USA – divided against itself ++ Trump grinding to a halt

Muddle and mayhem is the gift to the USA from Pluto in transit trine the US Neptune in Virgo from late this August to late November. Add in Saturn square the Mercury/Pluto midpoint from September 1st to October 28th which fosters bitter, quarrelsome attacks and it’ll be, as expected, a more fraught run up to an election even than usual.

  The USA Solar Arc Sun will also be square the explosively opinionated Mars/Uranus midpoint around now (timing dependent on start time).

  Late this December the stressed tr Pluto opposition the USA Mercury returns to stay across the Inauguration (assuming January 20). Plus there is a panicky tr Uranus square the USA Mars/Neptune midpoint from December 21st to early February 2021, which is associated with lack of energy, crises, weakness, illness, accident.

  The USA Uranus catches the late November Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and the December Sagittarius Solar Eclipse opposes the USA Mars in Gemini – which also suggest humps, bumps and an excessively combative mood. That will run through 2021 since the June 2021 Solar Eclipse will conjunct the USA Mars and the Lunar Eclipse oppose the USA Uranus.

  There will be some respite and an enthusiastic, morale-boosting Solar Arc Jupiter square the USA Uranus which usually brings relief from tension. It’ll be exact in six months but may trigger early.

  The USA Mercury opposition Pluto will continue to dominate the political and social scene through 2021 to early 2024 from tr Pluto square the Mercury/Pluto midpoint in 2021/22, returning to oppose the USA Mercury in 2021; and then moving on to the Pluto Return in 2022/23. Ebertin associates Mercury Pluto with demagogues; Wiki – ‘A demagogue or rabble-rouser is a leader who gains popularity in a democracy by exploiting emotions, prejudice, and ignorance to arouse some against others, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation.”

   So it’ll be a long haul of hostile, divisive debate and nervous strain. Tr Neptune opposes the USA Mars from late March 2021 till January 2022 – which is panicky failure and could be associated with any number of problems including the economic fallout from covid.

 For previous post on Pluto Returns which only occur every 250 years or so see November 18 2018. From the few examples available of other countries it does coincide with a definite shift in the form of government.

 None of the above means that Trump will win and Biden lose or vice versa – merely that the rancour will run on.  It may be significant that Biden looks a good deal more cheerful in 2021 than Trump. Though you can argue that both ways – Biden just happy to be out of the gladiatorial arena and Trump is left with a mountain of problems, many of them self-created, which he handles badly. Though I’d have expected to see some uplift on Trump’s chart from a win to indicate his narcissism had been fed and there isn’t any.

Trump timeline:

From 5th July he picks up the catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint, to which Ebertin ascribes accidents, illness or tests of nervous strength. At the same time he has the disruptive tr Uranus square his Pluto. Both keep running till late September, and return in April 2021 along with a blocked tr Saturn in opposition to both his Pluto and Mars/Saturn, and those run on and off till early 2022.

   July 6 to August 18 he has the discouraging tr Pluto opposition his Saturn, returning late November till late December.

   He will get some uplift mid August to late November from tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter midpoint though that’s minor and it won’t outweigh the fraught tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus running at the same time which will bring a struggle for survival and a real test of nerves, and the other influences.

  He’s got an extended run ahead of Neptune transits which tend to lower energy and undermine ego-driven ambitions, and can also indicate underhand and deceptive tactics. He’s nerve-stretched at the moment and not thinking clearly with tr Neptune square his Sun/Uranus midpoint late April to late August. Tr Neptune squares Uranus/Node through September; and opposes his Progressed Moon over the election.

  Into 2021 from late March 2021 tr Neptune squares his Moon and then his Sun, on and off till early 2023.

  The June Lunar Eclipse this year will be opposition his Uranus for a shake up; and more significantly the December 23 Sagittarius Eclipse will conjunct his Moon and oppose his Sun.

  A Solar Eclipse opposition a natal Sun usually brings a realisation of not always being right and needing to acquire a fresh perspective. A Solar Eclipse conjunct the Moon brings up the past and tests the foundations of life in a major way. It can bring public image under scrutiny. Robert Jansky says: ‘If society considers you a valuable person it will let you know.

