US Elections – no knockout, quills on alert

America Decides:-

1. Joe Biden.

2. Trump.

3. Incredibly drawn out, messy, inconclusive, lawyer-ridden process, probably including violence.

(Thanks to Christian Adams cartoon, Evening Standard.)

Memo for astro-election watchers: never ever get distracted by polls. They are invariably off.

Following on from the previous November 1 post below and earlier thoughts on the Supreme Court, there does look to be considerable upheavals, disruptions and excitement in the Supreme Court from November 18th till December 20th with tr Uranus square the SCOTUS Uranus. That timeline is also highlighted on Associate Justice Elena Kagan’s chart with her Taurus Sun opposing Neptune at 7 degrees Scorpio; and Sonia Sotomayor’s, Stephen Breyer’s and Samuel Alito’s. So several of the SCOTUS team will be on red alert.

   Chief Justice John Roberts has more conspicuous movement on his chart from late December through January; as does Amy Coney Barratt. But one way or another SCOTUS will be moving through stormy seas with mainly Uranian pressure bearing down on the institution itself as well as those serving it right through until after the standard Inauguration date of January 20th.

  The next flare up point will be April/May 2021 with major stress showing on various of the Associate Justices’ charts.

84 thoughts on “US Elections – no knockout, quills on alert

  1. Just reading Marjorie’s write up in February about the Inauguration chart for January. Still looks a testing time and seems potentially dangerous for Biden.

    • Yes very worrisome, especially since Marjorie posted on Jill Biden that she is facing a seriously difficult, worrisome and high risk 2021/22. I’m sure the secret service will have their hands full in protecting Biden against pro-Trump supporters & militia attack efforts etc.

      • It’s a horrific life stuck inside the White House and at the best of times is high risk. Michelle Obama didn’t find it remotely easy to cope especially at the start despite having a relatively smooth run
        Jill Biden does have some lucky, upbeat patches later this year and in patches through 2021 – and a few sinking moments. 2022 looks more challenging for her – and could be risky and seriously stuck with her Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Pluto and tr Neptune opposition her Saturn.

  2. Joe has won. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Joe has received more votes than any other Presidential Candidate in the history of the USA. Joe and Kamala have won by 4,155,000 votes, and they are still counting them. I am just going to sit with this today and be grateful. People worth looking up if you are not from the USA are Joseph Clyburn, the Mayor of Atlanta, Pete Buttigieg, Stacey Abrams (who is Smart), the Lincoln Project, Lincoln’s Bible. This is the first time I have been able to breathe in four years, and a lot of people feel the same way. Who knows what erratic and chaotic behavior will erupt from Trump and Team in the next 90 days, who knows. But for the moment the USA is just going to sit with this and be grateful. Every vote counts. We are in desperate need of Electoral College Reform and we know it. This win was a coalition of various interests. We know there is a next generation coming, but the task before us it to heal the wounds, get the pandemic under control, fix the economy, heal the relationships with our European and Canadian Friends. Europeans may not know, but it was Joe who led the task force in 2008 to prevent a collapse of the Economy during the Crash of 2008, and he knows how to work with people and bring the best minds in to solve problems. His wife, Dr Jill Biden, is a teacher. He has stated several times that he will be a President for all the people, not just the ones who voted for him. In addition to fixing the Electoral College, we need to put Guardrails on our little Republic to prevent this from happening again. At the very least a security investigation and a background check, as well as an assurance of an understanding of how the government is supposed to work. I am not sure Trump ever understood, or cared to learn it. Many of us who have held clearances (myself included) have been appalled with some of the things seen in the current administration. Do not underestimate the damage that can be done in the next 90 days.

    Please if you reply to this – nothing negative.
    We have been swimming in Negativity for the last four years here in the States, and I cannot take anymore.

    The astrology:

    Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius in December

    Jupiter and Saturn leaving Capricorn

    A Changing of the Guard.

    Sabian Symbol ” Contribution” “An Old Adobe Mission in California” “The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers life spans”

  3. On the far left and the far right, there are agendas.

    This election however has been about saving the Republic.

    The agendas can come later. Those on the far left and the far right cannot see that, but the Centrists sure can, and most of the country is Centrist. We need to put guard rails on our Republic to make sure that we don’t run off the road like this in the future. We need to make some changes. Checks and balances are supposed to work to keep this type of thing from happening. We’ll see what happens. We are not out of the woods yet.

