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  1. marjorie,
    good morning from hot desert of california

    i know i am asking again and again, but if you find time would you be kind enough to do a post on TESLA
    last night they lost lots of money and spending people’s money like nothing
    how long this party will last???
    thank you
    Aries rising at 27:23 and Asc L in 10th at MEP (Pretoria, South Africa, 28th June 1971, 3:35 am.

  2. A CNN article has compared Trump and President Xi as “twins” in that they both share a birthday month.

    “They also share a Zodiac sign. Trump’s birthday is June 14 and Xi’s is June 15, making them Geminis, or “twins.” ”

    A bit too simplistic a comparison. The article details how both men want what’s important to their respective countries. This is natural but a bit farfetched to consider them “Gemini” twins. Perhaps a spin to reduce the spotlight on Trumpeting machoism.


  3. It would be interesting to see your take on H.R. McMaster, Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor. Steve Bannon was made to leave his National Security Counsil seat, and while Kushners’ dislike of him is obvious, there’s speculation this is at least partially due to McMaster, who seems to be part of Pentagon (unsurprincingly) “taking over”, with General Mattis.

  4. Hello Marjorie,
    Please look at the chart of Muḥammad bin Rāshid al Maktūm, vice president of Emirates (UAE), and Ruler of Dubai?

  5. Hi Marjorie

    Curious about what triggered Mel B to do something about what she says has been a nightmare of long term abuse during her 10 year marriage? She really hid it well even though I think there were rumblings from her family which she dismissed……
    Just shows that all that glitters is not gold.

    Thanks for your good work in enlightening/educating us daily. We really do appreciate it!

  6. Hi Marjorie, I may have sent twice apologise if I did.
    I worry about these given effects of this upcoming Eclipse I have read about.
    Trust/hope all is well with you and thank you!

  7. Marjorie: Bill O’Reilly, the insufferably arrogant star of Fox News, has paid $13 million to five women accusing him of sexual harassment. He has a history of this kind of behavior. There’s talk that his career might now be in jeopardy. His personal life appears to be extremely messy…..his divorce a few years ago was contentious, to say the very least. Fox is being pressured to fire him. Any chance of that happening? After all these years of spewing fanatical right-wing rhetoric with a certain segment of the public lapping it up, could O’Reilly actually be toppled from his bully pulpit? Hard to imagine–with his ratings still high–but, again, the pressure is mounting. Thoughts?

  8. Hi Marjorie,
    As she’s 95 tomorrow not 93, Articles all over the Net this evening saying she’s found out she’s actually 2 years older,
    thought it would be nice to ask re Doris Day born 3 April 1922 @ 16.30p.m., in Cincinatti, Ohio.
    Thank you if you look into.

  9. Any thoughts on Solar Eclipses to come on June 21 2020 going through China/India/Pakistan/Arabian Penisula/Africa and
    April 8 2024 which goes through Canada and here in the U.S., Marjorie?
    Thank you.

    • This was on an earlier comments segment
      Michael, You asked about June 2020 and April 2024 Eclipses. Any reason why? They aren’t that stark. The 2020 has a new Moon at 0 degrees Cancer square Mars; and is in a tricky blocked Saros series.
      The 2024 April Eclipse has an unaspected 19 degree Aries New Moon; and is in an inspirational, inventive Saros series.

      The Dec 2020 (next US president) Eclipse carries strong emotional feelings of frustration and situations beyond control. It’s at 23 Sagittarius opposition the USA Mars in Gemini, so it will be an angry mood. The triple conjunction of Saturn Pluto Jupiter in Capricorn is fairly close at that point though not aspecting the New Moon.

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