USA – fearing the worst about Trump

Will the unthinkable happen and Trump get re-elected? Not only are sensible Americans agitated at the prospect so are the reasonables of the rest of the world. Only the dictators elsewhere are adjusting their plans in the hope of a fellow-traveller back in the White House. Putin may drag out the Ukraine campaign for that reason.

 This is not a detailed look at election fortunes since previous posts have covered Trump and Biden ad nauseam and will no doubt be reprised in future.

  But there are two factors of Astro-note. One of which is the Republican Convention on 15 July 2024 which looks fraught in the extreme with a Sun trine Saturn Neptune in Pisces sextile an exact, explosive Mars Uranus conjunction in Taurus  – edgy, uncertain with a clash of no-compromise attitudes.  Trump also has tr Uranus exactly square his Mars in Leo then – which can be a shock to self-esteem and tends to provoke an extreme reaction. In some older types it can also be health related (heart) but he seems to be immune to the vagaries that affect normal people.

  Exactly then on the USA chart the Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct the Mars to within a minute of a degree which usually accompanies a setback of considerable proportions. The Solar Arc Saturn then moves on to square the USA Neptune for high-anxiety and uncertainty in 2025.

  Also exactly in July 2024 Trump’s relationship chart with the USA has the composite Jupiter at 26 Leo which tr Uranus will be square – which is impossible to say which way it will go. Great relief that he is out of the running – or a lucky break for him.

  I fear the dread will continue on right through 2024 until and unless the GOP regain their sanity. But that may not happen. Not fun for worried Americans and global onlookers, but the astrology will be worth watching.

  William Hague in The Times yesterday;

“For British people, it is unthinkable that anyone indicted in relation to fraud, conspiracy, taking classified documents, paying hush money and attempting to overturn a legitimate election could ever be a serious candidate again. But to Americans — living in two separate worlds of their own newsfeeds, bitterly divided by race, wokeness, abortion and many other issues, using a system of primary elections in which name recognition is a huge advantage — it has become thinkable. Indeed, it is on the verge of becoming probable.”

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  1. @marjorie @KG …Yes please Marjorie. There has been a fair amount of discussion about project 2025 on MSNBC especially from former GOPers members of the Lincoln Project on the horrors of what it would mean for the country and very few people are paying attention.A complete right wing overhaul of the country thought up by the Heritage Foundation. It’s scary!

    • @ Anita,

      I agree. 2025 will likely be the most consequential election of our lifetimes. So many people didn’t listen to Hillary Clinton back in 2016 when she warned this country that we were headed for trouble if Americans didn’t wake their butts up and start paying attention.

      But…there are a lot of childish, stubborn voters in this country and many of them decided to pull a little hissy fit and they either voted third-party or didn’t vote at all because they didn’t think Hillary Clinton was “cool” enough.

      The mainstream media didn’t help much either. They helped elevate Trump because he brought in the ratings.

      I worry about another “2016” type of election…the Biden’s “age” thing and Hunter Biden’s legal troubles are like the new Hillary Clinton “emails” and “Benghazi” headline stories.

      If Democrats were slated to lose to one of the “normie” classically conservative Republicans (a dying breed), I still would not be happy about it…but at least I wouldn’t worry about them trying to axe the Constitution, steal future elections, and cozy up to the likes of murderous dictators such as Vladimir Putin.

      It’s really alarming that people like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy can display thenmost egregious behavior and run on the most autocratic platforms one can imagine and voters STILL don’t seem to mind.

      My friend’s reading in Kamala Harris and Simon Rosenberg’s recent data are about the only things keeping me cautiously optimistic about next year’s elections.

  2. A couple of zingers on the election:
    “the only known cure for presidential ambition is embalming fluid”.
    A choice between the Unspeakable versus the Incapable.

  3. Last night, I spoke with a friend of mine who has more of a knack for political astrology and I referred her to this post. She did concur with the assessment here. However, when I asked her about Vice President Kamala Harris, she told me she noticed some interesting signs.