Add On: I’ve been so focussed on the election and immediate aftermath I completely overlooked the cataclysmic state of Trump’s chart moving ahead.

  In addition to the Neptunian low energy/low confidence swamp he moves into courtesy of transiting Neptune from next spring for two years he has a run of disastrous Solar Arcs. Mid to late 2021 his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his 2nd house Neptune which will bring a significant panic and rising neurosis possibly around his personal finances. In addition he has Solar Arc Neptune opposition his 10th house Uranus which may have a dissolving action on one of the planks of his career – and could also have a neurological component. Worse by far is Solar Arc Mars square his 12th house Pluto from mid 2022, followed swiftly by Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn, both of which are likely to run him into a dead-halt meltdown. These Solar Arcs are not dependent on his birth time – but what it does mean in the unlikely event of his re-election that he would almost certainly not see out the term.

38 thoughts on “USA – divided against itself ++ Trump grinding to a halt

  1. Thanks Liz and Solaria. As for white women with no college – I am white as are many of my family and friends (although overall our family is as diverse as you can get) and we never went to college but none plan to vote for Trump – including those who live in down south in red states.

    Plus as an active member (unfortunately) of the MeToo movement as a lot of women I know are – it’s rather biased and subtly elitist to make a judgement call or lump us together into college vs. non-college whites voting for or against Trump.

  2. ‘These Solar Arcs are not dependent on his birth time – but what it does mean in the unlikely event of his re-election that he would almost certainly not see out the term.’

    How would this be interpreted? Removal of death?

  3. Roderick – 55% of white women don’t care about how Trump treats women? No offense intended but what planet are you on? The MeToo and TimesUp movements aren’t going away anytime soon and are made up of a diverse range of women in various age and race groups. They are being highly underestimated in the part they will play in the upcoming election.

    • Anne, I agree on you with women being “underpolled” as voters, in general. It definitely showed during 2018 midterms, when it seems political pundits completely missed how motivated women were to vote to save ACA. That said, when asked a direct question on who they are going to vote, pollnnumbers do show at least non-college educated white women still some how prefer Trump over Biden. Yes, even if they are appalled by his behavior. What’s quite likely going to happen, though, is that some people disapproving of Trump simply won’t vote, since the party lines are deeply drawn.

  4. DHS withheld July intelligence bulletin calling out Russian attack on Biden’s mental health

    It is a line of attack also utilized by both President Donald Trump and his reelection campaign.

    In early July the Department of Homeland Security withheld publication of an intelligence bulletin warning law enforcement agencies of a Russian scheme to promote “allegations about the poor mental health” of former Vice President Joe Biden, according to internal emails and a draft of the document obtained by ABC News

    The draft bulletin, titled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of US Candidates to Influence 2020 Election,” was submitted to the agency’s legislative and public affairs office for review on July 7. The analysis was not meant for public consumption, but it was set to be distributed to federal, state and local law enforcement partners two days later, on July 9, the emails show.

    “Please hold on sending this one out until you have a chance to speak to [acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf],” wrote DHS Chief of Staff John Gountanis, according to an email obtained by ABC News.

    That was nearly two months ago. But the bulletin was never circulated.

  5. Tx Marjorie , From wiki A president elected in a year ending in zero would die in office. They termed it the “Curse of Tippecanoe”, So perhaps this may explain a happy Biden and happy Pence but not so happy DJT. The thing is that 2021 is going to be a hard year economically everywhere so anyone dealing with this is going to find in hard work. Both men are in the latter years it’s not the challenge and glory years it going to be a case of survival. Better times may be ahead once Pluto has done it’s work.

    • The Curse of Tippecanoe has not kicked in since 1960 (i.e. Ronald Reagan had a failed assasination attempt and George W. Bush had a shoe thrown at him).

      Hugh Fowler and Marjorie have looked at this “Curse” and its astrological links in previous posts. From memory, I think Hugh thinks that the “curse” is no longer effective (it is related to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction every 20 years and the sign that the conjunction occurs in). So don’t get too gleeful.

