USA Election – challenging eclipses ++

The astro-signposts to look out for in what is undoubtedly going to be an acutely muddled and aggravated few weeks after the USA election. Even if Trump loses by a landslide he’s still got almost three months of the graveyard shift to cause havoc. If it is a closer result in key states, he’ll flail around, spraying lies about fraudulent ballots in all directions.   

   The Lunar Eclipse on 30 November at 8 degrees Gemini Moon/Sagittarius Sun will collide with the USA’s Uranus in Gemini which may spring a few surprises, spark off a few rebellions and wild claims. Mishandled Uranus on an Eclipse can limit freedom, though there is the potential for taking a new road. That Lunar Eclipse in addition to having the see-saw Full Moon also has a Uranus opposition Venus and a frustrated Mars square Pluto – so the divisiveness of recent times won’t have settled much.

  The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 14th December, the day when the Electoral Collage convenes, is in opposition to the USA Mars in Gemini and conjunct Trump’s Moon opposition his Sun.  It will bring a combative mood so arguments will flare and compromise won’t be the mood of the country or the states involved.

    Where Trump is concerned, an Eclipse conjunct his Moon will test the foundations on which his life has been built with his public image coming under scrutiny. If he’s not standing on solid ground and if he insists on hanging on to old habit patterns it could all crumble to dust. An Eclipse opposition his Sun indicates a major turning point and crisis, which will force him to face that he is not always right. If he fights the need for change it will leave him kicking and screaming.

  The December Eclipse is in a Saros Series that Bernadette Brady says has a strong emotional intensity and acute frustration, a sense of fatedness and not being in control. Avoid rash action until it settles down.

  December does look extremely fraught and bad-tempered up in the heavens with the final Mars in Aries square Pluto running to the 23rd, which won’t be fun. Mars moves out of its long stint in Aries where it has been causing havoc for some months on January 6th. But just to be un-useful it moves into Taurus and immediately rattles up Mercury in Aquarius, squares Saturn and is conjunct Uranus so January won’t be a peaceful month.

   The USA chart apart from the Eclipses – has a blocked tr Saturn conjunct Pluto November 14th to 26th which will be discouraging. Tr Uranus square the Leo Node 21 December to 8 February 2021, which may be more significant than it sounds since the US ‘leadership’ Leo Node does get rattled easily, viz tr Neptune in opposition for 9/11.

  There’s also a return of the toxic-rhetoric and hostile-debate tr Pluto opposition the USA Mercury 26 December to 27 January 2021 (repeating later in the year).

  Trump’s chart has tr Neptune in an undermining opposition to his Progressed Moon exactly now; a mildly upbeat tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter until November 20th and then a raft of difficulties. Tr Pluto from November 20th till December 26th will oppose his Mars/Node for enraging setbacks, with the discouraging uphill-slog of tr Pluto opposing his Saturn at the same time. Then 26 December to 27 January he has more tantrum-inducing frustrations from tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint; his poisonous-rhetoric and opposition his lying Mercury/Pluto midpoint; and opposition his wounded Venus/Saturn midpoint. He’ll be like a cornered cobra.  His Solar Arc Saturn will also within weeks from now be on the degree of the conjunction to his 2nd house Neptune, a harbinger of the financial meltdown to come later in 2021.

  Joe Biden, birth time being accurate, has two panicked Neptune transits to separate Mars midpoints at the moment. Part of which could be campaign uncertainties and also the realization of the responsibility he has to face if he gets in. One of them lifts from November 20th onwards, the other trails on until 26th January. He’ll experience an upheaval from tr Uranus square his Pluto from 18th November to 19 December which can go either way – as with Netanyahu into power – or it will bring a rocky ride.  He looks marginally upbeat from tr Pluto trine his Mercury/Jupiter midpoint November 20th to December 26th. And is very definitely looking enthusiastic and confident from January 26th to late February with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter. That successful phase rolls on through till August with tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter and Venus/Jupiter, plus tr Uranus square his Jupiter/Node across mid year and on. Whatever happens he looks in better spirits in 2021/22 with the exception of an insecure tr Uranus opposition his Mars late May on and off for a year.

Trump and Failure: Past experience of how Trump faces losing battles are scary and instructive. Chicago Trump Hotel ran into huge debts in 2008, which for most would have meant ruin. But he counter-sued the lender Deutsche Bank for “predatory lending practices” and sought $3 billion in damages. He was then forgiven $270 million worth of debt.

 In 1973 he slammed back at the US government over its charges that Trump’s rental properties had racial discriminatory practices and counter-sued them for $100 million. Two years later it was settled in private with an agreement that the Trump properties change their practices.

He follows Roy Cohn, his early mentor’s diktat – Attack, Don’t Settle, Never Apologize.