    The 2024 eclipse could actually correlate with Kamala Harris’s goals. The Jupiter-Venus conjunction on Election Day will fall on her ascendant-North Node-Descendant-South Node axis. Also, Kamala Harris will be having a Jupiter return in 2024 and her progressed Saturn will be in conjunction with her Midheaven. And on Election Day, Uranus will be conjuncting Kamala Harris’s Jupiter. All of that sounds fairly encouraging for Kamala Harris (it will be interesting to see how it all manifests).

    Before ending our phone conversation, my friend mentioned one more thing about the election – Venus will be prominent, loud and center, on Election Day. Could that indicate strong feminist energy that day? Picture it: hordes of angry women voters channeling their “Helen Reddy” energy by “roaring” to the polls with a ballot in one hand and a “Gloria Steinem” fist pump in the other. After all, abortion and women’s reproductive rights have become a pivotal issue for many women voters here in the U.S.

    Anyway, not to distract too much from the astrology, but I wanted to share this in hopes of injecting a bit of optimism into the discussion. There was a segment on MSNBC where a psephologist named Simon Rosenberg was interviewed about the elections. In 2022, Rosenberg was the only psephologist (at least, mainstream) to accurately predict that Democrats would do better in the midterm elections than expected. All of the data wonks, political forecasting models, public opinion polls, etc. from other sources predicted the Republicans winning back both the House and Senate. Rosenberg, however, explained how he came to a different conclusion by using a mix of data from turnout numbers in special elections, polls, etc.

    And this past Tuesday, New Hampshire held a special election for a local state house district – a district long considered to be a Republican stronghold (a district Donald Trump won by significant margins in 2016 and 2020)….but to everyone’s surprise, the Democratic candidate won by 12 points. Rosenberg explained that Democratic voters are exceeding expectations (similar to how Republican voters exceeded expectations in 2016) in elections in both Democratic and Republican areas of the country. On average, Democrats have been exceeding expectations by an average of 8 points in many of this year’s special elections alone.

    All in all, I know special election victories for Democrats are not definitive and they don’t necessarily mean any of that is going to translate into electoral victories for Biden, Harris, and Democrats in next year’s elections….but they do offer encouragement.

  4. oh the illusions we must suffer!
    the Republican Party is a grift and has been a grift for the longest time.

    leveraging everything in the arsenal
    of political grifters everywhere.

    It’s a hoax. The press has followed all the rabbits down the rabbit hole for the most part.

    It’s entertainment

    and ultimately who controls American imaginations? The very very rich

    and they are so far removed from the
    day to day culture of most Americans or most people.

    How many of any of this readership
    have hung out with anyone in this class? Not many I’d suspect.

    it’s a fantasy.

    Social media where we provide free content and we watch some kid on TikTok break down events for us
    while we scroll?

    The fiction is that, the majority of us
    are a bunch of heartless right wingers,
    when in fact we are progressive

    just stymied by a few well organized
    harpies who screech loud and long and have the anxious for profit press to fan their flame. Where gerrymandering and lies rule.

    this is our current dream

  5. More than a little unnerving to notice where Uranus is in the sky again, and its proximity to Algol next year. Even if any history rhymes instead of repeating.

    • I’m cognisant that Uranus conjunct Algol last took place in January of 1942 – The Wannsee Conference – where the plans were drawn up for the Final Solution. It’s deeply disturbing to witness the cult-like adoration of a deplorable man in our own times.

      • Uranus conjunct Algol would also have been in place just before the US Declaration of Independence (One Uranus return is almost exactly 1/3 a Pluto Return).

        Make of that what you will.

        • And of course, before 1942, Uranus would have been conjunct Algol ~1858, in the immediate runup to the US Civil War.

          So, in the past 250 years, when Uranus has been conjunct Algol, the US has been at war with Great Britain (the UK did not exist till 1800), itself (US Civil War) and across much of the world (WWII).

          This means war!!!

          Thank God that the US military is under-resourced <>.

          • Gosh, US history is so interesting.

            Other countries have bleeding hearts, the US had Bleeding Kansas two Uranus conjunct Algol cycles ago.

            Suggestive of lots of low-level ideological violence across the US, even if there is civil war proper.

