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The media, having got it monumentally wrong about Trump, is now in full burble-mode second-guessing the whys and what comes next.

There is one sensible piece from Gary Yonge in the Guardian: “He  [Trump] represents the incoherent, inchoate and ill-informed rage against the fallout of neoliberal globalisation that has found a home in a newly mobilised and radicalised nationalism across the west. His victory will provide momentary solace to his supporters but no lasting remedy.  He exemplifies the problem; he has no solutions.”

What is certain is he’ll have to cope, in his own inimitable style, with foreign leaders. His relationship with Chinese leader Xi Jinping is cool, suspicious, game-playing for the upper hand. It’ll be very edgy/insecure and aggravated from April onwards, as well as sagging badly over the next three years as tr Neptune squares the composite Venus Sun.

With Putin there’s a tight connection with a composite Sun Pluto conjunction, but these Plutonic relationships can be over-controlling and lead to resentment and hostility. There’s certainly a major upset between them in May 2017 and onwards which is when tr Uranus trines Trump’s Mars and his Washington, DC Ascendant – and that degree shows up in several of the relationship charts.  So there’ll be a crisis of one sort or another, with those influences repeating on and off till early 2018.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM, is not a natural ally with a cold composite Sun Mercury square Saturn – and there’s a deal of disappointment coming up in 2017 especially about Canada-US relations.

The UK may be a surprise benefiter from his election since he’ll put the EU on the backfoot vis a vis Brexit and NATO. And indeed Theresa May looks to have a reasonably good relationship with him with a Sun Venus Mercury Pluto conjunction and Mars Jupiter Venus also tied together.  Though there are likely to be some muddles as well through 2017 with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune.

Angela Merkel, who’ll be around till autumn 2017 if not beyond, issued a guarded congratulations, heavy on the sub-text of tolerance of gender, religion and race. They are not a good fit, with crossed agendas from a composite Sun Mercury Uranus square Neptune. There’ll be uncertainty, distrust and confusion in their interface in 2017 from tr Neptune opposition the composite Saturn. And again an explosion in mid May with tr Uranus opposition the composite Mars.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU President, similarly is having a tough struggle with the composite cold Sun Saturn Venus being dragged down by tr Pluto in trine through 2017/18; as well as confusion galore in 2017.

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  1. Marjorie, kicking against the status quo is very risky when you’ve nothing better to put in its place, as you said however kicking the inevitable down the road also has its risk. Voting for Clinton would have added salt to the wounds of approximately 1/2 of the country that voted for Trump. I believe the American people that voted for Trump will be watching.
    It will be painful to be sure, and as you said “I’m not holding my breath for a transformational game-changer any time soon.” Nor am I, but the process of change has to start somewhere. If not now, when?

  2. Jo, I agree with you, it is a “consciousness shift in people for something better”. It is not going be easy or very much fun, but it was time.

  3. Those of us who voted for Trump, didn’t choose him because we believe he was the lesser of two evils, and I can assure you it was not a racist thing either. We chose Trump because we wanted to send a message to the status quo that not tending to “The Peoples Business” is no longer acceptable. American citizens MUST come first in America, not last.
    Eight years ago, I would have voted for Clinton, but this time around a vote for Clinton would have been more of the same ole same ole BS. Americans are tired of it!
    We are a nation of laws that are not the same for everyone. While our borders remain open, and ILLEGAL people enter our country daily then have the gall to DEMAND services that a deserving American citizen like our Military struggles to get is utterly disgusting. If I break the law, I pay the price. When you enter into a country illegally, the moment you step foot into that country, you have broken the law, and in this country you get rewarded with food stamps, housing, jobs without paying taxes and free medical while so many America Citizens struggle to get by, go without seeing a doctor or pay excessive premiums and co-pays for Medical Insurance.
    Trump may not get much done in the next 4 years but one thing is for sure. The democratic party got a major wake up call. The real question is, are they listening? We have 4 years to find out.

