Ireland – embarrassed and shamed by yet another Church child cruelty horror

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Ireland already reeling from multiple allegations of sexual abuse by clergy and maltreatment in institutional homes like the Magdalene Laundries, has another horror to add to its conscience. In the region of 800 babies born to unmarried women in Ireland ended up dumped in a septic tank at the Bon Secours Home at Tuam run by RC nuns over decades. Reports over the years suggested children in the home were underfed and mistreated, often dying from poor care. But under the iron thumb of an authoritarian, supremely arrogant and cruelly uncaring Catholic Church there was little hope of any action being taken. Illegitimate children were regarded as the product of sin and therefore sinful in themselves.

Not that it is a peculiarly Irish problem, since the Poor Sisters of Nazareth who ran UK orphanages were described in one report as “ruthless, sadistic, mad, depraved.’ And the Abuse Inquiry is now hearing of the sexual abuse of tens of thousands of British children forcibly deported to Australia by the UK government and leading churches and charities, between 1947 and 1970.

Words fail me. Do-gooders and holy rollers. It’s the hypocrisy which is so mind-bending. How do they square their pious superiority with such acts of wanton cruelty? I hope when they got to meet St Peter at the Pearly Gates, they were promptly sent elsewhere.

And the issue of abortion is still stuck back in a mediaeval time warp in Northern Ireland as well. Usually when countries have a punitive attitude to women they have afflicted Moons.

The Ireland 6 December 1922 5pm chart has a Moon Pluto in Cancer square Saturn in Libra which is bleak, tough, suppressive, uncaring. Moon Pluto is also in a Water Grand Trine to Uranus and Jupiter in Scorpio, which will stick the country in a rut, locked into a fantasy-land where facing up to unpleasant realities has to be avoided. Tr Pluto is square the 4th house Saturn this year; and Solar Arc Pluto Moon will conjunct that Saturn in 2018, which doesn’t hold out much hope for a speedy remedy, at least in the near future. Though from the looks of that there may be more depressing stories creeping out into the open.

Northern Ireland, 3 May 1921 12 am, with highly restrictive laws (unlike the UK) refusing abortion unless the mother’s life is at risk, (ie. not in the case of foetal abnormality, rape or incest) has been described by the UN and judges as cruel, inhuman and degrading, violating a woman’s human rights. The NIreland Moon is conjunct Uranus, trine Pluto and opposition Saturn Jupiter, so not dissimilar to Ireland. Tr Neptune is wending its way round the NI Moon and Saturn over this year and into 2019; with a collision in 2019 so there might be a chance of a change then.

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