Erik Prince – the spoils of war


Erik Prince, the private security contractor with aspirations to being the maestro of mercenary warfare has in recent years aided the Trump Administration. According to reports he runs a secretive intelligence-gathering operation that infiltrates groups considered hostile to Trump to undermine them.

Between 1997 and 2010 when Prince was CEO of Blackwater, it was awarded $2 billion in government security contracts, some of it classified work including for the CIA. After Blackwater became embroiled in mounting legal problems, Prince sold out and relocated to the Arab Emirates to work for the ruler; and started a private equity firm whose focus is oil and gas investment in Africa, with a state-owned Chinese group as the principal investor. He is the younger brother of Betsy De Vos, the much criticised Trump Secretary of Education.

Prince, born 6 June 1969 in Holland, Michigan, has a scattergun Mutable chart with a Sun and Mercury in Gemini opposition Mars in Sagittarius square a Pisces Moon. With a super-confident and adventurous Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus in Virgo. His Mercury is in an evasive opposition to Neptune; and his indulgent Venus is conjunct an ungiving Saturn.  His BML is conjunct his Sun.

What’s intriguing is that Prince’s megaton Pluto Jupiter is conjunct the USA Neptune (on 11am start) in the 12th – classic for behind the scenes secret missions and nefarious schemes.  His Jupiter Pluto also squares the USA Mars –  descriptive of high-risk military/mercenary contracts in dangerous locations.

He’s not the greatest fit with Trump despite their Geminian similarities and their relationship chart is showing definite signs of a downward drift from late August through September and again in early 2021 with tr Neptune square the composite Sun; And a definite hiccup over the election with tr Uranus square the composite Uranus.

But Prince won’t be down and out since tr Pluto is trine his Jupiter Pluto in 2021/22. Since he’s hedged his bets every which way he can hardly lose – merely move to another warlord. With his skills he’ll always have a ready supply of offers.

His sister, Betsy De Vos, 4 January 1958, is not looking remotely upbeat at the moment till late August with tr Neptune square her Saturn and that returns on and off till early 2022;   with a serious jolt approaching from the December Solar Eclipse conjunct her Saturn as well.

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  1. I have mistakenly posted a comment under Meghan and Harry instead of here but just wanted to say that my experience of women, at least, with the moon in Gemini is that there can be a tendency to untrustworthiness?

    • The only one I can think of off hand is me – and not sure I’m the best person to comment. I have been known to duck and dive when it suits me. But my Saturn on the whole keeps me straight.

    • Hey! I have Moon in Gemini! I’d say I’m trustworthy-if I feel loyalty towards someone (apparently I’ve something else in my chart regarding friendships—the real ones are few, but deep).

      That said—perhaps it’s the chatty-ness & gossiping that’d make one untrustworthy.

      All that said—I find Prince to be a scary, immoral figure. Ironic considering his sister’s performative Christianity. He is involved with the concentration camps in China—the ones for the Uiygers

  2. What is it with these deranged, power-hungry and ruthless Gemini males in powerful positions on the world stage right now?! I can’t say I have ever experienced male gemini’s in my life, oddly. I don’t have any in my family or close circle or been aware of them in my work environment. I have known a couple of female gemini’s and found them good enough to be around. But often heard when growing up that you should never trust gemini’s because they are two-faced. I thought it ridiculous and assumed it came from the fact their astro symbol are the twins.

    But these male gemini’s on the world stage make you question that twin energy; is it the conscious and their dark shadow they will not deal with that is symbolic of the twins? We all have this dual nature but wondered if it was being highlighted globally as a sign of the unconscious shadow within ourselves creating problems in the world outside of us?I

    That aside, I’m just sick of these blood-thirsty, misogynist ‘men’ who feel the dangerous need to destroy other people’s lives, ideals, or environments. Misogyny to me isn’t just the typical hatred for women. It represents everything that is toxic masculinity; cut off from their own emotions, despising women, homophobic, often racist and fascist, a dangerous acceptance of self-entitled privilege, and regularly violent be it physically or psychologically. All that is mixed up with this desperate need for male approval. The sooner this disturbing energy is eradicated from humanity the sooner we can move to a more peaceful existence among our fellow men. Because I’ve had enough of it already.

    • Twelve of the most prolific serial killers have been Geminis – Dahmer, Berkowitz, Bianchi, Sutcliffe etc.
      Not that all, clearly, are quite that horrific. But there is a slipperiness amongst the males especially, along with significant capabilities so it’s a tricky mix.
      The women, my general impression is, are less inclined to stray from the straight and narrow but can be decidedly chilly.