    • Perhaps this sounds naive, but maybe in the future a psychological assessment of those running for the Presidency. Trump’s sociopathy and NPD has wrought havoc on the U.S. and it was obvious from the start that he was not of sound mind.

      • Everyone in the North East knows who he is, and did not vote for him. Unfortunately, the rest of the country only knew the tv show “The Apprentice” and that is what they thought he was.

    • @ Liz, I think that you are politically naive if you believe that a center exists because most of the hot button issues that define elections or yes/no

      Another thing is that Republicans have moved the political center so far to the right that on the majority of issues the Democratic Party is to the Right of Ronald Reagan.

      Case in point is the ACA aka Obamacare. Obamacare was modeled on a policy paper from the right-wing think tank Heritage Foundation published in the late 1990s or early 2000s. It was based on having citizens purchasing health care from private insurance providers.

      The idea of the individual mandate which was the lynchpin of ACA was that if everyone paid something into the system that they would take better care of their health through diet and exercise but the current iteration of Republicans claimed that it was an intrusion on individual freedom.

      When right wingers started their assault on Roe v Wade their tactic was to talking about abortion on demand until birth knowing that 90% of abortions occur during the first trimester and only a miniscule number of abortions occur during the third trimester and only if the life of the mother is in danger.

      But now right-wingers want to restrict medical abortions and restrict abortions to six weeks even before most women know that they are pregnant.

      So no it is not both sides and there are some issues where there is no centrist position and even when Democrats compromise Republicans want more, more more until they get their way.

        • Seriously? That’s what you got from my post?

          Compromise from the left hasn’t been met with compromise on the right.

          Backing Trump got Republicans gains in the House and probably maintaining control of the Senate.

          A Qanon supporting Republican just got elected to freaking Congress. But yeah both sides are extreme.

          Let’s look at abortion again. The left has accepted certain restrictions on abortion such as parental notification. What has the right done? Push TRAP laws which basically shut down abortion clinics.

          Being a black gay male I don’t have a dog in that particular fight but I was just using it as an example.

          Hard lines have gotten the Right what they wanted—a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court.
          McConnell and the Republicans have approved so many judges since Trump was elected that one some of the courts judges nominated by Trump outnumber.

          Now Biden wants to compromise with people who are conspiracy theories that he has cheated. *sigh*

  4. Paul Krugman in the NY Times looking at the unhealthy level of power wielded by an unrepresentative Senate.
    ‘If we were looking at a foreign country with America’s level of political dysfunction, we would probably consider it on the edge of becoming a failed state — that is, a state whose government is no longer able to exert effective control.’
    Politico is marginally more upbeat pointing to Biden’s past relationship with McConnell.
    ‘During Barack Obama’s presidency, Joe Biden’s propensity for cutting deals with Mitch McConnell became a running source of aggravation for liberals. Now it will be the key to getting anything done at all.
    And perhaps most importantly, Biden and McConnell have a real relationship — forged over the years as Senate colleagues and combatants. McConnell was the only Senate Republican to attend the funeral for Biden’s son Beau in 2015, and he’s largely stayed away from GOP attacks on Biden’s other son, Hunter.’

    • I think in the world’s eyes America is definitely a failed state right now. Everyone walks on tiptoes because it is also right now still very powerful to the point of becoming self destructive. The world watches but in any event just like every ideology tested, is democracy currently being tested? Is this Pluto in the last of Capricorn at work?

      • Does anyone know the birth date of democracy? Given tribalism and clansmanship more nearer to socialism, i think. Would be any interesting conversation to compare some sort of chart to aspects now!!

  5. According to Marjorie, the Mayor of Atlanta is in good spirits over this period so based on an apparent imminent Georgia swing, it’s Old Joe by 306.

    • At this point, I think Trump has better chance with Arizona than Georgia. Astrology wise, look at my quick assessment of Georgia re-run chart (I haven’t looked at candidates, but just by intuition, I feel Reverend Warnock will not have any problem what so ever to fill enthusiasm gap especially in John Lewis’ old contingency). Although there are some late incoming votes from abroad including Military, I’m not certain it will help Trump as much as expected. Military Times poll had Biden ahead (although many undecided), and although I can’t verify this, have a feeling that since Active Duty Military were is very diverse ethnically by now, ensigns from a State like Georgia would be overwhelmingly Black.

