USA – collapse & renewal, first the pain, then the gain,

In the heat of chaos and anger it’s difficult to get perspective. All the previous race riots in the USA have led to multiple deaths, mass injuries and property damage. This one is being described as the most widespread disorder triggered by racism since the 1960s when the disruptive and rebellious transiting Uranus Pluto in Virgo had been stirring up aggravation over civil rights and the Vietnam War. For statistics see

This is a reprise of earlier comments and a ramble but it might pull together useful strands.

The Saros Eclipse cycle this year in the same as 1966, but there was more extensive rioting in 1965, the year before, and 1967 and 1968, two years after, than in the year itself. What’s missing at the moment is the transiting Uranus Pluto. The 1960s saw the USA and indeed France’s moments of insurrection from a disgruntled section of the population. What will have focused the heat on the USA in the 1960s was the tr Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition the USA Neptune and more significantly square the Mars which lit a fuse under simmering resentments – ditto it being opposition the France Virgo Sun. The recent Uranus Pluto effect running from 2011 to 2015 produced the Arab Spring and other uprisings.

The difference now is a triple lock of this year’s repressive Saturn Pluto conjunction running parallel with the pushily-confident Jupiter Pluto all bearing down on the USA Mercury opposition Pluto. With an added spur from the June/July Lunar and Solar Eclipses jangling the USA Venus, Jupiter, Sun in Cancer as well as the USA Uranus and Mars in Gemini. So multiple mini and major crises rolling through to the year end. The November Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees Gemini will rattle the USA Uranus. With the combative, argumentative December 2020 Sagittarius Solar Eclipse lighting another fuse in opposition to the USA Mars, which points to that explosive 2021 Inauguration chart. Whatever the result, it’ll lead to outbursts of anger.

Just as an aside I’ve always thought the USA Uranus and Mars in Gemini had a good deal to answer for in promoting the ludicrously extreme freedom of speech attitudes, which allows for ‘racial slurs’ amongst other insults in the name of libertarianism. It’s also short-fused and argumentative which added onto the dogmatic, impervious-to-rational-argument Mercury opposition Pluto does allow bizarre beliefs to fester, and be defended with vehemence – and guns. At the moment the Progressed USA Sun is exactly square the explosive Mars/Uranus midpoint.

A previous triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto (in Pisces) did bring about a financial collapse in the USA and after two or three years a resurgence in a new direction with a better economic model. (See post April 2 2020)

Trump is flailing around like a banana republic despot but there is an argument that a section of the voters taken in by his ‘hang, draw and quarter them’ rhetoric, would prefer a strongman president in place in times of unrest. So it’s by no means certain that he’ll lose. Though his relationship chart with the USA does suggest a growing tension between himself and the populace from early July to mid-August with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars; and there’s also anxiety on the Republican Party relationship charts with him throughout this year and on.

One possibility, of course, is he keels over and is replaced in November by another GOP candidate.

From 5th July he picks up the catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint, to which Ebertin ascribes accidents, illness or tests of nervous strength. At the same time he has the disruptive tr Uranus square his Pluto. Both keep running till late September. July 6 to August 18 he has the discouraging tr Pluto opposition his Saturn, returning late November till late December. He will get some uplift mid August to late November from tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter midpoint though that’s minor and it won’t outweigh the fraught tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus running at the same time and the other influences. For more detail on Trump timeline see post May 12 2020.

All of which rolls the USA closer to its first ever Pluto Return since inception in 1776. Although not picking up exactly until 2022, the effect is around from this year onwards with tr Pluto opposing the USA Mercury.

Pluto Returns only happen every 250 years approximately and the overall sense from the country charts available for checking is that dictators and over-centralised government give way to more democratic systems. See examples below.

“There has been a long-term change in power at each Pluto Return on the England chart, 11 May 973 JC: (1217-18, from the king to the barons; 1460s, broadly towards Parliament as we know it now, with a Commons; 1709-10, the executive power starts moving towards the Prime Minister).

Other examples: Spain – 19 January 1479 JC. The most recent Pluto Return around 1972 saw the dictator Franco gradually relinquishing power, nominating a monarch as successor to his regency in 1969; and handing over the Prime Ministership by 1973. He died in 1975.

Russia 28 March 1462 JC – the most recent Pluto Return was exact when Stalin died in early 1953. Previous Pluto Return was 1706.

France 19 August 843 JC – most recent Pluto Return in 1821 saw the death of Napoleon on the exact aspect. Previous Pluto Returns: 1577, 1332, 1088

Switzerland 26 May 1231 JC – most recent Pluto Return joined the Council of Europe. Before that 1726.

Austria 18 October 1221 JC – was angling to join the EEC on the most recent Pluto Return, managed it 6 years later. Before that 1714, 1468.

