USA and guns – an addiction beyond curing

America’s gun addiction problem has hit another new low with nineteen Texas primary school children shot dead by a disturbed adolescent wielding military style rifles. The usual howls of outrage greeted the news but whether anything will or indeed can be done to deal with the problem is questionable.

  The recent May 16 Lunar Eclipse at 25 Scorpio opposition Algol square Saturn in Aquarius always did look troublesome. And indeed it clashes mightily with the National Rifle Association (NRA) Scorpio Sun opposition Pluto in Taurus; as well as the Texas state Mars Mercury in Aquarius. As well as the USA 1776 chart’s Solar Arc Mars in Aquarius.

 The NRA founded 17 November 1871 has been in turmoil in the recent two years with a welter of legal suits, attracting accusations of “abuse and fraud” with CEO Wayne LaPierre accused of excessive compensation and exorbitant spending of NRA funds on himself and his wife.

  Not only will this year’s Eclipses be rattling up the NRA Scorpio Sun and Pluto; tr Uranus will also upend the Pluto by conjunction from this July onwards with more disruptions and forced change through 2023/24 as tr Uranus opposes the Sun. One way and another they’ll have to shift ground.

  Evidently Trump is due to address them within days and as per usual no guns will be allowed at this meeting – it’s beyond parody.

  Texas became a state on 2 March 1856 and the Taurus North Node square Mars Mercury in Aquarius are being thrust under the Eclipse spotlight this year as well as catching the tr Uranus hard aspects in 2023/24.

  The shooter, Salvador Rolando Ramos, 16 May 2004 (net sources) shot dead by police, had his Taurus Sun closely conjunct Algol and being shaken up by this recent eclipse. He had a hard-edged, volatile Mars Saturn in Cancer trine Uranus – and had been bullied for a speech defect, so he wouldn’t be even tempered.

Every country has their area of madness but the insanity of modern USA is beyond thought – especially given the overwheening US pride in their ‘exceptionalism’, morality and global leadership qualities.

The US ratio of 120.5 firearms per 100 residents, up from 88 per 100 in 2011, far surpasses that of other countries around the world. Other stats below.

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  1. My father was military. The extended family was military. I was brought up with guns in the house, and I have fired a gun. A shot gun that knocked me flat when I was a teenager. It was a rite of passage. You are taught respect for the weapon. Military bases are locked down as well. To a man and woman – I think most military current and former will tell you that no civilian EVER needs to be able to get their hands on an assault weapon. EVER. Only the military should be allowed to have those. Everyone living in a blue state knows the red states are crazy. However, the kid on July 4th was in a blue state. He had issues – and twice the police had to take knives away from him because he threatened to kill his entire family (NY Times today 7/6/2022). We are all heart broken over this. We are heartbroken that yet another teenage boy with father issues decides he is going to hurt people.

    I have spent a lot of time wondering if the violent video games we allow children to play, and the violent tv programs and movies we allow children to watch have fed into this? When someone dies in a video game or in a movie – it is not real. The person gets up and walks away for the next round. It has gotten to be too much. No one is happy about this.

    • I have a 34 year old son that listened to gangsta rap, played videos’s games, graduated from college with a bachelor’s and an associates degree.

      His dad and uncle (uncle) lives in Texas. He’s African American, no criminal record, never used drugs or alcohol. Not even a traffic ticket, no children. Has worked and been very responsible.

      We can’t blame games or family, if you decide to do crazy things that’s on them. We need to stop blaming the parents sometimes it’s just the person being irresponsible, stupid and have mental health issues. You cannot watch child and work. Teach them right and pray is all we did!

      I’m not saying you are wrong, its just we blame too much on Music and games.

      • It has gotten to where I won’t go out into crowds or public events. I think about everywhere I place myself. No one should have an assault rifle unless they are in the military.

        I work on a Military Base on the East Coast – and when I am on base I feel safe. It is also in a state with heavy gun control laws.

        • He’s a Virgo Sept 14, 1987 4:12 pm. He has more Capricorn traits like methan me born Jan 1 1961 11:12 am east coast.

