South Africa – a calamitous government

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Feelings are running high in South Africa after President Jacob Zuma fired a respected finance minister without bothering to inform him ahead of time in person, in a major midnight cabinet reshuffle. Commentators write: “It’s not hyperbolic to suggest that what happens next – in the coming hours and days – will determine whether South Africa’s hard-won democracy will survive or whether it will join the club of post-colonial calamities that have scarred the continent’s past. The stakes couldn’t be higher.”

“Zuma’s ruthless display of power could prompt an economic crisis that could easily send South Africa into a downward spiral  whose consequences are impossible to predict.” “The rand has already plunged  on news of his removal. Market sentiment will collapse. And there’s a high likelihood that perhaps as early as next week, rating agency Moody’s will downgrade South Africa to junk status.

“Zuma’s career has been marked by a bullish disregard for convention and a rugged tenacity in the face of adversity.” “It’s as several senior ANC insiders have described in recent days as being about “the corrupt versus the non-corrupt”. “Is South Africa sleepwalking towards the door marked “dictatorship”? Repeatedly, the analyst community has underestimated Zuma. Repeatedly, he’s fought back ruthlessly. He doesn’t conform to the “usual rules” or the same political calculations. He cares only about his interests and those of his sponsors and of a band of ‘comprador’ nationalists.”

The South Africa 27 April 1994 chart has tr Uranus square the Neptune Uranus in Capricorn conjunction through this year, into 2018 – so high tension, with fanatical outbursts, a country on the edge. The February Pisces Eclipse was conjunct the 2nd house Saturn suggesting a sharp reality check where money is concerned over the coming months. The Solar Arc MC is conjunct the 10th house Pluto exactly now, which is a fair description of the trapped country whose destiny is in the hands of a control freak. There might be some hope from tr Pluto sextile the 10th house Moon in 2018/19; but tr Pluto will oppose the Neptune Uranus through from 2019 to 2022 which will be devastating and difficult.

The South Africa 31 May 1910 chart is in no better shape; with tr Pluto opposition the Neptune Mars in Cancer this year for confusion, fear and deadlock; jolting with tr Uranus square Uranus and conjunct Venus; more so in 2018 with tr Uranus conjunct Saturn; and again living through disruption and rebellion from tr Pluto opposition Uranus through till the early 2020s.

Unfortunately Jacob Zuma’s Presidency chart, 24 May 2014 11.35am has a strongly aspected Jupiter, which would certainly back up his devil-may-care attitude to rules and decency but also gives him undeserved luck. Plus an MC conjunct the destructive Algol, not known for its moral standing. That chart looks bullishly confident through till late 2018.

His own personal chart, is equally gung ho till late 2018; though he does get a tr Pluto square his Aries Sun in 2018/19; and he does start to slide by 2019 with tr Neptune square his Jupiter.

What a sad legacy for Nelson Mandela.

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