“You cannot disgrace a disgraceful man; you cannot make a shameless man feel ashamed; you cannot make a cockroach a cockroach, because it is already a cockroach.” Mehmet Murat Ildan

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  1. The Tr Pluto opposition Mercury may also symbolize the role social media has played in Trumps success.The owners of f/b.Twitter have found the more emotive content is the more money they make and have allowed misinformation to be shared.
    Tr Neptune in US Sibley house 3 has not helped and US Pluto return will be going on for a long time yet.

  2. “Trump and Failure: Past experience of how Trump faces losing battles are scary and instructive.

    Chicago Trump Hotel ran into huge debts in 2008, which for most would have meant ruin. But he counter-sued the lender Deutsche Bank for “predatory lending practices” and sought $3 billion in damages. He was then forgiven $270 million worth of debt.

    In 1973 he slammed back at the US government over its charges that Trump’s rental properties had racial discriminatory practices and counter-sued them for $100 million. Two years later it was settled in private with an agreement that the Trump properties change their practices.”

    I think Trump himself has always been happily ignoring failure, Sadgittarius Moon inconjunct Saturn he is. He may have convinced himself and others on being “a fighter”, with that Mars on his Ascendant and trining Moon, but really, with Mars on 12th house, he’d mostly absorbed what ever attitude people closest to him had. Therefore, with Roy Cohn and Fred around, who were tough as nails, he’d seemed that too. But they are now both long gone, and I think the main influence on how Donald is going to deal with failure are Ivanka and Jared, who’ve taken arguably a more persuative approach of trying to “dumb” their losses on someone else. This has happened with Taj Majal, Trump Tower Panama and some California projects, at least.

    So, if I were to speculate on reactions to not only possible Trump loss but GOP losses in general this cycle, I’d say legal fight comes from GOP, rather than Trump inner circle. They will try to “pivot” this to something else, such as Trump TV, which I think was the original plan for them (again, that BBC’s “Trump Show” shows Trump when the election is being called for him, and he seems frightened rather than happy, the most joyful reaction comes from a girl I think is Donald Jr’s oldest daughter Kai).

    Then, there’s that Pisces Neptune square Gemini Mars in April directly hitting DJT’s Sun/Moon, which is quite deflating an influence, and could, indeed, make DJT a “fugitive”.

  3. The thing that scares me most (aside from Trump being re-elected) is the size of his rallies. The massive crowds he
    draws at each stop is just jaw-dropping, not to mention mind-boggling. Can’t believe that many people have a brain
    the size of a gnat, but there they are–thousands of them cheering and jumping up and down for their leader. Makes
    Biden’s car rallies look anemic by comparison. I remember the gigantic crowds Trump drew leading up to 2016. Looks
    similar this time around. I’ll be nerve-stretched and sleepless until Biden is declared the winner.

    • @Julie, Trump’s the obsession with rallies is out of a totalitarian playbook as a scare tactic for opposition. It’s always worth remembering that where as people can attend multiple rallies, they can only vote once. That said, Trump’s crowd sizes are nowhere near 2016. Independent assessments talk mostly about a couple of thousand at most, where as in 2016 or even on his 2017 “Victory tour”, he filled venues with capacity up to 20k. I actually recently saw first part of an excellent BBC documentary on Trump term called “The Trump Show”, and although I was aware of his diminished crowd sizes before covid-19, I was stunned by how big the first venues were, because I was used to seeing him at 5 k – 7 k max arenas. Another observation, where as in those early days, there were always couple of dozen “Blacks for Trump” or members of similar, who were suspected to be paid actors, there aren’t any now. Crowd in Georgia, which is 30 per cent Black, was all white. People would not appear here if they got paid, apparently.

      • I wonder whether obsession with rallies is a gemini/uranus thing. Jeremy Corbyn , the British politician has a similar Gemini sun/uranus and his confidence (self righteousness) is bolstered to an unreal degree by giving speeches to the converted which did not help him in the end. For balance it should be said that Biden also has uranus in Gemini but it is balanced by a conjunction with saturn.

        • @Speedy, Gemini Sun/Uranus is generational, but Trump has a Leo Ascendant and the conjuction falls to his 10th house. He certainly needs his adoring audience.

      • Yes, it is totalitarian, and very chilling. The films shown at those rallies are straight out of ‘1984’ or a Nazi rally. I am hopeful that Trump will lose but braced for further disruption in any case. Hitler won only 36.8% of the vote in the Presidential election of April 1932. I am not making a comparison exactly, just observing that “winning” can be a subjective thing. At that time, Pluto in Cancer was square Uranus in Aries. Mars in Aries, and Saturn just into Aquarius.