There are two – maybe – cheering thoughts looking ahead. Not so much in terms of race relations but on Pluto Returns promoting more democratic government and the potential for a revival in a new direction after the Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto triple conjunction, even if it is a couple of years in coming. Though the shift over into Aquarius does hold out the promise of a more tolerant, egalitarian and humanitarian outlook which would suggest at least the possibility that race relations becomes less of an issue.

Sometimes – and this is my Pollyanna hat – it takes egregiously bad behaviour to swing the pendulum over so far that it provokes a backlash that sends it back in the right direction. Trump is the wrecking ball knocking the pegs out from a disintegrating system. He may bring it down on his head before he’s finished.

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  1. Mrs Marjorie, you must notice that the return of Pluto in Capricorn represents the fall of old and rise of new empires. This may very well be the end of the US as the first power in the world. Notice that the US is already too much involved in internal affairs. In fact, one of the few benefits of Trump is that he became the president with the smallest external intervention. Would you take as good news the return to the external agression policy?
    In what concerns the BlackLivesMatter movement, just notice the prevalence of white academics and white violent demonstrators in the front line. I’m almost sure it is nothing but a pretext in trying to return to the old status quo.

  2. I’m sorry Marjorie but I think there might be some wishful thinking here.

    The House of Commons was established in the English Parliament in 1332, deliberately separating from the king and his nobles in 1341. In actual fact the 1460s saw the beginning of the Wars of the Roses, a particularly violent period in English history.
    In France 1577 the Religious Wars between Catholics and Protestants (Huguenots) flared up, the Huguenots were defeated and forced to accept limitations on their freedom.
    Perhaps it’s more likely that Pluto returns manifest as significant political change which might be good, or equally, it might be bad.

  3. Interestingly, although many astrologers note that this year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was also observed in 1518 and coincided with the rise of Protestantism and the international banking system, most have missed the fact that, according to many historians, the year also marks the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade. 2020 will indeed be consequential for the transformation of race relations in the US…and beyond.

    • Desi, this certainly would fit the energy, but it would be interesting to know to which event in particular this would be related to, I tried to look this up but didn’t find anything. Apparently, Spanish and Portuguese were transporting slaves from Africa to South America by 1502, to North America in 1619. It also seems that the trade only became “industrial scale” in the late 17th and the 18th century, which is probably sadly related to shipping technology taking leaps on the second half of 17th century.

      Also, I have to say that the chaos related to Reformation period in Europe is often erased from standard history books. It’s actually stunning how quick the development was from Luther writing his thesis in 1517 to whole kingdoms adapting Lutheran faith was, in a World where both people and news traveled slow.

      • Desi and Solaia,
        there is an event that took place around the Saturn Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn in 1518 that is related to the transatlantic slave trade. On August 18, the Spanish king, Charles V signed a charter on the slave trade. In doing so, he granted the right to ship 4,000 black slaves directly from Africa to America to a Flemish nobleman: Laurent de Gouvenot, known in Spain as Lorenzo de Gorrevod.

        Until then, black slaves stolen from Africa had mainly been shipped to Spain and Portugal. But in 1492, Columbus had discovered the New World, and soon the captive slaves were now being sent to the Caribbean islands, and to the South and North American mainland.

        Since the charter, the numbers of slaves increased dramatically. One could say that the sign of Capricorn made the slave trade more “professionally organised”, making it a very lucrative business and adding a lot of brutality.

    • Sorry, DESI, but the first transatlantic slave trade agreement dates from 1472, in Portugal. By the 1480’s Portugal was a major slave trading nation. The Spanish first sent African slaves to the “New World” (Santo Domingo) in 1510, and the first British “slaving” voyage was made by John Hawkins in 1562. Alongside this, consider the extensive Arab slave trade which existed from about the 7th century and onwards into the 20th century. Slavery was only outlawed in Oman, for example, in 1970.

      On an astrological note – John Hawkins’ first slave trade voyage was made when Pluto was 11 Pisces. UK abolition of this vile practise is dated 25th March, 1807. Pluto was then 12 Pisces, having previously made its return to the 1066 chart for Britain where Pluto is 3 Pisces. Maybe this is represented in the British fascination with “ruling the waves”?

      I hope you’re right about the transformation of race relations in our world. There is a lot of work to be done everywhere.