    • Biden margin ahead in GA is small enough that there will be a recount. Exciting news is, it’s pretty sure that both GA’s Senate races are heading for runoff elections on Jan 6. AZ just elected their 2nd Democratic Senator Mark Kelly

      • @ Anita, both of those seats are going to Republicans and they will retain control of the Senate.
        I don’t have faith that Democratic voters understand the importance of Democrats controlling the U.S. Senate has to push Biden’s agenda.

        Even if Democrats controlled the Senate Biden would be pushing for ‘bipartisan’ legislation which is going to doom him and the Democrats in 2022.

        • I think you’re underestimating the Georgia voter. We have to wait and see how those races pan out, but given the fact that both Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham both won re-election (so that should please them) and Marjorie’s analysis of both have discouraging, depressed aspects starting end of Jan 21 for the next two years make me wonder if their time in the senate may be impeded by not have the majority power. Time will tell.

          • @ Anita
            You sound almost as delusional as Biden believing that he can unify this country when Trump won’t even admit that he has lost and several high-ranking GOPers backing up Trump ‘s fantasies.
            Nothing bad ever happens to Republicans no matter how immorally or illegally they act.
            Democrats always have to walk the straight and narrow while Republicans can literally do anything they want without repercussions.
            Look at what’s happening with Trump. Lindsey Graham is going to use his power as chairman of the Judiciary committee to investigate ‘voter fraud’.
            It doesn’t matter how outlandish the idea Republicans always stick together and reinforce each other’s paranoia and conspiracy theories.

  6. No surprise that Trump and henchmen are filing lawsuits to contest Biden’s
    increasing lead. All this is happening while Mercury is stationing direct and,
    perhaps more significantly, Mars is still retrograde. My very basic knowledge
    of astrology notwithstanding, I can’t help but think that all the legal action
    will come to nothing because of Mars retro. It’s always been my understanding
    that initiating anything of importance, especially a lawsuit, during a Mars-retro
    phase is an exercise in futility. (I’ve certainly has some personal experiences
    thereof!) I know this sounds terribly simplistic–I’m sure many other astro
    factors are involved in this unfolding drama. Nonetheless, Mars retro is
    Mars retro. Sorry Don, game over.

    • @Julie, I have Mercury Stationary in Virgo, and for me, Stationary is a “problem shooter” position. I too think law suits filed around this time have short shell life if not backed with solid data. And I believe Biden’s lawyers might be a notch or two better than Trump lawyers, so, there you go.

      • My natal ascendant is Virgo and I have Pluto Retrograde in the 1st and Mercury in Aries in the 8th. Yuck.
        Thankfully my Taurus sun is the only fixed sign in my chart because I have never gotten along with people who have fixed suns especially my Scorpio mom who is the personification of every single negative Scorpio trait known to man.
        We tolerate each other and it helps that we live in different states because we don’t survive well under the same roof.

  7. The question that comes to my mind given that the Dems have not done well in the Senate is ‘…… will Biden face the same fate as Obama in trying to make changes and pass bills? Just remembering the numerous shut downs threatened or took place for Obama during his time.

    • It was never going to be all singing and dancing for the libertarian lobby – the Pluto Return in 2022/23 and indeed before then another year of tr Pluto opposition the Mercury will drag out the angst even with Trump dumped. (assuming)

    • The problem that Democrats were going to have with Biden is that he is another mushy moderate who wants to bring people together.
      That is one reason that Obama failed. He wanted everyone to like him ( one of the negative traits of Leos) and the Republicans took that as weakness and used it against him and obstructed him at every turn.
      Even if Democrats had won the Senate and kept control of the House Biden would have thawrted any type of progressive agenda from Congress because Biden isn’t a progressive and that is why he was the DNC’s chosen candidate.

      But now with Republicans (probably) controlling the Senate it may be hell just getting Biden’s cabinet picks confirmed and heaven forbid if Steven Bryer who is 83 and one of the three liberals left on the Supreme Court should die during Biden’s first two years then McConnell will have too much influence over his replacement.

      • @Roderick, someone suggested just to take a page from Trump book and make the director’s acting. There are also going to be two reruns in Georgia in January, and they will have Stacy Abrams on case (I also would love her in Transition Team), so a 50-50 by Inauguration isn’t totally out of question. (And I still have some hope for North Carolina).