          • Watching this conjunction/clash of heads of Uranus and Algol from a personal interest too, as it will sit exactly opposite my Mars and a degree square of my natal Nodes. Doesn’t sound a particularly placid time.

      • The alignment of Uranus and Mars in Taurus in this chart for next year is striking. It does suggest a dramatic and potentially destructive event, yet there’s also tremendous energy and creativity there. All that could work out anywhere on the planet of course.
        On the negative side, the ancient Chinese astrologers noted an asterism stretching from 17 Taurus to 29 Taurus, which they called Ta-Ling, or the Great Burial Trench.

        The late astrologer, Diana Rosenberg, said “there is a sort of “via combusta” of heavy star influences that starts around 21 Taurus….(to) the Pleiades at 29 Taurus…to 9 Gemini” She did a somewhat gruesome in depth study of eclipses, oppositions, and squares to Algol through history. It includes a number of huge earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that coincide with aspects to Algol (Medusa’s Head,

        Just to further complicate the story the stars may be telling us, Neptune aligns with Scheat in Pisces in this Convention chart too. Neptune is the mythic ‘father’ of winged horse Pegasus, his ‘mother’ was Medusa (Algol) – or rather a drop of her blood when it hit the sea. Scheat is associated with overweening ambition, falls from grace, and sometimes plane crashes. Neptune also sextiles Uranus and Mars, perhaps bringing the story of Neptune and Medusa, plus ‘their’ fixed star to our attention.

        What I’ve noticed, too, is the presence of fixed star Pollux in these charts. Castor and Pollux, the Heavenly Twins in the Gemini constellation, are the classic cookbook Gemini good cop/bad cop duo. Pollux, now at 23 Cancer, can be brave and audacious, but also cruel and rash. It’s sometimes called “the immortal twin” or “the wicked twin”, and can suggest tyranny, and accidents.

        This high energy trickster aligns with:

        D Trump, Saturn 23 Cancer
        USA/Trump composite Mars, 23 Cancer
        Republican Convention Sun 23 Cancer
        USA natal, Mercury 24 Cancer

          • Me too, VF. I’ve been trying to learn more for quite a while! I think they can give us more background to big stories, and seem to work well in mundane astrology. Meant to put Scheat is in the constellation of Pegasus, the Winged Horse, now in late Pisces, in my post.

            Also of possible interest re the US and Trump (still… can’t believe it!) is the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus this October, conjunct Melania’s natal Sun. Tr Jupiter triggers that eclipse in January 2024, Sun in April, Mars in June. It could relate to her father. Or another significant man in her life. Eclipse is a couple of days before Ivanka Trump’s birthday, close to Marla Maples birthday and Hillary Clinton’s birthday. October’s Libran Solar Eclipse hits Tiffany Trump’s natal Sun conjunct Jupiter. Hard to say what’s stirring here, and I haven’t checked everyone. But curious, nonetheless.

          • Yes, the eclipse chart for 28 October really does impact MT’s Taurus planets, and Jupiter conjuncts her natal Saturn too, so indeed possible indications for father issues as you say, the emphasis on Taurus/Scorpio, financial. Plus the nodal axis is square DT’s Venus/Saturn.

  6. It looks like this comment disappeared:

    Marjorie, can you look into Project 2025? I don’t know how astrology deals with “projects” – but maybe the date it was written would be the birthdate?

    It is the plans for what would come next if Trump is elected. It totally upturns the government and it’s agencies–seems like like what happened in Hungary and Turkey.

  7. I wish Biden were 20 years younger. Calls have grown amongst the Dems for him to step aside due to his advanced age. He’ll be 82 come Inauguration Day in January 2025, and 86 by what might be the end of his second and most certainly final term in January 2029, hard to believe. Yet no such sanity and calls for reason can be heard anywhere in the GOP regarding 77 year-old babbling Trump, save for the outgoing Senator Mitt Romney. The Republicans have completely tethered themselves to a malignant narcissist who once roiled the country with his chaotic mind and seems hell bent on doing it again.

