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Andy Murray has finally made it to No 1 and be officially crowned the world’s leading male tennis player. He already has three Grand Slam wins and two Olympic gold medals and is now the first British man to have topped the ATP world rankings since they were launched 43 years ago.

Born 15 May 1987 2.10pm Glasgow, Scotland, he has a much-travelled 9th house Taurus Sun; with an ambitious 10th house Mars in Gemini in an emotionally volatile opposition to Uranus Moon Saturn in Sagittarius. He is heading within weeks for his first Saturn Return so it’s a great coming-of-age achievement after years as the challenger and outsider.

What’s around on his chart at the moment is tr Pluto trine his Solar Arc Jupiter and returning to square his 8th house Jupiter in Aries in January and through 2017. So he’s in the midst of a very Jupiterian period – always good for success and money. But there’s very little showing on his midheaven or Solar Arc MC. Nor indeed is his Solar Return very instructive (birthday 2016 Rome, Italy) except admittedly for an Earth Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Pluto trine Venus – but with all the planets in hidden houses, so this year wouldn’t have leapt out as the pinnacle of his career.

What stands out amongst his Harmonics are his get-it-together 5H which is feisty. His obsessive 11H which has a power house Mars Sun Pluto trine Moon and Mars opposition Uranus giving him the grit and perseverance to follow his dream. Strongest of all is his ‘breakthrough’ 13H which requires adaptation to change to succeed – which he certainly has done.

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  1. I see what you mean about the MC. Perhaps *clutches at straws* tr Neptune sq MC s working to dissolve the old reputation, as you say as the challenger and outsider. That combined with the Saturn return coming in?

    His chart makes for a good study of declinations, he has 2 planets out of bounds, the Moon at 28S and Mars at 24N (3 if you include outer planets, Uranus). So he was always going to be a bit maverick and go beyond what is expected. Here it is sporting achievement (Mars) not normally expected from the birth country (Moon), as well as the influence on sporting career from mother and family.

  2. Karen, Thanks. He does have a good deal of Jupiter uplift in his chart in 2016 especially and in 2017, both on his natal and Solar Arc Jupiter.
    He gets Jupiter thro’ his 1st (as we all do) every 12 years. Transiting Node on his Ascendant – that helps certainly. I’m just surprised there isn’t more on his MC and indeed Solar Returns which latter are very comme ci comme ca about useful information.

  3. Another astrologer published an article about Andy Murray back in September and said that 2016 was a very significant year for him because transiting Jupiter is in the first house of his chart, and the transiting north node is conjunct his Ascendant

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