      • Thanks, Marjorie. I never thought about looking at the likes of the worst sorts in society to find certain astro markers. I’ve also been made aware over the years about Pisces who seem to have two sides; sentimental, caring and compassionate or bone-chilling killers with a capacity for cruelty. I think you (or some of your commentators) might have mentioned in the past that a number of Pisces lurked in top levels of the Nazi government as well as some other cruel regimes in across history and the world. From my own personal experience of astrological signs I have found Libran women to be basically misogynistic and all about pleasing men (only my experience and of course not true across the board) and Libran men to be quite feminist in some of their values, which is nice to see because its so rare. I’ve noticed these awful Libran women usually do well in the mans world of politics here in the UK.

        Seeing these air signs in power or doing generally cruel things to others mentioned in the news over the last few years is making me question things as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Air signs are a detachment from emotions but I’m hoping it’s not more at the expense of humanity? With the Age of Pisces we had, what I personally call the ‘mind parasite’ which is religion, and look how many people have perished under that ideal. But the likes of all this air energy on display right now is a tad alarming if these people in power are a sign of things to come? I hope not.

        I’m of the belief (and it might be my focal point Jupiter in Pisces) that humanity over the course of eternity actually does get better. One of my all-time favourite quotes is by Martin Luther King, Jnr., “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” If it wasn’t true, we’d all still be living under horrific conditions under the barbarity of Roman dictatorship and we women, children, and ethnic minorities would be treated with contempt like the standard cockroach. But there is a down-side to our evolution that we just have to accept. I’m sure it was philosopher Ken Wilber who said as we evolve to better things (the healthy mind) so does our general collective madness (the unhealthy mind).

        • It’s astonishing how much the old rule of thumb about Libras does apply in practice. Libra women veer towards their fathers and don’t think much of their mothers. And vice versa.
          Pisces can be cryogenically chilly – and you’re right about the Nazis – Mengele was Pisces for one. Carl Jung wrote a deal about the Age of Pisces which he associated with Christianity – but what always struck me, having fallen out of favour with my childhood upbringing of ‘Jesus loves you’, bucketloads of compassion blah blah, is that the central symbol for Christianity is one of bloody torture. The crucifixes in Spanish churches in particular are hair-curling. And that’s what people are worshipping? Bizarre.
          Dictators tend to favour Capricorn or Taurus.
          Aquarius do have a fair few fascists amongst their number – it’s that uncompromising, dogmatic attachment to an idea or a theory that warps them.

          • It’s amazing how many Gemini men seem to be wielding power at the moment, plus some other mutable signs currently in power – Macron is Sagittarius, Viktor Orban is yet another Gemini, Erdogan is Pisces with a Sagittarius Moon…..maybe this all symbolises a mutable transitional phase? Very unsettling though. My own experience of Gemini men is completely good twin/bad twin – one very horrible relationship with a compulsive liar, and one beloved relative who only had Sun in Gemini……

            I also noticed Erik Prince has his Sun and BML in Gemini conjunct fixed star Rigel, in the constellation Orion. Orion was a mythical giant who threatened to kill all the creatures on Earth. When aligned with the Sun, Rigel signifies:
            “Bold, courageous, insolent, unruly temper, hasty actions, bloodshed, many enemies, great good fortune, military success. [Robson*, p.198.]” Constellations of

  3. Maybe Prince’s private equity company will finance Don’s debts:
    “On financial disclosure forms, Trump has reported holding 14 loans on 12 proper­ties. At least six of those loans, representing about $479 million in debt, are due over the next four years. Some are guaranteed by Trump himself, meaning a creditor could come after his personal—not corporate—­assets if he defaults. If he holds onto the White House, the refinancing of these debts could take his conflicts of interest to absurd new heights. How will the public know if these deals are on the up and up or whether Trump is receiving sweetheart terms from a bank that wants an in with the president? And what might a lender desire in return for helping Trump out of a financial jam?”.

  4. “But Prince won’t be down and out since tr Pluto is trine his Jupiter Pluto in 2021/22. Since he’s hedged his bets every which way he can hardly lose – merely move to another warlord. With his skills he’ll always have a ready supply of offers.”

    Agreed, 100 per cent. Prince is scary, because unlike just about anyone at Trump’s World, including his sister, he is also extremely competent and ruthless. Lately, when law enforcement without identification have appeared in various locations, I’ve read comments from journalists who’ve been to Iraq and seen how he managed that operation (basicly, saved where he could by using 3rd World contractors, but then had a core of incredibly well trained people for “elite” jobs) telling people “these are not Prince’s, not fit or well equipped enough”. He will continue playing a role in World Politics in decades to come.

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