    The worst case scenario for the US seems to be a health issue sidelining Biden on the campaign trail with no one in the Democratic Party’s ranks ready and able to effectively pick up the baton and run with it. Meanwhile, the Republicans have already basically rolled over and anointed Trump their chosen one, and he stomps forward into the general campaign, seemingly unhindered by age, reason, or multiple indictments. Is Trump really as inevitable as the Marvel comics super-villain Thanos claimed himself to be?

  8. Marjorie, can look into this:

    I don’t know what the “birthdate” is for this project but it’s the plans for when/if the – I’m going to use the term that people don’t like, but I think it’s apt–when/if the fascists get power again. Their leader for now is Trump, but the Republican Party is not a real political party–the moderates are leaving in droves as they can’t operate honorably without threats to their lives and the lives of their families. They do not work to better the lives of those who voted for them and many are involved in all sorts of conspiracy spreading, population dividing, citizen arming activities.

    I don’t think Trump is the only danger.

    “… he seems to be immune to the vagaries that affect normal people.”

    That made me laugh!

  9. If Donald Trump were to be reelected (he will never win the popular vote; only the corrupt Electoral College would be his best hope), then that would be the beginning of a fascist dictatorship. Trump has already laid out his plans to revamp the Constitution, voting system, and electoral process to be more conducive to his liking. He has an entire political party and Supreme Court who is more than willing to do his bidding.

    I know many astrologers have given mixed predictions about the 2024 Presidential Election. Some have predicted Trump or another Republican candidate winning. Others have predicted Biden, Harris, or a different Democratic candidate winning. However, most astrologers I’ve spoken to admit they are just not certain – 2024 looks too unpredictable for them.

    I have no idea what’s going to happen next year, but I do sincerely hope that majority of people put their reservations about Biden and Harris to the side and just vote for them. It’s either a Biden / Harris presidency or the apocalypse.

    • @Chris. The problem with Biden is time.
      If he waits too late to declare that he won’t run the primaries will have passed or it will give potential Democratic candidates little time to raise money and campaign.

      And who on earth thought it was a good idea to hold the convention in Chicago with all of its bad karma tied to what happened there during the DNC convention in 1968.

      • @ Roderick,

        I don’t know what President Biden’s plans are for next year. Biden could very well be considering stepping down and handing the torch over to Kamala Harris – that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities. However, there was a strategist who recently made a very good point (one we should all consider): if Biden were to announce right now that he has no intentions to run for reelection, then that would only add fuel to the opposition. Also, it would pose many geopolitical risks too – world leaders might feel less inclined to conduct business with Biden thinking of time constraints and the fact that any deals made might not manifest under the next President.

        The strategist also discussed how Biden announcing he won’t run again would likely embolden our adversaries like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un. For example, geopolitical experts believe Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin could up their aggression towards Taiwan and Ukraine if they think Biden will be out of the picture by 2025.

        Anyway, I thought the strategist made an excellent point. So, I would imagine if Biden isn’t planning to run again, he would make that announcement after the primary season so the DNC, donors, organizers, etc. can prepare Kamala Harris for the general election. That’s just my guess.

        • @Chris. if Biden took that route a lot of Democratic voters would feel the same way that Bernie voters felt in 2016–cheated.
          It won’t sit well with most Democratic voters that they weren’t allowed to have a choice and with the Republican biased MSM and right-wing media has spent Biden’s entire presidency delegitimizing Harris as a possible replacement for Biden because most people assumed that Biden wouldn’t run for a second term due to this age.

          If Harris were the de facto nominee she would not only face the misogyny that cost Hillary millions of votes but she will also face resistance due to being a person of color which Obama faced during his eight years in office.

          As for geopolitics I don’t think you’ve been paying attention because Putin invaded the Ukraine last year and now China has been playing a game of chicken with the U.S. over Taiwan most of Biden’s presidency and now they are moving to openly support Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine with military weapons.

          Most of the astrologers who evaluated the 2021 inauguration chart stated that there was a strong potential for military conflict regardless of who had been elected president.

          • @Roderick
            I forgot to add that Kamala being VP has exposed a lot of black male voters as the misogynists that they are and in states like Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, the black male vote could make the difference.