    • Apparently the crowds are paid to attend Trump rallies, like movie extras. He can’t tolerate showing up to meagre crowds. Wonder if this bill would fall on the unlucky American taxpayers, now that I think of it?

      • @LL, by now, I’d say these are mostly Die Hard followers. His campaign is broke, can’t pay bus companies shuttling people to rallies.

    • Most Vedic Astrologers say that Trump has the strongest chart and is liable to win. Harris also has a strong chart but neither Biden nor Trump if they win are liable to see out their shift.

      • Cassandra (great name for forecasting the future!), I heard on BBC Radio 4 a couple of days ago that in Russia they “asked” a bear and an elephant or some other large animals who would win by showing their photos (as you do!). They both were ponderous – i.e. perhaps thinking “what a non-brainer” – and chose…Biden. I just saw a quick map of the red and blue and He seems to be out front……I have a good American friend here who totally adores him and said he will change the world…..!!!! – we have not fallen out about it because I don’t want to go down that road, but I greatly fear the possibility, until now I realise I thought it was a foregone conclusion……ugh.

        • Perhaps the name Cassin has the same abilities. I don’t believe that you can predict with Western astrology, or even that this is the best use of astrology, but you can certainly see the trends. I am a Western astrologer myself, but have grown to trust the Vedic predictions. Whoever gets into power, and I still think it could well be Trump, they may not hold onto it for long – perhaps for health reasons or yet another assassination. Lots of conflict and the legal battles are also visible in Western Astrology. I believe also that we may see some states leaving the United States – in fact I can see the pattern developing elsewhere, including the EU, Germany and the United Kingdom. Perhaps we are not meant to be global. Tend to believe that humans are not as much in charge as they would like to think. As someone said “if it hadn’t been for Corvid” (the pandemic was also predicted by Vedic astrologers). We have the freewill to make choices, but then we have to live with the consequences.
          Someone said there were doubts about Donald’s birth time. Think they may be right, but on the whole the forecasts for him haven’t seen that off, so it may just be minutes and not make enough difference.

      • Oh my goodness, if it hadn’t been for an unforeseen pandemic in 2020 Trump would have won by a huge landslide and it would have been a coronation not a contest. Personal bias/ expectation in astrology can wreak havoc and is so hard to put aside – maybe it is impossible. Trump is still in the race having taken Florida – I thought I would wake up to a Biden win. Now it is a question of whether the ‘blue wall’ hold?

        • @sarah, as counter intuitive as it sounds, Trump may have been benefiting from covid-19 epidemic. Some exit poll had his (non) handling of the epidemic deemed “good” by 49 per cent of the electorate. This may seem absurd, but we must remember that the pandemic has still hit The US in a very asymmetrical way. The healthcare system only really ever crashed in New York. And, you see how people are behaving in Europe right now – contesting new lock down, while hospitals are truly congestionated.

          Also, many economists were waiting for some sort of economic downturn in 2020 without covid-19, especially in manufacturing in The US. In my industry, we were internally projecting a downturn around Q2 of 2020. We will never know if DJT would have gotten to this fight with declining employment numbers in The US without covid-19, but this could have well been a factor. Now, Trump had a “black swan” to blame all the layoffs on.

          • @sarah, add the fact that Dems weren’t holding rallies (imagine likes of Lady Gaga and John Legend performing in an actual rally) and also abstained from good, old fashioned canvasing. This probably could have helped in certain Swing States, where Biden is likely to win, but under perform in polls. And it could well have caused him North Carolina (this hasn’t been called yet, but it’ll likely go to Trump narrowly), and it likely costs a couple of Senate Seats (North Carolina again, and could be a factor in Maine and even Montana, which, by many accounts, has a friendly, neighborly political culture with people still voting on issues).

    • Keep in mind that while not a majority, Trump still enjoys the support of a sizeable minority (~40% in the polls) of the US population.

      Even if he is defeated, his ideas will not be gone. That will take the long term.

      Marjorie, on that point, can I ask you to cast the chart of the 2022 mid-term elections?

      My theory is that there will be a Blue Wave in this election and the Democrats may well win both the House and Senate in addition to the Presidency. But that is because this is an anti-Trump election, not a pro-Democrat election.

      It is likely that the Republicans who vote for Biden and the Democrats in this election (to oust Trump) will revert to the Republicans in 2022 and that the Democrats will likely lose either the House or the Senate or both in the mid-terms.

      That means that the Democrats have only two years to get whatever legislation that they want through.

      Could you look at 2022 and let us know your thoughts?

      • DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT ASKING ABOUT THE NEXT MID TERMS! To say I am sick to death and then some of the American obsession with elections is the under statement of the century. What gives? No other country on the planet gets this consumed on an hourly and daily basis with which politicians are up or down now and into the distant future. They need to get a life and live it.