        I agree on Obama’s weakness being wanting to be liked, as a Leo. Gemini Moon enforces that. Another weakness, being a relative rookie in Washington. He didn’t have connection.

        Biden, on the other hand is, underneath that friendly Sadge Rising, a Scorpio core and Taurus Moon. I don’t think he particularly tries to be popular, he just is. And there were stories on him being “enforcer” in that Administrator, talking to people, getting the votes. Kamala Harris is a good mix in that although a Libra Sun, so “pleasant” outsise, she has an Aries Moon. Aries Moons are very, very selfsufficient emotionally, which shouldn’t be confused with being selfish, even if some are. But mostly, they don’t need a crutch.

        • @Solaia, ‘Aries Moons are very, very self sufficient emotionally, which shouldn’t be confused with being selfish, even if some are. But mostly, they don’t need a crutch.’

          I can testify to that! I am an Aries Moon. Yes when we need to … … we can make it happen! What is maybe perceived as selfish is seen from our standpoint as .. thinking that if we can do it and we can demonstrate and speak passionately about how it can be done. Then of course because we speak in the ‘I’ this and that it seems like we just care about ourselves (selfish). We need concrete examples to champion for ourselves (oops, there goes that I again) and or others. (Or maybe that’s another part of my chart talking). Anyway Aries Moon lights my fire …

          • Aries moons can be fighters for Justice – you see it crop up in the charts of champions of social justice particularly – perhaps this is because its opposite sign is Libra.

        • I think Biden was the right man for the hour and the division of the country. He felt safe enough for many life long Republicans to switch and vote for a Democrat. We will see how it pans out. The Dems lost seats because the “socialism” cry from the Trump campaign worked especially in South Florida.

      • Great point Roderick, the Dems do seem somewhat lazy in their approach and their drive. Almost as if ‘we are so liberal let everyone choose’ when leadership is needed. You can’t take that away from Trump even if you don’t like his morals.

        Someone needs to tell them!! Otherwise they are in danger of repeating the Obama cycle for America, then next election we can bet on Reps for sure from now.

      • I always thought the great flaw in Obama’s chart was his focal point Neptune – it lacks the killer instinct necessary to ride roughshod over opposition. Plus his Leo Sun.

        • Interesting point ! There goes Neptune raining on his and our parade. Biden doesn’t have that misfortune??? So full steam ahead?? Astrologically at least hopefully!

        • “I always thought the great flaw in Obama’s chart was his focal point Neptune – it lacks the killer instinct”
          True and maybe that Neptune clouded his perception of the opposition that he could charm them into seeing reality his way.

    • Looks like both Georgia’s Senate seats are headed for a run-off. Marjorie, I wonder what the Stars have in store for the run off election date of December 1, 2020?

      • Georgia rerun will be January 5th 2021. For someone who promised to take a vacation at least from politics, I seem to care a lot. I like the astrology: Obviously a Capricorn Sun. Only one planet, Uranus, retrograde. Moon in Libra (justice, balance) all through Election Day in Georgia (starts with very late Virgo) and not void of course. Saturnus/Jupiter conjunction has passed to Aquarius (to be noticed, sign it ruled in classic astrology before Uranus was discovered), but not yet squaring Uranus tightly. Venus trines in Sadgittarius trines Aries Mars. I think this is forward looking astrology. The very least, shouldn’t be messy at all.

        • @Solaia: This period may be why the “Grim Reaper”(Mitch) looks defeated and Dems look quite chipper in February. The Biden victory is already relatively clear so I figure it’s something else making them glow. From graveyard to garden maybe?
          I can fathom one GA seat swinging but 2 would be astounding.

        • @ Solaia.
          I have always wondered how the ancient rulership vs. modern rulership worked. I think that Aquarius was the scientific part of Saturn since it ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius before Uranus was discovered.
          But I wonder what happens when Saturn is in Aquarius. Does Saturn act on Aquarius as a restrictor of everything that Aquarius rules or does it enhance everything that falls under the purvey of Aquarius?
          It’s always a question, huh?

    • @ Jennifer E
      Biden should fire up his executive order pen but he won’t because he’s a mushy moderate. He is too concerned about keeping tradition of a civil public discourse.*sigh*
      This is going to be another failed Democratic presidency until Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024 but I don’t know if I can hang on that long.