          • @ Roderick,

            On the contrary, I pay very close attention to geoeconomics, geopolitics, and international relations – I’m even going back to university to major in internal relations. As a voter, foreign policy has always been a pivotal issue for me because I understand just how interconnected (and interdependent) the world really is.

            If Trump were to be reelected (heaven forbid), then it’s very likely he’ll sabotage our relations with the European Union, NATO, Ukraine, Taiwan, Kosovo, and most of the world to be frank.

  10. Is it possible that Chris Christie could pull off a shock win in New Hampshire? He is polling second to Trump in a lot of recent polling there and the televised speedy trial in Georgia will be well under way when they come to vote in January. Trump will be the elephant in the room at the trial with his criminal actions laid bare for all to see day after day. I wonder what Christie’s chances look like astrologically speaking?

    • Most of the cultists controlling the Republican party are totally in Trump’s thrall and regard Christie as a traitor. I’d say he doesn’t stand a chance.

  11. The Republicans and the British Conservative Party are both supposed to be Conservatives. Yet have had leaders who really have been “blonde bombshells” heralding an earthquake of a change to their party’s persona. Perhaps there is a silver lining in this? As hidden in both parties, or indeed both main parties in the USA and Britain is division. Furthermore, Trump, like Johnson, is not a natural politician, he represented change; wanted to wake up America. British voters thought Boris Johnson would do the same. Trump and Johnson both disputed the outcome of what happened to them, again, maybe this is because of their take on leading and policies. Both unconventional, both mavericks in their lives. It was inevitable that an explosion would happen in America, as Pluto in the 4th house, built for change is in American Independence Chart. The build up and the conjunction of Pluto return had slowly ensured change. Trump may represent America in the next Election, he may win. Johnson was ousted. Yet Trump may well be seen as the man who was a catalyst for America in the future; perhaps Johnson too for Britain. As they were the men who in some way, have changed peoples perception of what politics should be. Slowly on both sides of the Atlantic, the question about the two party structure, who should be voted in to represent us and so forth, is being asked. Had not Trump or Johnson been so unconventional, so “out there”, this may not have happened. One day we may praise these men for changing the course of politics whatever happens to them in the future. Maybe they have both left a legacy as then men who changed politics?

    • They both operate suspiciously in the same vein as leaders in Hungary, Turkey, Russia & Easter European countries that have elections but in which the people do not get to choose their leaders. I’m thinking of the woman who won in–was it Lithuania or Latvia or Belarus?

      Those countries also use the technique of “just find something that looks suspicious, and I’ll take care of the rest.” The US has a record of very good election security so Trump fed garbage into a brainwashed base.

      There seems to be a world-wide move towards autocracy. Poland & Israel playing with their courts comes to mind too.

      Is it fueled by the 1%? Is it a reaction to the incredible changes in our lives from new technologies? A reaction to the pandemic? To climate crisis?

      I think Carole Cadwalladr found many links and ties to forces outside Britain that were playing with your election too.

      I find it sad, but the constant in life is change.

  12. How condescending Hague is about American people .The British are no better than any other race and just as divided
    as any other people in the world

  13. That is the ultimate question and according to most experts, the 14th is somewhat vague on that. One of most prominent conservatives, Michael Luttig, a retired federal judge and one of the nation’s leading conservative legal minds, said Trump ‘corroded and corrupted American democracy’ along with a long list of other prominent conservatives set this whole thing in motion. He has predicted it will be decided by the courts, most probably the US Supreme Court, so we have to wait and see.

  14. I suspect that the reason for Trump’s long life is that neither God nor the Devil would want him in their domain, because they worry that he will try to get them overthrown and take over their role 🙂

    Much better to keep him alive on Earth and out of either other-worldly domain.

  15. Al22: Agree. Trump won’t win. Too much exposure re his countless crimes, misdeeds, generally sleazy personality, etc. If hard-right Republicans start abandoning Trump, they’ll no doubt transition to DeSantis by default. In fact, I think DeSantis could very well be the next prez. Despite his current campaign struggles, he’s resolutely staying in the race because he knows Trump will probably be toast by mid-2024 and Biden is looking…..well, old. That leaves the door wide open. I believe Marjorie said DeSantis and wife appear to be very upbeat come late 2024. I think highly of Biden, but he just seems increasingly unsteady. Wish the Dems could come up with a viable younger version. One astrologer is predicting that the GOP will self-destruct within the next decade, giving rise to a new party. Sounds plausible.

