Hillary Clinton – re-visioning her future



Looking at Hillary Clinton’s chart with a fresh eye – she does have tr Uranus trine her Saturn now which suggests a reasonably radical change in her life. She’s just lost the tr Saturn trine her Mars Pluto which dented her chances somewhat as James Comey chucked the FBI grenade in two weeks back. And that influence passed the day he announced the all clear. The only midpoint transit she has at the moment is the tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Neptune which is highly strung, sudden upsets, a crisis, mourning and that runs till late this month. She’ll bounce a bit in December with tr Pluto sextile her Sun/Jupiter but will also be mighty confused with tr Pluto trine Saturn/Neptune.

If her 8.01 am birth time is sound then tr Saturn is moving through her lower profile, less successful first quadrant and about to hit the deepest part for the next couple of years, which can often be psychologically difficult.

Her Solar Return for October 2016, for what it is worth, if birth time sound, has Jupiter in the 2nd, so she may be off on a money-making spree; with a grandstanding and enfuriated Mars Pluto in the 5th so she’ll make her presence felt in no uncertain way. Her SR for this past year looked very stuck with a trapped 8th house Pluto and directionless 10th house Neptune.

She’s enormously tough with that Mars Pluto Saturn in Leo on the point of a T Square to her Venus Mercury in Scorpio opposition Taurus North Node. The Taurus North Node often has a life rife with financial tugs of war and sexual tangles until some kind of transformation takes place. Though with such a resilient Pluto Saturn Mars which is designed to withstand any pressure, such a wholesale change would be incredibly difficult for her. I can’t see her taking up gardening which is always one of the suggestions for this Node – getting your hands dirty in the soil and embracing nature.

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  1. Hillary’s gift got wasted. I was looking forward to the great 4 years to come. I’m heartbroken. I wish there would be some miracle that would save us from the con artist that is in charge of our nuclear code.

  2. I am one of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters – I had been hoping for years that she would become president. I was so excited about this election; I really thought it was going to happen. I’m still in shock that this country chose Donald Trump – a Fascist, to be president. It also sickens me that I live in Florida – a state that Trump won. I feel terrible for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and their families. I feel terrible for the Obamas too – we made so much economic, social and environmental progress under President Obama. I feel terrible for Elizabeth Warren. I also feel terrible for Bernie Sanders – he really campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton and I know he didn’t have to; he has no obligations to our Democratic Party. Last but not least, I feel terrible for the entire country and for the rest of the world – because I know “The Little Orange Man’s” decisions are going to have an impact on ALL of our lives. I’m deeply concerned about the future of our planet. There seems to be a right-wing / anti-establishment populist movement taking place all over the world. First, it was the UK and Brexit. Then, Rodrigo Duterte gets elected in the Philippines. And now….we have Trump here in the United States. Also, I hear Marine Le Pen of the National Front is planning to run for president again in France (sadly, she might be elected).

  3. Really interesting post…”money making spree” sounds truer to type than embracing nature, could be another book as she made $8 million on her first…appreciate your focus on our national trauma. Everyone’s still disbelieving and in shock 24 hours later…

  4. Can you tell us if there will ever be a woman in the white house?
    I remember this question came up a few years ago & you answered it. I can’t find it now, but I remember at the time you didn’t think it would be Hillary.

    • Bound to be some day. 2020 looks v masculine with Saturn Pluto Jupiter in Capricorn. 2024 might be a better hope with a an approaching Saturn Neptune conjunction, though not exact till 2025. 2032 might also be a possibility with Neptune squaring Saturn and it’ll certainly be a vote for change.

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