      • Tx unmystic mom, I don’t wish I’ll on anyone, I just Feel DJT will somehow get back in because he is the king of chaos, and the aftermath will be stressful for all concerned including him. Marjorie and Hugh are both incredible and I read all the posts with interest but the signs aren’t good, curse or coincidence time will tell?

      • “The Curse of Tippecanoe has not kicked in since 1960 (i.e. Ronald Reagan had a failed assasination attempt and George W. Bush had a shoe thrown at him).”
        Some people believe that Reagan was a walking corpse after his assassination attempt because that was really when his dementia kicked in. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 1980 was in Libra (cardinal air) and Reagan was an Aquarius (fixed air) sun so it impacted his mental (air) health

    • But Marjorie stated that Jill Biden’s chart looks stressed not only next year but into 2022.
      Shouldn’t she be happy too if Joe isn’t president and they are enjoying life together outside of politics for the first time after being together for over 40 years.

  6. I have been wondering about what other issues might give a clue regarding our election results. Trump has been assaulting, indirectly, Social Security, most recently by issuing an executive order to weaken receipts of the payroll tax–which directly funds this program. Republicans have vowed to “go to work” on Social Security after Trump secures reelection and they can do so without endangering their seats. He’s also putting those Americans who receive Social Security checks in hardship by weakening the Post Office (most benefits are directly deposited, but millions of the most vulnerable still receive checks). This program was founded on August 14, 1935; wish I had the astrological skills to analyze its future going forward, but perhaps Marjorie or someone in the forum would be interested in taking a look. Things are very dark here. Thank you for your interesting analyses.

  7. New report deepens mystery around Trump’s sudden and suspicious visit to Walter Reed hospital

    On Saturday, November 16, 2019, President Donald Trump made an unexpected visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. That visit is among the many things that author Michael S. Schmidt discusses in the new book, “Donald Trump v. the United States: Inside the Struggle to Stop a President.”

    New York Times reporter Gabriel Debenedetti, discussing Schmidt’s book, notes that it “reports the White House wanted Mike Pence ‘on standby to take over the powers of the presidency temporarily if Trump had to undergo a procedure that would have required him to be anesthetized.’ The vice president never had to take this step.”

  8. I am still wondering: When is the next sign of a… softening? When if ever does the US see stability and emerging as a stable democracy? is there a period where liberalism looks ascendant?

    • “is there a period where liberalism looks ascendant?”

      I assume that would tie in with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius this December and Pluto fully entering Aquarius in 2024.

      I believe we saw a little bit of that when public opinion shifted after the George Floyd shooting while Saturn was in the early degrees of Aquarius.

  9. Not a few minutes ago, I was reading an article about how initially, on November 3rd and immediately thereafter, Trump would be leading in the counts, as votes in person are generally counted first, giving him a lead, but as absentee and mail-in votes start getting counted, he will lose ground. This would allow him to create a narrative aimed at his followers of the election having been stolen from him.

    That ties in with the “Muddle and mayhem” at the start of the article.

  10. I totally agree with Liz’s comments and will manifest that Trump loses the Nov.3rd election, the House and Senate will turn Blue, the in-person voting turnout this election will be the biggest ever despite Covid-19 concerns and that Joe Biden/Kamala Harris will be the next President/VP in 2021.

    Numerology for Nov. 3rd is a 9 day/month which signifies endings of the old and beginning of the new plus there will be in late September and in October negative information about his taxes, finances and possible affair(s) with another women that no one knows about yet. Also his connection to Russia and Jeffrey Epstein will come out before the election. In addition the astrology charts for the USA election and Donald Trump in November and through much of 2021 are not positive for him at all.

    • We already know that Epstein introduced Melania to Trump. As for Trump possibly ‘entertaining’ underage girls the people who voted for Trump in 2016 including the 55% of white women don’t care how Trump treats women.

    • Thank you Anne. I wrote a long response to you that magically disappeared through computer magic on my end. It looks like the Republic was birthed September 17, 1787, but was ratified at a later date I am still looking for. Massachusetts had concerns, as they wanted the States to retain more powers.

