Lee Radziwill – a sparkling soul, but forever in the shadow of her sister

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Lee Radziwill, Jackie Kennedy’s younger sister, was if anything, more beautiful, elegant with a keener eye for fashion of the two. But she lived forever in her sister’s shadow. While they clearly had an affectionate relationship they were also constantly upstaging each other.

Lee, 3 March 1933 5.46pm New York (astrotheme), was a Sun Pisces opposition Neptune, Mars, Jupiter in Virgo squaring onto a Gemini Moon – so highly enthusiastic and exuberant, constantly scattered, yet also sensitive to slights with such an emphasised Moon. She was dependent with a 7th house Sun, but needed more love than one person could give her, so she flitted through three marriages and had multiple affairs, including with Ari Onassis before Jackie married him. Her Uranus in the 8th may well have been another part of her restless need for new sexual partners, and given that it squared Pluto, her life would be in constant turmoil.

Jackie’s Leo Sun fell in her 11th for a friendly connection, cemented during a difficult childhood with a drunken, roustabout of a father, then parental divorce and a step-family in their teens. Jackie’s Jupiter was conjunct Lee’s Moon and Midheaven so she would bring Lee status; but Jackie’s cool, self-righteous Saturn squared Lee’s 1st house Jupiter, so Lee would constantly feel criticised.

Their relationship chart had most significantly an afflicted 10th house Pluto, which does suggest a struggle for the upper hand; with a composite conjunction of Mars Neptune which again suggests an ego/self-esteem clash – one wins, the other feels diminished. There was closeness from a composite Venus square Pluto, though with undertones of jealousy; and superficial niceness from Venus square Jupiter.

Both of them and their relationship lived through tumultuous times with Uranus square Pluto marked on all the charts.

When Jackie died, having grown much richer from Onassis’s death and her subsequent relationship with Maurice Templesman increased her fortune by tenfold through his management, she left nothing to Lee, who was in more impoverished circumstances (comparatively speaking), not even a memento, which seems petty and spiteful.


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