    • @ Julie, no one thought that Trump would win in 2016 but too many Democrats decided to stay home because they couldn’t vote for Hillary because she was a woman, she was ‘unlikable’ or because they were Bernie voters and they thought he had been cheated.

      The problem with Biden is that he is living in the DNC bubble and doesn’t understand that the legislation that he has passed take some time to manifest any positive impacts much like the ACA.

      In the meantime people are suffering financially especially minorities who compose much of the base of the Democratic party yet Biden is so focused on celebrating the infrastructure bill he is missing a chance to empathize (like Clinton) with people who are struggling to pay for gas to get for work and grocery to feed their families.

      My fear is that Democrats will stay home and we will have an outcome like 2016 where the Republican loses the popular vote by several million votes but easily wins the Electoral College.

    • DeSantis is increasingly unpopular and in dire need of a personality transplant. Even Tucker Carlson loathes him now because he kicked his dog(s). His growing rightwing authoritarianism isn’t winning him any friends among independents, either. I would say he peaked too early.

      • DeSantis may have a restart from early next year – not saying it will end in success but this year was never good for him. 2024 is better.

  16. Hi Marjorie, thank you for this post. It is fraught over here. There are several republicans I can tolerate – Chris Christy is one that comes to mind. Even Dr Robert Reich (far left, UC Berkeley) wrote and Op Ed stating that Liz Cheney (who I admire for her courage) should start her own party – . All of us are worried about what we are observing. Either the institutions hold or they do not. I am a student of history. I find some of my fellow countrymen/women naive.

    AI22 I hope you are right. I really do.

    I know the United Kingdom – England – has survived Pluto transits. It would be a shame to see my young country break apart.

    There are individuals in Congress, the house, the far right, that don’t know how to govern. The far left is doing much better than it was several years ago. Most of us in the USA are Centrists. This is all worrisome.

  17. Trump won’t win. He won’t be on the ballot in a number of key states, since there are now numerous legal challenges in process that will likely ban him, based on the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution (the one that bars seditionists from holding public office). There will be a write-in movement, but not a very strong one. Furthermore, his lawyers have not been granted hoped-for delays in several of his criminal trials, so those trials are going to be at their peak during primary season, when most Americans start to really pay attention to electoral politics. And, at least one of the most important trials–the one in Fulton County, Georgia–will be televised, and millions will watch. By October or November, his credibility will be at a low ebb. He’s already loathed by some 60 percent of Americans, and the cohort of fence-sitting “Independents” who tend to tip elections one way or the other will mostly leave him then.

    In America, we remember that Nixon was still wildly popular, with approval ratings above an astounding 70 percent, several years into the Watergate investigation. It wasn’t until the tape transcripts were published in the New York Times in early 1974 and then broadcast on the nightly news that his popularity plummeted, into the mid-20s. That’s when Nixon and his party finally saw the writing on the wall, and Nixon was forced to resign.

    Will the Republicans of this era show a similar sense of self-preservation or restraint? For the most part, no. The current party has been co-opted by Trump cultists and other crackpots, who have sidelined the relatively sane and decent ones, or driven them out entirely. The party will likely ride the Trump Train off the bridge and into oblivion, dragged down even further by their wildly unpopular, regressive policies surrounding reproductive freedom.

    The real danger is that white supremacist Trump supporters around the country might violently object to the disintegration of their cult and its leader. We hope their worst behavior will be quelled pretty quickly and won’t really affect the rest of the world materially; nobody is going to allow another 1/6-style mob to form, for instance. And sure, there will be uncertainty and unrest. Someone’s always protesting something, whether or not it makes the national news; “peaceful, prosperous America” has always been a myth. But the Republicans are going down, thanks to their collective decision to throw in with a depraved conman and carnival barker.

    • No way, no how! The only mechanism for her to become the nominee is through the party and primary/convention system. Trump can’t just designate his desired heir to his “throne.”

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