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It’s anyone’s guess as the dreaded day is upon us after 575 days of campaigning and $2.1bn spent. The greatest ‘known unknown’ since whenever as it goes down to the wire, too close to call, with polls all over the place. Scandals galore tarnished both candidates, though in an odd way sticking more to Clinton than Trump – in the USA anyway. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, it awaits in horror at even the possibility of a Trump Presidency.

Hollande of France said: “His excesses end up giving a retching feeling.” Only North Korea described him as “a wise politician and a prescient presidential candidate.”

“It needs no underlining that a Trump win would be an indelible, eternal stain on the US. How a pussy-grabbing, race-baiting, tangerine-hued pantomime ogre with the attention span of a labrador puppy, the moral sensibilities of a slum landlord, the verbal dexterity of a stroke victim, and the default vindictiveness of a mafia capo could be so close to such an office remains indescribably hard to believe.” Matthew Norman, Independent uk.

But here we are. The midpoints for Election Day do give a clear indication of the over wrought nerves, alarm, consternation and trepidation around as the world awaits the verdict.

Sun = Saturn/Pluto – fanatical, mass struggle, cold, stuck.

Sun = Uranus/Neptune = Uranus/Node, which like Saturn/Pluto are all at 0 degrees Cardinal – upsets, confusion, can be violent, family quarrels, lack of self-control, highly strung.

Saturn conjunct Sun/Pluto and = Mars – ruthless striving for power, stuck, discouraging, angry.

Uranus square Mars/Pluto = Neptune – violence, calamity, cunning and deceit.

Pluto = Sun/Saturn – road blocked and depressed.

The Sun Saturn Pluto theme repeats in various combinations.

From the Astrological History of the World on Saturn Pluto:  “Tremendous resistance to adversity and a formidable defensiveness come to the fore when these two tough, essentially masculine energies come together. Their appearance in tandem is usually an invitation to a walk on the dark side of life. Saturn, rigidly disciplined, status-driven, melancholy and authoritarian, has no reason to mellow when combined with Pluto’s power–hungry need for control. If anything, both planets become more entrenched when their energies are merged. Achievements of substance can occur, but only through slow, patient hard labour and usually a good deal of suffering, too. Stamina counts when they are around; some sacrifice is always demanded. Liz Greene talks of the obsessiveness, intense frustration and self-destructive quality of the merging of these two energies.” Intimations of what is to come with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn towards the middle and end of this Presidency.

Though for Clinton fans there is the hope of this year’s, now waning, Saturn square Neptune which usually favours women in power.


14 thoughts on “USA Election – greatest known unknown

  1. I was sure it will be Trump who will become President – Nov chart have Sun MC (masculine).
    Moon (feminine – Hilary) was not in a high position on the chart.

    • Frannie, I started my working life in newspapers where proper journalists weren’t supposed to hold political opinions. And indeed much the same should go for astrologers in the sense that if you’re too invested in one candidate winning, you’ll get the interpretations skewed. Mainly I’ve gone into elections disliking all of the choices on offer in varying degrees. This one? There is no way I’d ever vote for a horror like Trump – racist, sexist, zero political experience and a shady business past. So it’d have to be Clinton or a wasted vote. It would be a hard call.

  2. Don’t forget that Clinton is a corrupt criminal whose is just a puppet of the elite. In any event it isn’t about the candidates is it, it is about the shadow globalist cabal running everything… you only need follow the money. With their aim to overtake not just countries (Paris not Paris anymore). God help not only the US! Let’s see how everyone likes what happens in the years to come, after the chosen candidate is elected, if they are able to steal it for her, which may be.

    We need not argue over candidates virtues, as that is giving in to what the agenda is after all, don’t you see, and a waste of time.

    • Until we start having a more pro-active transparent media that make it a point not to promote these kinds of people, I’m afraid people are going to be stuck with having to make a choice of deciding between which is the best turd to put on their mantle piece, so to speak. Until the masses start to evolve and refuse altogether in supporting and voting for the ‘main’ parties and looking elsewhere at better policies from other political parties, we are all stuck, waiting for more people to catch up and wake up. But, I do believe we are all evolving for the better. Just look where we were 100 years ago, 300 years ago, 1,000 years, etc. It’s just so very frustrating because it’s too slow compared to the length of our own, somewhat fleeting lifespans, in comparison.

      • He does it so marvelously well, though, doesn’t he?! 🙂 I appreciate a wordsmith’s talent to rip straight through the facade of someone else’s egotistical mask and ugliness thus stripping it right down to the core elements. It reduces a seething narcissistic boil into a withering, weeping mess just by words alone and it’s done so precisely it gives that lens an even sharper focus of its intended target.

        Words like that to be used on decent people is cruel and uncalled for. But, to be used on vile, incompetent narcissists who try to delude so many people with smoke, shadows, and lies, in my book, is fair game. But then, I do have quite a prominent Mercury conjunct Pluto natally and like bullcrap to be stripped away so we can all see what it is we’re actually looking at. 😀

      • Events like this will split families. My older cousin raced solidly behind Trump…during the summer, she became fanatic about his views, esp how he promotes a “white god-fearing Christian America”. I was shocked to my core. Since then, I’ve distanced myself considerably. No matter who walks into the White House tomorrow morning, viewpoints will become permanently polarized in time.

  3. Thank you for your analysis, I’ll be watching through my fingers.

    Nothing to add apart from a very minor observation that the Moon is VoC for most of the voting, like it was in the British general election last year. It goes VoC just before 2pm GMT, so start of the working day on the East Coast USA. Of course in the UK last year all the polls and analysis throughout the day came to nothing. Just a thought.

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