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Momentous times for the USA as tr Pluto heads for its First Return in 2022. On the USA 1776 chart, Pluto in Capricorn opposes Mercury in Cancer, describing a dark, fanatical streak in the American temperament; and that opposition will be seriously rattled through 2017/18 by tr Uranus picking up the square (see Dec 26 Post on US 2017) from this April. With a tremendous upheaval as tr Uranus squares Pluto exactly through 2018. Past experience would suggest it tends to bring out extreme right-wing elements and political scandals.

Ebertin associates Mercury Pluto with: demagogues, plagiarists, those who fraudulently misrepresent, slyness and cunning, irritability, and psychological pressure since Mercury rules the rational mind. That’s all on the negative side – it can, if kept under control, be persuasive and an insightful critic.

Even more pressured will be the tr Pluto opposition the US Mercury, picking up in spring 2020 and exact over the 2021 Inauguration and moving on to conjunct the US Pluto in 2022/23. So a longish period of intensity, fierce debate and mental strain. Pluto will, of course be boosted by the conjunction to Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn which will make it an even more complex scenario.

Previous times of tr Pluto in hard aspect to the US Pluto opposition Mercury were:

1845 to 1851, Pluto in Aries – Democratic President, bitter anti-slavery fights; and the US-Mexican War over the secession of Texas.

1933 to 1938, Pluto in Cancer – Franklin Roosevelt breathes new life into the American spirit with the New Deal, a response to the Great Depression, which works economically for a while before hitting a recession in 1937/38. Dust Bowl storms in 1933/34. J. Edgar Hoover takes over FBI.

Dec 1980 to Sept 1983, Pluto in Libra – Reagan in White House, revitalising a disenchanted nation after Jimmy Carter and the failure of Vietnam. Swingeing tax cuts lead to soaring budget deficit and highest unemployment since 1940. He gets shot in 1981; a recession in 1982 with Pluto conjunct Saturn in Libra.

The 2020 election occurs with an exact conjunction of Jupiter Pluto in Capricorn with tr Saturn four degrees further on. With Jupiter Pluto square Mars in Aries so strong-arm tactics, violence, ruthless and bullying. Looks very capitalist to me.

The 2021 Inauguration chart is all set for a crisis-ridden term with a control-freaky Pluto conjunct the MC (assuming 12 noon) and the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn square a 12th house Mars Uranus (Moon). That would point to subversive rebellions; i.e underground groups working explosively to disrupt the government. While Jupiter Saturn and Sun in Aquarius might seem to be humanitarian, there is also a fascist streak to Aquarius.  Tr Neptune is also rapidly heading to square the US Mars from March 2012 for two years which   usually accompanies a sense of panicky failure and plummeting morale..

[I’ll have a look tomorrow at countries which have old charts and have been through their Pluto return to see what effect it had on them.]

13 thoughts on “USA – living through intense times ahead

  1. Marjorie, what a prescient post this is! My jaw dropped – it is excellent interpretation. I do think the message of Pluto is always that ‘nature rules’ – in the race for dominance, big business and stinking politics (not just the US, of course) it’s forgotten that nature always has the upper hand. As with Katrina, not enough money has been spent on normal defences to protect the land….so they are having to live with the wise words of Karl Marx which so accurately describe the current situation.
    “It is absolutely impossible to transcend the laws of nature. What can change in historically different circumstances, is only the form in which these laws expose themselves.” QED

  2. Marjorie,


    Thank you for all the hard work you put into your in-depth, sober, and balanced examinations of the US and world.

    The short- and medium-terms for the US look challenging at best.

    When does the US, and its allies, get any relief or buoyancy in the longer-term?

    Thanks so much,

    • Grace, There is an old expression – ‘the way things never were.’ We tend to get sentimental about the past, rose-coloured glasses and all that. But was it ever that calm? For the USA: McCarthy, Nixon, JFK assassinated, the long drawn out horror of Vietnam, the deep fears through decades of the Cold War, Lyndon Johnson’s depression, Reagan’s economic disaster, Clinton’s impeachment, GWB 9/11 and Iraq etc — and those are just a selection. Admittedly there are times of economic sunshine and others of storm, where ordinary people prosper or don’t, but what’s coming may not be that out of the norm for a country as complex as the USA.

      • Well-said, Marjorie. Perhaps it just seems more intense now because Trump & Co. barely pay lip service to the values of democracy or the rule of law.

  3. The good news is, if there will be an Election in The US in 2024, 2025 Inauguration Chart won’t be bad at all. 2029 could even be glorious. I suppose, every now and then, people need to be reminded of the core values that US 1776 Chart carries. I’m hopeful for the 2020’s and 2030’s. Many things – such as how do we, soon to be 8 and 9 billion people, co-exist on a planet with limited resources – must be addressed, but it still looks better to me than the early half of the 20th Century, to me.

    • Either by blessing or curse, long life runs in my family…and I’ll live to see many more such candidates…tho hopefully from another continent.

  4. Quote “strong-arm tactics, violence, ruthless and bullying. Looks very capitalist to me.” Add the execution of anyone likely to provide an effective opposition to their rule and it looks very Marxist to me,

    • Sorry, really meant the Jup Pluto in Capricorn looked capitalist, and maybe the bully boy tactics too, to be sure. Previous times of tr Uranus hitting Merc Pluto in US spawned Nixon and previously McCarthy.

  5. Rednecks predicted a bloodbath in America between Christians and Muslims during Obama’s administrations. Never happened. But another kind of civil war is entirely possible during the opening yrs of the next decade.

    I’ve often heard (and read) that democracies and constitutional republics no not last more than 200 yrs. What kind of country will the US evolve into, and do we want to remain here under that shadow?

    • The democracy, as we know it, with civic liberties and obligations, is only this one Pluto cycle old. So, who is able to tell what kind of system will prevail? I’m still willing to follow William F. Buckley through Winston Churchill road on that while democratic system is flawed, it’s still the best form of Government there is.

    • I agree with larryc here. Trump is a symptom, not an outcome.

      And you could read that 12th house emphasis as someone who is truly going to “break the wheel” winning, and meeting true resistance from established forces.

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