  8. All very interesting and dramatic darling. What strange times we are living in. I was just wondering what wild card may pop out and you mentioned in Ghislaine Maxwell early in the year that the December Sagittarius Eclipse will conjunct her Venus for an emotional upset with a truly difficult Solar Return from December 2020 having a trapped, scary 8th house Mars square Pluto. Maybe she thinks now is the time to try and control her situation and name some names which may in turn cause maximum chaos?

    • I would imagine many slugs will crawl out from under stones when the election is finally decided – assuming the Trump ratpack is gone at least from the WH.

      • In another news article, it cites that Trmp can make max use of his presidential pardon power and grant her a pardon. A rollerball of pardons, in fact.

        • Not sure he can pardon her before she’s tried? Or has the US gone completely stark staring? Neither he nor Clinton are looking too chirpy about her ahead. Will do tomorrow.

          • I assumed she would be convicted before he clears his desk. No rush to update on her acct or mine 😉 I do wish her well…

  9. Solaia, good comment and hope you are right about the Supreme Court. Reread my own post and made a huge mistake in writing “awarded election to Gore;” of course it was Bush. Hugh Fowler, always learn a lot from your posts, thanks. Marjorie has created a valuable community here.

  10. I think you’re really right about Supreme Court. Interesting enough that several senate races still undecided. MI, razor thin NC not releasing results till Nov 12 since ballot are accepted til Nov 10. One definite Run-off races in GA plus one maybe, but they won’t take place untill Jan. It’s going to be close but Marjorie’s projection for Senate majority leader McConnell is “Across New Year high tension and late January onwards on and off for two years”

    • @Anita:

      – On supreme court, this is something I base on having closely observed lawyers and judges. In Nordic countries, most people with a Law Degree “train at bench”, because this is required both for people work judicial system and attorneys arguing cases at courts. What I’ve noticed, they have very different approaches to cases, even when they arrive to the same conclusion. And, what I noticed looking at some SCOTUS charts is they were surprisingly Mutable. Then I realized that this probably because of Supreme Court having to set precedents. Even with clerks, justices need to go through amazing volume of data to make their conclusions. And this is where I think ACB will struggle – her chart is very detail oriented and might even get stuck to those details. Roberts and Gorsuch do have significant Mutable influence, and are better equipped to arrive to a synthesis. And yes, this goes even for Gorsuch’s Virgo, Virgos are always picked out as nit picking “perfectionist”, but that’s because Virgo capacity to perceive faults in entities rather than fixate on details.

      – McConnell mystifies me too, because the astrology is so clear. Interestingly, looking at Inauguration 2021 Chart, I always thought Trifecta was unlikely, and Senate would be where Dems fell short. If Dems can eventually make it to 50 with Cummingham and Warnock (Ossoff seems to be behind Biden vote in Georgia), there must be something else worrying him. I’d not rule out there will be indictments on him or other Republican Senators. There’s a can of worms to be opened on all kinds of “Dark Money” related issues when DJT doesn’t have a power to pardon people.

        • @ Marjorie
          I don’t understand why the astrology didn’t work on McConnell because Uranus should have been aspecting his Taurus stellium including his moon right now, yet he was easily re-elected.
          I am curious now this emotional upset manifest itself because even if Biden becomes president I just don’t see a Biden DOJ investigating Trump much less McConnell since even if Democrats win control of the Senate will be the Minority leader and Biden is too much of a politician to rock the boat.
          McConnell has already changed course and stated he will consider a coronavirus stimulus package next week instead of waiting until next year.

          • @ JAS, yes they could but I don’t think any of the Republicans would cross McConnell.
            The only way they would is if Democrats won the Senate.
            I want Elizabeth Warren to replace Chucky. He is too compromised and has no spine. He loves making deals.

      • @ Solaria
        I don’t understand how the polling was so off especially in the Senate races unless a lot of Trump/Republican voters lied which is possible, but I suspect a lot of black men either didn’t vote or voted for Trump because they didn’t like Kamala Harris.
        I don’t understand how Ossoff is losing after calling out Purdue during the second debate so much that Purdue cancelled the third debate and why did fewer people vote for U.S. Senate than president in Georgia.
        Is it because Ossoff is Jewish and some Democrats are anti-semetic? I just don’t understand.
        I knew that polls showing Cunningham ahead in the NC U.S. Senate race was bogus because there was no way that Democratic voters were going to support a less than perfect candidate and texting your mistress was going to be a big blow to his candidacy.