          • I do this every time we totter towards the finishing line in US elections – and no one has yet explained to me what it is that so obsesses Americans with elections. It is so bizarre and self-absorbed and not only wastes gzillions of dollars which could be better spent. It also sucks oxygen out of the air – this one especially – that could be put to much better uses.

          • There seems to be fewer curbs or rules in the US regarding campaigning, advertising spend and political broadcasts, so the public is much more wound up? I think we are beginning to see it more in the UK now with the free reign of social media. That manipulative, emotive appealing to the masses, very Pluto and very lacking in Saturn.

            Interesting because you’d think Saturn would be the stronger planet in it’s own sign – but I actually sometimes think that the positive side of the planet is less likely to come out when it’s in it’s own sign – no reception, so doesn’t have to negotiate it’s position; it can be a bit indulgent

    • The size of the trump rallies is not large at all. I was in Duluth when he had a rally. It was a relatively small crowd, and many car plates were from out of state; that is, people who follow trump around the country. Trump is not drawing large crowds. His campaign office gets people from the unemployment office lines, offers them money to put on a MAGA hat, and stand around in the crowd.

  4. Liz, your question about early voting deserves a serious answer. Yes, we have it. I spoke with a friend who early-voted in upstate NY and she was disturbed that unofficial poll watchers were taking voters’ photos as they went into the polling place. Better than waving firearms, but still…this election is unleashing our heretofore-unseen vigilante element.
    I decided to vote on the day because Trump’s campaign strategy is to declare victory on Nov. 3, as most of his people were warned off early and absentee voting. Analysts think this will tilt the actual Election Day result to Trump, at which time his people will sue to stop counting early and absentee votes. This strategy worked, you’ll remember, in 2000, Bush v. Gore. I wanted my Biden vote in the pool that would be the hardest to challenge.

    • Thanks Deborah. Your response makes sense. I am surprised about what is going on there, and if it had been me I would have sent a tip or complaint into the FBI as well as the state of New York. They are not supposed to come within 20 feet of you at the polls when you are entering the building. My mother ran county elections for 25 years and was also an election Judge. We don’t have that problem in my county in Maryland, and I expect things to be quiet here.

  5. Thank you Marjorie, 21 Gem/21Sag are certainly activated points this year with the Nodal transits and Venus station as well. With the eclipse it’s written in triplicate. Fixed star Capella at 21 Gemini, the little female goat – a little different to all those heavyweights in Capricorn

    • Yes, Tara, an interesting point. I’d been thinking about what a crowded part of the stellar map this is – with the constellation of Orion, giant and hunter, stretching across the sky in Gemini. I think Bellatrix (Trump’s Nodes) at 20 Gemini is especially interesting – “reckless aggressiveness of a belligerernt daredevil” (Elsbeth Ebertin); “quarrels, hatred, fraud committed or suffered, forgery, swindling, coining and perjury” (Robson, on Bellatrix culminating); “great civil or military honour but danger of sudden dishonour” (Ptolemy). And then El Nath in Taurus, a potent fixed star meaning eminence and gain, but basically morally neutral….at 22 Gemini, this aligns with Trump’s Sun.

      Ophiuchus, snake charmer or shaman or maybe a healer, sits opposite in Sagittarius, where the S Node is travelling, and where Trump’s Moon is found. Elsbeth Ebertin has this to say about this (I think quite mysterious) constellation:
      “It has a Saturn like character, and some of the undesirable Venus qualities are also present. Connected with these are Neptunian tendencies, making the native especially prone to infectious contamination caused by toxins. People thus influenced are easy going in the use of medical drugs, hallucinatory drugs stimulating foodstuffs, too much good living and overindulgence in tobacco and alcohol. There is danger of insect bites, snakebites or assault from infuriated animals or rabies smitten dogs. If conjunct the Moon, Mars, or Neptune, the native is very prone to infections in general and to epidemic infections. Besides the lower emanations, there are supposedly higher influences attributed to this star, ‘though only very few people are able to attune themselves to these influences’. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.72-73.]

      • Thank you Jane, that’s very interesting. Lot’s of food for thought there! I tend to concentrate on the Behenian and largest magnitude stars, but the Ophiuchus constellation description sounds intriguing, how odd about the “epidemic infections”

        • So here I am, having got sucked into watching the early part of Election Night! Yes, the Ophiuchus description is curious, particularly when you factor in D. Trump’s self confessed fear of germs and infections. I think this is one of the reasons he doesn’t like pets, and doesn’t have a White House dog or cat. I also usually focus on those Behenian stars and the big shiny ones! But I’ve begun looking at some constellations as a whole when a planet is passing across them. It is, like most of my astrology, a work in progress. I have Moon in Sagittarius, and have indeed been prone to toxic infections like salmonella. Ended up very ill in hospital with that one. I’ve also had malaria. However, generally, very robust thank goodness. The Moon is well aspected, perhaps that helps.