          I mention Texas because it’s a known gun toting and loving state and his dad and uncle have multiple guns. I won’t touch them and understand the pros and cons of ownership.

          No assault weapons, they should be outlawed.

          • He has a lot of Capricorn Energy. Thanks for sharing that with me. I have Saturn at 29 Capricorn and Saturn within 8 degrees of Jupiter, and a lot of Mars Energy. My Sun is in Taurus – but it is in the 10th house – so Capricorn again. Working with a different astrologer she tells me the strong Saturn and Mars is often found in people who are in the military. I have Mars conjunct my ascendant. Mom and Dad had multiple guns, but like I mentioned we were military and that is pretty normal for that subculture. I was always taught respect for the weapon, as were my brothers, and I guess because I was brought up there we understood the consequences of the weapon and war. They had us pretty locked down on the base as well, and kept an eye on us and everything else.

            When the men would leave we were never sure if they were coming back.

            Your son has a nice chart. Looks like he has goals.

  2. My father used guns for shooting ducks, pheasants and quail. At all other times the guns and ammo were locked up. I didn’t even know where he kept the key. All that he shot found it’s way to our kitchen. With the absolute insistence of my mum that he pluck and gut them first.

    I too have never shot one. KJM, , it is a great worry that individuals can own enough weapons and ammo to provide America’s military with enough to fight a war.. Private armies were outlawed centuries ago over here. And probably because of the very problem that afflicts the USA.from my perspective the NRA and complicit politicians have in effect mounted a coup that prevents Americans from ever knowing what living without fear is like.

    Many years ago my husband and I made the decision to not live in America and that it would be better to raise our son over here in the UK. It is a decision I have never regretted. Especially as a few years later Columbine happened. You would think that after such an event, that people would stop and think that Constitutional rights are less important than our children’s lives. But evidently not for those unwilling to give them up, ie guns.They are like the addict who claims he can give up any time he wants, he just doesn’t want to.

    I would love to see a class action suit brought about by the families whose loved ones have died because of laws that protect manufacturers, gun dealers and lobbyists. After all, if that can be done to tobacco companies, it shouldn’t be such a stretch to hold these people to account!

  3. Not every American believes in “American Exceptionalism.” I really think it’s a small minority of people who believe this, but they’re loud.

    • I believe in it, certainly not loudly. Charles Dickens wrote about it in his essay “American Notes” in 1842. In it, he criticized the vulgarity and meanness he found in the new republic. The book sold millions in the US yet he received no royalties. It’s a very descriptive and disenchanting summary prior to the Civil War. Continues to be realistic and reflective of many so-called American values.

      It’s available on eBay for just a few dollars.

  4. A slightly more scientific assessment of gun deaths and gun ownership…

    “States with the most gun violence share one trait”


  5. His fixed star parans are appropriate for his personality.
    Alcyone rises as his Sun is rising….”the ruthless visionary, passionate & arrogant.”
    Alpheratz sets as his Moon is setting….”emotionally independent, self-contained, a loner.”

  6. Some data on guns & the U.S. (PEW RESEARCH CENTER):

    32% of Americans personally own a gun. So…guns are concentrated in fewer hands–29% of gun owners own 5 or more weapons. 120 guns per 100 Americans.

    Gee…I wonder how many of the 29% fall into the approximate 30% of the population that thinks Trump is God? (I can’t remember where I read that 30% of the voting population is brainwashed in this way–but I think it’s about right and it’s the reason Biden is so ham-stringed even in having law enforcement go after white supremiscists and other home-grown right wing terrorist groups.)

  7. Until you stop lobbyists from bribing politicians and create gun free zones, you stand no chance. I still think that parents should be held responsible for their child’s actions. Meaning if your child kills, injures someone or uses a gun to commit a crime, then the parent or guardian should serve time as well as the child. Afterwards their right to bear arms is taken away forever.

    I was wondering if gun licenses were state or national? There should be at least a limit to the amount or type of gun people can own. And be limited to rubber bullets that do less harm than ones that explode on impact.

    None of these suggestions swill do more than slow down the problem. But those that care might start campaigning that the NRA is a terrorist organisation and needs to be outlawed.

