Donald Trump astro-details – not the fun he expected



Trump’s time ahead, especially in the next year will be erratic, almost bi-polar, with swings from manic highs to crunching lows.

On the upside, he’s got the stratospherically successful Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Jupiter, exact in three weeks; and tr Pluto square his Jupiter in January, July to early September, and November 2017 – the latter will push his over- confidence up several notches, resulting in wild promises, actions that tramp on social niceties and possibly create a backlash since he’ll cross acceptable lines. It could even be connected to the myriad legal cases against him which are pending, since conflict with authority often comes with a mishandled Jupiter Pluto in hard aspect. He’s also got lucky breaks and more success coming from tr Uranus trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint this December and January – which might even see the action against Trump University kicked into the long grass.

However, however, he’s also got tr Saturn opposing his 10th house Uranus later this month and then conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun over the New Year and through till late January – that suggests, at the very least, a sharp reality check about the responsibilities he’s unwittingly landed himself with, with tensions and problems at home. He and Melania look at daggers’ drawn this December. Those discouraging influences repeat July to October 2017. Since he has a Full Moon in his birth chart, tr Saturn will also be square his Sun/Moon midpoint at the same time. Sun/Moon for a politician is not just about his marriage, it’s also about public popularity – so both of these look to be hitting a chill. This December looks especially pressured and depressed for him with tr Pluto opposition his Mercury/Saturn and Sun/Pluto.

His Secondary Progressed Moon is also conjunct his natal Saturn around 1st December this year which will be another downer. And his Progressed Moon moves through his 12th house mid 2017 till mid 2019 which is a time of endings, over-sensitivity and emotional muddle, escapist, a longing for solitude. Being out in the spotlight continually will not be easy for him.

Tr Neptune will oppose his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint from April 2017, on and off till late 2018 = ‘inclination to cheat or deceive others, general disappointment, suffering damage without being aware of it.” (Ebertin).

Then he has a whole tranche of jolting Uranus transits picking up from late February 2017 running till early 2018 – square his Mars/Uranus, Saturn, Mars/Node, Sun/Mars, Mercury/Pluto, Venus/Saturn, Venus. Some of these he had earlier this year and they tend to send him flying off into unwise gestures and comments as his machismo is threatened. They rattle the bars of his cage in no uncertain manner.

In May, October  2017 and March 2018 he has tr Uranus trine his Mars (on his Ascendant for Washington, DC) which is when aggravations show up in several of his foreign relationships – so there’ll be a crisis of sorts running at high pitch.

Into 2018 in February his Secondary Progressed Moon is conjunct his 12th house Pluto at the same time as his Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct his Mars is hotting up (exact April 2018) – the first can bring up behavioural problems which given that it’s a 12th house Pluto will be connected to lust, greed, vengefulness. The Uranus Mars at his age, given all the forerunning Uranus jolts, could be health and heart related; or just a massive cattle prod to his sense of security and self worth. His Solar Arc/Sec Prog MC is also conjunct his Sec Prog Saturn early in 2018 which is an additional discouragement.

All of the above to be taken in the context that anyone, competent or otherwise, who steps into the White House will hit running dramas, crises and catastrophes from Day One so some of them will be related to what every leader fears – ‘events, dear boy, events,’ (Harold MacMillan, former UK PM).

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  1. Trump is not officially elected until the Electoral College votes on Dec 19, 3016, the same day Mercury goes retrograde. Though many are hoping the Electrol College will change the current outcome, the answer is most likely that they will elect Trump. That being said, wouldn’t this vote happening when Mercury turns retrograde perhaps be an indicator that Trump won’t serve a full term?

  2. What effect do you think the total solar eclipse of August 21,2017 (The Great American Eclipse) will have on the USA and on Trump?It occurs on his Asc-Regulus-Mars.

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