Meghan and Harry – freedom comes with a price tag

The Meghan Harry breaking-free-of-the-Royal-prison book is out, with protestations from the couple that they had no hand in it. The concern of courtiers and the Royal inner circle is it will exacerbate the family rift as it airs what Meghan and Harry see as their rightful grievances.  Though early reports that the Sussexes felt upset because Prince William and Prince Charles were given priority over them is only likely to increase public bewilderment. And the notion that they were done down because everyone feared they would become more popular than the Royal family itself is risible.

Harry has been sliding into a Neptunian dip since the wedding which happened when tr Neptune was square his Mars, usually a sign of panicky-failure; and it is now approaching the opposition to his Virgo Sun and square his Solar Arc Midheaven from April next year, on and off for a year or so – which will be indecisive, confused and lacklustre. He’s also got his Progressed Moon moving through his 8th house for another year which is conflicted, often anguished, and feels like being stuck in purgatory.

On top of all of that he has tr Saturn heading downwards in his First Quadrant which is a low-profile, less successful time, which can bring up unresolved psychological issues and will bring some financial cutbacks from 2022 for three years thereafter.  He looks especially jangled and nervy now till late this September with tr Uranus opposition his Sun/Neptune midpoint. With the final hit of tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Moon midpoint from mid this August to late November, which points to inner turmoil and will put strain on his marriage – and indeed relationship with parent figures.

His Solar Return for the year from his birthday this September points to a challenging and acutely frustrating year ahead with the pressured and restrictive Saturn Pluto in the 3rd square an angry-partner Mars in the 7th with a needs-space Uranus also in the 7th.

Meghan had the recent Lunar Eclipse elbowing her 12th house Mars in excitable Cancer so she will be on red alert and arguing the toss at every turn especially with that on top of tr Pluto opposition her Mercury/Mars midpoint through this July and August. Like Harry she has the conflicted and stuck Progressed Moon moving through her 8th for another year. Her irritable streak will roll on in 2021/22 with the trapped tr Pluto opposition her Sun/Mars midpoint. 2021 will also see tr Uranus square her Leo Sun from May onwards ; with a couple of awkward Solar Arcs of Solar Arc Uranus square her Moon in late 2021 and then square Saturn in late 2022 which will cause family upsets.

Like Harry she’ll experience a minor blip upwards of her finances in 2021 and then an extended two/three years of setbacks and cutbacks thereafter from 2022 onwards.

On Royal relationships:

Prince Charles and the Queen appear to be most upset with Harry through this year and next. Prince William and Kate are none too happy but will be more stressed from mid 2021 for a year.

With Meghan it is much the same, with Prince Charles and the Queen feeling undermined, confused and concerned this year and more so next. The Kate/Meghan strain will roll on, worsening if anything in 2023/24 as tr Pluto squares their composite Sun.

The Meghan/Harry relationship chart is labouring under discouraging Saturn transits conjunct the Midheaven and opposition the Moon and square Pluto through till this December – no sense of positive progress and a reality check. With a hint of stress-testing tr Pluto hard aspects this year and on until 2024.

Never was a relationship chart more illuminating with their composite Moon opposition Midheaven square Saturn Pluto pointing to an internal dynamic of emotional tension and pressure which will tend to get projected out onto the family.  If both their families dematerialised they would be left facing each other forced to work out their own issues.

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  1. If she’s lied about her age, that’s sad…..nobody would hold that against her, especially when she was making Harry happy. All your good astro instincts are in full force everyone, but it is a waste of time without accurate info and Meghan only wants attention, the light on her, instead of a truly private life. Harry has deep passions for the military, he will be lost without them as they saved him many times with discipline and affection. The worst thing is suing everyone – instead of focusing on what they have (much more than most) and affection and respect if she stops wanting to justify herself all the time. Do good, love each other, but its private business, keep it that way.

  2. It seems that the couple is becoming more negative and clearly doesn’t realize it. With all these stresses, do you think their marriage would last?

  3. This is a terrible generalization, I know, but I do think that Meghan being a Leo was a major factor in the palace bust-up. She naturally wanted to be the star of the royal show but was constantly reminded in subtle and perhaps not-so-subtle ways that she was second fiddle to Kate, the future queen. That did not sit well, I’m sure. On the other side of the story, I can well imagine that Will and Kate felt a bit threatened by Meghan’s glamour (Leo) and skill at stealing the spotlight (Leo again). ‘Twas all about jealousy.

  4. I don’t think Meghan is that intelligent. Her Sun/Mercury is not close enough. I did a chart where the young man had a Sun/Mercury conjunction within seconds. They had an IQ of 178 and have since proved themselves to be worthy of that IQ. I would also like to put Meghan’s moon on the Saturn/Jupiter midpoint. Her Jupiter is linked to her Sun/Mercury midpoint and will give her a inflated opinion of her views. This will also lead her to believe she is a saviour. I see an incredibly volatile women, who alternates between being a Goddess/Teacher in her own mind (3rd house). She thinks she is here on a mission with that Cancer/Capricorn/Leo Sun. It will be difficult for her to settle for anything less than adoration. I am not a sophisticated astrologer, like Marjorie, I tend to use intuition as much as planetary alignment.

    • I tend to believe her real birth chart is closer to this:
      – August, 4th, 1977.