    • You don’t need a license, training, or ANYTHING except being 18 to get a gun in Texas.
      The governor is proud of that–he encourages gun possession for all.

      • there are 4 gun stores in that mini town. Did the owner of that gun store ask why a 18 year old kid (false id?)who wound up(HOW he wound up?) with $4000 cash would buy a specialty firearm and what he would do with this? Do you realize that this goes on every day?
        This can be regulated through supply and demand. The president can instruct the ATF /Treasury Dept. NOW to increase the license fees for these dealers to operate and put the vast majority out of business. Really, what positive social role do they play? 75 years of misery. They can also increase the regulations on distribution of weaponry as a condition of holding a manufacturers license. He can bypass Congress . The Treasury department regulates sale and manufacture of firearms. Introducing these increased regulations will cause a bubble in the market and collapse it. Again, Congress can not stop this.

        • 1. I’d think, as he is surrounded by a grand group of constitutional lawyers, that they must be looking for solutions. He’s having a nearly impossible time getting people appointed to different cabinets.
          2. the GOP members stopped a debate on a domestic terrorist law this morning.
          3. Look at the SCOTUS recent ruling on the SEC–that court isn’t just out to gut ROE V. Wade, but also to take away federal agencies’ authority to impose consequences on regulation violators. I’d imagine that that decision would affect any new agency.

          4. read something interesting on the use of algorithms utilized to stoke up young men & get them to shoot people (think about Cambridge Analytical & their use of algorithms to feed disinfo and outrage.) NRA (funded by Russia) — stoking fear into their members to set up my country for chaos–and also to create disgust from the rest of the world.

          THE HUSBAND OF ONE OF THE TEACHERS–THEY HAVE 4 KIDS–JUST DIED OF A HEART ATTACK! They’d been high school sweethearts.

          The goal of Russia & other states to bring the US down has worked. And their techniques are the same as the torture & sadism they inflict everywhere they go.

          The March For Life Kids (from the Parkland shooting in Florida) have a nationwide protest on June 11. I suppose that is good. My guts tell me we have a long, long way to go–and I’m not hopeful we will get there.

    • Linda, I’m American there is no state or national limit on guns, my husband owns guns (not assault weapons) and so does my brother in law (Texas). You can openly carry in Texas.

      I have never fired a gun don’t care for them, they are locked up in a safe place in the house.

      We no longer hunt for food, it’s a sport. I don’t understand the need at all for assault weapons unless you are an active military person.

      The fascination with guys in this country for young boys start very early, they are normally gifted for milestone birthday’s in some states. Our two adult sons have never hunted or are gun owners. I don’t see the need for it.

      America has returned to it’s roots and has become “the wild, wild west” and this pertains to all of America.
      I love my country don’t want to live anywhere else, but guns are horrible destruction instruments for the average person.

      I’m very sad about the gun laws in my country.

  8. I posted an additional positive piece of news here.. but it’s disappeared!

    check out the recent speech by U.S. Senator Mallory McMorrow.

    It will inspire all of us.

    • Was surprised I had never heard of that US Senator.

      She is not a US senator. She is a senator for the state of Michigan (which she won by a bare 51%-49% margin).

    • She is wonderful. So is Beto O’Rourke who spoke at a TX governors press conference yesterday.
      So was the Miami Heat Basketball Game –they announced the phone # to call senators at their recent game
      Same with the couch of the Golden State Warriors
      The majority of Americans don’t want this to continue BUT
      we are held hostage by what used to be the Republican Party but is now a party following the Nazi party playbook: install judges throughout the country, stalemate ALL legislation, steal elections.

  9. If this is indeed beyond curing–then it seems that people who find this abhorrent & unsafe (me) need to move to another country. Any of you need a roommate?

    PTSD, all the lying, mass hysteria, mass psychosis, total insanity all over the place a good deal of the time. (And I’m on the left coast–but it’s not absent here)

    Marjorie–your comment — it’s beyond curing. For all the states?

    I taught kids for 30 years. I worked in a classroom, and have worked with kids, their families and also new teachers.

    This is becoming hell on earth. (I don’t believe in after life–but we can create hell or heaven here and now.)

