Doris Day – a Hollywood fantasy



Doris Day, the bubbly blonde with the girl-next-door image who became the top ranking female star of the 1950s/60s in musicals with Gordon MacRae and rom-coms with Clark Gable and Rock Hudson has reached the ripe old age of 95.

She was born 3 April 1922 at 4.30 pm Cincinnati, Ohio, USA into a family of German immigrants. The reality of her life belied her eternal-optimist, virginal screen persona. Her unfaithful father split from her mother; she had a car crash in her teens which ruined her dancing ambitions, had atrocious taste in violent and cheating men, multiple affairs and four bad marriages. Latterly she’s been indulging her interest in animal welfare.

She has a 7th house wants-a-partner Aries Sun in a confident, demanding, inspirational Fire Grand Trine to Mars in Sagittarius trine Neptune in Leo, so definitely suited to showbiz. Her Sun is also in an expansive, confident opposition to Jupiter North Node (and Saturn) in Libra square a controlling 10th house Pluto in Cancer. Her mother was obviously pushy and controlling with a 10th house Pluto and a 10th house Moon conjunct MC is in an emotionally volatile opposition Mars. It left her with a legacy of troubled relationships; and she was evidently prone to tantrums in her working life which is not surprising. Her Venus in Aries is deeply buried in her 8th so she clearly was attracted to intense relationships and certainly had an action-packed life.

Her strongest Harmonic is the ‘super-star’ 22nd; next the ‘victim’ 12th; and she had a reaching-for-the-heights 5H which combined Neptune Pluto with Venus and Mars – so destined for great things though not always happiness.

6 thoughts on “Doris Day – a Hollywood fantasy

  1. I think it is a reference to the Ducal couple, William and Kate and his few days relaxing, again, when he should have been working.

    And the release of “new” photos of what was supposedly Pippa’s hen party when in fact they are photos of a skiing holiday that Kate took several years ago.

  2. ….and there were we, little girls in the 1950’s loving her as she sniffed the washing on the line and sang about what she’d make the husband for dinner! Them were the days…….why was the gap so great then between their reality and the on-screen persona? did it matter? She always had a tough edge but competent. Must have killed her to wear frilly dresses and tow the line…….. any news on the Cambridge atmosphere in the days after his dancing antics, Marjorie

  3. I have to say, also being an Aries woman in the 1950’s and 1960’s Hollywood Environment can’t have been easy. Nowadays, a woman with this kind of a chart would probably have a much better control of her own career, expanding to producing quite effordlessly. I’m thinking of Reese Witherspoon, who does seem to have a temper, but works, most recently with HBO as a star and producer of a “Big Little Lies”.

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