  4. This is in answer to a comment/question from Jo on the Trump spitting venom post about an old thought of mine about the psychology of the USA. But I’ll stick it here since it’s relevant to all three USA posts.
    All countries do it to a degree but some more than others – using, sometimes inventing, the hatred of an external enemy to induce internal cohesion. The USA always had a bee in its bonnet and a paranoid fear of Communism. When the Cold War ended, that external hatred was redirected towards Al Quaeda, ISIS and Islam fundamentalists. Now that has faded away. And given Trump’s isolationist stance there is less interaction with the outside world than before. So what happens to all that anger and hatred? It comes home to roost and starts tearing the internal structure to pieces.
    Israel is another example since it has as a matter of deliberate policy from the outset, kept its borders ‘heated’. Being an Israeli isn’t just about being for the country, to a large degree it’s also about being against the Palestinians, Egyptians, Arabs etc. The ‘anger against’ becomes a way of consolidating identity and preventing internal strife.
    The USA is now in the unusual position of having no great enemies out there – and is in a state of disintegrating turmoil.
    What will happen to the UK when it no longer has the EU to blame for problems? Or if Scotland becomes independent and the hated English are no longer in the equation?
    There’s no astrological correlation really but it’s worth bearing in mind.

      • There was no such group to hate in the 1990s. (By 1990, the Berlin Wall fell; if people were anti-Islamic, it was not out in the open until after 911. Most Americans weren’t aware of Al Qaeda until after 911 ) Seems like the president is now trying to spread anti-Chinese sentiment, by calling coronavirus the Chinese virus.
        This stoking up of anger, divide and conquer is the thing of politicians. The blame game is one of the best tricks of the politicians. Why did so many Bernie Sanders supporters who blamed the 1% for their problems change sides and vote for Trump? Politicians know that selling resentment is an easy way to get votes. Trump is wooing black votes by claiming that Joe Biden is the architect of the “War on Drugs.” Don’t be surprised if it works. That man gets his charge in life out of starting fights. According to Washington Post, the reason his father sent him to military school was that he was taking knives out on people. Once a bully and always a bully. I don’t think blaming the parents is worthwhile, especially when DJT’s remaining siblings don’t have controversial traits. In fact the sister who was a federal judge has admirable traits.

        The only time I’d agree with you, Marjorie, was the 1950s and 1960s when the fear of communism was huge and the country united on that front. The US united for a year after 911, until the Iraq War derailed it. I was very much against that war and donated to Move Shortly afterwards the goals of that group had been usurped by George Soros with a multi-million dollar donation. He did the same to other charities to which I used to donate. The US is caught in the throes of conflict between two malignant narcissists, Trump and Soros. Soros just clothes his narcissism in high ideals and calls it philanthropy when he funds NGOs that fund other NGOs that fund more NGOs designed to make people vote his way. In my own county, a Soros-funded candidate threw out the incumbent in the party primary. It’s a formula that works for consolidating his influence and control. It’s too bad we don’t have a multi-party system.

  5. Interestingly that Uranus/Pluto conjunction in mid-Virgo back in the 1960s is currently being aspected by Sun and Venus in Gemini, along with Mars and Neptune in Pisces, with a full Moon in mid-Sagittarius coming up this weekend. With Sun in Gemini and Mars in Pisces also squaring exact this weekend, it’s likely that the current wave of unrest peaks at that point. These aspects start to separate next week, at which point the social climate should calm down a bit, but for a short time only. There’s a lot of mutable energy active right now, with explains the protests astrologically speaking. It brings back a lot of memories from the 1960s, in part because the current transits touch on that Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo. We’re revisiting a lot of those old revolutionary civil rights struggles from that period. History moves in cycles, and the astrology oftentimes bears that out.

    Also noteworthy that these transits are aspecting the US natal Neptune/Mars square, which is usually related to American militarism. The current transits are also aspecting Trump’s natal Sun/Uranus conjunction, which is making him more agitated and erratic than usual. The Full Moon will oppose that Sun/Uranus in his chart, adding to his emotionalism and volatility. With him being born on a full moon (in Sagittarius), even more so.

    The real action gets underway when Mars in Aries squares Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn later this year. That will prove very explosive globally, with the potential for another financial crisis during that period. Civil unrest and geopolitical tensions are likely to peak during the months of October and November. This period of high tension will extend into 2021, with tr. Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. This will likely augur for deflation in asset prices, especially in financials, tech firms, and commodities. Protests could get violent and revolutionary during that period, and we can’t discount the potential for natural disasters or another wave of coronavirus. February looks particularly difficult, with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter all making hard aspects to Saturn/Uranus during that time.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. Is there anything in the “minor aspects” when it comes to outer planets? Uranus and Pluto are currently in a biseptile aspect, they were in a septile aspect during the Poll Tax riots and a binovile during the Cable Street Riots. With the latter, Uranus is almost in exactly the same place and Pluto is in the opposite position. They seemed to capture something deeper than a Uranus square Pluto riot (England 2011).

    • It gets weirder; the upcoming 0 Can eclipse is septile Uranus – just like in 1936 (27 Gemini new moon). Could all be nothing, I just felt a link.

  7. Marjorie

    I 500% agree with your last paragraph!! The last sentence- not so sure. Anyway….. yes sometimes it has to get real bad before it gets good. How do you know what bad looks like so you can fix it unless you see it?? Its a process which hopefully has begun no matter what we armchair judges believe or say.