    The kids look like students I’ve had. The teachers, just like my colleagues.

    No more words…I hate the way things are right now. Makes me ashamed of the human race.

    • KG, I feel the pain.

      However, I think feeling ashamed of our human race only puts us in a helpless place/mindset (this is our family and where we are – we can’t change into something else – so we have to have faith or believe in something as our moral compass.

      Even this conversation taking place right now is a start .. …. People are coming to a realization through conversation. Tiny steps and patience. Plant the seeds, water them and they will grow. It took hundreds of years to get to this place much because of mindset so we can’t expect it/mindsets will change overnight. Generational/Race/systemic trauma, etc and all that.

      We have to believe in ourselves and that as a race we can do better, and each of our tiny steps is cumulative to impact the collective? How were so many afforded the ability to make changes in the Western world that give us the freedoms now many didn’t have many many years ago?

      Food for thought!

      • Correction, meant last line to read *’… give us the freedoms we have now compared to many who didn’t have them …….’

        • Marjoie’s interpretation of the “starts” does not look encouraging.

          I think that if there was a possibility to buy back some of the weapons that would be a start. They do that in Los Angeles now and then–and it helps. Perhaps if the billionaire overlords actually paid their taxes they could use the money for that.

          I’m not a fan of guns–I think it’s like Chekov’s statement about if a gun is in a story you know there will be a murder sort of fits life. That said, they need to collect all the machine gun type weapons–no one needs a gun that can shoot multiple rounds. That’s a weapon of war.

          My country was armed for a civil war. Donations to Republicans and the NRA came from Russians. So—you can see there’s a plan here by somebody(somebodies).

          It’s very scary.

          How to live–really LIVE–when so many things are facing apart is difficult right now.

          I watched the recent HBO special on George Carlin and seeing the footage of the protests in the 60s and an early 70s reminded me of how dangerous and chaotic things could get. But now there are people with AR-15s in the mix.

  10. Just before 9/11, I watched a documentary about the USA and guns. They said “there are more gun stores in the United States than there are gas stations.”. This disturbed me.

    Days before 9/11, I headed down from Canada to the USA in my camper… to an astrology workshop in Napa, Ca. Staying with friends in Ashland…. 9/11 happened. I continued to San Francisco the next day and entered that city at 5 pm almost the only car on the highway.

    Stayed with a friend whose roommate was VERY right-wing.
    He walked into the house 2 nights later and announced .. with GLEE!!!…..
    “I was just in the local gun store and there are only TWO guns left!!”

    My little Canadian me was horrified. The statistic from that documentary flashed through my mind and it just seemed like the entire country was now armed.

    For the next 7 days, I kept my head down, my opinions to myself. Finally, on the 7th night, PBS had actual news from actual reporters from around the world. But for that week?…. San Francisco terrified me.

    I have lived for many years in rural BC. Many people had guns…. not at all with the idea of “protecting”themselves from intruders. Simply used to hunt for game to feed families. Of course, now there is a rupture in the social fabric everywhere.. even in Canada. But the USA?… that is some kind of craziness for sure.

    great posting Marjorie.
    and to those of you posting front the USA…
    I am so sorry for what you experience in your hearts now…
    I have many American friends and am married to a lovely American.
    He is in despair over his birth country.
    all the best,

  11. My eye just caught a headline about how many Senators who take campaign contributions from the NRA. So i checked it out. Mitt Romney tops the list with over $13 million. Mitch McConnell at No.18 with over $1 million etc. This article lists the top 50 in one year, 2019. Wow… now I understand why so many so resistant and block any tighter laws. Money!!!

    That’s why no proper gun laws win over lives even if it is the children who have to be sacrificed too. Money!!

    Almost corrupt and definitely amoral I think.

    • Oh and many of the same names putting hand to heart and talking about their prayers and sadness in the news. Yet are paid to block legislation to stop this cycle on repeat.

      • Republicans run out the clock by “now is not the time” and expect the country to move on. I worked in the youth violence & bullying prevention field for a decade and more and more children, terrified by gun violence in schools, are becoming eligible to vote. They are demanding change.