        But I was shocked that Susan Collins won with over 50% of the vote in Maine. Those polls literally had the vote backwards because her opponent had a little over 40% of the vote and the other two candidates didn’t really facto into the vote.

  11. @Deborah, I’m actually fully expecting Gorsuch and Roberts to vote with Liberal Justices on voting right cases. There are precedents on this with Republican nominated judges in at least Texas, where they upheld drive through voting. Also, anything regarding DJT’s personal responsability, since they already went there.

    Right now, it also seems Trump’s road to Presidency is narrowing. Michigan and Wisconsin are expected to go narrowly to Biden, and have Democrat Governor and State Secretaries. Biden is also narrowly leading in Nevada, but will probably take early votes. So, he doesn’t need Pennsylvia, where most Trump cases are pending.

  12. No surprises here for those who have been looking at the charts posted here for the US which look challenging into 2021. One thing worth noting is that I believe the US government is currently running on a temporary Budget which is due to expire on 11th December 2020 so the whole administration may be shut down before the next President gets voted in. The Moon in Libra will be squaring Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn about that date.

  13. The astrologers were certainly right about there being no clear winner on election night. However, Joe Biden is still favored to win – it’s just going to take days to count the massive mail-in ballots (which skew Democrat) in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

    Joe Biden pulled off an upset in Arizona, Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District (which is worth 1 electoral vote since Nebraska allocates their votes), and he’s slated to win Nevada (it hasn’t been called yet since there are so many outstanding votes left in Las Vegas / Clark County [heavily Democratic area]). Biden has now taken the lead in Wisconsin and Michigan…and is expected to take the lead in Pennsylvania soon – since it’s mostly mail-in ballots coming in.

    Last but not least, data analysts Nate Cohn, Nate Silver, and G. Elliot Morris agree: Georgia is turning into a big surprise. The remaining outstanding votes left to be counted in Georgia are in and around the Atlanta suburbs (heavily Democratic area) and Biden is now favored to win Georgia by at least 0.4% (as of right now).

    The election is actually going as planned – Trump won all the red and red-leaning states…while Biden won all the blue states. Florida was really the only major outlier….but this state is pretty much a red state now (but least Biden won my county [Duval]).

    The Secretary of State of Pennsylvania announced they have enough mail-in ballots (1.4 million) that skew heavily Democrat…and they’re saying once they’re all counted, Biden will have won Pennsylvania. The data experts agree.

    All in all, I believe Biden and Harris will win…..I’m just anxious because I know Trump is challenging the results. I still don’t think he’ll succeed though. That transiting Saturn quincunx Trump’s Mars would indicate to me that Trump loses the legal challenge….especially since his claim has no basis whatsoever.

    • The Lunar Eclipse on the 30 November 2020 looks interesting. It occurs with the Moon conjunct Jo Bidens Saturn in Gemini and opposing the Sun in Sagittarius. Mercury by transit will be exactly conjunct his natal Sun/Venus. Transiting Venus will be conjunct his Mars in Scorpio in a widish opposition to transiting Uranus. Mercury in Scorpio will be squaring Trump’snatal Mars and by transit will be exactly square Trumps Pluto at the time of the Lunar Eclipse.

      • Whoops that should read Venus by transit in Scorpio will square Trump’s natal Pluto in Leo at the time of the lunar eclipse.

        • Hi Hugh, the hardest part of following this site for me, as someone who just tunes in but does not know the first thing about astrology, is that I have literally no idea what this means. It is very funny to me but this happens on a lot of astrology sites. The astrologer writes the “moon will be conjunct Saturn!” or some such and I am like wha? When it’s one reference I look it up but when there are this many I feel like I will just wait and see if someone unpacks it for me. Also, fingers crossed, I think we could have this settled by then, with only a wait on faithful/faithless electors left to agonize over.

          • I am no expert but sites such as Skyscript can give a breakdown of what planets and houses mean in mundane astrology. For example using the Sibley chart for the creation of the USA in 1776 it is possible to determine that when the current US temporary budget runs out on 11 December 2020 then the Moon representing the people will be the 10 House representing the government. It will be squaring Saturn a planet of restrictions in Capricorn in the Second House of wealth, money, the public finances etc. As the angle between the Moon and Saturn is 90 degrees then the relationship between the planets is deemed to be astrologically potentially difficult and work is required to resolve any potential conflicts. The Moon is often seen as representing the inner emotional life of an individual or group and Saturn represents authority, duty, commitments, boundaries and the inevitable restrictions which humans live under. In the case of the US budget it looks like potential conflicts over its resolution will generate emotions or even depression among the people about how the government is managing public finances with possible restrictions due to failure to agree a budget.