  6. Thanks very much Marjorie, we’re on pins & needles and election anxiety is through the roof, but did my bit in volunteering for the Biden campaign.
    @ChrisRomero. …. I’m in Palm Beach County. It’s a mix, plenty of Trump & Biden signs and then lots of homes with no signs at all. Many Biden supporters are afraid to post signs in their yards because they’re afraid of retribution. Further south in Miami-Dade there is so much misinformation in the Latinex community. They are buying into the making Biden out as an ultra socialist nonsense which is pushed by Cuban Americans. It’s very disheartening. My fear is Trump will take Florida which he needs. Today his campaign suggested he will declare victory based on Election Day results before the mail votes are counted elsewhere thus firing up his supporters in the key battleground states. This is maybe where all the fraught and bad-tempered aspects of November and December come into play

    • @ Anita,

      I’m following local data experts and they’re actually reporting differently. Democrats are meeting (exceeding) the turnout benchmarks needed. New models are showing Biden projected to win Florida by 49% with Trump at 48% based on current turnout.

      However, they’re also reporting 43% of African American Floridians plan to vote on election day because they do not trust early voting in this state.

      Also, Biden is still leading with seniors and the Latinx vote (the Latinx lead is very narrow though).

      All in all, Biden is actually where Obama was in polling and turnout numbers back in 2008 here in Florida…and Obama ended up winning this state.

      So, I’m not conceding Florida based on casual observations and party turnout ID (which data analysts have warned is not indicative of who win carry Florida)

    • @ Anita, “no yardsign” could also mean these houses aren’t occupied. I can speak for American Finns in Lake Worth area. Many have a dual citizenship, sometimes that of Canada and The US, despite being either born in Finland or having had Finnish as their first language, and usually spend their Summers “up north”. They are quite evenly divided politically, although people who came to the country in the 1980’s during Reagan years tend to be more conservative than those whose parents first went to mining towns/communities. However, from what I’ve heard through a friend whose parents are based there, many Finns who voted for Trump in 2016, won’t do so now. Having their traffic disturbed constantly for almost 4 years now is not a minor annoyance. But Trump’s constant disrispect of military and strange affection for Putin are not insignificant for people whose parents lived through a war against Soviet Union. Many are “stuck” in Finland, and won’t vote at all (they seriously consider staying even after covid-19 restrictions) due to difficulty. Others will vote for Biden, and in fact “straight Democrat ticket”, even if they haven’t changed their party affiliation.

      @ Chris Romero, Black voters are not wrong to be suspicious. Fortunately, they will also be the least likely caucus to be intimidated by Militia Larpers. And given Dade County is around 19 per cent Black, this is a significant voter block. Many are of Jamaican/Caribbean heritage, too, which might add to enthusiasm due to Kamala Harris’ Jamaican side.

      • Thanks to both for your replies. @Solaia
        In my particular neighborhood the houses are are by the most part occupied though, not many snowbirds, so im hoping they are shy Biden voters.
        @chris Romero
        I know Florida is always a 1% state, we’ll be looking at lots of recounts. Broward county which is the bluest county & the largest Caribbean vote in the state has had amazing turn out in early voting. Anyway it will be a bumpy ride but I take solace in Marjorie’s projections of both Biden and Harris looking better beyond Inauguration Day.

  7. Thank you Marjorie and all the people who have commented on this post. I’ve realized that the fear of a Trump re-election has brought much more personal anxiety in recent weeks than months of Covid-19. Reading about Republicans casting votes for Biden restores some faith in people, and that early-voting statistics based only on party registration don’t tell the whole story.
    Nevertheless, it is dispiriting to see how close the race remains, given who Trump is, because of what it says about his supporters, even more than him. In 2016 some could claim they knew nothing about him (tho there was already sufficient public information on his bankruptcies, treatment of women and minorities, lies). How can anyone still support him amid a pandemic he has personally mismanaged?

  8. On Saros cycles, another astrologer had pointed out that this eclipse will be on the same Saros cycle as the one preceding the disputed 1876 election.

    It is also the same Saros cycle as of the eclipse preceding the 1912 election, which led to the election of Woodrow Wilson, due to a split within the Republican party (between “Bull Moose” Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft).

    So a Saros cycle that had preceded controversial elections in the US (though the same Saros cycle also preceded the 1984 election, which Reagan won by a landslide, so it could go either way).