      In it her Moon is in Aries, conjunct the MC.
      . In this one: Moon opposite Pluto; and there’s a kite pointing to Mars in Gemini (anger, duplicit action) formed by an opposition from Neptune/Mars and the trine is by Moon/Sun in Leo/Nept in sag.
      – There’s also another kite, pointing to Pluto in Libra in the 4th house (Moon opp. Pluto – and the trine is the same Moon/Sun/Neptune).

      Because of her behavior I would say that the Moon in Aries speaks on selfishness (and a need to be controlling – Moon opp. Pluto). Duplicity and lies – Mars opp. Neptune.

      – Not smart enough: Mercury in Virgo squaring Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Sag.

      Why do I think this chart is closer to the correct one (and not the one on astro) – because of her marriage to Prince Harry, which happened on the 19th of May, 2018. In that time Meghan had already had her progressed new moon (the marriage came after this progressed new moon in Virgo at 20º Virgo – btw, P. Harry’s natal Sun is at 22º Virgo – and Meghan’s P. 1977 chart puts he Sun at 21º Virgo at the time of the marriage). Major life changes are shown, I would say, in the progressed chart.

      – The correct chart could also be the one of 1976 (this would make sense with the common knowlege that actresses take 5 years from their actual birth date). In that one (progressed chart) – the rising sign is at 28º Leao (marrying into royalty), the P. Sun at 22º Virgo (Harry’s natal Sun), the MC at 24º Taurus (opposing Q. Elisabeth II Saturn at 25º Scorpio, conjnct the MC – Meghan is a challenge to monarchy itself, I would say). Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter in Gemini, in the 10th – luck, luck, luck and a rise in station by marrying a younger man (gemini). If the 1976 is correct – her natal moon would be in Sag. conjunct Neptune (lies) in the 5th house, and opposing Jupiter at 27º Taurus (being grandiose). In the 1976 chart Jupiter/moon and Sag also square 2º Leo Venus and 1º Virgo Mercury.

      All of this just to say – I don’t believe the 1981 date for her birthday.

    • @Nel

      LOL I know a Capricorn Sun Mars Mercury Pisces rising Leo Moon and she definitely just settles for total adoration! She does have a Cancer North Node!

  5. This morning ( Monday 27th) the papers are saying that information in the book about Meghan leaking stuff to the Press in previous times will be brought up in court to undermine her case against the Mail on Sunday. What do the charts show for the success of this case?

    Also – looking at both charts – will this relationship really go the distance?

    • Truly terrible idea to sue the Mail – there was never any way they could come out of this as winners. They really do have the most appalling judgement and clearly don’t listen to advice – well from the right people anyway.

      • What I don’t understand is that Meghan is seen as being very bright certainly in relation to other members of the RF. There is a quote from an unnamed Royal source that ‘all their IQs put together would not equal hers’. She has Moon in Air – surely that should enable her to look at the big picture in a more detached way and to not take things so personally? Yet they both come across as a pair of stroppy, emotionally immature teenagers – it is weird how they seem to exactly mirror each other in this respect, even though Meghan appears to be far more intelligent that Harry. That composite Moon in Cancer (which can have a babyish quality) should be really comfortable with emotions, dependency needs but is squashed by the square to Saturn and Pluto – it is like the emotional development/ intelligence for both of them is stunted or crushed in some way. Hence the constant lashing out and overreaction which can be a bit reminiscent of toddler rage at times.

        • having a high IQ doesn’t guarantee to having it well-integrated. it can often only to serve as a burr in the britches of one’s life.

  6. All very combative it seems. They are now confronting the LA paparrazi, who’ve been using drones to take photos. Next year Uranus hits Meghan’s Sun and Harry’s Saturn, which makes me wonder. Perhaps another move or big change will emerge. They seem to have lost their way, which is a shame considering how much good they could potentially do in this world. LA is a strange city, and I suspect a very difficult location if you want to feel “normal” or thrive in a quiet way. It’s founding horoscope is 4th April, 1850 – a stellium in Aries with Pluto conjunct Uranus at this summer’s sensitive 25-28 degrees.

  7. Marjorie,

    Here is an out-there thought.

    Megxit, in 2020, is almost exactly one Uranus return after the Abdication (1936). So I wondered if Uranus is triggering something in somebody’s chart. The one person common to both events is the Queen. So I wonder if you can add to this article by seeing where tr Uranus is in her chart in both 1936 and 2020.

    As an aside, Uranus would have squared its current position in 1957 and 1999, both two years after major events in Royal marriages related to the Queen (Princess Margaret’s breakup with Peter Townsend and Princess Diana’s death respectively). I’m not sure of any major event’s in or around 1978 (Uranus’s opposition to the current position).

    I would love to hear your thoughts on whether it is HMQ’s chart being triggered that is affecting these recent events.

    • 1977 – Queen’s first grandchild – Peter Phillips.
      1979 – her uncle Louis Mountbatten was blown up by the IRA.
      These would all be highly significant times for her personally but I’m not sure this present hooha is of earth-shattering significance for the Monarchy, nothing like 1936. Harry is 6th in line and after William’s children arrived really is totally spare. Would have been nice if he’d managed to stay and pull his weight but it’ll survive without him.

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