            Personally I find it easier to use the charts for nations and institutions in relation to ingresses, eclipses and transits for looking at mundane issues than personal charts for individuals such as Biden or Trump as the latter may reflect things out of the public sphere. I am not really comfortable with them and you would really need the analysis of a professional astrologer such as Marjorie to fully understand the charts

          • With regard to the Lunar Eclipse on 30 November 2020 at a very basic level it falls with the Moon in the 10th House and the Sun in the 4th House in Trumps chart. This axis covers career, home and family. It often involves a persons physical residence in some way. In Bidens chart the Moon is in the 7th House and the Sun in the 1st House. This axis which governs personal identity and relationship to others. Interestingly one interpretation of the latter I have seen is a potential legal dispute which end up being decided to an individuals benefit even if they lose. Make of that what you will.

            One caution is that is always there is a danger of reading political and mundane outcomes into personal charts as the two do not necessarily coincide. Winning elections does not always make people happy as I am sure Boris Johnson knows only too well.

          • Apologies S, it is a bad habit for astrologers and I’m as guilty as any when I’m pushed and tired. Astrology is a wonderful shorthand as long as you know astrology but otherwise it’s all just jargon.

  14. Biden is ahead in enough states right now to win the 270 necessary electoral votes. The precincts left to report also favor him. This just means Trump and his team will have to find some path other than they expected—just stopping the counting in PA won’t be enough—to try and flip this. I see that as a way more difficult path for them. If this holds, I’m sure they’ll try, but it was not their Plan A.

  15. I am with Solaia. Heartsick and exhausted and fully understand that DJT now owns a Supreme Court that is much more corrupt and suspect than the 2000 court that stopped vote counting and gave the election to Gore. Uranus, I fear, will change the court into a rubber stamp for an autocratic executive. It would be a long reach indeed for the Court to support a Biden case in an effort to recover its integrity after the flawed 2000 decision. Please, UK friends, hold us in the light. Such a disturbing time. And thank you again, Marjorie. Your analysis certainly beat that of the pollsters.

    • @Deborah, I’m actually fully expecting Gorsuch and Roberts to vote with Liberal Justices on voting right cases. There are precedents on this with Republican nominated judges in at least Texas, where they upheld drive through voting. Also, anything regarding DJT’s personal responsability, since they already went there.

      Right now, it also seems Trump’s road to Presidency is narrowing. Michigan and Wisconsin are expected to go narrowly to Biden, and have Democrat Governor and State Secretaries. Biden is also narrowly leading in Nevada, but will probably take early votes. So, he doesn’t need Pennsylvia, where most Trump cases are pending.

  16. Another observation: It seems 93 per cent of registered Republicans voted for Trump compared 90 per cent in 2016. Those Lincoln Project adds did mighty nothing to persuade anyone on how “deplorable” Trump is. I guess mask are off. That “Patrician” Republicanism certain Never Trumpers with mighty sermons on Rule of Law means nothing, unless it’s anchored to a strong, social message on how that Rule of Law benefits people.

  17. Marjorie, interesting how I feel having an astrological insight on things to come has helped me much more here than following polls. I guess most of us saw this Election not to be called on Election Night by anyone but DJT. It allowed me personally to have a (really) good night sleep last night knowing the worst was yet to come.

    There are also currently about 10 scenarios in my head which could lead to Supreme Court hearings in April/May 2021. I think I will stop doing this, though, since I’ve come to realize US Politics have become too much of “spectator sport” for me. Quite literally. I used to follow several sports closely until circa 2002-2004, when all of them became very riddled of scandal. And The US Politics – although this has, indeed, some baring to my life as an employee of an US based company at least – has take place of sports for me in a way.

    • I second that, Thank you so very much Marjorie.
      There several big cases appearing in front of the Supreme Court including the contentious case in ten days of invalidating the Affordable Care Act, so besides probable election lawsuits these are surely additional reasons the court, the Biden campaign, and Obama look to be under strain.

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