      • I strongly agree that money is a very corrupting influence in USA politics. The US Supreme Court is at fault for this in the Valeo (1976) and Citizens United (2010) decisions that equated political donations as “free speech”. This amounts to the undermining of free discourse and equality as distinguished by one man, one vote democracy in America — because the wealthy can disproportionately spend to promote their views and preferences. We end up with lax tax laws that benefit the wealthy over the common workers and blocking efforts like national healthcare which benefits ALL of our citizens alike. Without that healthcare we have major problems with drug dependency and mental illnesses that massively burden our people. And endless medical related bankruptcies for the commoners, too.

    • Unfortunately, you are referring to a biased source, the Brady anti-gun campaign. That Romney number is the total of all donations over his entire political career, not last year or any one year. Same is true of others referenced. Pro-gun groups spend significantly less for Congressional campaigns than is shown in scare campaigns by anti-gun groups. Here is a “better”, less biased article from Fortune magazine, a general interest business magazine with good journalistic chops. Read the whole thing.

      Gun groups spend MOST of their donations on the Presidential campaign rather than the House and Senate races. Romney’s number (in the Brady reference) seems so high because he was a presidential candidate back in the day, as they say.

  12. The problem is not the guns, but how easily they are obtained. And the fact that assault weapons are so easily obtained. Why would anyone need an assault weapon unless he or she is on a in a war zone? The other problem is that people seem to believe that rights are absolute, and do not come with any responsibilities or restrictions or consequences. As if I have right to own a weapon in the US, so I have the right to kill people. Or I have the right to assemble for political purposes, so I can do it in your back yard at 3 am in the morning. No! In some states, if you are declared incompetent, you lose the right to vote. Why shouldn’t that apply to weapons?

    The other thing that seems to be a pattern here is that the majority of the offenders are young men. If the authorities are so concerned about legislating a woman’s control over her own body, on the basis of life being sacred, you would think they would restrict young men from owning guns since that can result in death. It seems as if we have raised a generation of young men who have an overweening sense of entitlement, no self-control, and access to firearms. Very bad combination.

    In the interest of full disclosure, my parents owned a rifle and a handgun because they lived in a rural community-6 miles from the nearest town in an area full of wildlife. If a robber had broken in, they could have been injured or killed before help arrived. And don’t get me started on how crazy some wildlife is during mating season.

    • Marjorie noted that the shooter had been bullied fir a speech problem. And More often than not, you will find shooters in mass shooters will have been bullied, or are exposed to violence at home. According to research (an FBI study and others) many of them become bullies themselves and become violent adults. So it become a lethal cocktail.

  13. CNN “Many agents live in Uvalde and have connections with the school…..
    which is why he shot up this place and NOT his high school.

  14. Comment from CNN: it is easier now to buy a gun than to buy baby formula.

    I worked with an extreme Texas redneck at Boeing up here, some 15 yrs ago. He had purchased 30 long rifles and a large number of handguns, along with cases of ammo in preparation for the inevitable God-inspired war between “Mooslims and Christians.” He’d build a house in the center of a five-acre plot, cleared the land all around for open line of sight/fire. I had nothing to say – what CAN you say about that mentality?

    Sadly, I agree with Marjorie that the killing won’t end and gun control is a lost cause. Thoughts and prayers won’t ever stop the killing. Gun control equates to male emasculation in the US.