  9. Great analysis, Marjorie! As usually, no matter how dire this sounds, it’s great to read an astrologer capable of putting things to perspective. Coming weeks and months will, without any doubt, be trying. The incidents of voter intimidation are already getting widespread and potentially violent. “Trump Caravan” intimidating Biden/Harris bus in Texas, police forces teargassing people on wheelchair at a key county in NC (which is vital for Democrats taking Senate to 50-50), all kinds of scenes you’d expect from a “young” democracy. It’s only a matter of time somebody dies, maybe not intentionally, but by accident, at a polling place.

    One thing that gives me hope, too, is that Scorpio Mercury Retrograde that was discussed in “Questions & Comments”. Some astrologers see it as very ominous, but it has already happened twice at US Election Day in the past 50 years: 1980 and 2000. 2000 makes, obviously, a scary precedent in some senses, but one could argue Republicans were only dragged to Supreme Court to defend George W. Bush’s victory because they opened a door for an extremely tight race to begin with. Therefore I’m just thinking that if one is to do intentional voter suppression and intimidation, Scorpio Mercury Retrograde may not be the best moment. It will leave all sorts of door open for investigations and potentially law suits.

    • Solaia, Mercury is considered slow enough to be stationary on Tuesday, and certainly by the time the results are being counted. Stations usually represent a change/trading of places, swapping or flipping of something. Read into that what you will – it looks likely to represent a change of president, but I guess there is an outside chance that it represents a flipped result to the one expected. Remember that Mercury is going from Scorpio to Libra, so where manipulation and dark practices are expected to work as usual, they won’t and will instead be subject to fair judgement and balance.

      What I do think is that with Mars Rx, whoever wins will not be in the job long for whatever reason. Kamala Harris’s Sun and Moon are receiving both of these these stations in Libra and Aries in a much more direct way than any of the men. Sticking my neck out quite a bit here, but my previous observations of these patterns says that this is significant.

      Another short term possibility is Mars Rx Aries to Aries could suggest a change of leadership from one male to another similar male (republican) – that might mean Trump loosing and actually flouncing off quick quickly Aries style, perhaps with Pence taking over short term in return for a pardon or something.

      A few years ago I would have still observed but dismissed this analysis, but who bloody knows anymore?! 🙂

      • @tara. In regards to the pardon aspect, He may pull this stunt only to get rid of the Stormy Daniels related crime, which is the least of his problems.
        This is why I had cautioned folks on here beck then about criticizing Mueller’s report for being useless. If he was allowed to look into Trump’s finances and found crimes to lay charges, it would’ve been federal charges; for which Trump could try the pardon ploy. But Mueller not fighting Rosenberg in this regard(as the rest of his team wanted), was able to hand it off to NY prosecutors; hence, State charges would apply, for which pardons are NOT applicable. Psy Vance and the Manhatten district rings a bell?!
        NY districts(among others) are salivating; patiently waiting for the fast approaching opportunity to finally pounce on the son of a……gun.
        Long term strategy and wisdom by Mueller. Game, set, match!

        • Thank you for the explanation Troy, I am not good on the detail of American law/politics. I guess that scratches out that possibility

  10. For anyone needing a balm for the nerves throughout this election, follow Dave Wasserman on Twitter. His feed is full of pointed election analysis is that’s second to none.
    Watch out for his catch phrase “I’ve seen enough”. Once he states the winner after this, it’s over!

    • I follow Dave Wasserman. He’s usually very accurate. He’ll sometimes call elections before the news networks do. Wasserman has been using Sumter County here in Florida as a bellweather county for how Florida (as a whole) might vote this coming Tuesday. It’s a predominately White senior citizen county….home to The Villages. Wasserman predicts that if Trump wins that county in the low 60s….that’s an ominous sign for him and he’s likely losing a significant percentage of senior citizen voters (a pivotal demographic in this state).

      All in all, if they can call Florida for Biden late on election night, then Trump loses the election. With 29 electoral votes, no other state can save him. We’ll see what happens….Biden’s maintained a narrow lead in polling in this state….and I know many registered Republicans (who hate Trump) who are voting for Biden. Keeping fingers crossed.

      • I know it’s anecdotal, but my mother lives in Pinellas county, lifelong Republican along with many of her friends. She, nor any of her friends, have changed their registration however they have ALL cast early ballots for Biden. Not to mention many first time voters in this cycle.

        • @ Dave,

          I don’t think it’s anecdotal at all. I’m seeing it all over the place. I live in a predominately upper-middle class “old money” neighborhood here in Jacksonville, Florida’s historic district. Many of the residents here are wealthy (but traditional) Republicans. They detest Donald Trump and I’m seeing Joe Biden / Kamala Harris yard signs, bumper stickers, and flags. Even many of the mansions that sit along the St. John’s River are sporting Biden / Harris paraphernalia.

