Good Morning America – and good luck



Repressive Saturn Pluto, historically associated with suppression of religious difference and the imposition of great hardship on underdogs, clearly won out over the more liberal minded Saturn Neptune. Trump’s victory may be taken as a victory for the little man against the capitalist overlords; but it is in part xenophobic and racist, a vote against those-not-like-me.

An astrological apology: It’s where getting invested in or repelled by one candidate rather than staying detached gets in the way of interpretations. Trump has his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Jupiter, exactly now and over the Inauguration. On anyone else’s chart I’d have said a win was a no-brainer. But it was so beyond unthinkable, I wriggled around trying to find other reasons for some other giant success in his life.

Tr Pluto is also back to square his Jupiter from early January, and repeating on and off till late 2017. This will puff up his self-importance and, as last year, push him into going a step too far, careering off like a loose cannon, making wild comments and assuming in his grandiosity that rules don’t apply to him. More minutiae in later days.

His aggravated/likely war zones are China with his Mars Descendant there. Libya and south through central Africa and north through eastern Europe where his Mars MC runs. And the eastern seaboard of the USA – relocating his chart to Washington DC puts his bombastic, over-bearing Mars in Leo exactly on his Ascendant.

Hopes for restraining him lie with Mike Pence, his VP, who made a decent showing at his debate – right-wing, evangelist, not pro-LGBT, but with political experience and spoke out against Trump’s more intemperate remarks about women and Muslims, and not a huge fan of Russia’s efforts to prop up Assad in Syria.

He could be well positioned in 2020 with tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter, having lived through some rough patches before then.

That just about puts the tin lid on this year. I could make some unwise comments about democracy being too important to be left to the mob, but probably I shouldn’t.

24 thoughts on “Good Morning America – and good luck

  1. Here’s a newsflash for you: Hillary Clinton Won The Popular Vote.

    It was the Electoral College that gave Trump the presidency. It thwarted the will of the voters–again.

  2. Marjorie, stunned that you think you were biased. Definitely, along the way, predictions of failure for Clinton and success for Trump although the comments did become more hesitant the closer we got to election day. Neptune?
    Karen, I agree re accountability from the media. The problem nowadays is that investigative journalism appears dead and information is regurgitated from the net. Surely if they had visited what you call the flyover states [seems a patronising label] and actually spoken to factory workers in Michigan or farmers in Ohio , they may have detected a different mood. A few interviews with Middle America on our media clearly gave the impression of what Trump calls the ‘forgotten men and women’. I have definitely garnered an impression from the media that these hard working country folks are the ones that are being labelled as uninformed, uneducated and basically morons. Something that I find just as offensive as the sexism which they endlessly pedalled in their PC articles. It absolutely reeks of ‘think like us’ or you are insane and under the guise of liberal thinking. The hypocrisy is dreadful.

  3. Marjorie, bravo to you for admitting your bias. You are not alone! No one thought the unthinkable. What I would like to see (in the media) is as an acknowledgement as to why he won. The people must be very desperate and unhappy. To, as a Nation, undertake so extreme an action as to vote in Trump, means we all have a lot of work to do.

    I do see this as a happy nail in the coffin for SJWs and the PC bullying culture which left many feeling unable to express and discuss views which may run counter the the prevailing narrative. Maybe this will allow us to engage in a dialogue, with both sides of an argument given respect.

    With saturn making square and conjunction aspects to Trump’s sun and moon I thought some kind of heavy responsibility would have come for him. But I didn’t believe it.

  4. Trump had tr. Uranus trine Sun and sextile Moon over the election. Certainly beneficial. In Dec and then for four months next year he will have tr. Saturn conjunct Moon and opp. Sun – oppressed, trapped – and tr. Uranus will square his Saturn and Venus for long periods next year. – a recipe for making bad decisions. He could find being President tough going.

  5. Lighten up folks – one BS merchant (Hope and change) is being replaced by another (Make America great again!) The end of the world was forecast when that Raygun Guy was elected. Plus ca change and all of that.

  6. S: Well said. Perhaps there is method to this madness. I’m thinking this could be the extreme right wing’s last hurrah. Something dark is trying to come to the surface and be expunged forever, and Donald Trump is the catalyst. Indeed, people need to SEE what they have wrought, and they most certainly will.

  7. Saturn is still in Saggitarius while Pluto is midway thru Capricorn.And the Neptune-Saturn aspect had its last station in September.

  8. Let’s all just sit back and watch this play out.

    The people who voted for him need to see this guy for what he is.

    We tried to warn them and it wasn’t enough. We tried.

    Telling people isn’t enough nowadays, people are too connected. They need to SEE it.

    So let’s let them all see it. Sometimes things have to unfold this way.

  9. Thanks for your insights, Marjorie. I interpreted your earlier post comparing Trump and Clinton’s chart as Trump would win, despite the polls and his character. Being prepared didn’t help though.

  10. Would be awfully interested in anything Hillary’s chart reveals at this point. Many of us held our noses and voted for her because a Trump presidency was unthinkable, but as the Wikileaks revelations became more and more egregious about her cheating in the primary against Sanders, using the Clinton Foundation as a personal ATM, and two-facedness in public/personal positions, there’s a lot of feeling that he didn’t win…she lost as a result of 40 years of Marie Antoinette/Imelda Marcos-type entitled behavior. Anyway, God help us, Marjorie. America, warts and all, has in some big, loose sense always been a “good guy” with its allies. There’s a sickening feeling that we’re moving into the dark side for the first time in our history. If you can discern a grain of comfort for us at all…please do. (By the way, Mike Pence was known for advocating “conversion therapy” for gays…with social issues, he’s a Dark Ages fellow.) Do you have any thoughts on NATO? Another huge concern…we are all walking around just sick and stunned.

    • Not sure if this was intended to be ironic. Make America Great Again – with Trump, pro-conversion-therapy VP Pence, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani and David Duke, Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage cheering from the sidelines. Which pinnacle did you have in mind?

      • Pluto is draining the swamp in DC. Trump never psychologically tortured a 12 yr old recovering from a vicious assault like Hillary did. Trump would never be reckless with our national security nor have the need or inclination to sell access to foreign gov’ts like Hillary did.

        God Bless President Trump. And God Bless the USA.

        • I need that tube of hairball medicine again…

          Yet I take the risk of becoming an attractor with my newly purchased bumper sticker: “not my president”.

  11. I wonder what on earth is going on in the universe for these big shocking events coming out the way they are? Perhaps we have to see just how worse things can get before we learn from them? The old ways don’t work, which maybe why people are going against the establishment in their droves, but God, what to expect from such a disgusting loose cannon that is Trump? Hopefully, it’s the last set-up before the deck is raised entirely to the ground making way for new beginnings and out consciousness evolves. One can hope, anyway. I am of the belief that things happen for a reason. They just don’t make much bloody sense though.

    • Wise thought. For sure Pluto in Capricorn isn’t finished yet by a long chalk, dismantling old governmental and financial structures. Still another eight years to run. But I didn’t quite expect it to scrape the bottom of the barrel/sewer like this. One problem about hauling down old structures is it leaves a vacuum into which chaos rapidly gushes. The status quo may not be perfect but the alternatives can be a good deal worse unless there is a strong rebuilding hand on the tiller – to mix metaphors.

  12. Donald Trump: America’s worst nightmare. Marjorie, the trial re Trump University is set to begin before the inauguration; jury selection is slated for late November. What are the prospects for a guilty verdict? Surely it can’t be all good news for President-elect Crackpot. Or is it?

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