  15. The eloquence of some of these posts moved me to tears. I live in the west right in the middle of NRA country. We have neighbors that fly the confederate flag alongside the American flag and with it, another flag —yup, the NRA! Others fly Trump 2020 flags—seriously. They remind me of gang ‘colors’. Yet, ours is a Democrat county and most of my neighbors vote that way but are also pro-gun. I’d estimate that 90% have a gun and they’re genuinely used as a tool genuinely used for protecting themselves or their livestock from rattlesnakes, mountain lions, etc. Or, for putting down a badly injured horse or dog. To my knowledge none carry AR-15s (I don’t know about the flag flyers though!). In short, around here the issue is a nuanced one. My neighbors think of their gun as as tool, same as their truck. Like a lot of the USA we’re remote and rural, far from law enforcement or hospitals or even, veterinarians (nearest of each is over an hour away) so people are accustomed to doing everything for themselves. As a Brit, it was confusing to me at first but I have some sympathy for it now. What’s needed is an equally nuanced response. Gun safety, background checks,confiscating guns from those with any record of domestic violence, renewing gun licenses just like a driver’s license. Even then, we, like all the US have a huge problem with lack of access and affordability of medical care, especially mental healthcare. It’s the proverbial Gordian knot. How to keep guns in the hands of responsible people who, believe it or not, yes, use them responsibly, but take them away from the rest. The hunting culture contributes to this too. People here,men and women alike, are proud to be able to ‘put food on the table’— elk, deer, antelope. As a lifelong vegetarian that was another eye-opener for me. The USA is vast. It’s problems are complex and it’s population is far, far, from cohesive. IMO it is almost ungovernable because needs and experiences are so very different from state to state. None of this is to do with astrology, so I apologize for sounding off. I respect each and every comment here, and agree wholeheartedly, but it’s not black and white. How I wish it were—especially this morning when I think of the agony of those families.

    • Anne, my post last week has become a terrible reality. The dogmatic attitude of the GOP, plus the inflexible NRA
      will ensure that the right to bear arms will ensure that there are many more massacres of this hideous nature.

      As long as these two toxic organisations continue to maintain their iron grip on America, the country’s inexorable
      decline will continue.

      “In the Space Age/ The village idiot rules.” – Iggy Pop.

      How depressingly true.

  16. This is, yet again, horrifying, tragic, and dystopian. It’s as if the US is constantly at war with itself, and struggling to see how all of this is viewed by the rest of the developed world.

    Looking at Texas specifically – where the attitude towards gun ownership is very “relaxed” – the planets for the annexation by the US are quite enlightening.
    Texas was annexed by the US on 29th December, 1845. It has Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Capricorn, square Mars/Uranus in Aries, which opposes Chiron in Libra. Jupiter, and Mars, transiting in Aries will activate this grouping in the coming weeks. Maybe that signifies a “war” for justice, or even leadership in the state?
    This Texas Venus/Neptune at 24 Aquarius is sextile Pluto in Aries – potentially describing wealth and power from oil. The NN is 15 Scorpio. Saturn is at 16 Aquarius.
    Current transits to this chart show Saturn just one degree past Texas Venus and Neptune. Transiting Uranus is conjunct the South Node in Taurus, releasing terrible shocks? Shaking up the past? Mars in Taurus and the Nodes reaching 15 Taurus/Scorpio in July and August also look to underline this theme.

    From here, tr Uranus is square Texas Saturn, and emphasising it’s t square with those Nodes. That looks so difficult, tense, and suggests many people in turmoil. November’s lunar eclipse in Taurus also energises this South Node, Saturn t-square.

    I think this date is potentially resonant astrologically because:

    “On December 29, 1845, Texas entered the United States as a slave state, broadening the irrepressible differences in the United States over the issue of slavery and setting off the Mexican-American War.” (

    And yes, VF, that line about Hell is empty really does sum it up, sadly.

  17. One of the reason for Canada’s high and climbing homicide-by-firearms rate is illegal smuggling in of guns from the U.S. Mexico has the same issue, unfortunately.

  18. 40% willfully ignorant and paranoid, 7% wretched and selfish, 2% cynical and naive and 51% intelligent and wise. The U.S.A summed up.
    Dumbest country per capita while simultaneously the most powerful. The greatest paradox in at least modern history.
    And if any American takes offense to this, GOOD! That means I’m speaking about you, because the sensible ones won’t be offended as it’s the painful fact. The politicians don’t elect themselves. Sick voters.

    • It’s shameful that the predictable crisis actor conspiracy wackjobs have crawled out from under their rock already.

    • People in the media keeps mentioning that 80 to 90% want background checks via the polls. This gives a flawed perception. The real polling question that drills down the truth of how voters really feel is “how many want stricter gun laws?” Based on an average of this query from Gallup and Pew polls done last year and a YouGov poll done this year, has 52, 53 and 54% respectively wanting stricter gun laws, which is a 53% average. Aligns perfectly with my figures above and proves my point. A slim majority but a damn shame.