          I literally haven’t seen this much energy for a Democratic candidate in this city since Barack Obama and Andrew Gillum. It’s very encouraging to see so much support for Biden and Harris here.

          I’ve even been seeing bumper stickers on the backs of senior citizens’ cars. That’s truly amazing.

          Anyway, I’ve been reading about Pinellas County – I know there’s a large senior citizen community there. It’s also a Democrat-leaning swing county. I’m confident it will go to Biden and Harris this year.

  11. Do you not have early voting in your county Deborah? I voted this past Tuesday. Early voting in Maryland has been all week and weekend.

    Majorie – I have lost my best friend over this – this Trump thing came out of no where with her. She has also lost her siblings over this. She has this Capricorn Stellium in her 11th house. My sun sits at the heart of her 3rd house. She came from Money – her parents were fire signs and I worry about her in the coming years. She is voting against her interests – she of all people I know will need a safety net. It is like she is a member of a cult – I am flumoxxed.

    I want to know more about the Financial Difficulties you mentioned – is there an article I need to look for?

    This week twice Trump has left his rally people to fend for themselves in the cold after his rally – once in Nebraska, once in Pennsylvannia. No way to get back to their cars – no shuttle bus coming. In Florida they were collapsing from heat stroke. In Texas – Trump Junior told the Maga crowd to go get a Biden Bus that was on tour. They did – they tried to run them off the road. Trump tweeted that he loved it. The Biden group ended up cancelling a rally in Texas. There is a fight over 100,000 votes in Texas that the Republicans are trying to kill.

    There has always been Redneck Culture in the USA, but usually responsible leaders channel these energies into productive rather than destructive enterprise. Fox News and Rupert Murdoch need to be held accountable.

    There has always been a crazy right wing 25%, always. They have always counted on the Centrists (I include myself there) and the Democrats and the left not to fight back out of their code of Civility (hence the stolen Gore election). Pete Buttigieg is going onto Fox news to talk some sense to them (and it is working). All the burn down the city protesting is not helping either.

    There will be a reckoning at some point.

    • Apparently the FBI are now investigating the Biden bus incident. The fact that Don Jr gave encouragement and dog whistled inviting Trumpers to ‘give Kamala Harris a Texas welcome’ was chilling.

      • I certainly hope the FBI is investigating the bus incident. Those idiots tried to push that bus off of the road. People could have been seriously hurt…or worse.

        Kamala Harris is apparently traveling to Georgia today (another state full of Tea Partiers and Trump people). I hope she and the campaign team are being provided better security this time.

        • “Kamala Harris is apparently traveling to Georgia today (another state full of Tea Partiers and Trump people). I hope she and the campaign team are being provided better security this time.”

          There are not only one, but two Senatorial Seats Dems could flip
          due to Senator Isakson who has Parkinson’s disease resigning and Governor Kemp nominating Kelly Loeffler to his seat. Also, Election Law requiring 50 per cent + 1 vote for a Candidate to win, making it open to multiple candidates from main parties and a rerun between two contestants getting highest percentage of vote on 1st round, right? Main Democratic Candidates are doing so well they could reach 50 per cent on first, especially with high turnover in Atlanta Metropolitan area. Sending Kamala there’s is smart and strategic, especially since older Black caucus distrust of mail ballots.

      • Thank you. I was not sure if Kamala was on that bus, but yes the whole thing was chilling, and she is supposed to have a secret service detail at this point. This was not our finest hour and the fact that the president’s son incited it, and then the president approved was awful.

        • On Thursday, Trump supporters brought an open casket to a Biden rally in Missouri City, containing a female mannequin thought to represent Kamala Harris. According to the report, the coffin contained “a mail-in ballot…next to the mannequin which was connected to a hearse with writing on the side that read, “Collecting Democrat votes one dead stiff at a time,” and “Vote like your life depends on it. It does.”

          Given that a similar stunt was carried out against Yitzak Rabin prior to his assassination (just read Marjorie’s article on Rabin) this behaviour starts to look increasingly concerning.

    • @ Liz,

      I what you mean about the disgusting and deplorable redneck culture in the United States – Donald Trump has really managed to bring out the trashiest people (all of whom belong a compost bin) and now these people have gotten a taste of power and us educated, cultured, and civilized people are having to work overtime to snatch that power back from those barbarians.

      Just the other day, I met a “Never Trump” Republican woman at my local gourmet grocery store. She told me she voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this election and she voted for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine last election because Donald Trump was an “embarrassment” to her party. She’s a suburbanite, has a degree, is a professional, has a high income, and is a member of one Jacksonville, Florida’s local country clubs. She said she doesn’t want to her share her party with White trashy people who come from poor breeding. She thinks Donald Trump and his entire family are uncultured social climbers who have the nerve to think they can infiltrate the social circles they don’t belong in.