    And as much as I dislike Trump he has brought stuff to the surface that America needs to stop pretending doesn’t exist and deal with it. A difference to highlight between that time long gone and now is now the world is watching!

    That Pluto opp Mercury then … creating tidal waves triggered by Central Park lady and George. The universe speaks!!!

    Thanks as usual, really interesting from the astrology perspective. One love!

  8. To be honest, I’ve absolutely fuming today, after waking up to news on police teargassing demonstrators in Washington just that DJT could get a photo op. Also, systematic harassment towards journalists Police Departments seem to now employ. The footage of an Australian cameraman being knocked out went on air live and is quite something.

    But this, and Obama’s statement, have made me wonder about Judical and Law Enforcement Reform that’s definitely going to come the moment Democrats control at least House and WH. I actually see this could be possible even with Senate still nominally in control of Senate, but with a closer margin, since there are some GOP Senators who could find this helping with their electorate.

    I think 9th house Venus sextile 11th house Neptune on 2021 Inauguration Chart could indicate Judical reform. But what would indicated Law Enforcement Reform? I think “policing” is a 6th house matter, and 2025 chart has a 6th house matter. Sibly Chart has Uranus on DC, 6th house side, which would explane why Sheriffs and “lawmen” are such a pivotal figure in The US culture. 2025 Inauguration Chart has Moon on 6th. Also, Uranus will enter US Natal 6th house in a couple of years. It’s interesting to see if something will happen here.

  9. Uranus is currently tracking over the position in Taurus Pluto occupied in the chart during the US Civil war. Neptune was in late Pisces at the outbreak of the conflict in April 1861 as well. These seem to be sensitive points for the USA. The NN will be tracking across the US natal Mars and its Civil War Uranus in Gemini over the next year. The US progressed Mars is retrograde which does suggest self hatred and internalised aggression. It would be good if the Pluto return brings reform but it may not come easily. Personally I am not optimistic regardless of who is elected President this year. The divide runs too deep. I wonder whether the Union will hold.

    • Wow, that’s so interesting and so relevant. The Fantastic Four (Uranus , Pluto, Neptune and NN) joined by baddie Mars more or less confirming this had to happen to address some imbalance set way back then!

    • “Personally I am not optimistic regardless of who is elected President this year. The divide runs too deep. I wonder whether the Union will hold.”

      This is a honest question, because I’m analytically looking at modern Civil Wars and dissolutions of different states here, and the energy here seems so different. The lines are incredibly blurred. Young people old geezers usually send to fight their Wars do not, generally speaking, see a point in defending “the system”. In fact, young people largely acknowledge systematic racism. I just saw footage from Minnesota demonstration, with thousands and thousands of lily white fists raised. As someone who has made tracking international “alt-right” online her other weird hobby besides astrology, I can assure you usually do not see this kind of crowd gather for the racist rallies. Virginia State Capitol may have been the closest I’ve seen. But still, many big beer bellies on middleaged bodies and cheap tactical gear there.

      I do agree on there being some truly heavy astrological energy here, but it feels more like a “revolt” or even “revolution” than “civil war” or “dissolution”. Maybe more of 1989 than anything? We had truly heavy Capricorn outer planet activity that year too, and it all came to David Hasselhof singing on Berlin Wall.

      • i don;t know, Solaia. Sometimes when looking closely, it all becomes a big blur. The picture changes as you step back so it’s not the same as at the start.

        Yes, lots of heavy action in the heavens but perhaps like gauging the storm from the center of the wave. The view remains the same…until the waves dissipate.

  10. Thanks Marjorie for your comment on the history and astrology of nations. I am just an interested amateur, but one can’t help thinking that the current unfolding of events has become more than just about racism. To my mind’s eye it brings back flashes of the Occupy movement (around 2011) and the book from economist Piketty, Capital in the 21st Century (2013). Remember the phrase: ‘we are the 99%, against the 1%’. The former representing the have-nots vs. the have-it-alls. And add to that the huge problem of a health care system that is practically unaffordable for the majority (the ‘99%’). The events of the last week seem to be gravitating more and more towards the problem of gross inequality in the US, being expressed by people who are looting expensive shops. And not only a problem in the Americas, in London during 2011 there also was an uprising of sorts, if I remember correctly.

    So I am wondering about Saturn and Pluto, could this clash of giant energies be what we are seeing right now? Saturn as authoritative, restricting, energy accumulating wealth and power for personal reasons. Pluto the destroyer of structures that are not built on solid foundations (or foundations that have become infested by worms).
    The thing is, as mentioned above, that there have been multiple warnings about this growing inequality, but no captain of industry and no political leader took the cue back then. An now here we are…

    As an aside, how does the astrology of the book of Karl Marx Das Kapital, published in 1867, and its revolutionary aftermath (from 1917 onward) compare to present times?

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