USA – Neptune trine the Cancer Sun


Within days tr Neptune will trine the USA Cancer Sun, running on and off till late 2018. It’s a soft aspect but sometimes even they have more event-filled consequences on a country chart than would be expected from an individual.

The last time there was a trine to the USA Sun was when Neptune was in Scorpio from Jan 1962 to June 1963. JFK was in the White House and trouble started brewing with Cuba ending in the Missile Crisis in October 1962 which was as close as the west got to a world war with Russia. Anxiety levels ran high.

John Glenn was in space; Marilyn Monroe died. There was a 114 day strike by NY newspapers.

JFK was assassinated in November 1963 when tr Neptune had moved on two degrees from the exact trine.

Though there were other influences running then which are not the same this time round. 1962/63 had the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo and Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune – both of which were hugely unsettled and uncertain.  This time round, the chaos of the Trump admin might well soak it up – and  potential foreign relations debacles.


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