      • Polls really mean nothing. The voters continue to put the same Republican politicians back into office and until that changes, there will be more school shootings violence to come.

  19. Anita: Absolutely agree. It’s like, “You can kill my children, but don’t take my guns.” This country is so sick. America is no longer America.

  20. USA = violent culture + easy access to guns.
    Truth is, Americans love their guns more than they love their children. Gun violence is the leading cause of death for children in the USA. In 2020 over 4,300 young Americans died of firearm-related injuries. In 2019, a child or teen was killed with a gun every 2 hrs and 36 minutes. Most of them aren’t even reported. More than 390 million guns are owned by US civilians. The mental illness spin is nonsense in the US 27% has some form of mental illness vs 26% in Canada and 24% in Sweden. The difference is national healthcare and no easy access to guns. Expect nothing from congress and more violence to come after all it’s only May. There is something profoundly disturbing about someone offering prayers for something they have no intention to anything about.

  21. Mars/Jupiter conj. if very violent. Look at all the mass shootings. Now Mars goes into Aries. I would not be surprised if Putin brings out the big guns.

    • Yes, Mars was on the aneretic degree of Pisces too — 29 degrees — thus conjunct fixed star, Scheat, considered malefic, amplified by conjuncting Jupiter in the first degrees of Aries.

  22. ‘….. the right of citizens suffering from psychosis or any form of schitzoid disorder to arm themselves, ….’ I think the American psyche, the foundational psyche (it’s own DNA) that the Country was built on, is suffering from this, hence the unmovable stance on this matter by those in power?

    Food for thought.

    That’s all I can say. No more words!!!

    • Reports are surfacing that the shooter was bullied in school for a speech problem. Research suggests that students that were bullied or are bullies themselves are more inclined to become involved in crime and become violent adults. Overall, 34 percent of the children studied engaged in bullying and 73 percent reported being the victim of some form of bullying. Almost all of the bullies, 97 percent, said they were also victims of bullying themselves. In school shootings, this pattern repeats itself over & over again

    • The foundation of the American psyche is competition. Winning at all costs and beating others. Co-operation, discourse, negotiation and compromise do not come easily. It’s why there is racism, sexism etc. Always someone has to be stronger than someone else. Follow that through and there will always be a need for guns.

      I read Michael Moore’s book – Stupid White Men – back around 2001 when he was making Bowling For Columbine which was about the high school shooters then. I don’t recall any of the book other than I’m sure he said Canada had the same level of gun ownership as the U.S. yet the homicide rate was neglible by comparison. Canadians tend to be much nicer people whom Americans look down on for being too nice! Says it all really.

      • GD – the laws in Canada are much more stringent. There is no Second Amendment. Families are interviewed, and there’s a right to withold a license if the applicant is considered to be a risk of any kind. Further checks are carried out later, plus you have to wait for your license. And assault weapons are banned since the 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia.

        “America is a nation saturated by guns, with more firearms than people. According to the Small Arms Research project, there are 121 firearms for every 100 residents.
        Nowhere else compares. But Canada is one of the western nations that comes closest, with an estimated 35 guns per 100 residents.” CNN July 2021

  23. Browsing reddit this morning, I was moved by a clip of Golden State Warriors Basketball coach, Steve Kerr who gave an impassioned speech on this latest atrocity. Staring straight into the camera he directly addressed Mitch McConnell: “I ask you, Mitch McConnell, I ask all of you senators who refuse to do anything about the violence and school shootings and supermarket shootings. I ask you: Are you going to put your own desire for power ahead of the lives of our children and our elderly and our churchgoers? Because that’s what it looks like. It’s what we do every week. It’s pathetic, I’ve had enough!” before slamming his fist onto the table and fighting back tears of rage. (He lost his own father to a shooting in 1984).

    I once listened to an NRA spokesman on BBC radio being interviewed who stated confidentiality that it was the right of citizens suffering from psychosis or any form of schitzoid disorder to arm themselves, that it was an inalienable right and that anyone opposing it was a communist and a traitor to the United States of America.

    The line “Hell is empty and all the devils are here” springs to mind.

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