Clint Eastwood – a multi-talented Gemini


The indomitable, everlasting Clint Eastwood is 90 today and still making movies. In a career stretching seven decades he has rarely stopped since the TV cowboy series Rawhide, through Italian spaghetti westerns onto hard-cop Dirty Harry. Along the way he started to direct – Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River etc  – which earned him multiple awards. His latest The Ballad of Richard Jewell was released late in 2019. His relationships, marriages and children have been a moveable and expansive feast.

Born 31 May 1930 5.35pm San Francisco, he has a 7th house Gemini Sun square a filmic Neptune on his Virgo Midheaven. He’a also got the signature Great Depression Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto square Uranus giving him a tough and inventive streak. Stubborn, used to hardship and freedom-loving. A pro-active Mars in Aries in his 6th will give him workaholic tendencies and an irritable, perfectionist streak – as well as a good deal of luck with Jupiter in his 8th.

His emotional life isn’t as constant with a Venus in Cancer in the 8th opposition Saturn and square Uranus and widely conjunct Pluto. Venus Saturn hard aspects can lead to a compulsive need to find new partners; as does Venus Uranus; and Gemini is a wanderer as well. His 9th house Moon in Leo squares Mars which would make for anger issues around women.

His superstar 22nd harmonic is strong; as is his actor’s 15H.

2 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood – a multi-talented Gemini

  1. It’s funny this should come up, because my relationships should be like his – and they haven’t been…. and that’s exactly why I’ve starting taking another look at the minor aspects that I mentioned in the USA riots thread.

    My Venus isn’t conjunct Pluto, but it’s in Scorpio, conjunct Uranus – so a similar vibe I suppose. What’s different is Saturn, mine is in a quintile aspect to Uranus (Venus), from the 5th house to the 7th house, no less. This is the only thing that has made sense with my different experience of Venus/Uranus (probably much duller).

    Of course, what else is different is that I am not from Hollywood, was socially conditioned as a female and raised in a very different time. So, there is all that 🙂

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