      I told her I’m a Democrat with a degree and I too come from an upper middle class background…and I agree with her 100% about Trump and his supporters. They really are a scourge. Many of Trump’s supporters are barely educated, limited vocabularies, they use excessive profanity, and they have limited interests (they’re idea of entertainment is NASCAR racing and getting intoxicated). So, it’s no surprise they rally behind someone like Donald Trump – he’s just like them.

      In some ways, it feels like 2020 could be 476 CE – the year that the cultured Western Roman Empire collapsed due to constant invasions from the barbarian Germanic tribes (who probably had mentalities similar to Trump’s most ardent supporters).

      Let’s hope 2021 will be like the Renaissance or Age of Enlightenment instead.

      • Sorry for all of the typos. I’m typing from my smartphone and the auto-correct function is taking many liberties this morning. LoL

  12. The author of this article validated what crossed my mind earlier in the year before T-Rex, a.k.a Individual-1, made it officially feasible at a recent rally. Quote: “Maybe I’ll have to leave the country”(supposedly said in jest if he were to lose), end quote.
    As his former fixer Michael Cohen constantly reiterates, Trump doesn’t joke! He knows NYC is gonna cook his goose when he loses.
    Is there anything in astrology that can potentially correlate with him attempting to flee?

    • @Troy, there is an exact Neptune (evasion) in Pisces square Mars (action) in Gemini at 21′ degree on April 10th, 2021, hitting Trump’s Gemini Sun / Sadgittarius Moon. I’ve thought, for a long time, that this is when a “bone spurs” excuse is used, again. Would have worked both if DJT lost and faced prosecution and if he wan, but became disinterested or tired of “presidenting”.

  13. Marjorie,

    Thank you for touching on this again. I have no doubt that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win this election (both the popular vote and the electoral college). However, I completely agree with your analysis that we’re in for a challenging time post-election.

    Donald Trump has been very vocal about his intentions not to concede if the results do not go in his favor. I have no reason to believe otherwise. However, I would assume the astrology suggests he won’t be successful if he plans to drag this through the courts.

    For example, Trump does have transiting Saturn quincunx his Mars right now – and that’s supposed to last until late November, I would assume this would suggest serious challenges to Trump’s ambitions (like winning court battles, claiming victory over the election, etc.). Trump will also have transiting Pluto opposing his Saturn in early November (I believe starting November 11) all the way until late December – I would think this would suggest he’ll be forced to accept reality and will have no choice but to surrender to it. And then there is transiting Saturn that will be squaring Trump’s progressed Ascendant from November 12 to late November.

    In other words, none of this sounds too reassuring for Donald Trump.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  14. Thanks Marjorie. Hard to believe the US election is finally here after all the endless news and speculation. So much “toxic rhetoric”, as you say. That November lunar eclipse on Uranus must be already making its presence felt I suspect. And more wild media, social media, and Gemini gatherings and protests lie ahead.

    Few of us are imagining a smooth, civilized handover of power. And then a very bumpy ride lies ahead, whoever wins. The effects of that will ripple out across our world. I think Biden will win, but shudder to think about just how much damage has already been done. Perhaps the US Pluto return will eventually bring ‘rebirth’, but there’s a long way to go.

  15. Marjorie, thank you from a New York follower who has despaired of her country in recent years. I have no doubt that Biden will win the election, but many of us are terrified that a flunky Supreme Court will keep its handler in power. I am back and forth between NYC and an upstate place in the country, and sadly, in my beautiful and formerly serene rural retreat, there has been an outbreak of Confederate flags and gun and rifle posturing from the Trumpers. It feels like what one has read about Germany in the 1930s. These people are racist, violent, largely disdain education, they’re prone to crazy conspiracy theories like Q-anon, and are absolutely loyal, to the point of fanaticism, to their leader Trump. It’s an extreme right wing infection, I fear, that will survive Trump himself. Friends and relatives are at the point of not speaking to each other, over this egocentric, ignorant and irrational man. My polls are open at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. I plan to be there at 5:30 a.m. in hopes of avoiding the “poll watchers” Trump has encouraged to infiltrate voting sites. Much gratitude again for explaining the cosmic influences of this awful, fraught time. Please hold a good thought for us.

    • Our thoughts go out to you Deborah.
      Our countries future hangs on your election too, so we are watching with bated breath, powerless to do anything but keep fingers and toes crossed and wish you all courage, determination and the very best of luck. And especially, keep safe!
      llegitimi non carborundum!

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