    • Ann, much of what you have said is the same reason I voted out during the Brexit referendum. I voted out on a democratic basis not the racist one as the media keep peddling to hide all politicians incompetence (Not all people who voted Trump or for Brexit are racist, but I do believe ALL racists voted in these campaigns for Trump and Brexit). For those of us voting democratically not racially, we are sick to death of one centric power crushing people down to end up literally begging on the streets whilst giving a leg up to countries, like mine in the UK. Also, the central power in the UK, Westminster, are continually looking out for their own down south, whilst ignoring and stripping away opportunities and money from the coffers for people up here in the North of England. Over a long period of time, it does great damage and the anger and apathy breeds contempt for the continual conveyor belt of lying politicians. Voting against the establishment may well be very shocking, especially when there are no real people in power to steer us in a different direction. The likes of Trump and the current mob of flip-flopping MP’s here in the UK are not ideal to lead us away from the ‘same old, same old’, but it is high-lighting that there is a massive celestial game changer at play here. This is not all hapening by some design. It’s happening for a reason because I believe we have reached a critical point in consciousness to usher in a new change. But, Marjorie said, the worrying thing is when you rip open a void in that desperate need to change, chaos will naturally fill it but, I believe needs must. We can’t rely on the old structures and to be brutally honest with you, I don’t think we can rely on Trump or our current Prime Minister, who was all for remaining in the EU and I believe will do her best to keep stalling the Brexit process behind closed doors, but I do believe we still need to go through all of this, for the future real politicians to finally step up to the plate because they are sick and tired of all these old dinosaurs still grasping at the the last vestiges of old power and capitalism and looking out for themselves. I can’t bare Donald Trump or anything he stands for however, I find it very interesting not why people voted for him but, why they voted against the deep rooted, traditional establishment. That to me accounts for a consciousness shift in people for something better and it is revealing Pluto in Capricorns’ handy work to destroy old structures down to the ground to make way for better things. It just so happens to be a destabilizing and scary energy to live through it. But, it’s all for the better, in my opinion.

      • I kind of see what you’re saying. But kicking against the status quo is very risky when you’ve nothing better to put in its place. Life can always be worse than the same old same old.
        Look at the French Revolution where the loathed aristocracy and monarchy ended up as rivers of blood on the streets of Paris with extreme disquiet following, until Napoleon popped up six years later as Emperor of France. In Russia, the repressive rule of the Tsars was tumbled bloodily as well and ended up with an even more repressive regime.
        I’ve made some leaps in the dark in my own life but I always knew it was going to be up to me to pick up the pieces and forge something better. If you want better, then it seems to me people are going to have to get more involved than just ticking a ballot paper and being pleased because they kicked a few shins.
        With both Trump and Brexit, it was a massive protest vote against the disliked establishment. Then people sit back knowing full well the ones they voted into power are incompetents if not worse. Or if they didn’t, they should have. Corrupt crooked Hillary who blurred the lines between personal and professional isn’t in the same league as Trump, who’s done a deal worse on the business front.
        No doubt it’ll play itself out messily as it usually does. But I’m not holding my breath for a transformational game-changer any time soon.

        • Marjorie – I’m reminded of certain facets from the 60’s civil rights movements here. Out with the rich! In with a communist utopia – breakfast and clothing for all! (which seemed to work in the Iron Curtain countries) Yet the movement did inspire many good things…but we’re still struggling with segregation, Jim Crow…even the massive anti-war demonstrations couldn’t pull the US out of ‘Nam. Americans haven’t learned a darn thing across the years and crises.

  4. Thank you for your efforts in looking at all of these charts, Marjorie. Very much appreciate the glimpse into the future of so many relationships.

    Well, it won’t be dull.

  5. If not for love of country, I would wish that those who voted for him get whipped the most for electing this lunatic.

    • No – that won’t solve anything. Whipping the rubes will only enrage them more. This is what “they” wanted. UNfortunately, the other half of the country who didn;t vote for trump is now under his heel

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