dam chart is in an edgy few years with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune Uranus from 2019 to late 2021 which can be associated with natural disasters; and an undermining tr Neptune square Sun Mercury in 2021.  Though the most concerning phase might be when the Solar Arc Sun Mercury are conjunct the Neptune Uranus in 2023/24.

Previous catastrophic floods in the area:- In 1931 which badly affected Wuhan and area were when Saturn in Capricorn opposed Pluto in Cancer and squared Uranus. And again in 1954 when Uranus in Cancer was square Neptune in Libra. There is no start chart for Wuhan but outer planets in final decan Capricorn and Cardinal signs do appear to be warning flags.

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