      I still say we are a group of States with a Federal Government, not a Federal Government with States, and it has always been a big point of discussion here.

  11. The USA Moon in Aquarius is at the focal point of a yod inconjunct mercury sextile Neptune.. that is also a factor isn’t it , Marjorie ?

    • Well I tend to avoid the US Moon since the start time isn’t known – there are various charts for that day, irritatingly enough. If the time I use is spot on then yes it would be a factor – since transits to a leg of the Yod or the focal point will push the country/individual onto a different track.


    Trump and his family are fronts for the Mob. Fred Trump was a front for the five Mob families in NYC. Everyone who lives in the North East knows this. The north east is a group of states from Maryland north and include Pennsylvannia, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticutt, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire.

    I am curious as to how this will play out. The states in the USA are distinct entities. The blue states send a lot of money to the red states. Scaramucci did a great piece on Frontline on the Great Divide about the forgotten man.

    We desperately need electoral college reform. Hillary Clinton won by 3 million votes, and it was the electoral college that gave the election to Trump.

    In my opinion is what will matter is the Senate and House races. If they both go Blue, they can provide a better check against Trump, and this has not really been discussed here. McConnell needs to go. The only reason Trump can do what he is doing is that the Senate does not “check” him. That has to end. Checks and balances must work.

    I am not far left, and I am not far right. Pandering to the extremes creates “ratings”. Most of us are in the middle and very worried that a crazy minority can do a lot of damage.

    • Liz – you prompted me to look at the planets for the “birth” of the Electoral College on 6th September, 1787. It’s Uranus at 28 Cancer opposes the US founding chart’s Pluto. Both therefore due for Pluto transits and possibly reform? It’s Saturn in Aquarius probably conjucts the USA Moon, and transiting Saturn in Aquarius will be aspecting both during the next couple of years. I noticed that the Electoral College’s Leo Mercury is conjunct Trump’s Mars in Leo, and it’s Neptune in Libra is conjunct his Jupiter, and trine his Uranus in Gemini. Those look like “lucky” connections to me. Well, you know, only “lucky” for some…..

      Considering how the EC is bound up with issues of slavery in the South, it surely is high time for some fundamental reform.

        • Hi Unmystic Mom – I was using the date from the Constitutional Convention, 1787, when the Electoral College was initially agreed upon.

          “The Convention approved the Committee’s Electoral College proposal, with minor modifications, on September 6, 1787” Wikipedia

          Otherwise, it might be interesting to look, astrologically, at the US Constitution as a whole, 17th September 1787, or the date that it became effective – 4th March, 1789. By then, the French Revolution was brewing too. That date has Venus, Mars, Pluto and BML in Aquarius. Uranus just into Leo, Neptune in Libra. These planets also make several interesting aspects to Trump’s natal chart. The Neptune, for instance, is exactly trine to Trump’s Gemini Sun, bringing in his Moon and the nodes too obviously. I haven’t tested any of this with other presidents or current candidates, I was just curious to see if there were any connections in light of current events, and the past four years….

          • Hi Jane, Thank you. I think the Ratification date in 1789 is when things became real, but that is just an opinion not a fact.

        • Hi Anita – no, it just means the Moon would be somewhere in Cancer instead of Gemini. Trump’s Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Cancer natally might or might not then connect with it. Otherwise all the same links, plus others I think, apply. I read the document you linked to, it really helps to understand the history a bit more. Thanks!

          I looked briefly at George W Bush in the chaotic 2000 election, and although the election went to the Supreme Court, his links with the Electoral College also included his natal Jupiter conjunct the Electoral College’s Neptune, trine his Uranus in Gemini and the Moon’s Nodes in Gemini. His Sun is exactly sextile the Sun for the EC as well.

          Taking another generation entirely – John F Kennedy’s Uranus in Aquarius is conjunct the EC’s Saturn, and trine it’s Jupiter and Mars in Gemini. Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Aquarius are trine JFK’s natal Venus in Gemini. There’s more, but possibly these links between presidents and the EC are worth looking into further? It’s a kind of resonance with the Founding Fathers or what they created perhaps? Just exploring really…

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